How The Government Influences Hollywood, With Tom Secker

government propaganda

Tom Secker of makes his long awaited return to the WideShut Webcast to discuss his research in to the state sponsorship of entertainment.

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Through various official departments, the US and other governments are influencing what we watch and consume. We explore this in Hollywood, where filmmakers regularly allow the state to suggest (or dictate) changes to scripts and productions in exchange for insider knowledge and access to the latest military technology. Is there more to this than just PR? And how did Secker even discover this was happening?

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  • TNRA

    I’ve watched Spy Game and Enemy of the State several times (on a cable channel in my apartment which had many repeats), so I know these films quite well. Enemy of the State is probably the most subversive B-grade thriller I’ve ever watched. It utterly destroys the credibility of the NSA. It must have been a PR nightmare for them. Spy Game, however, is a sentimental story about loyalty and friendship and the CIA is not cast in a bad light at all. So I’m rather puzzled as to why Spy Game was such an issue for them, rather than the other film, which foreshadows Edward Snowden’s revelations, and should have been seen as a national security risk.

  • NOAM

    It´s quite clear that in Hollywood hills they are free of any temptation to leave the right path of the American dream and the values of “liberty”. The worst of it is that in the rest of the globe we are forced to do so swollen that kind of junk food…