UK Politics

Examining the political landscape in the UK.

Should 16 Year Olds Get The Vote?

If 16 year olds are too dumb to vote, what about dumb adults? Is intellect even a fair measuring stick for democracy?

UKIP’s Foot In Mouth Problem

Godfrey Bloom's latest faux pas shows that UKIP are just incapable of getting their PR in order. That or they really are just ignorant and out of touch.

Why UKIP Are Not The Answer

While UKIP might appear to represent an alternative political view, a closer look at their policies and their attitudes reveal that they ultimately have an establishment agenda, and

Who Are The English Defence League?

The EDL may claim to be a grass-roots anti-Islamic extremist movement out to protect Britain, but their creation and leadership are fundamentally tied to the war-mongering Zionist ideology
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