Submissions for Judicial Review of Hampstead Abuse Allegations Reveal Coaching Likely

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Hampstead Satanic Cult Story Clouds Isolated Case of Abuse

Children retracted their allegations of satanic ring but accused mother’s partner of physical violence – records reveal history of abuse.

Documents and video relating to a judicial review request of the Hampstead satanic child abuse allegations have been leaked online. They reveal that the the police who carried out the initial investigation in September, 2014, and independent experts reviewing their handling of the case, both agree that the children have embellished their allegations. This was either through direct coaching of what to say, or the tendency to want to give the mother’s alleged abusive partner the answers he wanted to hear.

While the independent expert called by the mother believes the case needs further probing, they agree that elements of the story are impossible.

Police believe that the widely circulated videos that many careless bloggers and social media users took at face value as evidence of a widespread satanic cult, may fall within the context of the abuse itself rather than being a truthful account of what happened.

Medical evidence supports allegations of neglect, and physical and sexual abuse, but there is nothing to substantiate infanticide, secret rooms in buildings, and some of the other implausible claims. The expert (a former Met police officer), says it would be helpful to exhaustively catalogue and investigate all of these claims as only some of them were focussed on.

Man In Videos Implicated

The man heard off camera in the disturbing clips posted on Youtube, who was the mother’s partner at the time, was ultimately implicated by the children in numerous instances of physical abuse. Records show he has previous convictions against his own children.

The case was first investigated in September after the mother and partner informed the police that they believed the children had been sexually abused by their estranged father. During initial interviews the children named 60 adults and numerous other victims as part of a satanic ritual abuse network operating in the local school, church and wider community, which their father was allegedly a high ranking member. After the children had been taken in to care and interviewed further they retracted their allegations and instead accused the mother’s partner of physical abuse.

The police closed the case, conceding that isolated incidents of both physical and sexual abuse are likely to have happened, but that due to changing stories and a lack of evidence in either direction it’s unlikely that the accused could be prosecuted. Despite the nature of the videos police could also not find a suitable crime as grounds for arrest for their creation, though some of those since found sharing them are being sought.

It was determined that in light of the physical evidence and nature of the allegations that the children were much safer in foster care, where they remain.

A review of past records show a history of neglect and physical violence in the home, prior to the mother and father separating. Social workers also made contact in July, 2014, after a third party reported aggressiveness from the new partner towards the children. He had a history of violence against his own children.

It was shortly after this that the initial satanic abuse allegations were made.

Opportunities Missed

The independent expert believes more needs to be done to ascertain and document how the children came to verbalize such heinous acts, whether through coaching, indirect suggestion, or actual abuse.

There is an allegation that some sexual knowledge was gleaned from a third child who has not been contacted. At this stage however nobody else has come forward to corroborate allegations of a wider ring in the local community.

Judicial proceedings may continue, but no charges have been filed.


In light of this information it shouldn’t have to be repeated that the public need to take a rational and cautious approach to the story, and certainly should not be sharing videos, names and other personal details. Nobody has been charged and the investigation may well continue.

It is clearly a complex case that ordinarily would not have been hashed out online by armchair experts, some whose blind belief in satanic ritual abuse is clouding what may have actually happened.


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  • sunmoom

    Well said. If the Satanic element is all proven to be false, the alternative media and genuine victims of sexual and/or ritual abuse by powerful people in the Establishment has suffered a sever blow to their credibility.

    • GetBackUnderTheRock

      Indeed. The conspiracy idiots have no idea how much damage they do to Alternative Media sources.

      It doesn’t help that much of the AM is published by the loony lot that repeat this stuff without critical thought.

  • boptah

    Oh I see. Some blogger suggests that satanic child abuse doesn’t exist, And this type of thing is not covered up by the police, famously Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith, not to mention Rotherham. And does not even join in the chorus of ‘We need an independent investigation now’ Is committing child abuse because the means available at our disposal are not being utilised to uncover the truth.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Do you not think this story has actually been a distraction from cases like Savile and Smith?

      • boptah

        This story is not over by a long way. So be careful what you say because you might regret it later when more pieces of the puzzle are revealed

        • GetBackUnderTheRock

          It has been going on since September. The police investigation into the initial claims is OVER and was over back then.

