Satanic Panic Reemerges In Jimmy Savile Scandal

A dubious psychotherapist who helped stoke the fire of Satanic Panic in the 90s, appears to have jumped on the bandwagon of the Jimmy Savile scandal in order to peddle her Christian-rooted paranoia.

Valerie Sinason, a Trustee of the Institute for Psychotherapy and Disability and former lecturer at the Tavistock Clinic, was uncritically quoted in last week’s Sunday Express, claiming two of her patients were victims of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” at the hands of the now deceased celebrity.

“She had been a patient at Stoke Mandeville in 1975 when Savile was a regular visitor,” Sinason told the Express about a girl who was allegedly 12 years old at the time.

“She recalled being led into a room that was filled with candles on the lowest level of the hospital, somewhere that was not regularly used by staff. Several adults were there, including Jimmy Savile who, like the others, was wearing a robe and a mask.

“She recognised him because of his distinctive voice and the fact that his blond hair was protruding from the side of the mask. He was not the leader but he was seen as important because of his fame.

“She was molested, raped and beaten and heard words that sounded like ‘Ave Satanas’, a Latin­ised version of ‘Hail Satan’, being chanted. There was no mention of any other child being there and she cannot remember how long the attack lasted but she was left extremely frightened and shaken.”

Dr. Sinason continues with another extraordinary allegation from a woman who was 21 years old during the alleged ordeal:

“A second victim approached me in 1993. She said she had been ‘lent out’ as a supposedly consenting prostituted woman at a party in a London house in 1980.

“The first part of the evening started off with an orgy but half-way through some of the participants left.

“Along with other young women, the victim was shepherded to wait in another room before being brought back to find Savile in a master of ceremonies kind of role with a group wearing robes and masks. She too heard Latin chanting and instantly recognised satanist regalia. Although the girl was a young adult, who was above the age of consent, she had suffered a history of sexual abuse and was extremely vulnerable.”

WideShut Analysis:

While the nature of the long overdue Jimmy Savile scandal invariably means that discovering tangible evidence is unlikely (this thanks to the culture of cover-up and inaction within some of Britain’s most respected institutions), it can also give rise to fabricated and distorted claims. At this point anyone could literally say anything about Savile for an infinite number of dubious or delusional reasons. The truth lies in the overall body of allegations, their consistency and their corroboration.

Because of this I for one am airing on the side of caution when it comes to sensational topics like “satanic ritual abuse”. Those who have made claims of its existence in the past (Dr. Sinason herself included) have never provided tangible proof. There are no hordes of dead bodies, despite claims of babies being secretly bread for ritual sacrifices. There are no credible former Satanists who have provided evidence against their so called brothers. Locations where these events are supposed to have taken place are either unknown or void of any physical evidence upon insepction. There is literally nothing empirical beyond accusations.

If Jimmy Savile was considered “important” in these rituals or even a “master of ceremonies” where are all the other victims that would have seen him? Where are all the witnesses that were wittingly or unwittingly involved? Where exactly are the locations where this abuse was supposed to have taken place and do they match the allegations? And what exactly is “satanist regalia” that can be easily recognizable?

We definitely know that Savile is guilty of abuse and used his high position in society to gain access to the most vulnerable. We know this because hundreds of alleged victims and witnesses have come forward, each with similar stories. Out of these hundreds the only sign of “satanic ritual abuse” comes from Dr. Sinason, and she has not provided any evidence for the allegations. Instead they boil down to two stories her patients told her during psychotherapy sessions. Assuming these patients even exist (we’ve heard nothing directly from them), just because somebody supposedly said something in a therapy session does not make it true. Yet sectors of the media have swallowed Sinason’s account hook line and sinker.

Satanic Panic:

Stories of horrific rituals and sacrifices at the hands of so called Satanists are nothing new. They’ve been so common at certain periods in history that the term “Satanic Panic” was coined to explain the phenomenon. The last time this panic set in was during the 90s, primarily among Christians in America, although Dr. Sinason and others also promoted the idea in the UK.

