Review of Jeff Bauman (legless man) Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Update: I have since addressed Dave McGowan’s response to this post HERE

WARNING: This Page Contains Graphic Images of Gore!

In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Bombings when the mainstream media and alternative media alike were speculating about the causes, despite even the most basic of evidence yet to be collated and confirmed – I wrote an article entitled The Man With The Missing Legs: A Rational Analysis of a Boston Bomb Victim, debunking a disgusting Facebook meme insinuating the “legless man” famously photographed in a wheelchair, was really Nick Vogt – a legless Afghan war veteran who was acting out his injuries as part of a conspiracy.

Though I stand by the original article – not least because they look nothing alike – several readers have pointed me to other theories surrounding the legless man (whom has been named as Jeff Bauman) and I wanted to take the time to fully explore them. The most in-depth conspiratorial piece on Bauman that I’ve seen (though some remain convinced the man photographed isn’t Bauman, I use the name as an easily recognizable reference), is by author Dave McGowan who wrote a vast 15 part article series about the bombings at

As I write this sentence I have yet to engage with the series beyond a quick scan, thus I’ve titled this article a “review” instead of a “debunking” because I am always open-minded enough to change my mind should I come across evidence and a convincing hypothesis for a conspiracy.

For those that chance upon this page directly from elsewhere, a quick look at the other content of this site should prove to you that I am not a “debunker” by profession or hobby, and would be very much lumped in with the “conspiracy theorist” or “truther” crowd, though I reject those terms myself. While I have “debunked” several theories on a number of topics in my time, this is part of the process of discovering truth and is not born out of an ulterior motive. If we didn’t critique each other, any and all theories would be deemed the truth, and that would make for a very messy reality.

In the process of this review I will quote claims, theories and opinions chronologically from McGowan’s series as they pertain to Bauman and offer my analysis below. If I get the time in the future, I may review the whole 15 parts going beyond just Bauman.

So lets get on with it…

Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down (Part 1)

The Boston Marathon bombing incident produced an exceedingly bloody, gore-filled scene. We know that because virtually all avenues of the mainstream media, as was obvious from the very first reports, wanted us to know that. Never before can I recall seeing so many blood-soaked images being so prominently displayed. Newspapers and network and cable news broadcasts seemed to be on a mission to bring you the bloodiest, most graphic images they could come up with.

From the outset McGowan is seeding doubt about the motives of the mainstream media. I don’t necessarily disagree with his analysis, though one also shouldn’t be surprised that in an age of camera-phones etc that there was a lot of gory imagery and the media would jump on this to shock profits and patriotic reactions out of people. It should be noted however that going against this theory is the fact that some media outlets edited out and censored the gore. The New York Daily News for example photoshopped out a woman’s injured leg “out of sensitivity to the victims, the families and the survivors.”

McGowan goes on to say that it’s “a fact” that Jeff Bauman appears to be a faker, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Facts don’t appear, they’re facts.

“But the fact remains that the most high-profile of the victims, who also happened to be by far the most gruesomely injured of the victims, and the guy who purportedly provided the tip that allowed authorities to identify the alleged perpetrators, appears to have been a fake.”

To begin with, the guy’s name is supposedly Jeff Bauman. The posted photos of Bauman, however, do not really resemble the wheelchair guy.

I completely disagree with this statement. Whereas veteran Nick Vogt looks nothing like the “legless man”, the widely circulated photos of Bauman before and after the bombings are uncanny. The reader can of course make up their own mind, but to me it’s a no-brainer, and McGowan is being dishonest with himself.

Here is a collection of photos I’ve put together.

Note the matching long shape of the face and nose, the ears, eyebrows and facial hair. To say the “during” photos don’t look like any of the others is to ignore the detail completely.

In addition, the initial identification of Bauman came via an unverifiable Facebook post. In fact, virtually everything that has been reported about Bauman to this day seems to have come from unverified Facebook posts, though the info has been reported as fact. Those posts have largely been credited to Jeff Bauman, Sr., though no reporters, as best I can determine, have actually located and spoken to the senior Bauman.

This next paragraph exemplifies what I like to call “willful ignorance”, something common with careless conspiracy theorists. It’s a process of assuming there is doubt about something, when you could just as easily and perhaps more rationally assume there isn’t doubt about something. At its core is an ignorance that the theorist doesn’t even try to answer. They want to be ignorant, because it suits their agenda.

McGowan himself could go and track down Bauman and Bauman Sr, and the journalists who have written about them. But instead it’s easier to say the Facebook posts are “unverified”.

By assuming the posts are fraudulent, he’s also assuming everybody who has written about Bauman hasn’t done their job. It assumes that everybody around Bauman on the day of the bombings and afterwards are mistaken. It assumes that everybody who knows the legless man (whoever he might be if he’s not Bauman) are in on the conspiracy, because so far nobody has piped up to say “that’s not Jeff Bauman, that’s my neighbor Eric…an amateur actor”. Or “that is my neighbor Jeff Bauman but he’s always had missing limbs”. It assumes the doctors who operated on him are either in on the conspiracy, operated on somebody else or that nobody operated on anybody, in which case those at Boston Medical Center would probably be scratching their heads at all the incorrect coverage.

While some may say the burden of proof is on Bauman to prove that he really is Bauman, you’re assuming that he hasn’t already or that society is so stupid not to realize it isn’t him. It’s the same logic as if you said “I think President Obama is really a hologram created for TV, because I haven’t ever met him”. Well you could go and meet him at a Rally, or you could weigh up the probability of your theory against everybody else who has in some form interacted with him, whether it be journalists or other members of the public. On the balance of probabilities, all things considered, it’s most likely Obama isn’t a hologram.

Reports claim that Jeff, Jr. was supposedly waiting at the finish line for his girlfriend to cross, but that girlfriend has never been identified and has not come forward to speak to the press. And Bauman himself, though healthy enough after just 19 days to attend a Boston Bruins hockey match, has not been sought out by or interviewed by anyone in the media.

Jeff Bauman has since appeared on the Today Show.

Let’s now review the available photo and video evidence to determine if there might be a possibility that some parts of the story might be untrue. Let’s begin with some live footage from the Boston Globe that depicts the explosions and their immediate aftermath. As can be seen, the explosions took place on the side of the street opposite the bleachers – the side of the street, that is, where there were far fewer spectators gathered. The explosions also took place behind some temporary fencing/scaffolding, requiring would-be rescuers to spend a full two-and-a-half minutes working to dismantle the fencing to get to victims. Arredondo [Cowboy hat guy who saved Bauman] can be seen among the responders and volunteers working to tear down the fencing.

So already, we have a bit of a problem with the Cowboy Hero’s version of events: he clearly did not immediately vault over the fence to get to victims and he just as clearly was not at Bauman’s side within “moments.”

How nit-picky can you get? So the Hero of the day didn’t immediately get to Bauman like he said in an interview, he was busy trying to get there. Well it looks like he got there as fast as possible! I guess he should apologize for not being Superman and flying over the barrier?

This is another common theme with careless conspiracy theorists. They get so wrapped up with picking out minor discrepancies, they ignore the bigger picture. Has McGowan considered that regular people tend to be a little emotional when recounting incidents and are not scientifically minded? Was Arredondo supposed to say “At approximately sixteen hundred hours, I walked twenty feet to the right…”

The gist of his story is correct; if he was claiming to be a hero and wasn’t even there, then McGowan might be on to something.

The fact that there were relatively few witnesses at the blast location, coupled with the fact that would-be rescuers were held at bay for the first few minutes by the temporary fencing, would have provided an ideal window of opportunity to stage the scene, if anyone had been inclined to do so.

This is the second time in the article where McGowan has used the term “the fact” when what he really means is “in my subjective opinion”. And What does “relatively few witnesses” even mean? Compared to what? There are lots of people in that area, and while the barriers did keep responders at bay, that didn’t mean it made them blind to what was going on directly in-front of them. It wasn’t a 10ft brick wall.

If I concede and say yes, perhaps somebody could have staged something in the immediate aftermath of the blast. That doesn’t mean they did. Somebody could have sang a Lady Gaga song immediately after the bombing. Another person could have done a little Irish jig. The question is did they? Not could they?

Below is the first post-blast image of Bauman, taken from a surveillance video. He can be seen to the left, just in front of Redcoat. Just behind her is the hoody guy. Barely visible to the far left is Nicole Gross. Hoody, Nicole and Redcoat are all three huddled closely around Jeff’s freshly mangled legs. The smoke is still pretty thick in this image so we can’t discern much, but we can see that from the earliest moments after the explosion, both of Bauman’s stumps are at right angles to his body. And the lower leg on the longer stump, though it can’t be seen from this angle, is at a near perfect right-angle to the upper leg. Both of his stumps, in other words, are in a sitting position. And they will remain in that very same orientation, without even minor changes, throughout his ordeal. Also worth noting is that the shorter stump looks considerably different here than it does in later images.

Here is a lot of filler and meaningless commentary about right angles. His key point is that the shorter stump looks considerably different here than it does in later images; not that you can really see much from the image he chose (perhaps that was on purpose?) Regardless of the possibility that as time moves on, injuries change (through movement, blood loss, applying pressure etc) the images of him immediately after the blast DON’T look considerably different from those taken later on. His right leg is shorter and more mangled, and his left leg has a big chunk of fleshless bone sticking out.

McGowan even contradicts himself by saying there aren’t “even minor changes, throughout his ordeal”, but then says “the shorter stump looks considerably different”.

I don’t think he knows what he means, and I already have little faith in his theories panning out.

Moving on to the second image, we can clearly see that the hoody guy, mere moments after the blast, is primarily concerned with donning his sunglasses. Some web posts and videos have claimed that this was to send a signal to Redcoat – which seems rather unlikely, I have to say, given that the two are obviously close enough to signal each other verbally. Far more likely is that hoody guy was mostly concerned with concealing his identity. He will remain in the hoody and shades for as long as he is on the set, even while receiving medical attention.

This is another case of “willful ignorance”. Because McGowan can’t or won’t confirm why “Hoody guy” put on his shades, he chooses to assume it’s a conspiracy, as opposed to assuming that perhaps he needs prescription sun-glasses to see properly, that the explosion hurt his eyes and the glasses offered some kind of relief, or he wanted to shield himself from the dust. Even more simply, maybe he just wanted to put his glasses on. The act of wearing glasses is not inherently suspicious.

Also note that before even providing any evidence whatsoever McGowan has jumped to using phrases like “set” as if he’s already proven that this is all just a film set.

We can also see more clearly here that Redcoat, Nicole (now visible) and hoody guy are all within inches of Jeff, with his freshly amputated limbs pointed directly at them. In fact, Jeff’s longer stump appears to be wedged in between Redcoat and Nicole. All three accomplices, nevertheless, will emerge from their ordeal without so much as a drop of Johnny’s blood on them. Also, none of the three appear to have received any significant injuries despite having been right alongside a guy who supposedly got both his legs blown off.

Note the continual use of the word “appear”… “none of the three appear to have received any significant injuries”. If McGowan knew for a fact he wouldn’t have to use the word appear, and this is the problem with a lot of the Boston bombings theories. They are based on ambiguous interpretations of a handful of photographs.

How is McGowan coming to the conclusion that not a “drop of Johnny’s blood” landed on them? In fact who the hell is Johnny? I assume he means Bauman.

There is clearly blood on them. They’re sitting in blood. There’s blood all around that area as we can see in these photos…

What process has been used to determine that none of this blood is Bauman’s?

McGowan’s description of the injuries or lack thereof of those surrounding Bauman (of which he hasn’t verified because they only “appear” that way) is more “willful ignorance”. We don’t know the power of the blast, it’s trajectory or the umpteen other factors at play. You can’t define something as suspicious without really knowing what that something is. A combination of bomb experts and forensics teams look at the injuries, their locations, and the remains of the device to determine the epicenter and trajectory of the blast.

If we take a step back, officially the bombings killed 3 people and injured over 200. 16 of the injured suffered severed limbs at the scene or by amputation in a hospital and 3 of these lost more than one limb.

So lets put this in to perspective. 3 people died, 2 at the first blast. Nobody has come forward to suggests these 3 people didn’t die, or if we pretend they weren’t even real people, no person or entity (hospital, church etc) implicated in the story has come forward to say that none of this took place. 3 dead people would suggest the bombs were not overly powerful. Also only 3 of the injured 200+ lost more than one limb like Bauman.

