Re: Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theorist Dave McGowan

WARNING: This Page Contains Graphic Images of Gore!

Naturally Dave McGowan has responded to… my review of his Jeff Bauman Boston Bombings conspiracy theory, though disappointingly he decided to take things to an immature and personal level at times. Like the original I will proceed to quote and reply to his ponits. Just watch his toys, because they all seem to be flying out of his man-sized pram.

So I’m guessing that there must be a special ‘debunking’ school out there that all the fucktards on the internet must have attended. I say that because another ‘debunker’ has now emerged from the fetid slime to offer up essentially the same bullshit that others have already tried to pass off as good coin. In fact, much of it reads like a cut-and-paste job that combines Quinn’s Orwellian logic with Fucktard’s overwrought appeals to emotion. This new ‘debunking’ – and I am using the term ‘new’ rather loosely here because though the piece is dated July 20, it reads as though it were written back around the first week of May and treats my series as though it began and ended with the initial two posts on May 1 – was penned, albeit very poorly penned, by a guy by the name of Keelan Balderdash.

I’m not personally aware of “Quinn” or “Fucktard”, but I’m encouraged that so many people are taking McGowan to task for his delusional “research” and coming to similar conclusions. Perhaps he should take this as a sign that he might need to reevaluate his position…we can only dream.

I reject the notion that I’m a debunker, for the same reasons as I explained in the original article. I run an alternative news website concerned with reaching the truth regardless of mainstream or alternative dogma or nonsense. In the process of finding truth, critiquing others is simply part of the process.

Anyway, Balderdash has, like Quinn, taken a decidedly Orwellian approach to debunking my work. He begins by boldly stating that he hasn’t actually read my series: “As I write this sentence I have yet to engage with the series beyond a quick scan, thus I’ve titled this article a ‘review’ instead of a ‘debunking.’” It’s actually neither a review nor a debunking but rather a craven hit piece that utilizes the same ‘talking points’ already trotted out by others. But what is important here is that he is claiming to have not even bothered to read my posts. If I may be so bold, I’d say that Balderdash’s claim basically translates as follows: “I’ve read through McGowan’s work and there is no way that I can even begin to ‘debunk’ the body of evidence that he has put together without coming off sounding like a complete asshat, but my paymasters are insisting that I give it a go so I’m going to just copy off of some other people’s failed ‘debunkings’ and pretend as though about 90% of the research he has done over the last few months doesn’t exist.”

As clearly explained in the article I chose to approach McGowan’s piece step by step so the reader could go through the motions of the review with me with an open mind. I did not want to come to my conclusion before beginning writing for the express purpose of not coming across as a disingenuous debunker. After all it was one of my readers who linked me to his pages, so I approached it as respectfully as possible. However perhaps I was being too nice, because McGowan clearly hasn’t grasped my methodology and would prefer to believe I wasn’t reading what I was reviewing, regardless of the fact that I quoted what he wrote and the pictures he presented in the article!

The idea that I have “paymasters” (whether he was joking or being serious) is just typical arrogant conspiracy theorist mentality. McGowan believes he is so important that people are paid to debunk him. Tragically the truth it seems, is that several of us fools have wasted our time on McGowan for free.

I’m not going to bother responding to most of Balderdash’s feeble arguments, primarily because I already have – when they were originally penned by Quinn and Fucktard.

So I guess people clearly aren’t buying his “theory”, no matter how many times he claims to have responded to them.

I will though catalogue some of Balderdash’s more egregious lies and misrepresentations, beginning with this one: “this is the problem with a lot of the Boston bombings theories. They are based on ambiguous interpretations of a handful of photographs.” The reality, of course, is that to date I have presented into evidence and analyzed no fewer than 216 photographic exhibits. Balderdash’s attempt to dismiss all of that clearly reveals that he is either “willfully ignorant” or simply a brazen liar. And since it is readily apparent that he is feigning ignorance to try to avoid being caught in an outright lie, let’s just cut to the chase and acknowledge that this guy is a lying sack of shit. He strikes me as a guy who has spent his entire adult life trying to convince any woman who will listen that 4 inches is really 8 inches.

What McGowan fails to realize (or deliberately ignores) throughout his response is that my particular interest as stated and titled in the article is with bombing victim Jeff Bauman, and thus my reference to other theories and “a handful of photographs” are obviously in regard to the handful of photographs of Bauman he and others have used in their theories. I am not obliged to address the rest of his series, though as I’ve said I may do if time permits. If this is his foundation however, I don’t hold much hope that he has the “smoking gun” evidence he claims.

It’s particularly telling that instead of actually responding to what I wrote in my review about the pages that deal with Bauman, he decides to broaden the topic.

The pages I reviewed (the first couple), which dealt with the immediate scene of the first blast and those in and around Bauman (who he calls ‘accomplices’), is frankly, full of baseless crap. That’s not going to change no matter how many other pages he writes. Either his interpretation and claims quoted in my review are right or they’re wrong, regardless of whether he wants to swamp them in other material. If you’re going to respond Dave…then actually respond.

A psychologist once explained to me the theory of projection, so with that I’ll leave the last comment in the paragraph as it is. A man that can’t upgrade his website from some hideous 1996 coding probably can’t upgrade much else in his life either.