(See: The Satanic Ritual Abuse Mythology)

An example of the absurdity of this time was a TV special hosted by Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera. Exposing Satan’s Underground which can be viewed on Youtube features ambiguous and outright sensational documentary footage, spliced with a live studio audience, as the mustachioed hack went on the hunt for the Devil. Looking back at it now I’m just as bewildered as poor Ozzy Osbourne, who was paraded out to answer for his evil song lyrics.

The problem with the type of allegations that involve “satanists” is that they are often presented from an ignorant, religious or sensationalist perspective, with all the themes and theatrics of a Horror movie. They rarely acknowledge what Satanism actually is.

According to believers of “satanic ritual abuse” Satanism is when scary people dress in robes, chant Latin, drink blood and play with pentagrams. Unfortunately in reality such a concept lives only in the minds of those making the claims.

While there have been lone-nut “satanists” or “pseudo-satanists” in the past who have acted on imagery from religion and pop culture as part of their deranged crimes, or ridiculous ceremonies such as the Cremation of Care annually partaken by some of America’s corporate and political elite, you’d be hard pressed to find an organization, group or “ring” of satanists that actually dress in robes, chant for Satan of the bible and commit real sacrifices. In my opinion Satanism in this context is a paranoid projection of Christianity, an entertaining theme of Hollywood, and the goofing off of powerful people, who are probably quite thankful that the sensationalism of their yearly past-time obscures their corrupt closed-door dealings.

Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, of which I’m obviously a big fan.

Most Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan or God, they adopt Satan as a symbol for human nature, freedom, and to rebel against dogmas like that of the Church. Even Theistic Satanists, who revere Satan as an actual Deity/God, do not worship evil, they worship knowledge and self improvement. They believe that the Serpent in the Bible set man free from a God who was pulling the wool over their eyes.

It is of course theoretically possible that a group of sick criminals and child abusers have chosen to adopt a mish-mash of sensationalized pseudo-satanic themes and the garb of aristocratic Masquerade parties, as part of their criminal activity, but to call that Satanic would be unfair to Satanists. And if this is supposed to be taking place, victims and believers perhaps need to start gathering evidence, or at least offer coherent and corroborative allegations that can be taken seriously.

The Hollie Greig Hoax:

A lesser known story that fizzled out just prior to the Jimmy Savile scandal was the Hollie Greig Case. The plight of a Downs Syndrome girl said to have been raped by a gang of paedophiles, reaching the top levels of the Scottish establishment captured the hearts of many. Well-meaning internet activists launched the “Google Hollie Greig” campaign and some even took to the streets to protest the stomach churning crimes of the elite.

The story, which is all it seems to have turned out to be, morphed in to whatever the current alternative media celebrity wanted it to. Satanists, Freemasons, or in the case of David Icke, Satanic-Freemasons controlled by Reptilian entities outside our visible spectrum of light.

Wading through the nonsense to find the original allegation, it turns out that even some of the named members of this paedophile ring that had supposedly operated for over a decade in Aberdeen, Scotland, have left no record of even existing! Other alleged victims unashamedly named by Hollie’s mother Anne and her Spokespeople Robert Green and UK Column chief Brian Gerrish, were either not yet born or were adults before they even met Hollie, publicly denying they were harmed in any way!

In spite of claims about documentation and medical reports, when these were made available to the public they revealed that there were “no signs of inappropriate sexual experiences,” and certainly nothing to suggest a 22 strong gang of abusers had damaged Hollie for years on end. If an isolated incident of abuse had taken place at some point, the rabble that ran with the story have well and truly buried it deep beneath a mound of complete hogwash.

Hollie was found to be an unreliable source of information by the Police Complaints Commissioner and after questioning the accused, investigators found nothing to substantiate the allegations.

I interviewed a group of disaffected members of the campaign and two of the alleged abusers on the WideShut Webcast: thoroughly documents the rise and fall of this terrible hoax, or perhaps more accurately mass delusion.

Dr. Valerie Sinason and Satan’s Psychotherapists:

Valerie Sinason the “doctor” peddling the Savile Satanic stories, is part of a grouping of Christians, politicians and psychotherapists (the Committee on Ritual Abuse) that actively promote the idea of “satanic ritual abuse”, although they have yet to substantiate this beyond claims from the shrink couch. In 1994, as “Satanic Panic” was on the upswing in the United States, Sinason edited a collection of essays entitled Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse which claimed she had unearthed a pattern of similar abuse in her patients in Britain.