          • boptah

            It is not over. It will dealt with under judicial review.
            And all the evidence has not been seen yet. There is still a lot of ‘missing time’ from the 11th to the 17th of sept when the kids suddenly recanted their allegations. What was the catalyst for that. And is there a transcript of the skype conversation between the kids and RD. Not to mention the massive breaches in protocol by the ss . highlighted by Kylie Wilson.

          • GetBackUnderTheRock

            All that a judicial review would do is confirm that no Satanic abuse occurred. They would do that because the police found NO EVIDENCE.

          • concerned

            Yea well this is part of the problem. Why shouldn’t the average citizen question how this is being handled or nt handled. I am confused why the interviewer in the retraction vids changes his style of questioning. Seems he was doing the coaching or leading at that point. IDK what to make of all this. I just hope it doesn’t get swept under the rug and these children receive some justice one way or the other.

          • GetBackUnderTheRock

            It’s all that the judicial review can do because it’s true!

            I know that many people on the Internet would love a juicy paedo Satanic cult to exist in Hampstead eating Baby Macs at McDonalds, as it would confirm their World view, but it is simply a boring fact that the children say that Abraham made them say these things.

            Sorry that you are disappointed, but there will be another conspiracy along shortly.

          • anon

            We cannot rule out that their minds may have been programmed/tampered with ie MK Ultra or Mind control which is very prolific among abuse victims also they could be multiple or fragmented personalities in which case we are dealing with Alters it is very common in abuse cases that this should also be examined and not ruled out .. Or the fact they were simply advised what to say in order to save themselves from being killed these children are intelligent Alisa did not want to tell the truth in th first place for fear this wold happen Gabrielle made/encouraged her by telling her she was safe away from Ricky Dearman the Father if Alicia though she was unsafe she would revert her story in order to save her self and advise her brother to do the same .. This is why they have retracted their stories it is pretty obvious for all to see … Apart from of ourse the supporters of the father Ricky Dearmen … I see the internet is awash with videos of the accused grappling to clear their good names and protesting their innocence NOT…

          • boptah

            i agree. A specialist is needed SRA to determine the extent of this situation. The police and social services are not up to the job, Especially if they are denying it from the outset.

          • Keelan Balderson

            You show your true agenda and ignorance here. There is no such thing as a specialist in Satanic Ritual Abuse, because in thousands of alleged cases, research shows that almost none of them were true, and those that had ritualstic elements were isolated and not Satanic.

            That is of course unless you mean experts like Jean La Fontaine who painstakingly examined each case, or sociologists Jeffrey S. Victor and Dr Bill Thompson who have deeply studied the panic of the 80s and 90s.

            The kind of “experts” you want to call are the ones that fanned the flames of hysteria. Quacks like Lawrence Pazder who wrote Michelle Remembers, or Christian nut jobs like Valerie Sinason who implant and encourage the ideas in her therapy patients.

            It was specialists in SRA that conned the NSPCC and social services in to publishing garbage training manuals on “Satanic Indicators” that lead to children being ripped from their parents in Rochdale in the 90s and forcibly medically examined, only for them all to be returned after a painful trial that found nothing.

            Have some sense!

          • boptah

            People like you are part of the problem .

          • Keelan Balderson

            *holds up mirror*

          • boptah

            The police closed the case. last sept ‘NO CRIME CONFIRMED’ before an investigation.

        • Keelan Balderson

          You said be careful on the other posts. That’s all I have been – careful and cautious not to jump to wild conclusions.

          First you jumped all over the videos at face value … So in light of the documents, how do you reconcile the accusations about the mother’s partner (the one filming the videos) that he was physically violent towards them AND had a history of such violence against his own children? Not only did the kids accuse him once they were out of his reach, but in the July prior to the case a third party reported him for being aggressive towards them.

          Do you trust that man with the children and do you trust what HE was filming? And do you trust the mother who went from one violent man to another?

          I agree with the police … the kids are now safe in a foster home away from this violence and neglect.

          • Voiceofreason

            Spot on!