In this next short passage, Balderdash manages to squeeze in a couple more very obvious lies: “This lady in blue, named as Krystle Campbell, died. You can see her laying [sic] legless near Bauman and so called [sic] “accomplices” in the photo below. Another man in the middle (towards the top) of the photo has a serious leg wound. Why is McGowan ignoring these people?” As the photographic record makes very clear, Campbell was not lying legless. Had Balderdash done even the most rudimentary research, he would have known that. The other guy he is referring to is, of course, The Other Jeff, aka Patrick Downes, but Balderdash either has no clue who any of these people are or he is just a compulsive liar. The notion that I ignore Campbell and The Other Jeff in my series is without question yet another absurd lie. Balderdash’s audience, to the extent that he even has one, is apparently quite gullible.

Here McGowan quotes my response without even mentioning what I was responding to. He implied that people around Bauman didn’t “appear to have received any significant injuries despite having been right alongside a guy who supposedly got both his legs blown off.”

So to reiterate my response to this claim…for no apparent reason McGowan just refuses to acknowledge the injuries in some of the photos are real injuries, saying things like a man lying on the ground with torn trousers soaked in blood is laying “comfortably”, and he also completely failed to mention Krystle Campbell or Patrick Downes as being injured (or pretending to be injured) at all, despite them being close to Bauman. You can’t ignore them when it suits your argument (however delusional it is) and then mention them later on. And you can’t point your finger at me for not knowing who they are, when it was me who mentioned them and you who ignored them when it didn’t fit your argument!

And ok Campbell’s legs weren’t completely blown off, but forgive me for being hyperbolic at the sight of a gruesomely injured dying lady that you refused to even factor in to statements such as nobody appeared “to have received any significant injuries despite having been right alongside a guy who supposedly got both his legs blown off.” Her injuries were very serious, in that she died!

Since Balderdash is such an entertainingly ridiculous figure, let’s take a look at some more of his completely nonsensical and very poorly-written commentary: “The aftermath of a bombing is a very shocking and confusing time, there’s no telling what was going through the minds of those in the photo, but creating a baseless theory is not going to enlighten us any further. That being said there isn’t a constant stream of photos.” There isn’t?! Really? So the scores of sequential photos that I have presented exist only in my mind? Or is this just another example of Balderdash talking out of his ass?

Again like a true politician McGowan ignores what I’m even responding to. So lets recap. He said “Jeff is being ignored by everyone”, and “Jeff, just a couple of feet away, is apparently invisible”, and other similar statements.

Well short of there being video or a literal second by second photo account, McGowan doesn’t know if anyone looked at Jeff, or spoke to Jeff, or approached Jeff briefly. I happily conceded in my article that we “can all agree that Bauman needed immediate medical attention,” but I also quite reasonably followed that by saying “However that’s not evidence that he was an actor,” even if we assume he was completely ignored until Arredondo got there.

Who’s the “entertainingly ridiculous figure” here?

Let’s now listen in as Balderdash tells some more lies, this time about the heroic rescue of Jeff Bauman by Carlos Arredondo: “But why is it ridiculous that he’s in a wheelchair? If that’s the only thing his rescuers could come by in that immediate instance, so be it … If you’ve followed the story you’ll know that Arredondo tied up his arteries and can be seen holding on to the end of one of them.” Actually, if you’ve followed the story you know that even Arredondo has attempted to distance himself from the ridiculous claim that he was pinching shut one of Bauman’s femoral arteries. You also know that the notion that a wheelchair was “the only thing his rescuers could come by” has been completely and thoroughly debunked. You know that Carlos and company can be seen pushing Bauman right past an empty gurney and that several other gurneys had already left the scene. The ‘debunkers’ though seem to think that if they keep repeating the same easily refuted lies that it will somehow make them true.

The problem with McGowan’s obsession with the gurneys is that his conclusion is absolute, i.e. Because Bauman wasn’t on a gurney he was acting, it was staged etc. Whereas I can happily accept that Arredondo chose to use a wheelchair for completely reasonable reasons. Such as he didn’t see the gurnerys, he wasn’t medically aware enough to think a gurney was better than a wheelchair, he didn’t think there were enough people nearby to carry the gurney, or he thought he could save Bauman faster by wheeling him off in a wheelchair. There are umpteen different reasonable explanations, and none of them involve the idea that it was fake.

And if we assume it was fake, why use a wheelchair Dave?

And Arredondo hasn’t distanced himself from the artery story. It would appear McGowan has chosen to use an unsourced Wikipedia sentence instead of the various interviews where he states that he was pinching or blocking the artery. As the photo shows he’s tied it up, it’s not necessarily the pinching from his fingers that’s stopping the blood, but he is clearly holding it.

Note that there is no citation number after the statement above from Wikipedia. Arredondo explains the artery situation in This Interview.

McGowan’s aggressive and authoritative tone may continue to fool some people, but strip away his rhetoric and assertions and all that’s left is irrationality and a completely baseless theory.

So let’s recap.