Dr. Sinason.

Due to Sinason’s and similar claims a three-year Department of Health inquiry was undertaken by the anthropologist Prof Jean La Fontaine. 84 alleged cases of ritual abuse were examined, and not one turned out to be anything of concern.

Regardless of the inquiry and similar conclusions in the US, by 2002 the panic created by the CRA had infected elements of Westminster. A private meeting chaired by Lord Alton and evangelical Christian Wilfred Wong, promoted the idea that “ritual abuse” should be enshrined in law so that “hundreds, if not thousands” of crimes could be brought to justice. Of course if real abuse had taken place in any of these instances current laws were quite capable of serving justice if the evidence was brought forward.

According to research by, in 2011 Sinason, Wong, MP Russell Brown and other members of the CRA invited Robert Green, the mouthpiece for the Hollie Grieg fantasy, to one of their meetings at the Houses of Parliament. In subsequent alternative media coverage Green then began to promote a ritual abuse element to the Hollie Greig story, a sort of satanic “sexing up” of the original allegations. Perhaps Green thought if he won the support of the looney pyschobabble Christian lobby (CRA) the case would get more publicity. Fortunately the only people left clinging on to the tale are the pseudo-celebrities of the online conspiracy theory community, such as the UK Column and Belinda McKenzie, the former landlady of ex-MI5 agents Annie Machon and David Shayler. Even David Icke, who includes “satanic ritual abuse” as one of the central themes in his books has stopped publishing stories about the…story.

Prof La Fontaine’s verdict on Valerie Sinason and co goes to the heart of the problem, writes the author of a 2002 Telegraph article.

“It’s depressing to find someone who has a position at leading London hospitals who is so cut off from what research methodology is, and what rational evidence is,” she says.

The article continues: When Miss Sinason announces that she has “clinical evidence” of infanticide and cannibalism, she means that her patients have told her stories about them. The implication is that, because the suffering of these people is real, their “memories” must be accurate.

Naturally this has given rise to the idea that some psychoanalysts, rather than uncovering cases of satanic abuse, are actually implanting the idea in to their patients minds, or at least nurturing and encouraging them during sessions. Rather than helping vulnerable people to work through their psychosis, the likes of Sinason might be making the situation worse.

The tragic case of Carol Myers may be an example of this. Myers, a 41 year old former patient of Sinason was found dead in 2005, leaving behind a statement saying she had suffered Satantic child abuse at the hands of her parents. It was discovered that she had spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals and private clinics after she’d estranged herself from her family in her 20s. Upon hearing about her death the family felt shattered about the claims she’d made in her life assessment – and confused reports a 2011 Guardian article.

She said she’d been abused [by her parents], who were the high priest and priestess of a satanic cult, and that during her teens she’d had six children – some fathered by Joseph [her father] – that she’d been forced to kill. She also said she had an implant in her eye that would explode if she spoke of the satanists, and that a friend she’d confided in was murdered in front of her.

Just like the Hollie Greig story, Carole’s charges were easily proven to be false, continues the report. The sister, whose murder she’d apparently witnessed, actually died of heart problems two years before Carole was born. The house fire, too, predated Carole’s birth….It seemed the mental-health professionals rarely challenged these impossible horrors. Worse, they’d concluded that Carole’s psychological problems came as a result of this fictitious abuse.

Though it’s not clear the methodology used by Sinason on her patients, if such abuse was regularly taking place, one would assume a large cross-section of therapists would have had similar cases. The fact that only Sinason and a handful of others have unearthed allegations of satanic abuse, suggests they are in some way creating them.

Today the Satanic hysteria of the 80s and 90s is considered a moral panic [1], and the majority of mental health experts and accredited psychotherapists dismiss these early and subsequently discredited claims of “ritual satanic abuse”. Various methods originating in the United States for dealing with (or some might say implanting) satanic allegations, which were often practiced and expanded by amateurs such as preacher and conspiracy theorist Fritz Springmeier, are rejected by experts.