          • Anonymouse

            Not sure I believe this story about him being the abuser why would he film them and go to the Police… He is willing to go to jail : “Let them arrest me he says I will go to Jail and create more publicity” They are setting him up unless I see these so called past abuse claims or his ex comes forward I think they could well be fabricated to take the heat of Sheffield Father and the rest.. Interesting to note that both grade 2 listed building which housed McDonlds and Hampstead Police station both closed down over the last year or so … people laugh at these children for mentioning McDonalds but has anyone investigated the upstairs of the premises as well as the downstairs ample room for all sort to occur up there I suspect not .. Interesting to note they mention Starbucks who for some reason have a Satanic logo half of which comprises of the Baphomet Seal why they would want that on their logo God only knows might not be relevant to this at all but may shed some light in the bigger picture …

          • boptah

            the kids are still in touch with the father. via skype.
            Nobody to my knowledge has praised AC for being a saint, In fact a close friend has said he was controlling.
            The medical report shows rectal scarring consistant with the allegations. So an investigation must be carried out. As well as all the other evidence.
            SRA cases are always denied first of all, and when they come out, The first criticism is, Why did we not believe the kids.
            You forgot to mention that the kids were in contact via skype to the father just before the second interview. You also forgot to mention that the children said they were threatened with death 3 times in the videos. And had a secret language (sign). which cult members use , to relay messages of threats to each other

      • anon

        What a stupid statement!!! Do you not think that any case deserves to stand in it’s own merit regardless. You would not say this if it was about a run of the mill everyday investigation which the abuse of children is slowly becoming and not a minute to soon .. This stuff has spent to long in the shadows it’s about time it was all brought to light …

      • BenjyBham


    • Voiceofreason

      He has not suggested that ‘satanic child abuse doesn’t exist’, only that in this case it is has not yet been proven. I’ve poured over the leaked Judicial review and indeed it contains a great deal of information that people should consider before deciding that a)The children are victims of satanic abuse, and b) That the father, teachers, police, social workers, and so on are necessarily the perpetrators. Evidently these poor kids are victims of abuse, but to what extent and in what form this took place is still to be evidenced. Sadly, the British public have reacted to a story thats been whipped up by social media with the usual high levels of hysteria without really examining the bigger picture. The net result of course is this frenzied attack on what may turn out to be innocent people, and even if found to be innocent, the damage with be irreversible.

      • boptah

        The reason for the hysteria is because of the cover-up tendencies of the police. There are too many cases of police ineptitude to keep things like this a secret. I say we should ban secret courts and put all the testimony online. At least that way it cannot be covered up.
        In this case an investigation is required from an outside agency. I have seen all the videos, many times and it is obvious some dark shit is happening.

        • GetBackUnderTheRock

          It is only obvious to deluded conspiracy idiots that have believed this Satanic rubbish in this case and are now scuttling away back under their rocks in embarrassment.

          The actual people who are dealing with this case who have investigated it and have seen all the evidence months ago see it differently.

          Come back with some lame comment, but you’ll soon be moving on to the next conspiracy conveniently forgetting the ones that aren’t true.

        • Voiceofreason

          I don’t doubt some dark sh*t is happening. This is pretty dark: two young children dressed in jaunty backpacks, standing outside what appears to be a busy airport being videoed by their mothers brusque boyfriend whilst they recall the brutal sexual abuse they’ve experienced and the hand they played in murdering babies. If these were my children, I can’t for the life of me imagine responding to claims of sexual abuse, satanic or otherwise, by subjecting them to such demeaning public exhibitionism. Oh I’d take action, but not that!!