So what is so bemusing about Bauman being the only seriously injured person near the first blast? The other blast wasn’t that powerful either. They simply weren’t powerful blasts. McGowan offers no reason why more people should have been mutilated. How many people did he want to be mutilated?

This lady in blue, named as Krystle Campbell, died. You can see her laying legless near Bauman and so called “accomplices” in the photo below. Another man in the middle (towards the top) of the photo has a serious leg wound. Why is McGowan ignoring these people?

Here is a moving image of the first blast. You can see Bauman on the left and Krystle screaming in agony on the right. Take this footage in…are these really the faces of actors?

The very premise of McGowan’s theory is falling apart. He began the article with the caveat “I am not arguing that no one was injured in the attack and that there was no real suffering.”

So why throw in some fake guy in to a real explosion, when there’s plenty of real suffering to report on? It seems like an awfully risky operation, with no apparent benefit. He simply hasn’t thought this through.

Moments later, we can see that Jeff and Redcoat seem to both be giving the very same hand signal in the direction of approaching responders while making eye contact with one another. Both stumps continue to be in a sitting position and both continue to point directly at Redcoat. It doesn’t seem to have yet occurred to Jeff or anyone else to put pressure on his wounds. Hoody guy looks on passively while making no effort to offer assistance to Jeff. Indeed, neither Redcoat nor hoody guy ever make any effort to staunch the flow of Jeff’s blood, which is okay since there doesn’t appear to actually be any blood flowing. Meanwhile, Nicole has moved out of the shot.

This is obnoxious nonsense. McGowan has taken a freeze frame in the immediate seconds after an explosion, where two people might possibly be looking at each other (not that we can see Bauman’s eyes) and extrapolated that they are making a hand-signal as part of a conspiracy. If you look at the moving image above it is quite clear they are reeling and trying to get their bearings.

This is literally seconds after the blast and he expects everybody to be coherent enough to be tending to Bauman?

Either McGowan is delusional or being deliberately deceptive.

This next series of images captures the same scene from a slightly different vantage point and at a higher resolution, revealing that hoody guy, demonstrating a considerable amount of manual dexterity for a guy with a ‘degloved’ hand, began working diligently on Jeff’s stumps before the smoke even began to clear. And he did so without getting any blood on his hands.

So in complete contradiction to “Hoody guy” not making “any effort to staunch the flow of Jeff’s blood,” McGowan admits he is doing something, though of course this is a conspiracy. He’s “working diligently on Jeff’s stumps,” fastening them on or something.

McGowan is also psychic because apparently he knows there’s no blood on Hoody guy’s hand, despite the photo not showing us the underside of his hand.

We now change positions to look at the same scene just moments later from a different perspective, and this is where things really start to get interesting. All five of our key players (Carlos, Jeff, Hoody, Nicole, and Redcoat) are present and accounted for. Just about everyone else, which is to say all the non-actors, have fled the scene. Jeff is just behind Redcoat, though he is all but impossible to see. Everyone is ignoring him. In fact, with the notable exception of Arredondo, no one on the scene is even looking in his direction. Not a single person.

And speaking of Arredondo, he is, mere moments after the blast and with the smoke still swirling, already inside the temporary fencing, which obviously would have been impossible had he initially been seated across the street in the bleachers. And it’s hard not to notice that he isn’t actually rushing to help anyone but is instead standing idly by, hat and flag in hand, though he is obviously aware of Jeff and appears to be looking right at him.

This is just more contradictory obnoxious nonsense. He calls them actors without any evidence, just a hodge podge of non-suspicious suspicions and rhetoric that he’s built up along the way. He admits we can’t see Bauman, and from the photo we can’t see Arredondo’s eyes, but Arredondo is supposedly looking at Bauman. Why this matters we don’t know, and why it matters that nobody else is looking at Bauman at that particular second, again is not clear.

McGowan then claims Arredondo couldn’t possibly have crossed the road and hit the barriers as fast as he did, while previously claiming he didn’t get there fast enough. So was he too fast or not fast enough? And why does this even matter? Unless he’s a hologram we can reasonably deduce that he got there at some point.

Hoody is clearly knocking on death’s door here and we can bear witness to his exposed femurs, shredded and badly bleeding legs, and partially ‘degloved’ right hand. We can also see that he is very concerned about his missing wife. Ooops …. actually we can’t see any of that because none of it really happened. What we actually see is a guy comfortably reclining with a fully intact right hand and two perfectly fine legs. He hardly even has any blood on him, and what is visible was undoubtedly picked up from the pavement.

McGowan is awfully certain that “Hoody” doesn’t have a “partially de-gloved” right hand, despite us only seeing a “partial” amount of his hand in the photo. It is entirely possible that his whole palm is skinned. That being said it looks to me like the top side of his fingers are at least grazed and/or burned as well. Notice how the hand is suspended. He’s not leaning on it, nor pressing it on his clothing. I find this consistent with a hand injury.

I can also see blood seeping through and/or splattered on his jeans. His top right thigh is shredded, something is going on with his crotch, his lower thighs and right knee are soaked, with part of his right knee also exposed, and his right ankle is shredded. It’s reasonable to assume that he’d look a lot worse without the jeans on.

The idea that he is resting comfortably, simply because he’s laying on the floor is ridiculous. Perhaps the fact that he’s laying still on the floor with what appears to be a look of pain on his face, is why he isn’t looking for his wife.

McGowan’s analysis is becoming intolerable, he’s managed to ramble about nothing for a whole page.

Next up is a close-up of Redcoat, lying in what is supposed to be Bauman’s pooled blood. She nevertheless has remarkably little blood on her, though she does have an alien growing out of her midsection. I have no idea if that is supposed to be blood on her otherwise white top, but it certainly doesn’t look like any kind of normal blood pattern. Overall, despite laying in a pool of blood and having been directly in the line of fire of Jeff’s femoral arteries, she has very little blood on her and doesn’t appear to have suffered any significant injuries.

So a lady who has flesh, blood and god knows what protruding/impaled from/in her torso, two shredded legs, one visibly pouring with blood, a bloody hand, and grazes to her face, is just not good enough for McGowan – the armchair expert on blood patterns.

The next image up for review is of Nicole, with her twice-broken left leg, fractured ankle and severed Achilles tendon. Luckily, those injuries haven’t hindered her mobility as she has clearly moved from her original position. Those are some excruciatingly painful injuries that she has, but she seems to be toughing it out okay. She has though been abandoned by her husband, who you would think would be tending to and comforting her, and her legless sister is nowhere to be seen. Her right arm got peppered with shrapnel, but luckily for her it was a special kind of shrapnel that shreds clothing fibers but doesn’t penetrate flesh.

Her arm’s not pouring with blood but to say it’s not injured is delusional. The shrapnel would have pierced the clothing on entry and on exit, and the holes are not necessarily where the wounds would be visible. It’s also entirely possible that for the most part she was superficially swiped by the shrapnel. It’s also possible that most of the damage is to the back of the arm that we can’t see. Maybe some of the reporting or her testimony is even exaggerated, but what on earth suggests she’s an actor?

And her legs look in tip top condition don’t they? Not swollen or dented or cut at all? She’s toughing it out fine, look at that warm happy face.

the guy in the following image, looking like he just walked off a film set.

Or a real life bombing?

Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down (Part 2)

Moving on now to the next image in the sequence of events, we find Arredondo moving quickly to aid Bauman. Just kidding … what we actually find him doing is beginning to pull the fence down from the inside, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is bringing it down directly on top of one of the victims, which is probably okay because she was undoubtedly an actress anyway. What is important to note here is that the Cowboy Hero already had access to the victims but rather than assist them he chose to spend the next few minutes helping to tear the fence down, pretending as though he hadn’t already been on the other side of it. No medical personnel are yet on the scene and yet almost all of the victims have already left on their own, thoughtfully carting their severed limbs off with them. Jeff, naturally enough, continues to be ignored. As can be seen, the bomb shrapnel all passed cleanly between the fence pickets without breaking a single one.

McGowan’s rather off-putting sarcasm seems to be based on the ambiguous idea that Arredondo is lying about the speed at which he got to Bauman. However it’s not like he said he got there in “30 seconds” but it took him 30 minutes. The phrase “I got there in moments” is not a scientific measurement, it just means relatively quickly. I still don’t really understand what McGowan’s point is with all this. Why does it matter?

Could Arredondo have been trying to break the fence down to make it easier for others to access and remove the injured? Could Arredondo have been shocked and a bit confused about what best to do in the immediate aftermath of a bombing? The most rational answer to what he’s doing isn’t that he’s acting. And what exactly is he acting? How to looked shocked and a bit confused? How to remove fencing to aid in the emergency response?

In the next image we see that Redcoat has moved away to reveal that the spot previously occupied by her and the other accomplices is covered with a pool of very unconvincing blood. The fence is now down and responders are on the scene but Arredondo is nowhere in sight and Jeff is being ignored by everyone. Both of his stumps continue to be at right angles to his body and the knee on the left stump remains bent at a right angle, though he has rolled onto his side to draw attention away from that. He is now also keeping a firm grip on that longer leg/prosthesis and he will continue to do so for as long as he remains in camera range.

Absurdly enough, hoody guy, while still wearing his shades, is receiving medical attention while Jeff, just a couple of feet away, is apparently invisible. No one has bothered to even fashion a makeshift tourniquet or two to arrest his alleged bleeding. And why, one wonders, has Jeff been abandoned by all his accomplices? Why, after first providing no assistance whatsoever, have all three of them now physically distanced themselves from him? It clearly wasn’t to get out of the way and let responders tend to his alleged wounds. And speaking of responders, wouldn’t it have been a nice gesture for hoody to say to rescuers something along the lines of, “don’t worry about me, guys – the poor motherfucker right there doesn’t have any legs!”

This is perhaps the first time McGowan has made any sense. We can all agree that Bauman needed immediate medical attention. However that’s not evidence that he was an actor. It seems silly even having to write that. The aftermath of a bombing is a very shocking and confusing time, there’s no telling what was going through the minds of those in the photo, but creating a baseless theory is not going to enlighten us any further.

That being said there isn’t a constant stream of photos. Responders may have already spoken to Bauman and assessed his situation, called for more help etc. As mentioned earlier, this is the problem with relying on snap-shots of a much broader incident, it can can completely miss the true context of how things unfolded.

McGowan has now broadened his theory to include “unconvincing blood” and “leg/prosthesis”. Why he thinks the blood is unconvincing or Bauman’s leg is fake we can’t tell, because like the rest of his analysis there’s no supporting evidence or even coherent explanation. He just suddenly decides that this is the case.

Other theories have focused on the color of the blood, but short of it being green I don’t necessarily see what the problem is. Blood doesn’t deoxygenate instantly when it leaves the body, in fact it oxygenates further because it comes in contact with the air. It only changes color some time later when it coagulates and dries. When you cut your finger or have a nose bleed it’s bright red, but ever examined the cotton wool or tissue later? It’s usually gone a brownish color.

The amount of flesh and blood that would have quickly left Bauman’s legs and the fact that the photos were taken immediately after the blast is consistent with the bright red color.

It might be unconvincing to McGowan but last time I checked blood was red.

McGowan also thinks that Bauman holding his injured leg is suspicious, and that he must be holding a prop in place. I guess he’s never clutched at an injury before.

In this next image, Jeff is ready for his moment in the spotlight. Ridiculously, he is in a wheelchair rather than strapped to a gurney. And just as ridiculously, his alleged wounds are on full display because, you know, no one thought to throw a coat or a sheet or something over them. It couldn’t really be any more obvious, given the laws of gravity, how absurd it is for a bottomless guy to be transported in an upright position. There is no question that under any other circumstances, this guy would have been on a gurney with his wounds covered with a sheet. But that would have ruined the show that his prosthetics were specifically designed for. Also, it would have looked pretty ridiculous to have him in a sitting position while lying on his back on a gurney.

Where McGowan gets the idea that Bauman was “bottomless” I have no idea, unless he just means legless. But why is it ridiculous that he’s in a wheelchair? If that’s the only thing his rescuers could come by in that immediate instance, so be it. If we flip it around why would the fakers use a wheelchair, if it’s such a ridiculous notion?

And why would they throw a sheet over his injuries? Was there a sheet to throw over him anyway? Are the responders really going to be concerned about his injuries being on show or is their first and only thought his survival?