Fritz Springmeier, author of The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.

Recovered-memory therapy, a lose term that refers to unproven methods of recovering alleged buried memories, has been explored in many successful lawsuits against therapists who encouraged false allegations in their patients.

As the Savile scandal races forward, it is important to address each claim on its own merit and apply it to the overall body of allegations. Uncritically promoting the currently baseless allegations of “satanic ritual abuse” gives undue legitimacy to its proponents and may end up discrediting legitimate allegations by association.

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    You did a good debunking job here. But what is the veracity of the Bohemian Grove Alex Jones story? Am I to believe that rich but basically respectable people (I suppose) allow themselves to play Satanic games, or whatever. This is one of the things which put me off some researchers who otherwise have some meaty material.

    Big fan.


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        If someone was going to put people in the frame for this crime why would the use names that could be quite easily checked and found to be wrong.

        You see how you get on remembering the names of abusers when you are a little autistic child and then have to recall them all flawlessly years later.


        • Keelan Balderson

          It means you googled some crap website analyzer and pasted it here. To me that’s random, especially since you provided no context for doing so.

          Although you seem to be meandering your point (correct me if I’m wrong) is that because I’ve not been “involved” in the case I’m a shill.

          Your last paragraph is laughable. You attack me, when complete morons like Robert Green who calls himself an investigator has been running around like a headless chicken spouting names of people that don’t even exist. Maybe he should have checked them first?

          If Hollie was abused in some fashion it’s the Hollie Greig campaign, Robert Green, the UK Column and all the other idiots that have prevented her getting justice.

          • Charlotte

            its not random in fact its highly accurate

            I notice you didnt respond to my comment with regard to the names

            And the fact that you have jumped on a hoax bandwagon withoput speaking to Anne or Hollie ,well you are doing what you accuse everyone else of.

            Better to keep your mouth shut sonny and let everyone THINK you are an idiot than open it and remove all doubt

            Bob Green an idiot ,this from the keyboard warrior .

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          Did you know I did two rebuttals of Veitch’s appearance on the BBC? But then again I guess that’s part of my shill tactics right? Get a grip!

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  • Charlotte

    If Hollie was abused in some fashion it’s the Hollie Greig campaign, Robert Green, the UK Column and all the other idiots that have prevented her getting justice.

    What do you think they should have gone to the police,well they did and got nothing didnt think your keyboard warrior sort believed in the cops?

    Like saville and so many others , reported ignored

    • Keelan Balderson

      Robert Green, the UK Column and all the others spouted off lists of pedos online and by post without doing one iota of basic fact checking. Some of the people on their list didn’t even exist. Tragically others did exist and are clearly innocent.

      My point is that piling on name after name, bringing in Freemasons and Satanism, has completely buried any half-truth that may have existed in the case. They could very well be indirectly covering up abuse because of their own stupidity.

      …Yes they did go to the police, the police conducted some inquiries and came to a conclusion that the claims were baseless. Now you’ll say they’re in on it or whatever, but if the original claim is yet to be proven, how can the police be in on it? There is NO IT to be in on.

  • Charlotte

    If Hollie was abused in some fashion it’s the Hollie Greig campaign, Robert Green, the UK Column and all the other idiots that have prevented her getting justice.

    The Hollie Hoax dont believe she was abused at all,do make up your mind sonny

    • si

      It wouldn’t surprise me if all of this was true but keelan is right, you have to be critical of information of this nature as it is always sensational and rarely backed up with any evidence. If there were some truth to a satanic ritual story then it probably wouldn’t have chance to be substantiated, investigations would probably be stopped but that’s no reason to run away with every story of satanic revelry that surfaces

      • Charlotte

        none of can be proven without a proper investigation

    • Keelan Balderson

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        Robert Green has had his side of the story presented unquestioned for years in the alternative press and ample time to present his “evidence”. A court proved he was full of shit and rightfully punished him for mailing unfounded claims about abusers through the post. The Hollie Hoax group have grew tired of calling for an open debate.

