Tom Secker Talks 7/7 Bombings, BBC Predictive Programming, and Woolwich

Tom Secker joins the WideShut Webcast to discuss his debut book Secrets, Spies and 7/7 – out now in paperback, eBook and kindle format.

We explore the confirmation bias that plagues both the official London Bombings story and the leading conspiracy theories, possible predictive programming put out by the BBC through MI5 themed drama Spooks, and how we can possibly move forward with a proper 7/7 investigation.

we also discuss the hijacking of the tragic Drummer Lee Rigby stabbing to re-establish the war on terror.


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  • Carl Jones

    Extraordinary rendition and black sites….when are people going to wake up, that torture was a cover for brainwashing terrorists and patsies. The aledg.ed Woolwich killer was tortured and sexually abused in Kenya…was he really in Kenya?? The fact is, they could have done anything to him.Programmed to hang around…maybe chatting to his handler? Thing is, I think they cocked it up, the police were supposed to shoot them dead.