If you’ve followed the story you’ll know that Arredondo tied up his arteries and can be seen holding on to the end of one of them. I can’t imagine a sheet would have been too practical in this scenario anyway.

Next up is another view of Jeff in the wheelchair. From this angle we can see that his left leg is still bent at the knee at a right angle, even though that is a very unnatural position for it to be in. Without exertion by our victim/hero, his lower leg would be hanging straight down. To maintain it in that position would require physical exertion for the entire time that Bauman remained on the scene, both while on his back and while in the wheelchair. So apparently Jeff not only remained conscious and quite alert throughout his ordeal, he also maintained enough strength to keep his knee locked at a right-angle.

This is one of the more confusing pseudo-scientific claims made by McGowan and involves his fascination with right angles again. First off he seems to think it’s unnatural for Bauman’s knee to be in a bent position. Last time I checked the knee joint is designed to bend and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be bent after an explosion, short of it being blown clean off or broken in such a way that locks the leg in a vertical position. We may even consider that the joint was broken by the blast and locked in a bent position, unable to straighten back out. Also perhaps Bauman simply found it too painful to move his legs from the position they ended up after the blast? I know when I’ve pulled my arm it can hurt to change its position.

His next point is even more confusing. “Without exertion by our victim/hero, his lower leg would be hanging straight down.”

First off what’s the problem with him using physical exertion? He’s clearly conscious. Of course McGowan then uses that as further evidence of a conspiracy. In truth there’s nothing abnormal about remaining conscious after losing limbs. This lady remained conscious after a train severed both her legs. And there are countless stories of soldiers losing limbs in Afghanistan and remaining conscious.

Secondly it looks to me like Bauman’s lower leg is hanging straight down, it’s his upper leg that’s raised slightly. The photo suggests he’s holding his upper leg in the position with his hands, most likely to prevent his bone from dragging along the floor.

Just because McGowan asserts that something is impossible doesn’t mean it is, it also doesn’t mean the only other explanation is a conspiracy.

For somebody that champions critical thinking, he doesn’t seem to use it when it comes to his own theories.

I should also point out here that though we have a clear view of the street, there isn’t so much as a drop of blood visible in the wheelchair’s path. Note also that Jeff’s longer stump looks quite horrifying here, with bloody flaps of skin and all manner of nastiness hanging from it, though none of that was visible when he was waving his stump in his accomplices’ faces while avoiding getting blood on them.

We haven’t seen footage or photos of the whole journey that the wheelchair took, so we can’t for certain say there was no blood left behind, however what McGowan ignores is the fact that the majority of his lower legs and flesh is already gone and tourniquets are tied around both legs. His arteries are also constricted, with Arredondo pinching one of them between his fingers.

Also the right-most hanging “nastiness” is actually part of a tourniquet, though he’s correct in that we can see some more skin in this photo.

That being said McGowan is once again selectively choosing what he sees and doesn’t see in the photos. If we go back to the blast area photo, we can clearly see flesh and skin, it’s just not as prominent because Bauman is laying on the ground and the skin is camouflaged by his blood.


There is nothing even remotely convincing about Dave McGowan’s theory that Jeff Bauman and those around him were actors. There’s no primary evidence or paper trial, there’s no eye witness testimony, and the majority of his observations are either incorrect or assumptions from a position of ignorance.

Nobody saw “crisis actors” lugging around props, getting in to position or applying their injury make-up, but we’re expected to believe McGowan has managed to pick them out through a few photos? Photos that everybody else missed?

Whether McGowan is just delusional or has an agenda, I cannot determine, but his and similar disinformation is poisoning the alternative media.

McGowan has since responded to this post. Here is my rebuttal of his response:
Re: Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theorist Dave McGowan

Color of Alleged Boston Bomber’s Rucksack Contradicted?
Mystery ‘Military’ Men At Boston Bombing Identified As WMD Taskforce: Prior Knowledge A Possibility
What Is The Evidence For A Drill At The Boston Marathon? Alastair Stevenson’s Testimony
The Man With The Missing Legs: A Rational Analysis

Keelan BaldersonKeelan Balderson is the editor of, and producer of documentaries 7/7 What Did They Know? and Perfect Storm: The England Riots. Keeping a critical eye on Government, Corporate Power, and the causes of Terrorism, he aims to broaden the Western world view.

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  • Sir Frank Devine

    Well, I have read David McGowan’s articles, all of them, twice and I have to say you do both him and yourself a disservice with the above article. McG uses a lot of photographic and video material to compare witness accounts and official/MSM reports with this visual evidence and the total effect, in my mind, is that this whole thing was very much a staged hoax. I can’t claim to know exactly how it was all done, by whom, and for what ends, but nonetheless that is the abiding impression I’m left with: it seems to have been a false false-flag event.

    Just to take one point: the alleged victim called Jeff Bauman. After the alleged bomb blast, Bauman was left unattended on the ground for an interminable time. Carlos, the designated hero of the piece is seen, stooging around for a hell of a long time as other “victims” are first attended by the alleged paramedics with Bauman left to cool his heels on his own(pun intended), apparently not thought of as being in critical need of immediaite attention, then, eventually, marched off in a wheelchair, because we are told there were no available gurneys to transport him on (which of course would be the SOP for a man who’s supposed to have just had his legs blown off), when the available photo/video evidence clearly shows that gurneys were already present in situ.

    Moreover, McGowan painstakingly follows the path of the other so-called victims, and to my memory, not one of their stories can be verified but moreover grave doubts are cast over all their stories.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I find that all very suspicious Keelan Balderston.

    Look, I think you’d better spend the time looking at McGowan’s articles properly and not dishing up this hit piece while you’re still half cocked. Both him, and yourself (up to now anyway) have accrued a half-way decent track record in reporting and analyisng these types of events. McGowan’s been at it a lot longer than you and his stuff is generally quite credible imho. I’m not saying that I necessarily concur with everything both of you have written but you’ve done gone work hitherto.

    Don’t blot your copybook now please.

    • Keelan Balderson

      “Well, I have read David McGowan’s articles, all of them, twice and I have to say you do both him and yourself a disservice with the above article. McG uses a lot of photographic and video material to compare witness accounts and official/MSM reports with this visual evidence and the total effect, in my mind, is that this whole thing was very much a staged hoax.”

      He uses a lot of photos and some video that are in the public domain to pick tiny irrelevant discrepancies in people’s accounts, while simultaneously seeing things that aren’t there or ignoring things that are there.

      “I can’t claim to know exactly how it was all done, by whom, and for what ends”

      Neither can he because there’s no real evidence that it was a hoax, just assumptions, armchair-expert analysis and rhetoric.

      “Just to take one point: the alleged victim called Jeff Bauman. After the alleged bomb blast, Bauman was left unattended on the ground for an interminable time. Carlos, the designated hero of the piece is seen, stooging around for a hell of a long time.”

      I dealt with this in the article. Nobody has managed to explain what the problem is with Carlos’ movements. No amount of rhetoric like “stooging around” is going to prove it was a hoax. He moved from the bleachers to the fencing, helped yank it down and in a relatively fast amount of time go to Jeff Bauman. What is so wrong with his account? What is so “stoogy” about his movements?

      “other “victims” are first attended by the alleged paramedics with Bauman left to cool his heels on his own(pun intended), apparently not thought of as being in critical need of immediaite attention”

      Short of being there we don’t know exactly what happened in this short time-frame. It does seem like they ignored him for a bit, however they also could have called for more help and been waiting for the required equipment to treat him. We don’t really know if anyone spoke to him or assessed him…there’s only a few photos, not an ongoing video. And if we assume the responders weren’t helping him for whatever reason (shock, incompetence) what on earth suggests it was a hoax? What exactly is the evidence?

      “eventually, marched off in a wheelchair, because we are told there were no available gurneys to transport him on (which of course would be the SOP for a man who’s supposed to have just had his legs blown off), when the available photo/video evidence clearly shows that gurneys were already present in situ.”

      I’ve not seen a photo showing a stack of unoccupied gurneys, so you’re making an assumption. Some people had been or were in the process of being placed on gurneys, so those ones were occupied. We can criticize the medical staff’s decision, but does that mean it’s all fake? Are we saying all the responders, all of the witnesses in the area, and all of the official medical staff knew Bauman was an actor so left him to act, in order to treat the real injured? Or is it more reasonable to assume we’re missing a piece of the puzzle and/or there was an element of incompetence?

      “Moreover, McGowan painstakingly follows the path of the other so-called victims, and to my memory, not one of their stories can be verified but moreover grave doubts are cast over all their stories.”

      No, basically he made stuff up to shed doubt on their stories. Like “ohh that woman isn’t really bleeding because I said so”

      “Call me old-fashioned, but I find that all very suspicious Keelan Balderston.”

      Who is Keelan Balderston?

      “Look, I think you’d better spend the time looking at McGowan’s articles properly and not dishing up this hit piece while you’re still half cocked.”

      It’s not a hit-piece, it was a genuine review. I found his analysis lacking in every kind of rational and empirical way, so I feel it somewhat my duty to point that out. The “truth movement” is being damaged beyond repair with stuff like this. No planes on 9/11, Sandy Hook, it’s all the same nonsense.

      “Both him, and yourself (up to now anyway) have accrued a half-way decent track record in reporting and analyisng these types of events. McGowan’s been at it a lot longer than you and his stuff is generally quite credible imho. I’m not saying that I necessarily concur with everything both of you have written but you’ve done gone work hitherto.”

      Thanks for the kind comments, but I don’t want to be associated with people like McGowan, we have completely different mindsets and approaches.

      • Geordiepower69

        Can you tell me which of these you believe in.
        The U.S. government version of 9/11.
        The U.S. government version of Sandy Hook.
        The U.S. government version of the death of Osama bin Laden.
        The U.S. government version of the Gulf of Tonkin.
        Santa clause

        I believed them all until I realised I was being lied to,
        One day you will accept the fact the powers that be are evil and do not give a shit about you.
        Until then have a bad day.

  • Jimbo

    Thanks, Keelan. You haven’t disabused me entirely but you are getting there.

    By the way, did you read the Rolling Stone article, the one that was written to accompany the cover? McGowan will write in a later installment how the press misreported the number of victims. He will encourage us assume the press is in on the conspiracy. Well, I, taking a cue from the McGowan article, was struck by the number of victims reported in the RS article and then I checked a more straight forward news article. RS wrote:

    “Close to 300 more were injured by flying shrapnel, with many losing a leg, or an arm, or an eye; a scene of unbelievable carnage that conjured up images of Baghdad, Kabul or Tel Aviv.”

    Maybe McGowan has a point for according to the AP:

    BOSTON (AP) – The number of critically injured victims from Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon continues to shrink.

    Boston Hospitals reported seven people in critical condition on Thursday, down from 14 on Wednesday.

    At least two of those are children, both at Boston Children’s Hospital. Brigham and Women’s Hospital had four people in critical condition and Boston Medical Center had one.

    Doctors there say a 5-year-old boy with pulmonary and soft tissue injuries, had improved enough to be taken off the critical list.

    Massachusetts General Hospital, which had four critically injured patients on Wednesday, reported their conditions all had been upgraded.

    More than 180 people were treated at hospitals after the bombings. More than 120 had been released by Thursday.

    Doctors say all the remaining patients are expected to survive.”

    The people who supposedly died, including the child, were at the other bombing site. McGowan hasn’t gone there yet. I’ll assume there were some actual deaths and some who were badly maimed but only seven critically injured? This is nothing close to the RS number, nor is the carnage nearly as bad as RS reports. I’m not saying that RS is necessarily a font of truth but this story does reflect the popular belief that a lot of people were badly hurt and that the younger brother is guilty – – though he’s pleaded not guilty.

    To be honest, I found the first installments of McGowan’s analysis hard to follow. Later on he will acknowledge this problem and will add colored arrows to tell you who the “players” are. But he will also get into anomalies (mistakes) in the reportage which were then verified with contrasting, less lurid reports, something like I did with the RS story. Here is a link.

    I do hope you carry on with the article and report again.



    • Keelan Balderson

      Hi Jim, no I’ve not looked at the Rolling Stone article…it wouldn’t surprise me if injury numbers vary greatly, they always seem to in these types of events.

  • SirFrankDevine

    “Who is Keelan Balderston?”
    Oh, I get it, a typo. It’s Balderson, not Balderston. My bad. Yes, I can see the confusion that must have put in your mind…

    “Thanks for the kind comments, but I don’t want to be associated with people like McGowan, we have completely different mindsets and approaches.”

