Princess Diana Death: French Want To Question Senior British Police, Conspiracy Re-ignited

French authorities may seek an international warrant to question two former police chiefs, who withheld a prophetic note in which Princess Diana seemingly predicted her assassination by car crash.[1] Something she stated on more than one occasion.

Former Scotland Yard chief Lord Condon and former Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations Sir David Veness, have been ordered to attend an interview in Paris to address why the note was under lock and key for 3 years following Diana’s death. If they fail to attend they could be arrested.

The note in question remained hidden even when Lord Condon’s successor Lord Stevens took over as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, suggesting the orders may have came from a higher authority.

The note was handed to the MET by Diana’s Lawyer Lord Mishcon shortly after the 1997 Paris tunnel crash, which also claimed the lives of Diana’s boyfriend Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. It drew on a meeting between Diana and the law firm where she claimed her life was in danger. The record of the meeting in the form of a hand-written note says efforts would be made to get rid of her “…be it by some accident in her car such as pre-prepared brake failure or whatever.”

Lord Condon and Sir Veness have publicly claimed that they made the decision not to release the document unless there was a suggestion that the crash was not an accident [2], but the French Judge Gerard Caddeo may see this as withholding the very evidence that does suggest it wasn’t an accident. Under French law, “removing or concealing” evidence, which could “facilitate the discovery of a crime”, is punishable by three to five years in jail or a fine.

Coinciding with the release of controversial Keith Allen documentary “Unlawful Killing” that suggests Diana was assassinated, this re-ignition of the case may open a whole new can of worms, right when the British establishment is being rocked by the phone hacking scandal.

It should be noted that this isn’t the only document where Diana’s death appears to be foreshadowed. As reported by The Telegraph another document was written way back in 1993!
A handwritten letter in which Diana, Princess of Wales claimed that the Prince of Wales was plotting to kill her so he could marry Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former nanny to Princes William and Harry, has been shown at the inquest into her death.

That letter reads:
“This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.”

Even the most non-conspiratorial minded person has to scratch their head with intrigue that Diana feared for her death by orchestrated car crash as early as 1993, and then wound up dead in a car crash, while one of the notes that predicted this was subsequently hidden by police officers honored by the Queen, whose oh so Royal family would be prime suspects in an assassination of the Princess.

So far the official story is that the Mercedes-Benz carrying the victims collided with the 13th pillar of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, because driver Henri-Paul was intoxicated with alcohol, anti-depressants and possibly carbon monoxide, causing him to lose control of the wheel. However video surveillance at the hotel that evening show an upright Paul who appears to be in full control of his faculties. Moments before entering the vehicle he can be seen quite happily tying his shoe laces with no obvious impairment.

The media frenzy that called Henri “drunk as a pig” [3], was well underway before samples had even been presented [4], suggesting the narrative was to some degree pre-arranged or grossly speculative. Independent forensic pathologists have reviewed the toxicology reports and concluded that the blood samples were not stored at the correct temperatures, meaning higher levels of alcohol would have been recorded due to decomposition of the blood.[5] Furthermore it was claimed that Henri-Paul had over 20% carbon monoxide blood content, which would cause any regular person severe head-aches and a lack of coordination, which again is refuted by the CCTV evidence of Paul in the hotel lobby.

No acceptable explanation has been given for the presence of Carbon Monoxide. Initial reports claim it came from the vehicles airbags, but this was later ruled out. It seems absurd that a life saving system could release a toxic gas. It quite logically has been suggested that this intoxication came post-crash from exhaust fumes, but Henri was supposed to have died on impact rendering him unable to breath in any of the fumes. Smoking was also blamed, but Toxicologist Professor Robert Forrest ultimately had to concede that “It’s either conspiracy or cock-up.”[6] “…he could not find any logical explanation for the findings.”

In other words the blood is just not a reliable measure of his intoxication or anything else for that matter.

A Conspiracy?