Top 10 points Dave McGowan ignores about my rebuttal:

1) Dave says the media’s use of such gory images is odd, despite this being a mass public event where the majority attending would have personal camera technology. He also ignores the fact that the likes of the New York Daily News actually photoshopped out gore “out of sensitivity to the victims, the families and the survivors.”

2) Dave says photos of Bauman do not resemble the man photographed in the Wheelchair. I show side by side comparisons that clearly show them to be the same person, or at least that they look extremely similar.

3) Dave says everything about Bauman came from an unverified Facebook page, as if nobody would have realized all the information was incorrect. He jumped the gun and says there’s been no follow-up interviews, though Bauman has since appeared on the Today Show.

4) Dave focuses on small discrepancies in Arredondo’s rescue story, disputing that he was at Bauman’s side within “moments” as if such a subjective term somehow sheds doubt on the fact that Arredondo did end up at Bauman’s side once the fencing was removed as per the photos. Dave has yet to explain what the significance of any of this even is, because he clearly doesn’t dispute Arredondo’s presence.

5) Dave says there were few witnesses and the fencing prevented people seeing the staging of the incident taking place. In truth many many people were at the scene of the first blast and the fencing was neither high nor opaque – staging of the incident would have been in clear view of a lot of people.

6) Dave says Bauman’s stumps look significantly different directly after the blast than later in the wheelchair. NO THEY DON’T.

7) Dave says a victim putting on his sun glasses after the blast is suspicious, as opposed to several reasonable explanation such as dust or strain, or simply that it’s a free country and he can do what he wants with his sunglasses.

8) Dave says not a drop of Bauman’s blood landed on people nearby, despite photos of them with blood on them and blood all over the floor. Did Dave test for the presence of Bauman’s blood?

9) Dave says people aren’t injured, or should be more injured, when lots of photos show them injured.

10) Dave says two people near Bauman reeling after the blast are making dubious hand signals…LOL

Whether Dave McGowan is just delusional or has an agenda, I cannot determine, but his and similar disinformation is poisoning the alternative media.

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  • chris204thomas

    Pardon for my first comment.It was jibberish, on purpose because I wasn’t sure if I was logged in or not.And now I know.

    I have been to Dave’s site and looked at his presentation of photographs and his explanation of them.And I agree with him.I’m left wondering about your perspective of the event known as the Boston marathon bombing.I take it that you believe this to be a “real” event?That two brothers left explosive devices at the marathon, causing three deaths and hundreds injured?
    Too many oddities and anomalies for me, for this to be real.I have watched many videos of the event as supplied by news outlets such as the Boston Globe and ABCNews,scoured through many photographs from different sources, including those from Ben Thorndike and Aaron Tang.I’ve watched countless interviews of Carlos Arrendondo about how he helped Jeff Bauman.I’ve also watched an interview of Dr. Allan Panter who spoke of being near the initial blast and how he helped as many people as he could.Failing to mention that he aided Bauman?I wonder why?
    I have yet to see any pictures showing nails and/or ball-bearings embedded in the nearby structures, either wooden fences/building facades or the ground.
    Based on Carlos Arrendondo’s interviews of what he did directly after the explosions, he is lying.(or maybe just forgetful)
    Bauman as a paid crisis actor?Hmmm.
    Yes, I believe this to be true.
    How else can you,him or any doctor explain the fact that he attended a hockey game less than three weeks after losing both of his legs?
    Ben Thorndike’s photographs go a long way to proving this to be nothing more than a false flag event.
    Also, the Boston Globe tweeted twice about a “controlled explosion” about to take place, BEFORE the bombs went off.They deleted after they were retweeted a couple of thousands times.
    I could on and on but I’m curious as to how you came to your conclusions on this matter.
    I am also left wondering about your warning of GORE!!!
    I believe this is posted to help people believe that this was actually a real event with real injuries, otherwise you could put a different disclaimer in it’s place such as a warning that this subject/content might be offensive to some.
    But that’s just my feeling.
    I’ll respond to any and all questions with regards to this event.
    Have yourself a great day.

    • Keelan Balderson

      “I’ll respond to any and all questions with regards to this event.
      Have yourself a great day.”

      Respond to my critiques then, because you’ve not convinced me at all.

    • Jennell Hartmann Sierakowiak

      So, the reporter and the photographer who went to the Hospital and photographed Jeff having his stitches removed and receiving physio are also actors, are they? Or liars? Or what? Explain logically. Also all those numerous people who have dealt with the trauma of people injured in the attacks are all liars or actors?

      The Doctor who was interviewed about the injuries he saw was a liar, was he? All the people who know Jeff are all liars and being paid by someone to lie. The people who made his house suitable for a wheel chair after he lost his legs in the bombing are all liars and being paid. His parents are liars or they are all actors?

      And most of all my cousin, who was there, and saw the bombs and saw the carnage and was actually injured is a liar is she? Or an actor without any of her numerous family knowing about it. And her parents, who visited her afterward in the hospital are also liars or actors are they?

    • Nick Gibbon

      The controlled explosions happened well after the main bombs.

  • Jimbo

    Keelan, what happened to all the comments? There were 12. And now that I see someone new got a comment in I see its working so here is mine.

