MI6 and British Troops Already In Syria

The extent of British involvement in the Syrian conflict has become clearer today after Israeli based independent intelligence group DEBKAfile, published a report claiming MI6 and British troops are already on the ground and assisting the armed rebel gangs that are escalating violence against civilians and authorities.

According to the report British operations units, along with Qatari allies, are stationed in the city of Homs just 162 kilometers from Damascus. While British troops are not engaged in direct combat with the Syrian forces, they manage rebel communications lines and relay their requests for arms, ammo, fighters and logistical aid to outside suppliers, mostly in Turkey.

As we’ve previously documented, unmarked airplanes belonging to NATO countries are landing at Turkish military bases close to the Syrian border and funneling weapons and mercenaries from the NATO backed Libyan Transitional Council, an extremist Islam regime with links to Al Qaeda that were put in to power after the bombing and covert ground campaign [1]. This DEBKAfile report further backs up former CIA officer Phil Giraldi who was first to make the claims. He also includes French forces as part of the operation, and suggests that CIA and US Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebels, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers.

Dr. Haytham Mannaa, spokesman for the Arab Commission for Human Rights told Lebanese TV that he was approached by a dual French/Syrian businessman who offered to arm the rebels [2], and reports across the mainstream media (including Israel itself) have noted that Israeli made arms have wound-up in rebel hands as well [3].

While Western leaders grandstand to the UN that we must intervene because of the bloodshed, and mainstream media lull over the possibility of arming and supporting the rebels, in reality it is the West, Israel and their allies that have been fomenting the violence for months and have ALREADY been arming the rebels. This latest news that troops and intelligence officers are on the ground makes it clear that this is just another imperialist invasion to further Western control over the Middle-East and to move the bulldozer closer to Iran and Russia.

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