    A shame you didn’t try reading the whole McGowan series with an open mind and with no view of attacking and criticising it before you’d finished because, as you’ve said, you don’t wish to be associated with the guy.

    At the moment I find your thesis much less convincing than I do David McGowan’s. Seems to me he’s done his homework, you haven’t. Sorry.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Sorry I thought you were being deliberate…after all the name is at the top of the article.

      No worries, we can agree to disagree,

  • Alec

    Thanks Keelan, unlike the others I had the exact same reactions to all of the purported hoax conspiracies. I live in Massachusetts, in fact very close to Boston, and have been scouring all the evidence in search of the truth obviously not present in the mainstream media.

    The problem with the hoax is they subsidize their few good arguments with downright lies, such as ignoring the fact that Arredondo was in fact clamping one of Bauman’s arteries to prevent bleeding while in the wheelchair. The only semi-convincing “evidence” was one image which appeared to show that the Bauman seen in the massacre was missing his left pinky, which is easily verifiable for Nick Vogt while also easily proven false for the Bauman seen in all the hospital photos. But again, the photo was extremely blurry and enhanced, allowing no assumptions from being drawn.

    In my eyes, the whole hoax conspiracy takes away from the greater picture. One in which the government provides absolutely no evidence for the guiltiness of two Muslim men, while also providing various pieces of anti-evidence, such as pictures of backpacks with absolutely no recognizable similarities, as well as standing by claims of police that have thoroughly been de-bunked. None of this has been mentioned in the mainstream media, in fact the only mentioned “conspiracies” I have seen is where they invite one of these crackpot conspiracist onto their show, have them rant of their ignorance and stupidity, and then them as a poster boy conspiracist to the nation.

    The evidence lies in the lack thereof; I am deeply disturbed by the opinions of the average American on the issue, which is full of blood-lust, racism, prejudice, and just plain stupidity. Please continue to release articles on the bombings for I fear for the life of a potentially innocent team.

    • Alec

      The last word should say teen, not team.

  • G

    ‘ the ‘C’enter for an ‘I’nformed ‘A’merica ‘ ~ :)

  • Matthew Slater

    Keelan thanks for going into all this detail. Without time to study for myself I had been quite taken in by the ‘staged event’ theory.
    However I think you waste your time responding directly to McGowan here and in a later article. While its useful to point out poor reasoning, McGowan’s use of offensive language and disrespect of his detractors indicates strongly to me that he has many agendas before truth-seeking.
    I would have liked answers to other points as well:
    What’s that video where a guy is throwing dust around?
    How come so many people with torn clothing seems to have no injuries?
    Is it true that there was a warning tweet 1 min previously from a local newspaper?
    What evidence has been presented linking the accused to the actual bombs?
    Where did all the arguments go about different coloured and strangely bulging rucksacks?
    Weren’t the security services very heavily present on that day despite having no specific warning?
    How well do you think the mainstream media covered the event?
    Is it possible that there was a mixture of stage and reality, or that the incident was planned by different teams with different agendas, or that a drill went live?
    Whether it was a staged event is very different to whether it was a false flag.

    • Keelan Balderson

      What’s that video where a guy is throwing dust around?

      I’ve looked at all such videos. I don’t see dust in any of them, in fact the quality is quite poor to really know exactly what’s going on. Similar to the “pouring blood” claims, I think people are just seeing things that aren’t there. To me he has some towels and his waving them around. Why? I don’t really know…trying to cool down burned people? They’re certainly not bags of dust.

      How come so many people with torn clothing seems to have no injuries?

      I’ve seen lots of people with torn clothing and blood all over them. If we take McGowan’s claims against “sunglasses guy” as an example, he’s clearly bleeding. If people are wearing clothes the injuries aren’t going to be very clear. In some instances it’s reasonable to assume shrapnel entered the clothing and traveled a little way further before hitting flesh, thus some wounds are not directly visible. I would also argue that in some instances clothes somewhat protected victims and took most of the damage. The force of the blast could have torn baggy trousers without necessarily tearing the skin.

      Is it true that there was a warning tweet 1 min previously from a local newspaper?

      If I remember rightly there was something reported by the Boston Globe about carrying out a controlled explosion, and it was timezone errors online that made it appear like this had came before the blasts, when it was really after. A controlled explosion is when a suspicious bag or something is blown up.

      What evidence has been presented linking the accused to the actual bombs?

      Not a lot. I have several issues, such as the color of the surviving brother’s bag being light, but the evidence photos showing a black bag. We need to wait until the hearing for the evidence to be fully explored, when the prosecution formally make their case.

      Weren’t the security services very heavily present on that day despite having no specific warning?

      I’m in 2 minds about this, because we all know the US has an overbearing security state, and there’s a bit of a paper trail in terms of worrying about bombings at marathons and sporting events.

      How well do you think the mainstream media covered the event?

      It varies from outlet to outlet. My main issue with the reporting is the assumption of guilt almost right away against the Tsarnaevs.

      Is it possible that there was a mixture of stage and reality, or that the incident was planned by different teams with different agendas, or that a drill went live?

      A lot of things are possible, but there’s no evidence for it. I don’t see why they’d need to stage bits of it if a real bombing was taking place. The drill gone live thing is annoying meme carried over from 9/11 that people keep trying to force on to every single terror event. It just doesn’t make sense here.

      • Simon

        McGowan’s “approach” is seeing the big picture, Balderdash.

        “Drills-gone-live” is an “annoying meme”? So I guess it’s simply sheer coincidence that an eerily similar drill mirrors every mass casualty event. We’ve just “overblown” it again. Google “Operation Urban Shield” and tell me that’s a coincidence.

        • Keelan Balderson

          It’s annoying because nobody even seems to want to explain how the drills factor in to anything. I can agree its eery in that a lot of these events seem to have been prepared for but they still fail to stop them, but so far nobody has been able to give a rational argument for why the bomb sniffer drill for example had any barring on the attack. If you were conducting a false flag you wouldn’t bring out the bomb sniffer dogs to expose yourself. And if it was to divert the emergency response, you wouldn’t do the drill in the morning, way before the explosions.

  • Aaron

    It seems to me that thou dost protest too much.

  • juan-r

    The people below died from injuries sustained during shark attacks. (I realize the injuries from explosions and shark bites are different – the point is the massive blood loss resulting from severe leg injuries.) In each case, the injuries are to the legs and death resulted from blood loss. These are just a few examples. You still think somebody who lost BOTH legs wouldn’t have bled out prior to receiving first aid? If you don’t buy that, do you honestly think that person although alive would be conscious? much less sitting up in a wheelchair? c’mon people!

    * Ransom died after a great white shark pulled him off his bodyboard just before 9 a.m. about 100 yards (91 m) off Surf Beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County, California. He suffered the loss of his left leg, resulting in massive blood loss.

    * The Martin County medical examiner’s office concluded he died from massive blood loss from a leg wound

    * Martin was killed at approximately 7:20 a.m. while swimming with a group of eight other triathletes off a beach in Solana Beach, California. The victim was bitten across both thighs.

    * Attacked while surfing off Pohaku Park, Maui, Hawaii, McInnis died a short time after the attack as a result of blood loss from severe wounds to his right thigh and calf.

    * She was bitten on the left hip and lower right leg by a shark estimated to be 15–18 feet (4.6–5.5 m) long….Franzman screamed for help after the shark struck twice and swam off, but apparently lost consciousness and drifted face-down in the water before lifeguards pulled her to shore, by which time she had died of blood loss.[25] Her wounds included a severed femoral artery.

    * Peltier was killed while surfing with his father and brothers at Sandbridge Beach, south of Virginia Beach, Virginia. He died of severe injuries to the lower leg.

    * Romento was attacked and killed while bodyboarding at 9:45 a.m. in shallow, clear water approximately 90 feet (27 m) from shore off Keʻeau Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii. His right leg was severely bitten in three places by a 10–12-foot (3.0–3.7 m) tiger shark, and he died of blood loss a short time after swimming to shore.

    * Meeker was killed while swimming between Anna Maria Island and Egmont Key State Park in Tampa Bay, Manatee County, Florida. He was found dead the next day. He had taken off his bathing suit to use the drawstring as a makeshift tourniquet on his right calf.,_unprovoked_shark_attacks_in_the_United_States

  • LocalHero

    Wow, you really ARE a fucktard.

    • Keelan Balderson

      How insightful of you sir.

  • MrMarco855 .

    KeenanBalderson………….Please take a look at a video titled ‘boston flash mob fools the world’…( I think that’s correct). It shows a woman that is referred to as ‘lime shirt lady’. She is in the midst of the area where Jeff Bauman and others are laying/standing immediately after the blast. The video is narrated and paused a few times, one pause shows lime shirt lady dumping a solid stream of blood from a tube that protrudes from her purse. As she moves around in a small circle, you can see a trail of blood on the ground behind her where there was no blood just prior to that. Then, within seconds, she is seen laying a few feet away on the ground with a young man laying over her in a posture indicating he is distraught. They are in a famous photo that was in all the newspapers, with a story explaining that she was the fiance of this young man etc. ec. I’ve forgotten the rest of their story, but the jist of it was that it was a very sad story. The lime shirt lady is walking around effortlessly pouring blood on the ground and then she becomes a severely injured victim….pretty difficult to explain.
    there are other interesting things in that video, such as a ball of fire and smoke emminating from a source that is in the same area as the victims, indicating that was the spot of the blast. If a bomb explodes, I dont hink there would be a fire and smoke smoldering afterwards, but I admit I’m not an expert in this area. Then, a ( young bald-headed) man goes to that area and grabs a large item, that looks like an apparatis used for pirotechnic displays. Next, a hand can be seen along a railing holding a large black bag, the bag is in the open position. In the next frame something is dropped into the bag and then you can see an older man is holding that bag and he quickly tucks it under his arm and goes straight into the store behind him. The older man is wearing dark glasses and all black clothing, and he holds his head down and comes and goes in a matter of seconds without saying a word. This is extremely suspicious behaviour, especially since a bomb just exploded about 30 to 60 seconds before this hand-off occurs. I can’t imagine why these hings would occur as they did, just doesn’t fit at all. There are more things in this video, take a look and keep a neutral, non-bias mindset about yourself and react just the way it strikes you…..

  • lori

    If ypu look at the moving pic – you can see Baumans foot fly to to right in the air-this event happened-maybe not the authorities said-maybe there was set ups-but it happened

  • Frederick Herring

    In a stop action sequence of one of the explosions one sees the flags moving but no damage done to them. In the following frames we see, over a short space of time, several people run out and immediately take down all the flags. Same thing for the banners attached to the staging. Never mind attending to the injured people, just get those flags and banners down, and quickly. It’s all done with amazing efficiency too. What’s that all about, if not to make the scene look more like the results of a real, and powerful explosion?

  • TriciaBoston

    My friends who are doctors were working in the medical tents and tended to the injured, and Jeff is a friend of a friend. I had many friends downtown at the time who saw this happen in person. Anyone who thinks this is a conspiracy is extremely disrespectful.

    • Gary Anderson

      You get paid by the post, Tricia?

      • Keelan Balderson

        What arrogant nutjob mentality. If somebody doesn’t agree with you then they must be a paid shill? How comforting that you can never be wrong.

        • Gary Anderson

          It is known fact that the UK uses paid shills. Do the Zionists sponsor your blog as well, Keelan? BTW, the Zionists who did the Sandy Hook Hoax, 9/11, the Boston Bombing, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, etc. etc. are not a race, not a religion. But they are a powerful political movement. And they appear to be getting their way.

  • Ann.

    WOW! I’ve heard it all now, you people need a life!
    Did I miss the REASON behind someone staging all this??
    You know I bet the people who staged this is the same people who staged both world wars and Elvis’s death!!

    • Gary Anderson

      So it looks to me like the shiny metal “bone” between Jeff Bauman’s thigh and hip is fake. The thigh itself is fake. The blood looks like paint, and never turns dark like real blood does. An expert said Bauman was not treated. He would have bled out and died or been rendered unconscious, but he is not either. It is a hoax.

      • Keelan Balderson

        I can’t tell if it’s a bone, some trouser, some charred skin, or bird shit to be honest Gary … you’re just seeing what you want. And at a very basic level you have absolutely no evidence it’s metal. Did you go and test it for metal?