    As for your second response … POW! You demonstrated that McGowan’s version is seriously flawed, especially when you showed that Bauman was on the Today Show and not hidden from the media. As I read your comments scales fell from my eyes and now understand that McGowan just cleverly created a picture he wanted me to see. There were many times while reading where I couldn’t see what he was saying I was seeing but still I went along with him.

    On my own, too, saw that it just couldn’t have been a faked bombing. I saw an interview from the day with the cowboy hat guy and he was shaking, obviously upset to his core. A professional actor couldn’t fake emotions like that.

    Not that the Boston bombing story doesn’t mystify and for that I blame the rah rah media who have failed us again. Why not raise the issue of anomalies found on the internet and, for example, explain how the bombing was not a fake. They should be doing what you did! And therein is another mystery. What the fuck is up with the media? By not doing doing what you -and McGowan – did they let the conspiracies flourish. And I don’t have much hope the trial will bring about much truth.

    Anyway, I hope you won’t stop there analyzing McGowan because there is more he says happened which have a ring of truth which need your clear eyes. .


  • Manbearpig

    You should quit while you are behind Mr Balderson. None of your ten points are actually critiques of McGowan, in fact they are just a handy summary of his points.

    I mean you are simply saying in points 2 and 6 that you disagree with McGowan. Fair enough but that is not an argument, you think they are all the same guy or that the stumps look the same but sorry, using caps and lol in a sentence does not actually make any point whatsoever, in fact you are guilty of mocking McGowan and ignoring his points.

    Point 7 of yours really takes the award for being one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read on the internet. I mean are you seriously so thick that you are arguing “it is a free” country when someone points out how incredibly odd it is to put your sunglasses on after a major bomb?

    If you took that approach then there is almost no point in analysing anything, you might as well just give up thinking for yourself if you cannot see how that is a moronic answer to to a clever point.

    It really is you have lost the argument here, I would be horrified if this was a false flag bomb attack but your personal attacks and non-existent critique of McGowan have totally convinced me that there is a story here, I am off to read his original argument because you sir do not seem to understand what logic is and are clearly out of your depth with the immense issues raised by McGowan.

    • Keelan Balderson

      It’s hilarious how you exemplify the exact same mentality as McGowan. Like the injuries my critique now doesn’t exist either. It’s also hilarious that I’m being accused of the very tactics of McGowan, such as personal attacks and ignoring points. It must be fun living in a world where you can just create your own reality.

      “I mean you are simply saying in points 2 and 6 that you disagree with McGowan. Fair enough but that is not an argument.”

      If you were being honest about what I wrote, you’ll realize that for point 2 I displayed side by side photos of Bauman. If you want to deny reality and suggest the photos look nothing alike then be my guest, it will at least give sane readers an insight in to McGowan and his ilk’s completely irrational mindset.

      Likewise for point 6 there is no more evidence anyone can provide. You either look at his legs and see what most people see, or like McGowan you just make stuff up, and say his legs look different – not that you can really even see his legs that clearly in the first photo anyway.

      “Point 7 of yours really takes the award for being one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read on the internet. I mean are you seriously so thick that you are arguing “it is a free” country when someone points out how incredibly odd it is to put your sunglasses on after a major bomb?”

      Why is it always the most obvious points that you guys find the most ridiculous? Is it the only way you can protect your minds from exploding with cognitive dissonance? To just completely flip out and shut down the debate?

      If we can agree that sunglasses exist, and lots of people own and wear sunglasses, how odd can it really be for somebody to wear sunglasses in any given public situation? You’d have a point if he put on a 3ft tall bright green top-hat, but an item as mundane as sunglasses is just not odd. Just listen to yourself!

      And unless you’re doing more denying of reality you’ll clearly know that my argument was not just that it’s a free country and people are allowed to wear sunglasses without being accused of terrorism, but that it’s most likely he put them out because of smoke, dust and/or strain from the explosion to his eyes. Or is the smoke a digital overlay?

      “If you took that approach then there is almost no point in analysing anything, you might as well just give up thinking for yourself if you cannot see how that is a moronic answer to to a clever point.”

      It’s no cleverer than if McGowan said “holy shit that man is wearing a coat, this must be a false flag!” … and by that I mean it’s perhaps the dumbest point McGowan has made. Although claiming two people reeling after the explosion were making hand signals was pretty “thick” as well.

      “I am off to read his original argument because you sir do not seem to understand what logic is and are clearly out of your depth with the immense issues raised by McGowan.”

      Logic. LOL, there you are turning reality on its head again. Give me one logical point out of McGowan’s nauseating nonsense and I’ll take a photo of myself wearing a 3ft tall green top hat.

  • RockRollDie

    This McGowan fella and his supporters who have commented on here seem to have either missed, or intentionally ignored your point. I don’t see you as suggesting the Boston Bombings were ‘real’, but suggesting that you can’t claim something as fake just by making comments on pictures.
    Whether the Boston Bombs were a false flag or whether it was carried out “as told” to think that there would be no REAL injuries is ridiculous!
    I’m assuming that all 3,000 from WTC are also actors ?


    Good job Keelan!

