Students In Baltimore Taught To Ignore 9/11 Skeptics

A new extra-curricular history program taught in Carroll County, Baltimore, USA, is warning students not to get sucked in to 9/11 conspiracy theorizing and that the official Government approved narrative is the only version with any “credence”.

The summer course offered to middle-schoolers aged around 11 years old is one of the first classes to go in depth with the subject with children, some of who were not alive when the tragedy took place.

“That is the first time I have talked about it in front of a group of more than five or six,” said teacher Mike Chrvala. In the past decade, discussing the day has gotten easier, he explained.

Carroll County holds free enrichment classes each year on subjects that include art, playwriting and science. Dick Thompson, the county’s coordinator of the summer courses, thought a class on 9/11 could provide important lessons for children born after the event. It is not taught in great depth during the school year – reports the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

Unsurprisingly the class strongly adheres to the official Government narrative, glossing over “conspiracy theories” as nonsense and praising the controversial Patriot Act and post 9/11 security measures.

Casey Jillson, 12, said the attacks weren’t just “a bad thing” because the US has implemented tighter security measures. “Our country learned to be more secure and safe,” she explained.

Chrvala hopes his students will “become little torchbearers to teach about 9/11,” though it seems they will only be regurgitating the contextless and bias story cherry-picked and spun together by the Bush Administration.

This isn’t the first or last school class that ignores the Bush Administration’s pre-planned invasion of Afghanistan, and the vast amount of data that shows that elements of the Government had foreknowledge of the attacks and “failed” to prevent the plot at key points, such as the granting of the alleged hijacker’s US Visas despite them failing to correctly fill out applications.

Such alternative information is considered dangerous by Western Governments, with Obama’s former information Tsar Cass Sunstein advocating “cognitive infiltration” of theorists, and the UK’s DEMOS think tank suggesting so called “critical thinking” be taught in schools so children can counter “radicalizing” conspiracy theories.

Of course not every wild “space beam” theory has credence, but if true “critical thinking” is to form the basis of children’s education, Government theories should be put under just as much scrutiny as the alternatives.

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  • Jesse Janson

    Keep those kids thinking INSIDE the box…

  • Steve Macintyre

    Teaching children thinking skills by condemning skepticism and promoting blind trust to authority. Way to go, Baltimore!

  • T

    When someone appears to have something to hide, it’s because they do. Google Dr. Judy Wood. 9/11 has yet to be brought to light. Shine a light on it and it will set us free.

    • Señor El Once

      Dear Mr. T,

      I, too, highly recommend Dr. Judy Wood’s book on 9/11… However, it isn’t without disinformation. All in all, though, the nuggets of truth that tumble out just with her collection of destruction images that are plotted on maps makes the book’s price worthwhile: nuggets of truth that all conspiracy theories-du-jour must address to be complete.

      My views deviate from Dr. Wood, because she has glowing omissions with respect to p o w e r i n g here destructive mechanisms, and the short-shrift she gives to nuclear means.

      To those willing to consume the red pill, the evidence of 9/11 nuclear hijinx is right in front of our eyes, from the pulverization to the free-fall speeds, to 1st responder ailments, to the duration of under-rubble hot-spots, to the stilted reports on tritium (even from within the co-opted 9/11 Truth Movement), to the correlation of elements in the dust…

      The key is to widen the definitions of “nuclear devices” beyond the framing of MSM and the hyped application areas: they don’t have to be big or used in battlefields or even have the same goals. The 9/11 devices purposely wasted energy and vented neutrons into the sky… precisely so a tactical nuclear device with limited & short-lived radiation fall-out could be deployed.

      With respect to the premise of this article, well… they lied about so much, having the media and govt officials lie about 9/11 being nuclear isn’t just par for the course but also “necessary” for the status quo to avoid righteous public indignation that would — by rights — not just vote those SOBs out of office, but vote to abolish the United States and the Federal Government of today, as is not just our right but our duty as given by the founding fathers when the institution of government fails to meet the needs and expectations of those it serves. This is why they try to squash it.

      For your reading pleasure…

      9/11 Neutron Nuclear DEW Parts 1 and 2

      Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11

      • StructuralEngineer

        The gov’ts “analysis” of those collapses is failing in any scientific credebilty and can be explained in a much simpler manner than trying to explain HOW those rat Ba$tard$ did it. One needs only to apply the law of Conservation of Momentum of the buildings mass DURING the collapse…that tiny, simple, bit of math and physics is enough to PROVE those buildings couldnt have fallen, THE WAY WE ALL SAW THEM FALL, unless additional energy was added to the system…It doesnt matter what kind of energy it was…the fact is THE GOVT NEVER QUANTIFIED, AND IS COVERING UP WHAT REALLY HAPPENED DURING THE COLLAPSE. (the cover-up is perpetrated by the rat Ba$tard$ feeding US our “information” on our TV sets too)
        Peace, truth, justice, freedom, health and prosperity, in-spite of those in control of our govt who would have it otherwise.

        • Sorensen

          100 Percent!!….. and the non mathematical layman’s approach says that, bldg 7, could not possibly have gone into “free fall” since fire by definition is uneven heat. And bearing points/columns cannot ever be removed in synchronicity-necessary for free fall- by the application of a inconsistent energy source!