        • Nessa

          The real question is Keelan, why did this guy not bleed out when he wasn’t attended to? I wouldn’t focus so much about the metal “bone” but the fact that he would have bled out in less than two minutes.

  • Robbie Nicholson

    Keelan …. please inform us of who is paying you to talk so much rubbish that it is beyond laughable ? ………. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells activating an electrical response can see his injury is not real in any aspect. If you would like me to help you …. 2+2 does not equal 5 …. it in fact equals 4 and you my man are a proper fool and quite frankly a disgrace to either intelligence or humanity, I cant tell which but you are totally uneducated in the logic of human medical facts too !

    • Keelan Balderson

      It’s funny because you’re describing yourself perfectly, but are too deluded to realise.One day you’ll look back at this and laugh at what a fool you were.

      • Robbie Nicholson

        Keelan. Please then tell me how a human body that has had both legs blown off in a bomb does not bleed ? …… I can see clearly in the picture that the wheelchair has traveled and still no blood … are you looking at the same pictures fella ? ……… also do understand that every human has a heart …. this heart pumps and causes a pressure level, if you remove any limb the pressure that the heart causes is still there, this would be why people that cut their wrists spurt blood all over the place, but this man isn’t human and doesn’t have a heart obviously, in your view. Look at how the heart and body work before sounding like a puppet of some agency …. you are a dis-informer and nothing truthful …. make you proud fella ?

        • Keelan Balderson

          “Please then tell me how a human body that has had both legs blown off in a bomb does not bleed?”

          Flawed premise. He does bleed, there’s blood all around him.

          “I can see clearly in the picture that the wheelchair has traveled and still no blood”

          He’s already lost a lot of blood (along with his legs)

          And if you’d have spent even a few minutes reading first hand accounts, you will know that the hero who rescued him had created a tourniquet, and is also pinching the artery.

          A lot of this is dealt with in the second article I did, along with a lot of enlightening comments:

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Keelan …. if you cut muscle maybe … he has had tendons, veins and muscle removed, please explain how his heart has stopped beating so as to stop the spurting being caused by his heart pumping still ? …… Then explain why if he has bled out so as to have no blood left to bleed, how is his still alive never mind conscious ?

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Also you don’t seem to understand the arteries in the human leg …. to stop the flow of blood to the bottom half of the leg you would need to be pinching very much higher …. go and look at the arteries in the human leg and see that by pinching one at the bottom you are not stopping the others …. so you stop one and about 3 or 4 gain more pressure and spurt … its very simplistic medical and science facts … can you now change these with your narcissistic view ?

          • Keelan Balderson

            He has no lower legs Robbie! He’s lost a tonne of blood and flesh, and his femoral arteries are being restricted by tourniquets and hands. It’s not a horror movie.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            lol … are you beat because you cant answer the medical facts regarding this injury ? … you say that he had lost blood already, so where did he lose this blood that is in no pictures … and if he had lost enough to bleed dry so the heart wasn’t pumping anymore blood, then he would be dead. These are facts mate, not a disillusioned man trying to dis-info medical scientific facts, next you will be telling me that 9/11 was done by terrorists, or that the 7/7 bombers were on a train that was cancelled ! …. Who funds your tripe Keelan mate, I know you are paid to talk shit so enlighten us all to who funds you ?

          • Keelan Balderson

            I dunno, perhaps the very first picture where he’s laying in it?

            And who funds me? ROFL … So when somebody disagrees with you they must be paid to do so?

            A psychologist would have a field day with that one.

            And no of course the alleged 7/7 bombers weren’t on the cancelled train – they got the later one.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            OK let me educate you somewhat with 7/7. The train they would of had to be on the be able to commit the first 2 bombings was cancelled, and guess what, the next one too. Go and check my proof for the time it takes the train to get from Luton to London, now check the time of the train the inquiry said they got on …. now go and check British Rail logs for the trains that day … the first and second trains were cancelled, its in the logs, the inquiry say they were on a train that was cancelled. They indeed did get on a later train and arrived in London AFTER 2 bombs had already gone off. They then went to Canary Wharf and were murdered by city of London police. 5 news put this report out with pictures, only once though as it didn’t fit the lie they wanted told. The train you must say they took was the 7:48 train (inquiry and government say 7:40 but as this was cancelled that’s the first lie) ….. this train arrived at Luton at 7:56 due to delays on the Mill Hill area overhead lines. So when you spout media and government rubbish … try taking the time to gain proof that has no agenda and the train times clearly prove these patsies didn’t do anything but travel to London and got murdered at Canary Wharf !

          • Keelan Balderson

            You don’t need to educate me on 7/7 mate, I made a well received independent documentary on the subject (shown on Paradigm Shift TV here in the UK), I was on the Corbett Report … and have done countless podcasts on the subject, along with 7/7 researcher Tom Secker.

            They most likely got the 7:25 train, as evidenced by various bits of CCTV at Luton and London.

            But it’s mainly a red herring anyway. The proof that it wasn’t them is with the lack of evidence and contradictions from the carriages and bus themselves. There’s no evidence of the explosive material that is alleged to have been used, and all sorts of peculiarities with the forensics.

          • sidL

            Your documentary was poor. Your down playing of Peter Power’s statements gives you away. Your attitude to fakery gives you away. I know I don’t have to look around your website here to know that you ‘believe’ Sandy Hook was real. Am I right ? Defend the media. You’re free to distrust the media but the images you see are real right ? That’s the remit ?

          • Robbie Nicholson

            “They most likely” … come on now, you are showing absolute pathetic speculation to adhere to your own view. Thats not any sort of intelligence and more imagination … I give you FACTS and you throw “speculation” back …. its pathetic Keelan man, now just answer the facts and not your speculation to benefit your attendance at narcissists pool !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Also the witness in the tube train saying the metal was upwards from the bomb damage, science tells you that is impossible and it would have to face downwards … all said in the inquiry but not adhered to media … this was a setup as the British public was seeing the light regarding the tyranny and slaughter we caused and still are in Iraq !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            London has the worlds highest rate of CCTV cameras … they are also on buses and tube trains … yet the ONLY CCTV we see is entering Luton …. public picture, and at Kings Cross which no one has seen but the police …. strange in this day and age don’t you think ? …. Keelan do you REALLY think these 4 men done it or do you think it was a government setup so as to gimp the public into baying for war ?

          • Robbie Nicholson

            “And who funds me? ROFL … So when somebody disagrees with you they must be paid to do so?” …. Then why would an intelligent man like yourself lower himself to talk against the facts of medicine and science ? …. You try to dis-info facts and bend them to suit your own view … or the view you must be paid to have, to take so much time trying to prove lies of facts. Lies come from the brain, facts come from the situation !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            I also said about the picture of him laying on his back with his leg pointed out straight, this is directly after the bomb went off and before any medical attention, no blood is spurting from an open artery … please explain !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Also this injury would have caused a massive amount of blood loss …. do you know the amount of blood loss you would need to pass out ? …. I do … you don’t or you couldn’t be talking the rubbish you are now !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            You mention “first hand accounts” …. would they be from the actors or the real people that left directly after the bomb exploded ? …. If so they weren’t around to take any “first hand accounts” from and only the accounts of people I believe to be actors !

          • Keelan Balderson

            Well I can’t help it if you believe stupid things.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Stupid or logical Keelan ? ….. I tell you what mate, I am having great pleasure in ripping your theories apart at the seams …. you are just telling a government side and nothing in the respect of logic or facts !

  • sidL

    how about you stop censoring my post ?

    • Keelan Balderson

      Don’t worry SID! It’s not a conspiracy! I’m not out to censor your smoking gun evidence … because you haven’t got any. It’s called moderation. If there’s a link in the comment. I double check to see if it’s spam, or dangerous.

      • sidL

        You have parked yourself into a little anti-fakery cul-de-sac and as a result you’re stuck believing increasingly absurd nonsense.
        Deconstruct my post and the associated videos please.

        • Keelan Balderson

          Yes SIR right away captain!

          …It’s 9pm on a Saturday night, I can’t be bothered to be honest.

          But if there’s something you can easily reel off that wasn’t covered by McGowan in the other post, maybe I’ll take a dip.

    • Robbie Nicholson

      Moderation is in the form of offense ….. if you wrote nothing offensive then he would be moderating you the same way his employers tell him too …. if its too on the nail, don’t print it and say “the link is dangerous” … surely we are all big ugly enough to be able to talk without someone else deciding on if they think its up to scratch !! ………… That is standard media censorship too …. I am sure this bloke is something to do with an American agency !

      • Keelan Balderson

        Get a grip you numpty!
        His post is there isn’t it?

        On the internets, you knows that world wide web thingy-majiggah?
        Sometimes ders this thing called spam! And sometimes it can infect peeoplez computerzzz with de virus.

        I have the site set up so if there’s a comment from a new commenter that contains a link it automatically holds it in moderation, so I can double check if you’re trying to sell Viagra.

        Understand nows? Thankies

        • Robbie Nicholson

          So now you presume everyone doesn’t have computer protection ? Or that everyone does not know how to rid virus’ and malware and adware ? Spam is everywhere in this world and if you are moderating posts with links …. that means you and only you have decided the rights of everyone else. This is also how controlling governments think and play, this would be where the idea of you being paid comes from.

          • Keelan Balderson

            Bloody hell fella, I’m not going to apologize for the common practise of spam filtering on my own website, no matter how you want to twist it.

            And once again, his post is there, so what exactly did I censor?

          • Robbie Nicholson

            I wouldn’t know the details fella …. you are the moderator and have the power to remove anything you personally find to be not to your taste. I only went on the persons claim that you had censored his links and suchlike !

        • sidL

          Fine. I accept that.

  • Keelan Balderson

    Same old nonsense.

    • sidL

      wow, a shameful effort!
      C’mon Bobbydiva, Debunk the Carlos fraud video and show how he saved Baumans life. Debunk the Brassards video and explain why Karen Brassard, who was on crutches/leg braces for months would be jogging after the blast ?

      • Keelan Balderson

        He saved his life because … well … he saved his life. Evidenced by him … being alive. And photos showing him … saving his life.

        As for Brassard jogging after the blast, why wouldn’t she be?

        If you ever find yourself in a shocking explosion, are you just gonna huddle up in a corner and suck your thumb, or go with your adrenaline?

        And many leg injuries that require long term healing do not necessarily prevent the leg from working if you really wanted it to.

        Injured sportsmen carry on sometimes without noticing the extent of the damage.

        • sidL

          1st paragraph = dictionary definition of circular logic.

          “As for Brassard jogging after the blast, why wouldn’t she be?”
          LOL! Because she had a “quarter-sized pipe protruding about an inch from her left calf and another 2-to-3-inch piece embedded in her right calf”. Of course, there’s no evidence of that.
          The rest of your post is illiterate nonsense. If you look at the video where she s caught jogging, she’s casually walking at first. She’s not panicking, this isn’t immediately after the blast. She’s a fake and she’s not alone – her daughter is caught supporting her weight on a supposed dislocated ankle before seen running on it just fine. Her husband supposedly has a baseball size hole in his leg and dripping blood with every step. Demonstratively didn’t happen though as study of the images show.
          The shit people do for money eh fella ?

          • Keelan Balderson

            Define: “Casually” and “not panicking” … you’re just projecting what you cannot really deduce from the multimedia at hand.

          • sidL

            One can ‘deduce from the multimedia at hand’ that she doesn’t have the injuries she is supposed to have. The linked video makes that clear but go ahead, donate to her recovery fund. I think the brassards are close to their $40,000 target

  • Robbie Nicholson

    Look at the picture of him on the floor directly after the bomb, his leg is up and no blood. How can a man have legs blown off and have no blood spurting from it DIRECTLY after it has been damaged to this extent ? He has had no medical attention AT ALL … so no blood can be restricted from his heart pumping it out of his arteries ! …….. Medical facts backed up by the photos and only an absolute idiot could think different. Facts are facts and have been round for as long as humans have learnt them, the heart would be pumping blood out of an open artery like a fountain …. no fountain, no blood loss …. no leg blown off. Simple as that really !