  • IsentryReloaded

    Thanks Keelan… well done!
    A few months behind I am… but these ‘so-called’ researchers and their ‘so-called’ theories surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing attacks, specificly the ‘crisis actors’ theorist… are doing nothing more then “creating” the evidence through weak conjectures and outrages claims. Then can only back up these ‘so-called’ theories/claims with barrages of aggressive-bias examples(typical bullying tactics)… loaded with personal attacks and ad-hominems. “Tabloid” (disinfo) journalism is what ‘most’ of these creators are creating… not interested in the TRUTH! Because with a little research, looking carefully at the pics/photographs, videos, listening to the audios from that day, put together with a “real” timeline and sequences of the events, etc-etc… anyone who is honest with themselves, with others, and who has a ‘touch’ of discernment can “see” that the bombs, the victims, the damage, etc… along with the response of those who participated in the rescues… was/were “REAL!”
    Now my personal opinion(created by personal encounters) of those spearheading this ‘crisis actors’ theories… are nothing more than narcissistic “disinfo plants”… quite amatuer in my opinion!
    Or just maybe their hate of government is at such a level, they are willing to sacrifice the truth, to make up lies to discredit it (like the government even needs that!), or maybe both! However I strongly believe it is the prior… “Tabloid-Dis`info-Narcissist!”

  • joeybegood

    Took on Mcgowan’s subjective nonsense myself, and got the same treatment as you (reference to “Quinn”). I think he’s a bit unstable to be honest, and it’s made me question everything else he has written.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Hey Joe, checking it out now … it’s good to see that there’s some real critical thinking out there. It seems McGowan has gone quiet in recent months.

      • joeybegood

        Yeah, apparently he’s been working on getting his Laurel Canyon series into book format, supposed to be released in April. I’ve been totally flabbergasted by these “actors” people and the way they make massively subjective interpretations of still photos, proclaiming authoritatively what people are doing based on single images portraying a second in time in a chaotic scene. It defies common sense!

        • Keelan Balderson

          It’s a very weird mind trap this “crisis actors” cult. It basically seems to be a denial of everything outside of the person’s immediate vicinity. If it doesn’t happen in front of them, then it was staged.

          They seem to have a complete inability to assess the merit of second-hand hand evidence.

          Every citizen, police officer, reporter, hospital etc is somehow in on it. Not one single person involved in any of these incidents has the intelligence, moral compass, or power to say “I think what I’m involved in is staged”, yet these guys have it all sussed from the comfort of their laptop, looking at some photos.

          • joeybegood

            Absolutely. It almost seems like a kind of mild schizophrenia or similar mental disorder, where these people’s ‘self-referencing’ is the final arbiter of what is and isn’t true. If they see it, it must be objectively there!

            You probably came across the “white powder” thing (I address it quickly at the end of my article). The strange thing is, I asked several people to watch that segment of video and to tell me what they saw, and a few of them actually mentioned “powder”. The thing is, it’s obvious the guy is holding two towels or pieces of cloth, but when he throws them and just as they leave the frame, it does look a bit like powder, but, if you take the low resolution of the video, you can probably conclude that it’s just towels.

            Check out the video I uploaded to my FB page.


            Btw, I have a few more articles on Boston here from last year:




            And this one was a more recent wrap up analysis this year:


          • Keelan Balderson

            Actually no I’d not heard about the white powder thing, but yes I definitely see towels. What was this magic powder supposed to be doing? lol

            I was glued to Boston to begin with but for whatever reason I tapered off when there was still some confusion about the bag discovered and the bag on the CCTV being different colours.

            I’m reading your wrap up now. I didn’t even know there were all these connected murders.

          • joeybegood

            The powder was supposed to me “fake blood powder” that would turn red on contact with the ground or some such nonsense. Even those who didn’t think it was “blood powder” have been highlighting it as “evidence” of fakery of some nature. What bugs me about the whole situation is that they are making those of us who are trying to point out the actual evidence for Boston being a false flag event, look like nutjobs by association.

  • CloudTiger

    You are a shill or an idiot, take your pick… your hatchetjob was blunt and off the mark, almost fact-free and devoid of a even a tiny fraction of the logic of Mcgowan’s analysis, a total failure for anyone who has actually read Mcgowan’s articles with an open mind. All I see here is a smear job, ad hominems [“he’s crazy!”] and no real argument [saying no conclusions can be drawn from pictures of a scene is just absurd, saying they are too many involved to be a conspiracy etc etc all BS] so I am tending to think you are shill… I saw your site a year or so a go and was not much impressed…. Great work!!! /sarc pun intended
    PS nice touch pretending to be genuine with those quotes… They like to do that and then simply rely on peer pressure ridicule and Stockholm syndrome conformity to dismiss it. Just like you have here.

    • Keelan Balderson

      CloudTiger or clouded thinking?

      • CloudTiger

        Yeah well I wrote more cogent criticisms but it strangely failed to post…. BTW great riposte! It was so deep. I am now convinced! Less is more, eh? Why bother writing pages of analysis like Mcgowan when 4 words will do.

        • Keelan Balderson

          hmmm, perhaps this website isn’t real?