A thorough investigation needs to follow all leads and motives. The Henri-Paul claim is flimsy, so it would be worth following up on Diana’s cries for help, specifically the idea that she was to be murdered by “pre-prepared brake failure”. Such a technique for carrying out assassinations does purportedly exist within the secret services of the world. According to author Jon King it’s called the “Boston Breaks” method and involves installing hardware within a vehicle, which allows the assassination team to jam the steering column and braking functions remotely, causing the car to hurtle out of control, unable to break or steer. This is dealt with in his book Diana: The Evidence

Also in the book The Feathermen by former SAS demolition expert and famous British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, he recounts the alleged assassination of Major Michael Marman via this very method.

The Clinic had been watching Major Michael Marman, and had determined that he frequently drove along the A303 arterial road, in Wiltshire, south-west England, on personal business. While doing this, he was habitually alone, and the fact that his vehicle was a relatively flimsy Citroen 2CV meant that a crash was the perfect method to kill him. Nevertheless, the Clinic dared not tamper with Marman’s car or deploy a driver to ram him off the road, since their contractual obligation to make the death appear accidental would almost certainly come unstuck under the slightest police investigation. They therefore decided to use a proxy: an apparently random driver who would unknowingly become the Clinic’s untraceable instrument of execution, by colliding with Marman.

Through relatively simple research, they discovered a businessman whose offices were in Plymouth and London, and who regularly drove between the two along the A303 road. This was Air Marshal (ret’d) Sir Peter Horsley, former equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh and to the Queen, and ex-Commander in Chief of Britain’s atomic strike force, who now worked for an engineering firm, ML Holdings. Study and surveillance showed that Sir Peter was due to drive from London to Plymouth for a board meeting on 11 November 1986, at a time which would mean he would pass Major Marman in the opposite direction along the length of the A303. The Clinic then entered Horsely’s garage during the night of 10-11 November, and, over an eight-hour period, fitted a ‘parasite’ braking system in the cavities of his BMW, in such a way that it couldn’t be seen on immediate inspection. This radio-controlled system was powered by a scuba-diving cylinder of compressed air, which would allow each of the car’s brakes to be applied separately, without the control of the driver.

The next day, having practised their technique for weeks with stock cars and models, two of the Clinic members shadowed Horsely, while keeping in radio communication with a second Clinic team, shadowing Marman. As Marman’s 2CV and Horsely’s BMW approached each other along the A303, the parasite braking system was applied, and Horsely lost control of his vehicle, which was steered across the central reservation and into Marman’s path. the ensuing collision killed Marman outright, and severely injured Horsely. Horsely was initially under suspicion of reckless driving, but fortunately had a witness who had been driving behind him, who testified that he had seen a puff of smoke emerge from the rear of Horsely’s car immediately before he lost control: at inquest, the local coroner said the accident would remain unexplained. The more definitely so, since the Clinic’s parasite brake-system had been secretly removed after the accident while the BMW was impounded at the police garage facility. The Feather Men, who failed to prevent this assassination, ultimately learned exactly how this scenario unfolded when they captured and interrogated the Clinic’s chief assassin.

In his autobiography, Sounds From Another Room, Horsley says that he was accelerating to about 60 miles an hour when the car began to react strangely. He saw a grey Volvo closing up quickly behind him and as he was about to wave it past, his BMW spun sharply to the left, the brakes screeching, and then sharply to the right and back again. This is remarkably similar to what happened to the Mercedes before it struck the pillar.

Horsley wrote:
“Out of the corner of my eye I saw the grey Volvo accelerating past me at high speed. My car had now developed a mind of its own as it swung broadside and skidded down the road. With a lurch it hit the central reservation, mounted the grass verge separating the two lanes of the highway and crossed over into the opposite carriageway. I had just time to see a small car approaching from the opposite direction. I hit it sideways on with tremendous force. In a split-second the driver’s horror-stricken face was visible and I heard his hoarse scream.”

It’s worth noting the Mercedes carrying Diana had previously been stolen. The Daily Mail notes:
It had been stolen several months before the accident and there are those who speculate that this might have been an opportunity to tamper with the car.

The general public are familiar with Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla, but Diana’s 1993 letter claims he wanted her dead to pursue a marriage with Tiggy Legge-Bourke (the Prince’s nanny), not Camilla. In fact Camilla herself nearly died in a car accident shortly before Diana’s death [7], and as the letter states: “Camilla is nothing more than a decoy.”