    • Keelan Balderson

      “How can a man have legs blown off and have no blood spurting from it ”

      Because of immediate blood loss with the explosion, because of traumatic arterial spasm, because of cauterising…

      • Robbie Nicholson

        no Keelan fella, that one isn’t going to work … you are speculating against the facts. If the “hero” as you call him was pinching his artery, then that would be for blood loss or their would be no point in doing it … wouldn’t you agree ? …. So he would of had blood loss as he had arteries exposed and ripped open by the blast ….. and with the “hero” pinching away like a good ‘un, it would lead the viewer to think he was stopping blood flow … but their was none at ANY point in ANY photos …. why would you think that would be then ;)

  • Robbie Nicholson

    You talk about 7/7 as well as the Boston bombings. 7/7 is an event that could not have been done by the people they said done it. The train times prove this beyond ANY sort of doubt and you can NOT say anything to the contrary. The ONLY train they could have caught was the 7:48 from Luton, but this train didn’t actually arrive at Kings Cross till 8:42 due to delays caused by overhead lines at Mill Hill. You can try all ways you like to discredit these facts but they are ingrained into history and no government, police or anyone else can change these facts …. would you at least agree with these facts or shall I show you the British Rail logs for that morning ? ……….. So the first report said the first bomb went off 9 mins later at 8:51, which means that the bomb bombers would need to be morphing into superman to get to their targets in time for the bombs. These facts disprove your effort at a reasonable story into the realms of stupidity and ignorance of plain simple facts that any old fool could get …. stop with the government agenda my friend and hold your head up with pride and admit that your effort is wrong !

    • Keelan Balderson

      7:25 train

      • Robbie Nicholson

        ROFL … so now you have the power of saying a fact NO ONE ELSE has said ? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ….. you are funny fella. The reports are all in the fact that the train was 7:40 or later, at no point in no report has 7:25 been mentioned, only by you. For this statement you have a gold medal in narcissus’ pool theories. You now say that they got on a train 15 mins EARLIER than ANY OTHER REPORT ? …. Lets clear this up, are you really saying that ?

        • Keelan Balderson

          “NO ONE ELSE has said”

          pfffft come on Robbie.Turn Ripple Effect off, things have moved on.

          You do realize that 7:25 is the only time anyone has talked about since the 7:40 Home Office Narrative error? And it is now the official time? And the only logical time they could have caught the train?

          I’m not even saying they 100% did get that train, but you act like I’m being blasphemous, because I besmirched your conspiracy dogma.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            lol … you are so funny. I am giving you facts, the logic with the facts is up to you to educate yourself on. Please now link me to the inquiry report of 2005 where the OFFICIAL story gives the time as 7:40 …. the media also reporting this time all over the place …. now link me to a site that says the time is now 7:25 ….. I am taking a GOVERNMENT INQUIRY report and giving you facts from this …. you then tell me about 7:25 … where did you get that “fact” from then ? A packet of smarties ? ………. Even a monkey could see that by the very error of saying a time of a train bombers got on …. that was cancelled and then couldn’t of been in London in time to commit the bombings … is a very poor reason to be hitting a time 15 mins earlier. This would be due to the FACTS over riding the governments story … anything after that is the government trying to make their error right … can you as an intelligent man not see this ? ……… The INQUIRY stated 7:40 …. if it wasnt this time then they couldn’t have done it, now what would be the next LOGICAL step to make that WRONG story right >? ….. Your new time !

          • Keelan Balderson

            Why would I link you to the original “Home Office Narrative” (because that’s what it was called, not “the inquiry report”), when they’ve produced multiple reports since then?

            You clearly haven’t done the slightest bit of research on 7/7.

            In 2007 the Government issued an addendum to the original report, listing the 7:25 train time:

            That has been the official time in ALLLL subsequent reports!!!

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Do you not understand that they HAD to change the report when details such as 7:40 were disclosed as a lie ? ….. Logic thinking here Keelan please !

          • Keelan Balderson

            You didn’t even know any of this existed 5 minutes ago LMAO

            Yes the had to change it, because it was wrong.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            5 mins ago I didn’t know what didn’t exist ? Oh you mean the bullshit given by the government AFTER it was proven to lie …. oh I get ya ! …… Try answering a question with an answer as the normal everyday human does and stop with the government trained distraction methods of not actually answering anything that conflicts with your view … or their view in this case it seems !

      • Robbie Nicholson

        Your time doesn’t exactly match to the CCTV at Kings Cross of them arriving ROFL …. get a grip you silly man and see the bloody light before you sump into your own darkness. Who funds you to run this site ?

        • Keelan Balderson

          Yes it does … in fact it’s the only possible time.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            only in the respect of the governments story …. nothing more !

          • Keelan Balderson

            NO … in respect to the available evidence. The Government’s overall story is not even coherent.

            Now we could say all of the CCTV is fake, but that would be pure speculation and I don’t think it’s likely.

            There’s more evidence to say they were in London that day than they were riding pink elephants in Wales. Even you think they were shot at Canary Wharf, so why NOT 7:25? It’s the most logical explanation.

            But again it’s not even relevant.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Explain the witnesses statement given in the inquiry stating that the metal on the train was facing upwards …. he kept saying this and it was blanked in the media, explain how this man saw something we didn’t and explains science in a way that would refer the bomb to being UNDER the train and not exploded IN the train … he was there, you and I and the government wasn’t …. his statement is gold … how can you explain that ?

          • Keelan Balderson

            There has never been an inquiry. BUT you are probably referring to passenger Bruce Lait and the Inquest. I know all about it, it’s in a lot of my 7/7 work.

            It’s definitely possible that the bombs were under the carriages.

            In my BBC debunking (I was asked to go on the show and refused because I know their tactics) I go further in analysing where the blasts were allegedly located, and how it makes no sense at all.


            Jump to 17 minutes.

            I am not on the Government’s side here whatsoever … BUT I also have my own brain and do not follow the first conspiracy that comes out.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            The news channel 5 reported LIVE from Canary Wharf at about 11am that very day and reported that people in the office building were told by police to move to the other side and away from the windows …. they then said that some terrorists were ……….. “vaporized” … that’s the wording they used .. yet that report never came out again. The report was not stopped, and then was …. logic comes into play and not paranoia !

      • Robbie Nicholson

        ALSO Keelan … they were time stamped on CCTV going into Luton train station at 7:21:54 …… this would now mean 4 men bought tickets for a train and walked to the platform in less than 3 mins…… I can tell you now that to process the tickets would take that time alone and no time to walk to the platform never mind board the 7:24 train that departed at 7:25. Logic is a skill you don’t seem to possess my friend, you possess lots of other peoples views but not one based on logic or timings lol.

        • Keelan Balderson

          You’re assuming all the times are synced up exactly, or that they didn’t already have tickets. The sequence of events has also been re-enacted.

          Also Germaine Lindsay was at Luton long before the others arrived. He even walked in and out and mooched around waiting.

          But like I said, all of this is irrelevant, because there’s still no solid evidence they did it.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Then please show me the CCTV of him “mooching about”. You cant and for that reason its hearsay and your view ! … as I said Keelan fella … I don’t do speculation and only facts, you are a man made of speculation and are fact-less to the max ! ………. The CCTV of them entering the station was ONE frame …. why only the ONE frame ? …. I can see people getting murdered on YouTube, I can see explosions and 9/11 in action …. why have a video tape and release ONE frame ? … Coz that picture has been layered and is fake …. ONE person was in the CCTV and that probably is what you are referring to unknowingly ….. that would be him “mooching about” and not the 3 entering … you know why ? …. Coz one of them was still in the car park LOCKING a car he knows he would never use again …. they also bought RETURN tickets …. funny if you were just going to kill yourself !

          • Keelan Balderson

            Again Robbie you have done zero research and are stuck in the 2006. The case has moved on!

            Here’s Lindsay at Luton, courtesy of the impeccable J7 Truth Campaign:


            There is wayyyyy more than one frame now.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Well the reason I would be stuck in 2005 and not 2006 would be that the event actually happened that year …. the evidence is stronger at the point of crime than anytime else …. did they get on a train the government spend many months researching ? No …. then all after is a government smoother to the lies they didnt know would be proved. Would you believe a murderer that had been proved to be a liar in court and then changes his story ?… simple question I would like an answer please as it will sort out the position we are at …. the position of you believing the story of a government that has been proven to lie about this very case … and then when proved has to redo the story to fit the crime ! …………. So why would you be showing me something that has absolutely no relevance to the crime and to the time they got on that train ?

      • Robbie Nicholson

        The police and government and inquiry say that they caught the train at 7:40 … this is now a lie that has been proven …. this is the first part of the story and a lie has already been told … and you think the rest is fact? lol …. and NOW you say it was 15 mins earlier than EVERYONE else says ????????????????

        • Keelan Balderson

          You do realize that there have been multiple government reports following the original home office narrative and an inquest?

          This is why I interview researchers, and you’re a conspiracy repeater that comments bollocks on websites.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            conspiracy theorist … a term coined by government to dissuade the normal man from thinking that it could be true ….. yeah I understand you lol !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            So they do an inquiry to the crime … and when they have been proved wrong, they change it to another report and you take that as gospel ? …. Cor my man I could con you out of the clothes on your back … stop being so silly and understand how humans work and not listen to proven liars with “new reports”.

          • Keelan Balderson

            No I take the evidence for what it is. The only logical time they could have left for London, based on all of the evidence, is 7:25 … it was independent researchers that discovered this not the Government. The fact that they had to change it is a testament to independent thinkers

          • Robbie Nicholson

            No Keelan. The logical thing to think would be that these poor lads thought they were part of a terror drill. When the train they were supposed to have been on was cancelled and the following one too … it would mean the only train for them to catch would be the 7:48 … even this was late and would have given them 9 mins from the time they got to Kings Cross to commit the crimes …. as they were late 2 bombs had gone off already and they panicked … they jumped on any old train and then another to get to Canary Wharf … this would be where they were killed. Thats the logical way to look at this and nothing to do with the speculation you have adhered yourself too. You don’t go from evidence due to the fact that you are speculating on that train time even with the CCTV time stamp …. the reason the reports say its now 7:25 they left on the train is 100% because it is the ONLY time available to fit the story …. can you honestly honestly not see this ? …. If you cant then you are not an investigator of evidence and only a repeater of what someone else has told you ….. please Keelan look at situations where someone has been proved to be a liar … then they change their story to the ONLY one that fits the situation to their advantage … this is EXACTLY what is going on here. They would have got away with it but for that train time and the lie surrounding it !

          • Keelan Balderson

            You’re such a contradiction … everything you say is almost the opposite, and everything you accuse me of doing, are your own actions.

            You have the gall to say I’m speculating and I’m illogical, after this mess of a post?

            Do yourself a favour, turn off Ripple Effect and catch up to the real research.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            You are using a lovely tool known with government … its called distraction. LOL you make me laugh, you think you are the big cheese but get slapped into place by me. ANSWER MY QUESTIONS and stop distracting from what you cant answer !

      • Robbie Nicholson

        Narcissism is a funny ole human trait … its the fact of not caring what anyone else feels or thinks for your own selfishness. I call you this because you can ONLY think of your own story and even change times on an event no one else has said …. WOW what a man ! ;)

        • Keelan Balderson

          I wish I could see your face when you realize what an utter fool you are.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Well I was expecting that response funnily enough … it would be a standard response from someone suffering the illness of narcissism …. for you can never ever ever ever be wrong … its an illness Keelan and its not curable, its a human trait. You not once have questioned anything I have to say, you come out with prepared statements born 100% from government and nothing to do with self educating. You can call a horse a sheep my man, but it is still a bloody horse !

          • tittyjuicetreflip

            your facts and figures are too fuckin crazy Robbie! I cant stand reading your comments they disprove the official story of things! Oh well I’ll attack your character and mindset instead because i have no way to address facts but to dodge them. The part I like about the shill side, is that they simply CANNOT admit they are wrong. We might admit we are wrong on a point or two that was believed and then disproved, but its so easy to indentify a shill because they dodge the point so obviously that they expose themselves. A real critical thinking individual would address points and facts with points and facts. this guy Keelan has no business even owning a keyboard.

  • Robbie Nicholson

    Keelan …. I don’t do emotion or I don’t cloud my thoughts due to that human feeling. Everything I say is with logic and facts … nothing more and nothing less. The train times prove 7/7 …. WTC7 The Soloman building proves 9/11 …. The wheelchair man and the fact that the police killed all suspects and friends of suspects … or incapacitated them so they couldn’t talk would prove the Boston bombing ….. want me to go on about things like the Oklahoma bombing, Pearl Harbour, The 1st and 2nd World Wars ? ………. ALL these events have a common theme that dates back to the times of ships ruling the wars ,,,,, they would see an enemy ship and then put that enemies flag on their ship so as to gimp the enemy into thinking they were friendly …. then when near enough they would attack the enemy ship …. this is where the phrase “false flag” comes from …. all these events are a false flag …. if you can not see this then you are ignorant in the total facts of every one of these events !