        • Charlotte

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          You have jumped cause you are a shill,

          Give him a voice or shut it

  • Pfft

    I found that all quite poor coming from you Keelan, you write;

    “Those who have made claims of its existence in the past (Dr. Sinason herself included) have never provided tangible proof. There are no hordes of dead bodies, despite claims of babies being secretly bread for ritual sacrifices. There are no credible former Satanists who have provided evidence against their so called brothers. Locations where these events are supposed to have taken place are either unknown or void of any physical evidence upon inspection. There is literally nothing empirical beyond accusations.”

    Perhaps the following will help you out a little:

    Sun Sea & Satan

    “It covers Maloney’s visit and interpretation of Jersey, Channel Islands, following the ongoing child abuse investigations of the children’s care home ‘Haut de la Garenne’. It highlights connections with the Sea Cadets and children being brought from London care homes for ‘sailing holidays’ on the Island. The documentary contains strong language and strong opinions.”


    Leah McGrath Goodman June 29, 2012
    Anarchy In The UK?

    “The following story was commissioned by The Guardian after I was detained, questioned and banned from the United Kingdom in the wake of research for my next book in the Channel Islands, a $1 trillion tax haven off the coast of England. Many of you have asked what I have been working on — this is what I have been working on. My misadventures, along with those of several others whose names I am honored to see mine beside, are cited in The Guardian’s print edition today. I am fine, although I may now be the only member of the London Speaker Bureau not allowed to speak in London. I will truly miss the UK’s savory fish pies.”

    • Pfft

      I forgot the link for the second article;

      Leah McGrath Goodman June 29, 2012
      Anarchy In The UK?

    • Keelan Balderson

      While Maloney has done some solid work, there’s nothing of substance in that film to suggest the existence of widespread satanic ritual abuse. in the UK. We need more evidence than old buildings and statues.

      I do not dispute child abuse and the existence of abuse rings and historical examples like the Franklin cover-up etc….but so far I’m still not sold on the Satanic claims.

      • Pfft

        So the ending of the investigation when “bones” were found and the discrediting of the officer in charge give you no reason to question whats going on there ?

        I’m guessing though that because the state never authenticated the bones and ended the enquiry into themselves, this is enough for you.

        • Keelan Balderson

          But the topic here is ritual abuse conducted by satanists.

          • Pfft

            From your piece: “There are no hordes of dead bodies, despite claims of babies being secretly bread for ritual sacrifices”

            ….so childrens bones under the home doesn’t do it for you ?

          • Keelan Balderson

            A few bones found under a children’s home is in no way proof of abuse or satanism at the home, and certainly isn’t evidence of a wider problem of satanic ritual abuse. Nor is it evidence that the Jimmy Savile is a satanist or that the Hollie Greig story is true. And that’s even if you completely discount reports that the bones were dated much older than the care home.

          • Pfft

            I can see your going to need the now dead Saville to ride up on a white horse in full robes, make a full confession and it be televised live on the 6.00 o’clock news.

            Well either that or the establishment investigating themselves.

            You’re more likely to get the former.

            Wow, some investigator you are.

      • corpus vile

        It would be irrelevant anyway. While, as this article pointed out, there have been cases of offenders using occult trappings to fuel their pathology, it’s simply an excuse for nasty people to do nasty things.

  • Pfft

    How about using this for your next story

    Michael Meacher – speech on Atos and Work Capability Assessments 17th Jan 2013

    Full Text

    “The fundamental issue is this: how can pursuing with such insensitive rigour 1.6 million claimants on incapacity benefit, at a rate of 11,000 assessments every week, be justified when it has led, according to the Government’s own figures, to 1,300 persons dying after being put into the work-related activity group, 2,200 people dying before their assessment is complete, and 7,100 people dying after being put into the support group? ”

    in the context of;