Lets suppose the massive coincidences here are simply that, coincidences, and Diana’s death was just a tragic accident. We still have two documents where Diana feared for her death via car crash. Did Charles and/or the perpetrators strike it lucky; did fate deliver a dead Diana in the exact manner they wanted? Or was Diana just nuts?

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  • DaftAida

    I read the first book and ordered it through my local library for extended circulation. It has gone without note or trace many years ago. One of the most effective tactics is to do as Jon has said; if they can’t prevent publication, the story will be niched along certain ‘lunatic’ lines for immediate public ridicule. The destined hospital was chosen because that was where the military linked team of medics were positioned and the claim of the surgeon that Diana was beyond saving even had she arrived within 3 minutes via helicopter, is just a line to cover the time. No matter what position in no matter what field, there are plenty of agents on hand to deliver the authorised version. It must have been a weird trip in that car, well before the crash as Diana would have been agitated that her seatbelt didn’t work.

    • lcb

      I agree that what you claim is likely. Avoiding paparazzi, driving fast at night, the Ritz’s Head of Security (acting) is not just some driver. He would have asked the passengers to put on their belts. The security guard in the front seat, also, would have been doing no job in a car unless he did that also. It’s much more likely that either a good while before the occurrence, or not long before, something happened to the seatbelts in the back at least, of the vehicle that was stolen months before.

      I agree that the strangeness of the hospital location and the time taken seem unlikely to be random. Especially with the evidence of the doctor who just happened to be passing in the car and administered oxygen to Diana, saying that there was not at that time any external evidence of harm. Could the internal harm have been so bad from the initial crash without any external evidence?

  • Lili

    This was a long time coming but it will be good to see the truth. Charles asked for it in order to have Camilla-and anyone else he wanted. The Queen gave it because she would never have Diana be a better queen than she. She knew Camilla would never be anything in the history books.Jealousy is cruel and ugly.

  • andie

    There are certainly suspicious circumstances surrounding this death which haven’t been adequately explained, Diana’s paranoia aside.
    I’ve always wondered why they weren’t wearing seat belts

  • donal heffernan

    Quote the Queen’s own words to Paul Burrell, Diana’s personal assistant—–“…There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge’.” If we have no knowledge, how does she know there are? Does that mean that she is privy to what these ‘powers’ do, but cannot say? Call her to court to account for herself.

  • hipriestess4u

    The queen would never have allowed Diana to give her womb over to a non blue blood. Diana’s womb was only ever supposed to bring forth that true blue bloodline. But Diana got knocked up by Dodi, this is why the Royal family allowed the body to be exhumed, because so many people wanted to know. However only the royal family knows, that Diana was pregnant, which means instead of being born back into that royal bloodline
    Queen Mum will wake up one morning and realize she’s a camel jockey in the Wadi Drah. Yes Diana
    parted that red sea, and destroyed the bloodline of the Royal house of England, she truly was a modern day Moses, she paid the price but she destroyed the house of Pharaoh, I am sure that the royal family who practice the Rites of Sodomy (or secret of the blood) realize the implications of Diana being pregnant with a Stranger in a Strange land. Kudos to Diana.

  • QuietBear

    It says in the article, “Under French law, “removing or concealing” evidence, which could “facilitate the discovery of a crime”, is punishable by three to five years in jail or a fine. “…

    How much do you wanna bet when they’re found guilty, it’ll just be a fine…

    What a racket…

  • IceTrey

    If she thought she would be killed in a car crash WHY DIDN’T SHE WEAR HER SEAT BELT! Everyone in that crash would have walked away if they had been buckled up. Doesn’t seem like a very sure or efficient way to kill someone.

  • anon

    was a cylinder containing carbon monoxide placed under the drivers side air vent ? the route to avoid the press had been discussed that morning between the driver and British security . radio controlled release by car following them [fiat] then motorbike and passenger flashes the driver. carbon monoxide makes the driver over react . cylinder removed after crash. tidy up of those who know. fiat driver found dead beachy head set light to himself with petrol [only problem he had bought diesel] worked for British security . total fairy story ?who knows? not me.