  • Robbie Nicholson

    Keelan … anyone reading this can see that I have given you evidence of times and events on this day that prove the governments story as wrong … they then HAD to change this story that they had spent MANY months on collecting all evidence. This was the worst terrorist attack since the IRA attacks and are you saying that they would get an important detail wrong that they could never have envisaged going wrong …. and then putting it in an official inquiry. Then they change that most important fact when they are PROVED to be lying … that is paramount to a murderer giving a statement and when proved wrong at court, decides to change his statement … would you believe him ? If your answer is no then why the bloody hell would you believe it on another situation ?

    • Keelan Balderson

      People can read the comments below, no need to post a brand new one to bury your previous idiocy.

      Thousands of people GET IT, one day you just might.

      Go through the playlist, you might actually learn something new.

      • Robbie Nicholson

        Get what exactly Keelan ? …. The fact that our government set up a terrorist attack for the reason of enforcing a war that has slaughtered over 1.5 million innocent people in their own countries ?

        • Keelan Balderson

          “Get what exactly Keelan ?”

          That perhaps the first conspiracy theory you were spoon fed might not actually be true, and tonnes of independent hard-working people have uncovered and analysed a hell of a lot of important information about 7/7 since the early days … and you’re too close minded and deluded to even entertain any of it.

          You’re like a religious person, believing in a dogma.



          • Robbie Nicholson

            No mate their is absolutely no place in “alternative viewpoints” on a situation that is clearly government controlled from that viewpoint. I’m going to put some discrepancies here that conflict with the governments story and your story lol. The times of the train, the lies involved in that story, the witness saying in the inquiry that the metal was facing UPWARDS in the train, the multiple one time reports of terrorists being vaporized at Canary Wharf. The CCTV pictures not having all the correct time and date stamps on .. no CCTV on any trains or buses or ANYWHERE but KIngs Cross and Luton even though London has more cameras then anywhere in the world. Explain a few of these questions and I might think you half sensible …. the rest you have to earn !

          • Keelan Balderson

            Metal upwards, and no CCTV of them boarding the targets, are legit questions which I have posed many times.

            The rest is shiny conspiracy porn bullshit.

          • Robbie Nicholson

            No … the rest would be the thought after the facts ….. metal pointing up in a train that the government says was exploded within the train would mean that the bomb was under the train and that the bomber wasn’t actually the bomber … would you at least agree with this ?

      • Robbie Nicholson

        Due to your ignorance you are actually party to these deaths my man …. for it is people like you defending a government that is nothing more than corporate puppets. You need to grow up and stop taking money for the sake of people losing their lives … its actually quite disgusting but very much hand in hand with your illness of narcissism !

        • Keelan Balderson

          “your illness of narcissism ”

          *holds up mirror*

          • Robbie Nicholson

            lol .. that all you got Keelan mate ? ….. to grab my headline and use it ? … mind you it also fits hand in hand with your view of copying whatever view someone else tells you to have …. I work facts and logic, you are nothing more than a government mouthpiece … EVERY thing you say falls in the respect of what the government says happened and even when you are shown they have lied … you go and believe something else they say … and this is EXACTLY why I think you are funded by an agency to throw disinformation around like a gimp. Think for yourself for a second and hey presto .. the world becomes a different place !

          • Keelan Balderson

            Part of me thinks you’re a troll, but I don’t know why anyone would go to those lengths for the shits and gigs, so that leaves me with two other options …

            1) You’re fucking mental.
            2) You’re the agent … whoever smelt it dealt it right?

            Either way this is clearly a blood out of a stone scenario, soooo for those who have unfortunately found themselves reading a 7/7 debate in the middle of a Boston article, I apologize for getting suckered in.

            If you’d like some real perspective on the subject, go to the documentaries page and watch all the 7/7 content. Then check out Tom Secker’s films (77archive on Youtube).


          • Robbie Nicholson

            Distraction but without substance of answers …. very clever my dear man, but that would only apply to those that cant see you for who and what you are !

          • Robbie Nicholson

            Also I think you know I am no troll … they don’t seem to know what they are talking about but as you can see, I seem to know more details about this day than you … who ONLY listens to government sides and has a dire case of cognitive dissonance …. oh well it takes all kinds I suppose !

          • tittyjuicetreflip

            for someone who is a moderator you dont seem to have any educated points on anything….. you seem to attack the character and mindset of the conspiracy theorist without acknowledging any facts. also you have no grounds whatsoever in factual information or evidence. please explain the Ben Thorndike Footage of the bombing and how no one can be bleeding seconds after the bomb went off? then bloods everywhere? and how a shrapnel bomb that appears to go straight upward didnt tatter a single flag directly above it? Yet blew off 30+ limbs and didnt damage any torsos or heads that we can see?

      • Geordiepower69

        Keelan,the pay cannot be worth the embarrassment you must be feeling trying to defend this blatant false flag.You are a scumbag.

    • ItReallyHappened

      so Crystal laying their dead with no legs is fake? Why don’t you go to Medford, Mass. and ask her mother? But you won’t–bullshitter nutjob.

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        show me video footage of her laying there with no legs i can show you footage of her walking around with legs not dead after the bomb goes off. Search for the Ben Thorndike footage of the bombing. hes a boston photographer.

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        her legs must have blown off after she was walking around lookin sad.

  • mibs

    I actually just there up reading this you ignorant bastard

    • mibs

      *Threw up

    • Keelan Balderson

      So you think they were actors?

      • Curios

        Please answer one question I have
        In all the photos taken not long after the bomb detonated,there doesn’t seem to be more than fifty people in the area of the bomb blast.
        And of those fifty most are standing up tending to people on the ground.
        So where are the other 200 + injured ??

        • Nathan A

          A large number of the injuries were ear injuries, or minor fragments hitting people. When the bomb first went off, they had a hard time counting the total number of people injured because most of the injuries were minor (such as constant ear ringing) where the people went into the hospital later.

          • tittyjuicetreflip

            shrapnel flew everywhere but towards those sensitive cloth flags directly above the bomb….. yet when you watch the video all the energy from the bomb appears to go upwards……. why were only legs damaged and not a single torso or head appears to be hurt. And of course the big question why is no one bleeding for te first ten seconds after the bomb goes off in the ben thorndike footage. why does christian williams walk directly up to jeff bauman? i mean honestly man….. they didnt even try on this

  • Bodinky100

    What a load of pure government loving bullshit. There are so many guys on YouTube like Peekay 22 and Teamwakeup and many other who have completely destroyed this elaborate hoax. We have famous Hollywood director who said this was completely faked. You are like those zombies who try to convince the masses that 911 was exactly as the official government story tried to sucker the masses with. 19 Arab highjacked with box cutters and a man on a laptop in a cave, yeah that’s the real truth. You use all kinds of bizarre theories and so called evidence when in reality you just look like a government paid troll. Good luck living on your knees buddy, I’m sure they’ll give a guy like you a nice government job taking away people’s guns door to door, yeah you’ll be real good at that. What a waste of time and effort, just government propaganda trash this article was!

    • ItReallyHappened

      You’re obviously not from Boston. It really happened. I’m one to think a conspiracy within the gov’t let 9-11 happen…SandyHook I don’t know. But these false flaggers saying the Boston Bombs were a hoax are way off line. If anything they’re the gov’t schills underming the more realistic conspiracies out there. Who faked the gray ashen face of Baumer? Really?

      • Bodinky100

        16 people lose only lower limbs and nobody loses an arm, hand, finger, nose, ear. Every single person who had their pants blown off not one lost their underwear. People had most of their clothes in tatters but not one scratch , not one cut, not one drop of blood, how could this be. How could a guy have bown legs blown off and lay there for ten minutes when any person would bleed out and die within two minutes. How did all these people who lost limbs recover so quickl, they were up and dressed within a week, how could this be. Why we’re all of them so happy and joyful in their hospital beds after losing their leg. How did Karen Brasard who had pipe shrapnel in both legs at the calves how was she walking around on video with absolutely no shrapnel in either calves after the big explosion? Just a few little questions.

        • Nathan A

          Asking questions that have perfectly reasonable explanations does not make this a hoax. I’m sure you could ask literally millions of questions about this, and I’m sure each one can be explained if you didn’t dismiss the scenario as made up from the onset.

          The bomb was on the ground and the blast went up and out to the sides…. where peoples legs were. That explains that.

          The blast is what would likely rip pants, and is more likely to cause burns if a person is far enough away from it. It seems to have been the fragments that caused the most damage, which also likely wouldn’t lead to pants getting ripped off, but rather a piercing of the pants and body parts under those pants.

          Karen walking around: it’s called adrenaline. As long as the shrapnel didn’t disconnect the nerves in the legs, legs can still move… albeit painfully.

          Bauman was right next to the backpack when the bomb went off and received the full force of the blast. For all we know, the bomb exploded with uneven force. Straight up / straight out in one direction. He was just unlucky to be standing right next to it when it happened. Otherwise, if he was a few feet from it, chances are, the force wouldn’t have been great enough to rip his legs off.

          • Bodinky100

            You need serious clinical help. Karen had no entry holes in her jeans, none. No holes, no blood, and she is seen 25 minutes later running around like nothing didn’t happen because IT didn’t. Wake up bro your house is on fire!

          • tittyjuicetreflip

            yes there is a “PERFECTLY REASONABLE” explanation for a bomb going off without anyone bleeding…..
            the energy of the bomb going straigt into the air. Yet blowing off ONLY legs….. no shrapnel flew upwards? watch the video of the bomb going off and tell me no shrapnel flew upwards. when it appears the entire force of the bomb goes upwards. that being said there is certainly a perfectly reasonable explanation for that right? if you say some shrapnel flew upwards then why arent cloth flags burned torn or tattered in any way? surely the blast was hot enough to seal everyones wounds up and stop them ALL from bleeding for a good 15 seconds. But then hey all the blood and gore afterwards ey thats perctly reasonable….. ITS ALLL PERFECTLY LEGAL (KFC COMMERCIAL)

  • Big Dan

    Why is the guy starting off on the left of the moving picture, on the ground, then he gets up and while moving towards the center, begins to take his pants off? Count me in as one who says this was a FALSE FLAG.

    • ItReallyHappened

      Probably because he’s in agonizing pain and freaking out because a freaking bomb just went off. No proof of false flag.

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        Ben Thorndike video contains tons of proof but i see through your shill behavior so quickly that i scare myself.

    • Nathan A

      Ummm… Not sure if you realize this, but if fragments come out of a bomb, they don’t automatically tear your pants off of you. The force of the blast may do that. The fragments are more likely to pierce your pants and anything underneath them… aka your legs. Trust me, when you are injured under your pants, the first thing you want to do is take them off to get at the wound, inspect it, hold it, etc…

      I was a busboy when I was younger, and when slinging a garbage bag into a dumpster, it slightly grazed my leg and scraped my leg/pants. As soon as I realized my leg was leaking blood due to the gash it caused, the first thing I did was run somewhere and take my pants off.

      BTW, the blood wasn’t spewing, it cut right into the fat of my leg. I could see the white flesh (fat) under my skin.

      This explosion was a bit more extreme and hit these people with substantially more force. The *FIRST* thing I’d do is “react” by taking my pants off.

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        perhaps you could educate me on how a shrapnel filled bomb fragments went straight into the air yet didnt damage a single flag? didnt appear to damage a single torso or head? 30+ limbs blown off ALL LEGS?…. and dont say the bombs energy didnt go straight up because anyone who has seen any video of the bombing can see that. First of all thats not what a shrapnel bomb does. secondly it would tear people to shit and there would be blood everywhere yet for ten seconds there is not one drop of blood on a single solitary victim? perhaps this bomb went straight up then swooped down and only attacked the legs with some sort of conscious force? I would reference the Ben Thorndike footage of the bombing. Please explain the first ten seconds after the bomb goes off in an educated matter.

  • Otto Maier

    nice try
    but you are not convincing….
    there where more crisis actors
    then Bauman
    and I have not read yet
    the McGowan report

    • ItReallyHappened

      Anyone who thinks this was staged needs to pull their head out of their cloud of delusion

      • Otto Maier

        as you say… it really happened… did it?
        come on you retard Boston, Newton,Batman all this is
        government arranged in one way or the other
        just blindfolded fluoridated sheep’s believe this

        • Maree Martin

          Oh dear God our government is not that capable. You sir belong in a psychiatric hospital.