  • NewsUpdate
    • Keelan Balderson

      Thanks for sharing … here’s the full text:

      The inability of the courts to
      protect people from online abuse
      has become a “real concern”, solicitors
      have warned, as dozens of
      shocked Hampstead residents continue
      to find their personal details
      published alongside unfounded allegations
      of criminal wrongdoing.
      Full names, addresses and telephone
      numbers of individuals
      have been posted on a number
      of internet blogs and alternative
      news sites in recent weeks, with
      videos detailing the allegations
      having been viewed by hundreds
      of thousands of people.
      The claims, which the mainstream
      media is barred by court
      order from reporting on, are said
      to have been investigated by police
      and found to be baseless.
      Yet despite a High Court injunction
      ordering Google, Facebook
      and web blog hosts to remove the
      videos, links and videos continue
      to appear.
      Some who have had their details
      put online have already received
      abusive phone calls from internet
      With their addresses also published,
      the innocent victims are
      fearful that physical attacks could
      One individual affected said:
      “That someone can just make such
      unfounded and far-fetched allegations
      about us all, and publish our
      addresses and numbers freely on
      the internet, is just horrific.
      “I’m terrified people will believe
      what they read, come round to our
      house and attack us. I don’t know
      where to turn to get the links taken
      down. The police don’t seem to
      be able to do anything.”
      The affair has reignited the
      debate over whether courts have
      been left powerless to control information
      in the “Wild West” that
      can be the internet.
      Robin Shaw, a media law specialist
      at Gordon Dadds Solicitors
      who represents Private Eye
      magazine in cases of libel, told the
      Ham&High: “The internet is very
      difficult to control in this area. Almost
      impossible, in fact.
      “Individuals affected could go
      to the police to have proceedings
      brought against the publisher. Or
      an injunction could be sought to
      ensure their name is prohibited
      from being published anywhere
      in this context.
      “But this is likely to be a lengthy
      and costly process [and] you
      can’t guarantee others wouldn’t
      just reproduce the content
      “The courts are trying to catch
      up with this kind of problem, but
      there’s a long way to go. You’re not
      completely powerless but you’re
      not particularly well protected
      against those determined to repeat
      the allegations either.”
      Sir Keir Starmer, a former director
      of public prosecutions (DPP),
      said: “The internet isn’t a law-free
      zone and it can be policed.
      ‘‘There have already been examples
      of criminal proceedings in
      this area and the police have ways
      of identifying who has put up information.
      “But it is much more difficult to
      police than other forms of media.
      “It must be terrible for those
      affected and we do need to have
      much stronger working arrangements
      with online service providers
      so that this kind of stuff can
      be taken down quicker. We haven’t
      got to that place yet.”
      Police said they were “fully
      investigating the source of the
      blogs and the councils involved
      are seeking legal recourse to have
      them removed from the internet”.
      Google this week confirmed to
      the Ham&High it was looking into
      the injunction served against it.
      It said anyone affected could
      request removals from search results
      and make defamation claims.
      See for more information
      on how to do this.

      • Voiceofreason

        I don’t think shameful quite cuts it! Peoples livelihoods, and lives are likely to get wrecked by this. Of course the news will die down, and the innocent vindicated eventually, but sadly mud sticks for a very long time.

        • YouKnowNothing

          The small mercy is that so many have been accused along with so many impossible locations well known to locals, most “sensible” local people will know from months ago that it was nonsense when the school was first involved.

          Of course it doesn’t stop the occasional telephone call or email from idiots only just stumbling onto the conspiracy sites in the future, but numbers and email addresses can change.

          It’s frightening how quickly your life can be destroyed by retards though.

  • sunmoom

    I read this account from a commentator on another blog tonight. Bravo to whoever you are.


    ” My tuppence worth (I’m a new poster here). I’m an old Welshman.

    I watched all the ‘disclosure videos’ made by AC, read some blogs
    (particularly Aangirfan) and then found this discussion. I’ve read all
    of the subsequent leaks: the mother’s long description on Pastebin, the
    Googledrive documents; I watched the interview with SM (the McKenzie
    Friend); facebook links about some dubious history of McKenzie Friends
    and the connections to Hollie Grieg; I watched the police interviews…
    and I’ve read this entire discussion. My thanks to those few regular
    posters on this thread – reading you thrash out the various viewpoints,
    reading/watching the background links on RD and the mother… it has
    been a captivating 10 days.