    Article 7: Crimes against humanity

    1. For the purpose of this Statute, “crime against humanity” means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

    2. For the purpose of paragraph 1:

    (g) “Persecution” means the intentional and severe deprivation of fundamental rights contrary to international law by reason of the identity of the group or collectivity;

    or how about this ;
    ~~~~~~Really Sad stuff
    “Karen Sherlock, 44, was put in the Work Related Activity Group in 2010. Where she was required to attend interviews, work-related activity etc.
    She suffered from Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (gastric causing unpredictable and severe diarrhoea), Gastropaerisis (causing unpredictable and severe bouts of vomiting), Diabetic Retinopathy, partially sighted (loss of peripheral vision in both eyes and some central vision in left eye), Heart condition, Chronic Kidney Disease, Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Anaemia, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Hypothyroidism, Asthma and Chronic tiredness due to multiple illnesses.
    Her husband Nigel said it was a disgrace she was refused benefits and said her battle finally took its toll on her health.
    Last year she lost a long process of appeal against the decision but continued her campaign. In April 2012, as a result of the time-limiting of ESA to one year, her £96-a-week benefits were stopped, plunging her into despair as her health deteriorated.
    She won her appeal a few weeks ago and she was finally put in the Support Group.
    She died eight days later on 8 June.”
    These same types of assessments, again carried out by Atos, are shortly to be extended to almost three million people currently receiving Disability Living Allowance.

    • Pfft

      also this is an interesting aspect to research / investigate

      (Previously Banned) ATOS undercover filming ESA Assessment just say no 4th October 2012

      I have the clip (10 min’s) downloaded if its blocked again let me know and I’ll try and get it to you.

  • Charlotte

    – Those who frequent the alternative media and associated forums will probably know the story of Hollie Greig, the Down Syndrome lady who was allegedly abused by a pedophile gang in Scotland, with ties to the establishment. However what you probably haven’t heard is the other side of the story.

    WideShut stopped covering the story in August 2010 after being contacted by Greg Lance Watkins of the StolenKids blog network, a group that mainly expose forced adoption and abuse from the corrupt social services and secret court system. Originally Greg worked with the Greig’s to promote their story, but he soon decided that evidence was hard to verify and a lot of claims made by Hollie’s mother Anne did not hold up to scrutiny.

    this proves you are a shill ,WATKINS is a disinfo agent

    see here

    Also you have NEVER supported this story but have gone out your way to bury it

    • Keelan Balderson

      Proof is a meaningless word to you isn’t it? You wouldn’t know proof of anything even if it bit you on the arse. Then again you don’t need proof to believe the things that you believe. You believe them anyway.

      Watkins barely said a thing to me. We had one email exchange. He was rude and I didn’t like him. What he did do was shock me out of my chair to realize that I really have no idea about the truth of the case because I hadn’t looked in to it for myself. Because of that I rightfully stopped coverage. Only later when the Hoax Group came on the scene did I actually look at the case.

      And yes I did support the story. I made a video which I have since removed. I wrote stories, which I have since removed. We know what you’ll say next.

      • Charlotte

        DO YOU ~?

        Watkins a seasoned blogger was so shocked he left the names of the accused and the abused UP ,he put the names up in the first place.

        All the evidence he and the Hoax group have were given to them by who?

        Why did it take the hoax group to prompt you into this .

        Why dont you phone Robert Green

        NO ONE should have been named but that does not mean there should not be a proper investigation in this rather than childish posting by either side

        You just repeating the tastelessly named hoax groups propaganda does not an investigation make,get it.

      • Brian

        It’s important to apologize when you make a mistake. Brian Gerrish has not apologized and will be tarnished with the Hollie Greig story for ever!

  • nlp

    Hi Keelan,

    I’m off topic here but felt the best way to contact you would be through your latest article. I’ve emailed you before but got no reply. My question to you is are you, or Tom Secker (to your knowledge) aware that 7/7 was the second time in history that a terrorist bomb accidentally went off in Tavistock Square?

    • Keelan Balderson

      I know I’ve heard that, but please jog my memory. Knowing Tom he probably knows everything about it lol

      • nlp

        I thought it possible that as I hadn’t heard you or Tom mention it in your work that you may be unaware of it.

        A bomb exploded at the Ideal Homes Exhibition at Covent Garden in March/April 1976. One of the resultant newspaper front pages ran: ‘Bombs Blitz’ (possibly daily mirror) the sub heading ‘covenant garden, tavistock square and cannon street’ as being blast sites. I saw the headline in a retrospective video. When I web searched a while ago there was very little information about it, but what I did find described it as a small explosion in a gutter. Regardless of the size of the explosion, it was front page news in 1976, but no mention anywhere in connection with 7/7 – seemingly gone down the memory hole, serving as a reminder of both the ubiquitous nature of terrorism in the 1970’s (in contrast to the post 9/11 largely imaginary threat)and the control and perception of history.

        ps how do I contact Tom?


