The Cult who believe in the Hampstead Satanic Cult

Back in May I was asked to answer some questions by Katherine Holley, an independent journalist filming a documentary on the Hampstead Satanic Cult allegations. She has interviewed a lot of those involved with the case and there may be a documentary at some point down the line. In the meantime here are my answers to her questions.

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  • Dani Wiggy

    Excellent work as always, Keelan. And Charlotte the Troll (aka Jacqui Farmer) is really p***ed off about it, which is an added bonus :)

  • boptah

    Downs syndrome.

  • Lee Davis

    Not a totally unrelated story..
    Ben Fellows ‘invented claims he had been groped by Tory MP Ken Clarke during undercover investigation’

    • Keelan Balderson

      Hi, yeah I’ve been aware of Ben since he first came on the scene and my gut pegged him as a fraud from the beginning, when he was making all sorts of claims about the Olympics security, then that he was a victim of abuse, then that he’d overheard important stuff about Bilderberg … all while launching himself a nice little website.

      In my experience anyone who keeps alleging insider or special information about “alternative” subjects, are most likely making it up and pandering to the inbuilt audience who are clambering for more proof for their beliefs.

      If the alternative media/conspiracy “movement” (not that it’s really one thing), ever had cointelpro operations to make it look foolish, it would probably be somebody like Fellows.

      Comes out of nowhere, says all the right things with all the right buzzwords, and then falls from grace.

  • AnyUpdate

    Anybody know what happened in the appeal court today? (23rd July).

    • Keelan Balderson

      Was pushed back because paperwork wasn’t submitted in time. So nothing basically.

      A handful of true believers were also spotted outside not doing much. No sign of Belinda or any of the original muck rakers either.

      • AnyUpdate

        Sabine busted outside RCJ today, 4th Aug.

  • tyrannynewsadmin

    Keelan, I think there’s one way in which to convince others of your view that the Hampstead abuse allegations were contrived. You could delve very deeply into conversation where you argue FOR the allegations being true. Not anything deceptive or a pointless exercise. Just some exploration of your understanding of the arguments, your personality and to what degree you’re capable of discerning reality. That sounded bad! How about, discernment skills in general?

    So much of what you have argued seems to be applicable as arguments in response to your opinions. It’s probably just human behavior. But not having a perfect argument when arguing there are absolute truths in anything being explored will raise questions. Perhaps you’re right that the vast majority of this scandal is an invention for whatever reason. Still, are we absolutely certain that there aren’t aspects we’re missing? Even a tiny truth in that ocean of horrible claims would concern me.

    What I’ve noticed personally is that, even the most serious-minded and honest people calling the scandal a fabrication aren’t convincing me. For every sound explanation there’s a fallacy or even something that qualifies as pure folly. With your explanations and conclusions (theories ultimately) I see the logic in most cases. But in some I see a misunderstanding or maybe an unwillingness to consider some things.

    My position on this issue and just about everything else I’ve ever researched is, I simply can’t conclude much. Therefore, I’m not all that satisfied but also not very concerned that truth will somehow be further obfuscated or that we’re crossing some line into worthless debate.

    Anyway, maybe it would be interesting to present a solid analysis where the theories lean toward these allegations being true would be an interesting exercise.

    • Keelan Balderson

      The process of coming to a fair conclusion involves assessing all sides and the available evidence.

      Why would I pretend the allegations are true after already doing this? I’m not here to appease true believers. They have no evidence to support their beliefs, and thus I have challenged them and shared some opinions about why I think they believe.

      Sure we can all speculate that Dr. Hodes was taken in to a secret room and tortured to revise her medical findings, that the children were bullied off camera to retract, that the interviewers used a secret language to get the kids to say what they wanted (this is actually claimed by some people), that the Church was tipped off so they could dispose of the skulls. We could go on forever.

      The point is, where’s the EVIDENCE for these things? If there is none, then we may as well just say the moon is made of cheese, and pigs can fly, but only when humans aren’t looking. That’s just not how things are done.

      I can happily accept the position of “I don’t know,” “the police could have been more thorough” etc. That’s a fair position to take. However in my experience most people taking this position ARE actually true believers, and when you press a little it all comes flooding out.

      Objectively, looking at all of the available evidence, and applying logic, I can quite confidently conclude that the allegations were false.

      I’d happily be proven wrong and I’d happily revise my position if a smoking gun ever materialized.

      • AnyUpdate

        “I’d happily be proven wrong”

        You aren’t wrong, you know it and I know it.

        However the supporters of this hoax will never be happy that they are wrong and that the children weren’t sexually abused.

        Just shows how warped they are, they want the children to have been anally raped to vindicate their warped belief. Sick mental cases the lot of them.