    Firstly: what an emotional roller-coaster for us who are interested in
    the UK child abuse networks, offcial cover ups & spooks’ complicty
    “saga”. I grew up a few miles from Wrexham so my interest started there,
    spurred on by outrage at years of blatant masonic cover-up in the
    context of young lives ruined or ended after years of horrific organised

    A very brief personal timeline on this case (I’m trying to keep this brief but coherent):

    – Once over the initial emotional shock of the videos made by AC &
    ED I was convinced that surely the children could not have been coached
    so effectively. Despite the horror described and the number of adults
    involved I still couldn’t get past how convincing the children were.

    – But…. the things described have only ever been recounted by adults
    before. The Monarch and othe mind control programs (and some cults) and
    networks connected to Dutroux have left only a few adult talking
    survivors of events anywhere near what A and G (the children) described.
    This German ARD documentary (with subs) has adult survivors describing
    similar horrors (though far fewer abusers participating than this case):
    Ritual child abuse in France: German documentary pt. 1/5 – not great quality but very interesting.

    So here we have two very young apparent survivors who last
    underwent an abuse session at the end of the school year (according to G
    in police interview). I couldn’t really pick holes in their disclosures
    on AC’s videos, but then I have no training or experience in such
    interviews. It did occur to me that the locations were unusual (airport,

    – I watched them again and started to see them as “rehearsed
    performances”…. maybe. My head was spinning with the actual content
    and the scale of the “group”.

    – I formed an opinion of RD as a bit narcissistic and, frankly, odd with
    a convoluted lifestyle of “get rich quick” internet companies (scams it
    seemed to me) and his involvement with the yoga cult. Also a bit of a
    fraud (“founder of Nhs-Labs” in the US). Basically a failed actor and a

    – The light came on: the medical report of disclosures of violence from AC to the children made during the examination.

    – Then it seemed to be a judgement between the credibility of the
    original disclosures (5 Sep) & police interviews 1&2 (11 Sep)
    and the single videos of the retractions (17 Sep). Several things said
    by G in the second police interview display the power of his imagination
    and the physical impossibilty of some things he described. The mother
    was the source of his knowledge of sexual matters and anatomy (but she
    was not part of the “sex cult”, this was during bath-time and a natural
    occurence) not any of the abusers.

    I watched these videos twice: the interviewer was able to demonstrate a
    divide between learned (but not real) “memories” of events, real
    memories of real events (mostly related to food on which the boy is an
    expert!), and ad libbed “filler” or fantasy (filling half a bottle with
    semen which is like urine in consistency) and a disparity in timeline
    (before starting at the school/after starting school).

    – I am now persuaded, completely, of the most simple and least
    elaborate, least horror movie and least “crowded” of the two choices:
    they were coached using intense bullying and some violence by AC, with
    the mother’s compliance/non-intervention, into learning the “baby
    sacrifice, plastic willie, all the teachers, loads of parents, policemen
    and social services, the church, baby meat “bolognese” … horror

    The disclosures we saw were repetitions of a set learned (under duress)
    lines of horrific actions involving a large & specific cast.

    – The retractions may, to the layman, attract some criticism (talking in
    the car on the way there, but this was indeed disclosed). However the
    interviewer is a specialist in the world of childrens’
    lies-truths-invention-naivety and also in how children can be
    manipulated by abusive adults. For all the scepticism of the police they
    themselves must share a lot of the responsibilty – years (decades) of
    cover up and public lies from child abuse to Hillsborough. But in this
    instance I think he did a reasonable job.

    – An important motivator for the children is “not getting into trouble”.
    Most recently this “trouble” has consisted of violence, shouting,
    accusing and bullying from AC who their mother loves very much
    (according to A in police interview 2) and does not stop – her
    allegiance has been to AC before them. As far as they know it is AC who
    will be waiting for them at home. G asks specifically about whether he
    will be seeing AC after the retraction interview, he hates him and A
    says she just wants to stay with the new foster carer. Even as he
    retracts the lies G offers a caveat of “well, not much…” as if giving
    himself some cover for betraying AC. The way A described AC calling her a
    “little cunt” was very telling.

    That ritualistic (Satanic/Luciferian) group abuse of children has
    occured in the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and the US is a
    matter of record for those who don’t suffer cognitive dissonance and are
    willing to spend time with this brilliant internet of ours to research

    But it did not occur in this case in Hampstead, in my most persuaded opinion.