  • Wayne

    Hospital Bauman has straight hair, not a kinky ‘fro like Marathon Bauman. Even if you think his hair was singed, do you really think it grew back out to full length in the span of a couple of days?
    Marathon Bauman has deep-set eyes, Hospital Bauman doesn’t.
    The wheelchair Bauman is being transported in is brand-spanking-new. It’s so new that in the earliest picture (the second pic of it in your article) the tire treads ARENT even dirty yet, the metal is gleaming, and there’s no dirt build up in the plastic spokes of the front wheels. EMS doesn’t have new chairs even when they first get them. And they don’t come with flags…

    • ItReallyHappened

      His hair is like that from the bomb blast silly.

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        his hair was straightened by the bomb and his head and torso were unfazed? yea your right that is silly.

    • Pericles Son-of Spiro

      Hair style is TOTALLY irrelevant! Do you know what can be done to/with hair by the best makeup artists? Seriously doesn’t matter what colour or style the hair is in one photo or the other nor does the face shape even when makeup and other techniques can do wonders to ones head shape and hair style/colour! :-/

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        your right his hair was changed in the hospital after both of his legs were blown off by terrorists. please explain how the flags above the bomb are completely undamaged?

        one might say, the bomb blast didnt go upward, but if you watch the video the blast goes straight into the air. Yet ONLY legs are blown off no arms. No ones torso or head appears damaged. 30+ limbs are blown off but theyre all legs. help explain that fuck hair and makeup.

        help explain the video footage from ben thorndike which shows the first ten seconds of the bomb going off reveal not a single drop of blood on a single victim. Surely this was hair and maekup AS WELL lmfao because if we go the “cauterization” route I would say where did the horrible blood and gore come from ten seconds LATER??? lmfaoo

  • Nofool1220

    Sorry man. I was at a very bad car crash scene recently. Lots of fresh blood. The blood color is COMPLETLY wrong in Boston. The guy with legs blown off would have been in complete shock, not “holding his legs”. The bomb itself was obviously fake. When a bomb explodes, it spreads it’s energy out in all directions. The energy from this bomb goes straight up in the air. Look at the flags immediately in front of the “bomb”. Not only do they not have a single hole, rip, or tear, in spite of the fact they were supposedly 10 feet from a shrapnel, nail bomb that supposedly sent small pieces of metal flying out in all directions, the flags don’t even FLUTTER!
    The whole thing doesn’t need a “critical analysis”. Any fool can immediately see it was completely staged.

    • ItReallyHappened

      I think your wrong and delusional. Your car accident doesn’t refute this is not real blood. You’re not an expert.

      • tittyjuicetreflip

        well then explain how a bomb filled with shrapnel sent every bit of energy straight into the air. didnt damage the flags directly above it, yet blew off over 30 legs no arms. and not one persons torso or head is damaged by the bomb? perhaps you can give your educated opinion on these facts?

    • jj

      Yes a guy who just had his legs blown off – and major arteries would be severed – would be unconscious – not sitting up with normal circulation coloring in his face and having a concentrating, watchful expression.
      That dude had long since recovered from the time when his legs were injured and amputated.

      The fake blood was streaming out of the bags/purses of the crisis actors on the scene. I’ve seen photos of this – you could actually see where the spout was and blood pouring out of the bags.

  • 87

    I hope all of you doubters and conspiracy folks have been paying attention to what’s been going on in the trial over the last few days. I would hope that the newly released timelines and video evidence would be enough to prove how you should reflect on your views. What is pathetic is that you will dream up new grand delusions in an effort to convince yourselves and others that there is some kind of conspiracy. I live in Boston and I have seen firsthand how lives have been affected by this event. There is no conspiracy! This was a tragic event that was executed by two pathetic souls. Anyone who doubts that is just as pathetic.

  • 87

    I forgot to mention… The defense admitted guilt! But I’m sure you guys have an explanation for that too.

    • Gene

      Tsarnaev pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ it’s a fact. His Gov. public defenders set him up.

      • Ran

        STUPID!!!!!! YOU!!!

  • wideawake

    Your either a paid shill, lonely troll, or an idiot. An idiot who has never seen REAL blood from a trauma victim. That is fake blood. Not the right color.

  • jj

    That wasn’t real blood – it was fake blood spouting out of bags and purses of the crisis actors. There was even images on a youtube video showing the spout leaking from a bag, and then the woman stopped to check it because it was leaking out too fast.

    • Ran

      Are you a dumb ass Alex Jones follower too?

      • jj

        No, I saw the photos detailed on youtube. The spout outside of the woman’s bag is visible and she even stops to check it. It is clear those involved were actors. There also wasn’t proper medical protocol by the “medical personnel”. It was all for show.

  • Libby Mae Brown

    It is so refreshing to read a rational voice such as yours on this topic. I could go on for paragraphs, but how ‘truthers’ don’t realize they’ve made a mockery of themselves by treating EVERY SINGLE terrorist (or mass-shooting) attack as an elaborate hoax – and EVERY victim, whether dead or alive, as a ‘crisis actor’ – absolutely strains credulity. They are their own worst enemies. I absolutely understand the roots of and reasons behind mainstream media and government skepticism. But ‘insta-truthers’ don’t seem to realize that their rushes to judgment are anything BUT skeptical. Knee-jerk proclamations such as McGowan’s are intellectually lazy and irresponsible at best, deeply hurtful to true victims at worst. I genuinely appreciate thoughtful, open-minded and careful analyses such as yours. There aren’t nearly enough of them.

    • tittyjuicetreflip

      by grouping things together and using keywords you have robbed yourself of the ability to discern the truth and view evidence from a non bias perspective. check out the Ben Thorndike Footage of the boston bombing your welcome. video proof its fake every single person is faking their injuries ripping up clothes. and if you disagree after watcing the video then explain how you could have no blood anywhere for the first 10 seconds of the bombing and then have blood soaked victims and crazy crisis smashed benches and everything else 10 seconds later? lmfao ima let you in on a secret. THEYRE NOT TRYING ANYMORE. all they have to do is call something a conspiracy and its immediantly gonna be wrong to those who view themselves as “normal” or “sane”

    • tittyjuicetreflip

      perhaps you could analize how a bomb went off killed people blew off over 30 limbs and when you watch the video no one is bleeding when the bomb goes off and people clothes are shredded to pieces with no injuries underneath. And dont say the bomb wasnt powerful because it supossedly blew off 30 limbs or more. Yet the flags directly above the bomb are untattered……. by a shrapnel filled pressure cooker bomb? you realize shrapnel would be flying everywhere damaging almost every single flag? not only that but the lid of the pressure cooker is its weakest point obviously therefore a nice amount of shrapnel would go upward perhaps even a majority of it. So dont say no shrapnel flew upwards. also no ones head or torso was fazed by the bomb in any way (yet it was powerful enough to blow off 30 limbs all legs….)

      PLEASE educate yourself on the evidence and facts before you comment on the MINDSET of others which has absolutely nothing to do with the evidence. Calling people crazy doesnt make anything right or wrong it just makes you sound like a fuckin know it all who didnt do a drop of research.

      another thing is you cant shed the thoughts of sadness for the victims of tragedies long enough to view EXTREMELY OBVIOUS evidence.

    • Ran

      It’s for click bait profit.

  • Paul Smith

    This report by Keelan is such a poor attempt at disproving McGowans reportage and in my veiw has aided the case for the truth of what it actually was – a false flag.

  • Debby Ward

    if you look closely while the video is showing this guy in the upper left hand corner, you will see NO BLOOD on the stump when it shows his leg clearly…NONE…he is holding it up in the air even and there is NO NO NO blood on it…

  • Gary Williamson

    what a load of bollocks

  • Miriam Israel

    What is this about? I mean was this not caught on video….Ohhhh wait a minute! 9/11 did not happen either smh

    • tittyjuicetreflip

      yes caught on video without a drop of blood or a single limb anywhere milliseconds after the bomb goes off. check out the Ben Thorndike Footage of the boston bombing your welcome. video proof its fake every single person is faking their injuries ripping up clothes. and if you disagree after watcing the video then explain how you could have no blood anywhere for the first 10 seconds of the bombing and then have blood soaked victims and crazy crisis smashed benches and everything else 10 seconds later? lmfao ima let you in on a secret. THEYRE NOT TRYING ANYMORE. all they have to do is call something a conspiracy and its immediantly gonna be wrong to those who view themselves as “normal” or “sane”

      • Ran

        Another blithering moron.

    • endAIPAC

      With a name like Israel you would believe 3 towers fell by 2 planes. Operation Mossad.

  • Eenai

    You never explain how, after losing both his legs, and a great deal of blood, how he remained conscious, up to, and including the ride in the wheelchair, running counter to any and every testimony from any medical personnel who viewed this footage. He would have been unconscious in 30 seconds, and dead within 3 minutes with this type of injury, and would certainly still be spilling blood regardless of the shoddy makeshift tourniquets applied.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Happens all the time in war.

      • Eenai

        They survive, they don’t retain consciousness. Calmly no less. Pain free, and conscious. I guess the entire medical community interviewed had altering motives and their opinions entirely dismissible, and wrong regarding this.

    • Ran

      Shock. Durr

  • Lee Morris

    These comments lead me to believe there may be a tinfoil shortage soon.

  • arazi

    Why wasn’t an ambulance sent over to no legs boy..Really wheelchair him out of there….FALSE FLAG…I don’t see 1 ambulance or 1 real doctor over there…You’re kidding me right..

    • Ran

      I live in Boston, every ambulance in the city was there you dopes. Lots of hospitals around there. It’s Boston, the greatest hospitals in the world. Unfortunately, can’t tell about mental institutions, which you people need.

      • ShadowLock

        You have no rebuttal for what he just said…. LOL!!!

  • Jj

    Have you not watched ‘ the attack of the trouser bomb ‘ ? All your answers are there.

    • Jj

      …also . Standard procedure of no ambulances, no blood ( initially), no injuries to torsos, faces or arms, no tears from any ‘ victims’ , no consistency in people’s stories. Same at other similar staged events . Just watch ‘ attack of the trouser bomb’ for all the evidence on YT. 5 hours of evidence.
      You ( non truthers ( liars)) won’t though of course . And here lies the problem.

      • Ran

        You are so incredibly dumb.

        • ShadowLock

          You are calling him dumb, but you have no rebuttal. Which makes you gullible.

  • Maree Martin

    Reading these comments over 2 years after this article was posted, it’s so easy now to see how half the country actually supports Donald Trump for President. If they are not gullible enough to believe everything is a conspiracy, they are just plain batshit crazy. You tin foil hatters do know that the Boston Marathon is reported on every year right? By media from all over the world, since there are many many international runners competing, and an African usually wins it every year. So you think all the media, including those from other countries were in on an elaborate hoax? And it’s been kept completely quiet all these years later? NOBODY has talked? Wikileaks or Edward Snowden never busted this conspiracy? I have to shake my head at the naivety really.

  • MarkC

    McGowan really really wants to have discovered a truth that no one else has. We all want to do that, to show that we’re more perceptive, that we alone have an insight that others do not. But the tragic thing is that if he put the same effort into medical research, or into historical research, he could actually do something productive. But that would require getting a degree, and well…

  • Phillip Solesky

    Apparently you haven’t read the entire article. I have and if anything, I feel that McGowan has stopped short in telling all. But, to conclude that these people were anything other than actors you can’t possibly be familiar with the “facts” as reported by the media. My question would be, what does it serve you to cover for this kind of thievery??

  • Ran

    Boy, are you stupid.

  • Ran

    Frickin conspiracy theorists with nothing better to do. Get lives, people, these people have despite what happened to them. And you’re all just sitting in your messy little rooms, get out, get a life.

  • ssjber

    there is a lot of money in tragedy..

  • Tom Carter

    Just another bullshit USA false flag event.

    • Al Holcomb

      Suck cock.

  • IceManSlim69

    This incident was not staged at All!! You guys are Nuts. There really are terrorists out there who hate us! Hello? How are people supposed to look and act after a bomb goes off? Delusional people! And, where are the irrefutable facts showing that this was “Fake?

  • Linda

    This man is nuts! I live in Boston and this was absolutely true!