    • michael

      the hospitals, joggers, much of the crown would all have to be lying for you to be right, Cloudtiger. Logic says the more people you involve ina coverup, the worse you are doing the coverup because the more chance there is someone will confess. A real false flag would only involve REAL casualties.

  • Conspiracy theorists are dumb

    As a former member of the military trained in triage and part of the Search and Recovery Team, the fact that they didn’t tend to the guy with both legs blown off would be actual triage in action. They taught us to tend to the most severely wounded last because you can save the lives and/or treat the less injured faster and easier than you can someone who’s already bleeding out or in the shape Mr. Bauman was in. He was already headed to bleeding out and the intensive care he needed would have taken longer than most of the other injuries around him. The fact that no one tends to him right away is an indication of properly trained triage first responders, not the other way around. The wheelchair thing is dumb as well too, you’d think that the government would have plenty of gurneys on hand if they were going to fake this, because people expect gurneys right? I love how all these amputees and make up artists got to Boston and stood in a crowd of 100,000 people and no one noticed. I guess the amputees were living vicariously through the marathon runners. Also, all 100,000 people had to be in on it right? And not one of them talked to anyone since, right? They didn’t bury Krystle Campbell or that little boy, right? The government just flat out killed 3 people so it can practice martial law, right? Man, it takes some huge disbelief in Occam’s razor to buy into this conspiracy theory bullshit. Or maybe just a couple of idiots bent on misinformation.

    • Gary Anderson

      So if they didn’t treat Jeff, why didn’t he lose all his blood and pass out? You make no sense, triage guy. You are blithering.

      • eric

        A few reasons actually, but mostly because Mr. Arredondo and the lady pushing the wheelchair got to him in time. Gauging from his complexion, it was close. The body has many mechanisms to defend , and to preserve itself. One is to shunt blood from non-critical areas to those which are critical such as the heart, lungs, and brain. Clotting, timely reaction, and a lot of luck saved Mr. Bauman. There are military members who have had three limbs blown off, and they survived too. It is not uncommon.

        • Gary Anderson

          Show me a link that shows military members with both legs blown off that have consciousness and no apparent pain. You don’t have one.

          • Keelan Balderson
          • Eric

            Shall I send you a link to my own mind? Shall I send you a link to the injuries I have seen and worked with or the dead and dying that I have been with. I am not talking about some article I read or a TV show I watched. I am expressing my own first hand experiences. Would it mean more to you if I wrote them on wikipedia and sent you a link? My experiences are not some Hollywood presentation with overly dramatic music, and with some deep voiced narrator telling you about the scene. It is almost impossible to convey to anyone who has not actually experienced it, what burning human flesh or blood smell like (and yes blood does have a smell), or the look and feel of an amputated limb. Mr. Anderson, I understand that you have a certain amount of skepticism concerning the government, but take a few minutes to really absorb what I have said here, give it ten minutes of your time where you are not convinced of a conspiracy. With an open mind think on what is being said, and what evidence is being presented, and I think you will discover the truth you are so desparate to find.

          • lekecia streeter

            I’m sorry but don’t even look like real blood to me.

          • BintAlAbla

            What on earth are you waffling on about? Your ill-thought out posts show your ignorance. You’ve obviously spent to much time watching Hollywood movies. Shock is what is experienced with massive trauma such as losing a limb. Expressions of ‘pain’ are typically delayed.

      • BintAlAbla

        Read the case carefully before commenting. Jeff was saved by quick action to stop blood loss. What part of this don’t you understand?

    • BintAlAbla

      Absolutely correct. I teach on a Paramedics program. Those on the scene in Boston followed correct triage procedures.
      The rest of the so-called conspiracy theories and drivel written here are not worth responding to. It’s simply ill-informed nonsense written by dimwits who don’t understand any of the issues, medical or otherwise. We just get their own inane and really dumb armchair theories about ‘what really happened;’ Zzzzz.
      Occam’s razor remains the benchmark to judge any such acts, as the poster above makes clear.
      Personally, I find it sad that so many people are so dumb as to buy into such nonsensical conspiracy theories. They do nothing to improve society, just pick on (pathetic and irrelevant) details. Get a life, conspiracy armchair warrior-losers!

    • Gary Anderson

      So, then his arteries should have been gushing blood. You guys are pathetic liars and God will one day put you into hell for your misdeeds. We all face that judgement and you are in unbelief because of your lies.