  • carl

    This was a masonic killimg (worshippers of Lucifer) these people are the seed of the Serpent and Satan wants blood sacrifice as his seedline does. They pray to him and his son Lucifer and get their direction from him just as we (or I) pray to the LORD God ,the living God in the flesh.The Queen and the Royal Family ARE worshipers of the Son of Satan,Lucifer. The queen knew it was going to take place (the killing) so she is just as guilty as the people that actually did it ! This goes for the rest of the British Royals ,the Met police, MI 5 and MI 6 and that being said, the French are just as guilty. (Eph. 6:10-23)

  • Curmudgeon

    I have no doubt that foul play was involved, but who benefits? Charles knows he will never be King, the media has been vilifying him for 50 years. Murdock’s “phone hacking” is, in reality, illegal wire tapping. Charles knows that they know what he was saying/doing at that time.

    Forget the bit about Diana, a Catholic, giving it up to a Muslim. Of her children, current or future, only William or Harry would have any chance of succession. She was already being frozen out.

    My money is on one of Israel, whether directly or by hire. With Diana’s success in spotlighting landmines, it would have been a PR nightmare for Israel if she opened her mouth about Muslims being under the thumb of the Israelis. Yes, I know that not all Palestinians are Muslims, but 99% of the population ignores that.

  • LizJ

    My question exactly IceTrey.. Why weren’t they wearing seatbelts. Since she initially survived the crash without one; she probably would be alive today had she been belted in..AND.. if she feared for her life in a crash.. why wasn’t buckling up the first thing she did when she entered the car….. I’m sorry she’s gone. Wish she had taken better precautions.

  • joe

    of course diana was murdered.
    i saw the video of paul. he was sober. a reporter stated that his quick reflexes early on prevented an accident.

    so lies on top of lies lead to cover up leads to something to cover up – assassination.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I believe there was a report that said the belt was jammed so she couldn’t use it even if she wanted to.

  • sashay

    interesting theory, hipriestess4u ….but Diana Spencer was more of a blueblood by her own right than Charles ever thought about being. How could she screw up the blood line? Since she and charles were already divorced, it would seem the only one capable of screwing up the royal blood line would be charles, harry and william….and that ugly hag charles is married to but surely she is past the age of conception.

  • Jeanette

    Interesting article. A few other details rarely mentioned. Did you know that Lady Diana was pregnant when she died? Did you know that the tunnel in which the crash took place is on the site of the ancient Roman temple to Diana? To find out what bearing these facts have on the case read the work of David Icke on the subject. This story goes much deeper than any red pill can take you.

  • hipriestess4u

    It’s the womb that nourishes the seed, and the womb, must be pure, if you are going to re incarnate through a specific bloodline, better make sure you own that womb you are reincarnating, through, control the womb, and what comes from the womb. Diana gave her womb, already used for a specific purpose over to Dodi, out of Egypt back into Egyp. What they practice is called the secret (sod) of the blood (dom) something that has been going on for a very long time. Sodomy is a practice that the blue bloods use to incarnate and reincarnate back into a specific blood line. So Charles had to make damn sure it was his seed that had grown in that field.

    Diana was like a modern day Moses, she parted that red sea. She single handedly destroyed that bloodline, so that none of them will reincarnate into that royal line again. Just as Moses cut off the bloodline of Pharaoh,
    Diana cut off the bloodline of the Royal house of England. And don’t they know it!!!,