  • PavlovsBtich

    My take on the ‘satanic ritutal abuse’ is that of course there is a highly ritualistic element to the terrorisation and sacrifice of children and adults and of course, costumed themes heighten both the pleasure of participant and pain of victims. There is the soul element to consider for this is the goal; in corruption and consumption of the soul. However, by labelling all manner of abuses as ‘satanic’ only serves to marginalise a widespread practice from the top down throughout all of the social, religious and scientific institutions in the control of course, of the banksters. Freemasonry itself proves the point of ritual, costumes, oaths, codes and props. However, as we know, anything coming from the Tavistock Inst of Psychological Warfare is going to be utterly 100% corrupt as indeed this was always the intention TO corrupt and that’s how we have Hollywood running ‘Me-Jah’! Rife with snuff, and all conceivable and inconceivable trauma-mind-morphing of the masses.

    As for the HollyHoax and the UK Column, they had ample opportunity to respond to the claims made and failed. They’ve been very quiet about it all which is an insult to those they’ve mislead for so long. It is highly damaging to a growing movement of people exposing the widespread abuse of our children to have this toxic red herring thrown into the pool of knowledge.

    UK Column are suspect in any case on several counts. I used to subscribe and took what I wanted from the material, discarding the rest. Until, that is, I found they were supporting Icke and defending his position. Then there have been others …. Of course, they take a Christian perspective whilst supporting a military stance. Shills.

    • tony

      Pavlovsbitch, you are a fucking idiot.

  • tony

    What a load of shite this article is.

    • Trinity

      “Neither girl knew one another, they lived in different parts of the country and contacted me a year apart yet their experiences are very similar. Whether Savile was a practising Satanist or merely enjoyed dressing up to scare his victims even more will perhaps never be known but he left those two girls mentally scarred.”

      • Keelan Balderson

        Thanks the random meaningless quote…

  • Tame

    What a joke of an article. Farce. Is this a paid shill site?

    • Keelan Balderson

      Nobody pays me, in fact I pay people out of my own pocket to write for this site! In a few years you’ll look back at that comment and realize what a fool you’re being.

  • kayjayel

    Keelan, really interesting read.
    Here is a fantastic audio recording of a caller on LBC speaking to James O’Brien about the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of authorities. There is no doubt Sarah has suffered some difficulties in her childhood but I believe the majority of her story is fabricated. James does a good job in my opinion however I am sure he too was skeptical. The comments section is surprising as the overwhelming majority are taken in by Sarah’s story.

  • bigwhoop

    Heard you had a troll infestation Keelan, ah I see the problem I’ve put a little poison down that should sort it out … Keep up the good work don’t listen to these trolls they agree with madness and probably worship jay z or Lucifer as he is known to his pals lmao..

  • Christina

    You call this research? This is a joke! You haven’t even mentioned anything about MK Ultra or any of the investigators such as Ted Gunderson and Malachi Martin or the hundreds of testimony or the fact that the director of the False Memory Foundation wrote article supporting pedophilia. All you are doing is disenfranchising these people who suffered abuse.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Why would I mention MK Ultra? There’s absolutely no relevance.

      • Johnny Appleseed

        Because mind control is at the heart of this argument. Since all strata of power are assumed to be active in the conspiracy for world domination, anything that may explain how it is done is absorbed into the philosophy of the accusers.


    There is plenty of proof out there that satanic ritual abuse is real, but I don’t think you are really interested in proof are you. For example, there is Father Malachi Martin, who stated that there are at LEAST 8,000 satanic covens across the United States, possibly many more. Fr. Martin also admitted that the vatican itself has been infiltrated by paedo satanists! Father Martin died in 1999, but how wonderful to know that at least one priest in the world was prepared to expose this vile wickedness.

    • Keelan Balderson

      “there is Father Malachi Martin, who stated that there are at LEAST 8,000 satanic covens across the United States, possibly many more.”