  • Eric

    I spent over 20 years in the Navy as a corpsman, and have been to war zones 4 times. I have seen more than my share of blood, gore, and worse. When I first saw Mr. Balderson’s article, I almost left it. I thought it was another conspiracy theory. I was looking for information, not conclusions. However, I found it to be very well written. Mr. Vogt and Mr. Bauman are not the same person, and a close look at the features will show anyone this. Yes they are similarly built, but the features are definitely different. But This is not really what I wanted to comment on. I wanted to comment on the events and the body’s reaction to them. Following a traumatic event such as an explosion, people react with a fight or flight response. In the case of an explosion there is noting to fight, so everyone who could ran. This is a normal response. Those who could not run were probably closer to the blast, and sustained injuries, which prevented their flight response. They are also more prone to shock, which does many things. One is represented by the “Red Coat” lady. She is dazed, confused, and slow to react (think of your computer when it says “Not Responding”. “Hoodie guy” shows another reaction. Though it may seem strange that he is putting his sun glasses on, it really is not. Hoodie guy probably wore sunglasses all the time, after the blast, in his dazed and confused state, his brain defaulted to basic well remembered tasks such as puttin on his sunglasses. It is a natural response. As for Mr Bauman not being hurt, well I would like to focus your attention to his complexion. Notice how pasty white he is as compared to other pictures. This is caused by another form of shock caused by blood loss. As I said earlier, I have seen more than my share of blood, and the blood in the pictures is as real as it gets. Hollywood still hasn’t found anything that look like real blood. (the stuff you see in movies is not real. If you want to see real, look at the pictures in Mr. Balderson’s review. I also worked triage, and though it seems cruel, you have to make a decision to help as many people as you can. If you can help/save 10 people versus 1 a person experience in triage will always choose the 10. An yes they are ignoring him. They have made a descision which will probably end this man’s life. They don’t want to dwell on it. It is to painfull to do so. Mr. Bauman was not removed by EMS pesonnel. There is one by his side, but it is clear that he joined Mr. Bauman after he was removed. Since he has no blood on him, he most likely just arrived, and saw Mr. Bauman being wheeled out, and joined him. Again a prefectly normal action. Why the wheel chair? Well we may never really know, but since it has a flag on it, I would think it belonged to someone, and was left vacant. The bystanders seeing that Mr. Bauman was not being tended to, came to his rescue using what they had on hand, some cloth, a hand, and a wheel chair. And as far as Mr. Arredondo goes, anyone who has been in a traumatic event like a car wreck will tell you that their perception of time changes. It is no surprise at all that it felt like a moment to him. In the end, I have been looking into this event, and from everything I have seen, and based upon my experiences, I see people reacting exactly as they should. I haven’t been able to find any real contradictions between the evidence and the story. I feel that it is genuine. There was a bomb, there were people injured, and there were people killed. It was a tragic event, let’s not make it worse by muddying the victims or evidence with paranoid bombast.

  • Gary Anderson

    So, I placed a link at this website showing fake actors from the military and was blocked. That is how I know this website owner is a liar.

    • Keelan Balderson

      It’s called moderation you giant turnip – I can’t have people spamming links all day to random websites … so I have the site setup so I have to approve all comments with links. Your comment has been approved ;)

      Why would I block it? It proves absolutely nothing.

      Of course the military uses actors for their training scenarios. So what?

      • Gary Anderson

        Keelan, the blood at the right of the first picture is paint. I don’t care what you think it is, it is paint. Also, that is not a bone that connects the thigh to the body of that Bauman guy or whoever he is. You didn’t show that pic though. Go ahead and add it. There just wasn’t enough blood, and a lot of red paint.

  • Keelan Balderson

    Yes the military use actors for training scenarios. Well done Gary, now why exactly is that relevant?

    • Gary Anderson

      His name may have been faked and he could be military. Oh, and by the way Keelan, the link you showed, where the guy lost his limbs, has him saying that he saw the limbs flying away. That never happened at Sandy Hook. No blast residue like limbs and other crap flying through the air was even observed. Even that gal who supposedly lost a leg has the leg laying under her. What a weak bomb this was, Keelan.

  • Eric

    The military has been using makeup and moulage for decades. They use it to emerse their medical staff into an absolutely overwhelming mass cassualty envronment. They do this so that when the real thing happens, the medical staff will act from instinct, and well ingrained skill. Otherwise they would not be able to save as many people as they do. That said, if you look at your link, it is obvious which injuries are real (amputation) and which are not (bruising and blood). The injuries in Boston are not fake. As far as the pain goes, there are many factors, which affect pain. One of them is shock, which Mr. Bauman was obviously in. In these situations, pain can and often is supressed. Pain is the result of signals sent from nerves at the injury to the brain for interpretation. But if those nerves are gone, or damaged, they cant send the signals. In Mr. Bauman’s case, I would say it is both are ocurring. I have seen and worked on guys who were shot or had vary large shrapnel wounds, which felt no more than an itch or as if they cut themselves with a knife. Later though, the pain does set in.

  • Mike

    This was a tragedy and for people to be on here talking about a conspiracy, give your damn heads a shake ffs. It was a fatal tragedy and this site and dave Gowan can rot in hell for speaking anything but that, people should be showing remorse and sadness, not conspiracy shit. Bunch of idiots on here

    • Davo

      Grief isn’t related to truth, It’s because of stupid people like you that others are afraid to look into things like this deeper.

    • BintAlAbla

      Totally agree Mike. Sincere condolences to all affected by this terrible tragedy. The perpetrators have been caught – one dead, and for the other justice will be done.
      The so-called conspiracy ‘theorists’ that infest the Internet insult the memories of the victims, and of all the professionals involved in the case – medical professionals, police, and journalists – and of course brave members of the public – with their unfounded and pathetic ‘theories’. And not too surprisingly, most of these ‘theorists’ lack the basic etiquette to express any condolences to those affected, they are too selfish and wrapped up in their own self absorbed pseudo-scientific ‘analysis’.