  • mark bowden

    ian watched rjk prog earlier these scum bags hav been gettin away wiv it 4 a long time why cant we the people fdorm a party get the voters out n change the rules i luv ya talks n think u r a brave man but the community is big enough now n if we can get the non votewrs to vote it be overwelmin thesae parasites havc had there time hundreds of years u no action is needed b4 its 2 late we got this scum on the ropes i say form a party get the voters out n once we get decent honest people in change the rules peace not war we campain we win but u no this scum needs 2 go b4 our kids kids r doomed 2 iternal misery they bin killin any1 who wants change 4 the last century n who no s how long b4we just need 2 motivate the people imagine last week country wide but peaceful now is the time best 2 u 4 the job ur doin but we need action these parasites bin livin off us 2 long the last election waas won by the no vote party cos who u gona vote 4 there all the same iv never voted cos i always knew there was no pointy lets make history a better place instesd of the lies we been fed b4 they shut this down its the only chance cos we cant get a plartform 2 speak from they feed us shit on news like mushrooms we r human beings u hav the power 2 start this u no all those from av2 we the people hav the power we just need some good leaders n beleive me it would snow ball we the people need 2 form a party cos the way i c it if we dont we r f##ked

  • D Wirral

    I think you will find that Diana was paranoid when it came to safety, and that the belts in the back of the car were not working at the time. Mercedes had contacted the french investigators that they would examine the wreck for free, as if there was a fault on the car they would need to know if they could help prevent this happening again. But french aurthorities declined for whatever reason. when the Mercedes was stolen the on board chip was stolen and for £150 you could buy a new one, so why was this stolen?

    I recommend typing “lady die” into youtube and watch this documentry its very interesting. as for masons this is good as for the Queen who is the head of the church of england a christian church!!!! who also worships this devil god, they have been into witch craft for centuries, and as for Camilla you will find that her ancestors where in fact the prince of wales ancestors lovers.

    this must run in the camilla family tree.
    ‘I would like that to be past down to my future ancestors that we will become and be known as the whores/slags/harlets for the royal family’

    Plus did you know that Camillas husband was going out with the princess royal the she-horse-man royal who is Charles’ sister.

    Strange they are all sharing the same bed, must be a huge bed

    And please why TXT speak, come on guys atleast write for the people who find it hard to read proper English nevermind cryptic messages.Thanks

  • Peter Bonn

    Princess Diana war murdered. It was all a set up by the Mossad. All Intelligence agencies including the KGB, MI6, Mi5, CIA, FBI etc., are all working for the head honchos in the Vatican. The Queen of England is also part of the group of Satanic criminals. They rape and engage in child sacrifice in blood rituals. They believe in Satanic forces which feed on the energy of suffering and fear. These beliefs come from the Babylonian Talmud written by the Pharisees psychopathic pedophiles, three thousand years ago. Buried in this evil book, it is written that it is alright to have sex with children, animals, and dead bodies.
    Have you heard of the new trend called barn sex? All the misery in the world and the plan of the New Underworld Disorder comes from this book. The Vatican was infiltrated by Ignatius de Loyola who soon after founded the order of the Jesuits and later the Vatican adopted the Noahcide Laws.
    Diana was about to reveal to the world that the world was run by Satanists. But the reason why the Mossad killed her was because she was pregnant with Dodi’s baby and they couldn’t let a British royal have Islamic descendants for it would be a threat to Israel.

  • Simon Tomlin

    Princess Diana was murdered but there are some appalling conspiracy theories out there; the objective of which is ‘distraction’ from the real issues. It is best to deal with hard evidence and that is what I have tried to do throughout my book Unlawful Killing…

    • Fiona Scott

      How sick – to use this forum to plug your crappy book. I glanced at it on Amazon; it’s riddled with typographical errors and I’ll bet any money that it is self published.

      • Ciaran Goggins

        Is he the 9th Earl of Buckingham or the 1st Lord of B.S? I see his bent (in all senses) ex cop pal is lurking about.

        • Fiona Scott

          Further research into this Tomlin character – or should that be Fuhrer research – reveals he is an ex BNP bootboy jailed for internet trolling –

          • littlebentone

            Ciaran Goggins, what a complete phoney, consultant researcher hahahahahaha!

        • Dodge E Malseed Jnr

          Tell us Baldrick, are you working on this case in your capacity as an imaginary journalist?

        • james

          Hi sweetie, I hope you are still active on the Cottaging scene Ciaran;-)

  • Nope

    Diana was killed by her driver speeding. End of story, enough with the conspiracies. People, go out and lead your lives and stop obsessing over your vicarious celebrity lives.