      Well he could state there are 8,000 flying pig squadrons…tell the father to bring some evidence.

      “Fr. Martin also admitted that the vatican itself has been infiltrated by paedo satanists!”

      Paedos for sure, Satanists probably not.

    • Johnny Appleseed

      Anecdotal evidence could fill the grand canyon, but a picture (or any sample at all) would be more convincing. Did you feel that emotion when you typed that? Your assertions are based on a religious frenzy, and I don’t believe what you say.

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  • bmacpara

    Keelan I am surprised that you Deny that this goes on,as a alternative news site I would expect more from you. You may as well stated that as the mainstream media does not support satanic rituals then your not buying it. Come on dude seriously these are secret cults their not going to put all the info about what they get up to in public domain.

    All the troubles in the world right now is directly attributed to satun. Let me ask you this who do you think the Rothschilds and other influential families are answering to ,or are you in the mind set that they have their own agenda.

    This what we are seeing in the world right now is prophesied in the Quran and the bible the end times,Satanic worship is very real do not dispel it as lunacy. Other than that the majority of your articles has great content keep up the good work.

  • adude

    The new song “dark horse” by katy perry is all about satanic worship. the fourth horseman, death, bringing about the apocalypse. She encourages young girls to start playing in magic as a past time then rather it be something I was taught never to do. We all saw the movie “craft”, right? Now she is making two things with one stone. A new satanic goth movement in young girls and making magic seem fun and cool rather than something to respect and fear.

    Her own dad disowned her and called her a “devil child”. He basically came out and said she has been possessed and he doesn’t know who she is anymore. She has denounced christianity and claims she sold her soul to the devil for her fame and money. This was from an interview with E!. You can youtube it anytime you like.

    Not only that satanism is all over the media. Lady gaga has tons of satanism in her videos. The malta knights tattoos who were known to worship satan. You have 666 tattooed on many of her extras hands. You have twisted goat horns everywhere….sacrifices of unique animals. I mean she had a polar bear skin rug…It was not fake that polar bear was hunted down and made into a rug just for her video.

    Beyonce and Jay-Z have thrown up the 666 hand sign in a lot of their videos. You see that sign allllll over. Miley cyrus does it a ton as well, She has put 666 on her hands before in some pictures while throwing up the 666 hand sign. She also tattooed illumati symbols on her. She actually worships kali though. That is why you see her stick her tongue out so much and dance so weird. At the vma’s she was doing a ritual in honor of kali. There isn’t just satanism going on…with the younger stars its enveloping into eastern mysticism and the occult practices from old europe. They regularly have orgies even with family members involved. Incest is a major part of satanic and mystical rituals.

    Justin bieber just recently asked to join but he refused and look what happened shortly after. Stars that have failed or gone out of the spot lite all refused to join this hollywood occult. So they get thrown under the bus if they don’t join. Just ask dmx about his recruitment by jay-z to join their satanism practices. He thought satan actually possessed jay-z because jay-z asked him 3 times then after the third time he refused his career went to crap and all this bad stuff started happening to him.

    After awhile, the bad stuff stopped and he started to do christian rap. That is right…dmx is doing christian rap, go figure!

    • Keelan Balderson

      All somewhat interesting, but not evidence of satanic ritual abuse of children.

      I’d also argue that “illuminati” and satanic symbolism appears to be the new cool thing to do to get your music video talked about on Youtube. A lot of it seems like a marketing ploy to me.

    • Johnny Appleseed

      Is all this “information gathering” getting anyone closer to any answers, or does it just get them deeper into their own rabbit hole? All these “reports” seem designed only to entrap people in strange beliefs, they don’t free anyone at all. Satanism is generally about defining oneself and making oneself stronger, not picking on helpless creatures. You invite needless hurt on your mind by thinking there is some over-arching conspiracy in play involving “devilry.”

  • Urcomplicit

    This site is blatant crap

    • Johnny Appleseed

      How insightful.

  • corpus vile

    That excuse for a “documentary” is laughable. Bill Maloney ranting, aggressively accosting people on a street and shoving a camera in their face and engaging in HUGE leaps of logic for just over an hour. There is nothing constituting proof in it either, lol.