      These conspiracy theorists have no skills to offer, no professionalism or insight, just tired pedantry over the slightest ‘imaginary’ details. A bunch of losers with nothing better to do than troll the ‘Net, in between washing dishes and cashing welfare checks. Let’s see them declare their credentials here…. are you fire-fighters? police? nurses? doctors? journalists?……………no? Guessed not.
      Enjoy the comfort of your armchair, and pay respect for professionals who deal with difficult and trying circumstances, which allow you to ponce on about ‘conspiracies’ from the comfort of your home. Shame on you.

  • BintAlAbla

    Gary, you seem to be a voyeur, obsessed with ‘seeing’ pictures of pain. Most readers would be able to visualize and empathize, with
    out actually ‘seeing’ the ‘picture’.
    It seems the problem is you.

  • Patricia Gray

    A guy with his leg blown off would not be put in a wheelchair. That would only cause more bleeding (if there was any) and he would die of blood loss. Such an injury would require the body to be horizontal to try and save his life. Sit him us, he bleeds out and dies.

  • Raymond Lovasz

    i can only hope that i remember the name of this website so as not to ever visit it again. i can get this nonsense from my tv.

  • Big M

    Any honest, non-biased EMT will tell you that if “Bauman” had just had both of his legs blown off, and both of his femoral arteries severed, and he had been taken out of there in a wheelchair, sitting upright, he would have quickly bled to death. And even if you want to believe that “Carlos” was pinching off his artery (which he has subsequently denied, by the way), there would still be another one to consider. And there isn’t ONE DROP of blood trailing anywhere around or behind the wheelchair, especially in one photo which shows the street for 50 yards or more behind him.

    Then, as Dave mentions, there is the complete lack of any surgical masks or eye protection for any of these “responders” visible in the photos. And only a handful could be bothered to wear gloves. Come on now. If this wasn’t a drill, is it even remotely believable that these trained “responders” would forgo these items?

    I think that’s enough to prove that this was a stage-managed farce. Yes, some people may have been injured or died, but this whole thing stinks as much as Sandy Hook, the Apollo flights, and the “official” 9/11 conspiracy.

    • Dana Scully

      I realize I’m late to this party, but I’ve arrived and I’d like to add my two cents.

      Any non-biased, honest EMT/Paramedic/RN/20+ year medical professional (read: ME) can tell you several facts about traumatic injuries.

      1. Blood vessels are elastic (that means ‘stretchy’), and under constant pressure by surrounding muscle tissue. They are kept open by several factors, two of which are adequate filling (by blood) and the normal pressure with which that blood is pumped from the heart. When they are traumatically severed, as in the case of a blast injury, they can, and do, collapse for two concurrent reasons: severe blood-volume loss, which causes the surrounding muscle tissue to literally squeeze them shut. Sometimes, there is enough pressure remaining in the cardiovascular system to allow for continued blood flow from the injured vessel. Sometimes there is not. In the case of Mr. Bauman, I would expect to see very little active bleeding by the time he is in the wheelchair.

      2. The concussive force of any explosive causes a chain reaction of physical and chemical events within the human body. Physical trauma from shrapnel, internal trauma of organs colliding with other organs and skeletal structures, and the coup-contra-coup of the brain inside the skull, not to mention the chemical flood of adrenaline your body automatically releases in times of stress and/or injury (remember Fight or Flight). Unless you have been on the receiving end of the concussive forces of even a SMALL explosion, you have absolutely ZERO authority to dissect the actions of the people in the immediate vicinity, in the immediate aftermath of this event.

      3. In my career as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, and now Registered Nurse, I can testify without hesitation that I have attended mass-casualty incidents without a single pair of eye-wear, certainly not a surgical mask, and often forgone gloves when someone’s life was on the line. It is not encouraged practice to do so, for sure. But when lives are at stake, I’ll worry about who has Hep or HIV later.

      4. Speaking of mass casualty incidents, let’s address the wheelchair. In typical MCI (mas casualty incident), there is a hierarchy of treatment. In the scale of this incident, ANY and ALL means of transportation are employed to move the injured to treatment. Speaking specifically of Mr. Bauman, the wheelchair, and the “empty stretcher” – undeniably, Mr. Bauman’s injuries are absolutely life threatening and require immediate surgical intervention. Once in the wheelchair and on his way to a means of transportation that would lead to that intervention, no First Responder in their right mind would have STOPPED that transport simply to move him to the empty stretcher.

      5. Sitting up in the wheelchair – I’ve personally witnessed multi-trauma victims, MISSING LIMBS, hold coherent conversations, fight off first responders WITH HIS STUMP. I’ve seen one unstrap himself from the stretch and try to run away WITH NO LEFT LEG. It’s called Shock, and it’s your body’s Hail Mary pass to try and keep your ass alive when everything around you says you should be dead.

      You can sit down now.

  • Dreadnought

    Keelan Balderson, this is the first time I’ve come across you on the ‘net. There will not be a second time. I would like to have your email address to send you some photos which prove the Boston incident was faked on at least two practice runs. How do I get your email address.

  • Tony Johnson

    Obvious false flag.