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Examining the political landscape in the UK.

Intelligence Expert: Scotland Vote NO Because TERRORISM

An absurd story doing the rounds today suggests that ISIS want to behead Scotsman David Haines to encourage Scots to vote Yes in the referendum.

Should 16 Year Olds Get The Vote?

If 16 year olds are too dumb to vote, what about dumb adults? Is intellect even a fair measuring stick for democracy?

UKIP’s Foot In Mouth Problem

Godfrey Bloom’s latest faux pas shows that UKIP are just incapable of getting their PR in order. That or they really are just ignorant and out of touch.

English, British, Nationalist, Racist: what does it all mean?

Are you “English” or “British”? “Nationalist or “Racist”? And why are people so scared about using the “correct” terms? In today’s quick blog I recount a personal story that may put it in to perspective.

Why UKIP Are Not The Answer

While UKIP might appear to represent an alternative political view, a closer look at their policies and their attitudes reveal that they ultimately have an establishment agenda, and are far from the pro freedom, anti-war, fighters of the globalist oligarchy that they are often positioned as being by elements of the alternative media.

The Story of CHRIS: Critique of A Paedophile Name and Shame Website

This is the story of C.H.R.I.S. (Children Have Rights In Society) – a website run by a convicted football hooligan who couldn’t be a worse poster child for the name-and-shame concept.

Who Are The English Defence League?

The EDL may claim to be a grass-roots anti-Islamic extremist movement out to protect Britain, but their creation and leadership are fundamentally tied to the war-mongering Zionist ideology of Israel and NEOCON agenda of the US.

Briton Faces US Extradition For Copyright Crime UK Doesn’t Recognise!

UK citizen faces 10 years in US jail for hosting a website on British severs and linking to copyrighted material; a crime that is not recognised under UK law.

George Osborne and Britain’s Bilderbergers, Why The Media Silence?

A rundown of this year’s Bilderberg meeting, UK attendees, media spin and Bilderberg history.

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