      • FreeEnergyNow

        Nuclear weapons are NOT consistent with the large body of empirical evidence from 9/11, for many reasons, such as the cool temperature of the dust, unburned paper, unburned pedestrians, lack of ionizing radiation at ground zero, numerous survivors in WTC stairwells, minimal seismic impact of the towers, mostly undamaged WTC shopping mall, 1400+ toasted cars up to 1/2 a mile away from ground zero despite unharmed pedestrians and trees, strange round window holes all around ground zero, shriveled metal beams in the Banker’s Trust building, spontaneous rapid rusting of metals around ground zero, and more. These links further help to clarify the unscientific claims that nuclear weapons might have been used on 9/11:

        Re-exploding the WTC Nuclear Demolition Myth – The Mysterious Dimitri Khalezov:

        Jeff Prager Nukes 911 Research:

  • TheHolyCrow

    Sounds like child abuse to me.


    Teach the kids to use Google and learn for themselves all of the facts about 9/11,

    Teach them to Google this;


  • Big M

    Excuse me, but why would this be taught to kids in school? Oh, sorry, I forgot. This is the Communist “public education” system we’re talking about.

    Any teacher who would participate in this garbage should be tarred and feathered, and then run out of town on a rail.

  • beingyank

    The government is rogue. You got to get that through your head.

  • sorensen

    Hey kids don’t believe in the BS, learn to think for yourselves even if teachers refuse to teach you.
    It is of critical importance that you learn to investigate everything of importance for yourselves…. so that you can join the “awakened”!!

  • Jeremy Rys

    Cass Sunstein stepped down as Obama’s information Tsar back in August 2012… But his Cognitive Infiltration tactics are still hard at work as can be seen by the shill below me who is attempting to infiltrate the movement with Judy Wood space laser disinfo…
    Please Google Kevin Ryan, Mike Ruppert, or Mark Gaffney if you’d like factual, well researched information on 9/11.

  • robertsgt40

    You forgot to mention Bldg7 and nanothermite.

    • Cliff Gieseke

      Also forgotten was what hit the Pentagon, clearly not an airliner.

  • Greg

    The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America:

    This book argues that the academic meltdown in our public education system is intentional. It asserts that change agents have been working at the Education Department to change curriculum, not to improve teaching but to promote a socialist agenda. Their role is to create schools which will mold obedient citizens who no longer have the knowledge and skills to improve their lot in life, but are dependent on government/multinational companies’ guidance to survive. The system will create imprisoned citizens that will be managed from cradle to grave to serve the needs of the state’s managed economy. The book is clearly written,copiously documented, and finally answers the question “Why can’t our kids read, write, and count?” A must-read for anyone with children. It presents a scary view of America’s future if nothing is done to bring back our schools to the excellence of the turn of the century.

    Obviously investigating who is really behind 9/11 would interfere with the deliberate goal outlined in this book.

  • Frank

    YEA Baltimore, finally someone is taking a stand against those whack jobs that think a 110 story building falling in less then ten seconds is suspicious; or the fact that most of it turned to dust…meaning no office furniture, bathroom fixtures, air conditioning, nothing is found in the pile at the bottom, all from kerosene (jet fuel.)

    Oh yeah, might look into those pictures of the buildings exploding, not collapsing and explain how office fires would send debris hundreds of feet away.

    Oh yeah, might also teach them how a 47 story building that wasn’t even hit by a “plane” could collapse.

    Oh yeah, might also take the blue pill and go to sleep….

  • dirtdiver

    just creating more drones that’s all. At that age, kids will suck up just about any information. Wait until they get older when they can reason for themselves.

    don’t forget, we were all once that age and believed any garbage that came out of the mouth of our teachers. If I had some of my old teachers in front of me right now, I would smack them upside the head for being so stupid and trying to keep me stupid along with them.

    Just my two cents.

  • jbw

    Yup, once a GIC*, ALWAYS a GIC *Government Indoctrination Center

  • T.

    One clip on Dr. Judy Wood’s site shows a beam sticking out of the ground after the collapses. The beam disintegrates in the clip. It doesn’t fall or is otherwise forced to topple to the ground, it disintegrates before your eyes. What can do that. What can cause it to be disassembled in midair. Did the cavemen have the technology to make something like that happen? Were the cavemen the ones who wrote The Project for a New American Century which stated that, for America to expand it’s military presence worldwide, they needed AND RECEIVED A NEW PEARL HARBOR? That PNAC document was written just a few years prior to 9/11. They needed it and they got it. What a coincidence. And what has happened since? The lunatics running the asylum got what they needed. It’s astounding.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Hey kids!! Tell your teacher that the high radiation nukes in the basements and upper floors activated and maded super critical the low radioactive isotopes mixed in with the paint and thus created enough heat to vaporize a million tons of steel, aluminum and glass. You will get an ‘A+’. I promise!!

  • T

    ” The shill attempting to infiltrate the truth movement”. Nice try. I’m not a shill. I’ve been researching what happened that day since it happened. Explain that clip of that disintegrating steel beam for me before you throw baseless insults around or keep your insults to yourself. When you begin to insult someone, you demonstrate an inability to debate the facts. I want the truth of that day and am not a shill. Maybe it is because it goes beyond your ability to look at other possibilities of what happened that day and you are left only with insults to spew forward. The destruction can’t be explained by the planes alone, nor by the explosives/thermite alone. You consider me a shill because your ability to look beyond the obvious has hit its limit.

  • Dan

    Sad poor kids the worst part is they go to science class and learn about science and equations then they go to this 9/11 propaganda class and believe in a story that contradicts the science they just learned. And shame on the teachers running the class

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