    AC and ED are apparently abroad with UK warrants for their arrests. AC
    should be prosecuted and if found guilty (of a catalogue of charges) he
    should expect a heavy sentence. The mother hopefully will at least get
    some sympathy for having been abused by yet another sociopathic man but
    her complicity in AC’s violent coaching and her sticking by him over her
    children (and then fleeing with him) should rightly count against her.

    Lastly: I think RD has a lot of questions to answer. G talked about
    alcohol and a white powder being given him by RD. Both children have
    unaccountable rectal scarring which must be followed up as regards both
    AC and RD or indeed medically as to their diet and possible

    And lastly lastly: as tempted as I am to shout “cover up!” about the
    video take-downs I am surprised it has taken so long considering the
    legal issues and the privacy rights of the children. I can only hope
    they are not identified in years to come. A and G will now go through
    yet another emotional wrench and into foster care. I hope they don’t
    lose their mother and their Russian heritage. I also hope they will be
    able to forgive their mother but that will depend on her I feel.

    It will be interesting to hear about her court case and hopefully about
    AC’s too if he can be extradited from Morocco (where I guess he is,
    maybe her too). McKenzie Friends now have huge reputational damage to
    overcome, no doubt minus one of their employees who herself will
    probably face charges.

    Thanks again to the regular posters on this discussion. It’s been some “ride”!”

    • anon

      A vital flaw in this is
      A) the children don’t look frightened at all in fact they seem quite relaxed and comfortable in Abrahams presence while giving their accounts .. (I know fear of an abuser I have personal experience)
      B) Why did they not make it more believable and cut out the bits that were unreal and farfetched…
      C) Why go to the Police to report it if you have an alleged criminal record and could get into trouble..
      D) Why not just incriminate RD himself and make it easier instead of dragging half of Hampstead in the equation ..

      It does not make sense.. It makes more sense that their are elements of truth in their story and that they the kids were abused the constipation theory does not wash not with a vegatarian/vegan diet they were clever enough to retract their stories because they thought they may be killed … I remember in one of the vids G having to convince A to tell the truth as A was scared to confide .. This is what happens all to often there are hundreds of kids pulled away from their parents and thrown into care never to be seen again …

      • Voiceofreason

        Sorry to hear about your personal experience of abuse however please understand that not all those who are abused are frightened of the abuser, certainly not in a traditional sense anyway. Abusers tend to groom their victims, building what appears to be a loving, caring relationship, which in turn creates trust and paves the way for the abuse to take place. Note: I am
        referring mostly to non- violent sexual abuse. Aside from the latter, the abuse takes place within a seemingly loving ‘relationship’ which leads to the abused experiencing a host of very complex, conflicting emotions, including – and I know this is hard to grasp – love towards the abuser. You will also see this
        bizarre meandering of emotions is evident in cases of domestic abuse. How many times have you wondered why the beaten wife (or husband) doesn’t ‘just’ leave the abuser?

        All cases are different of course but do not assume that the kids’ apparent lack of fear towards the man interviewing them is a sign that they do not fear him, or that he is not an abuser.

        To your point (C) I have no idea, except the Ian Huntley case springs to mind.

        Finally, you are wrong that people on vegan diets do not suffer with constipation.Chances are they eat a very high fibre diet, which, contrary to popular belief, can, and does cause constipation. Look it up.

      • Keelan Balderson

        Your assumption here is that the mother and mother’s partner are mentally stable and capable of making rational decisions.

        • anon

          From what I have watched of the mother she seems pretty sane and not mentally ill as the Police would like us to believe … As the Police Detective stated looking over the interviews in her opinion her mental health can only be assessed by a professional I agree with this … So therefore we at this stage cannot comment on her mental health issues if indeed there are any.. She certainly seems perfectly rational and sane on her videos promoting her business ventures… I would say a sweet women, her husband on the other hand from his looks dodgy to say the least… I would like to see the Police interviews to asses further, but from the info I have seen all I am saying is we cannot rule out the possibility police cover up… The Mother only released the vids after the children were taken as a safeguard and insurance policy for their safety.. Children get lost through the care home system some ending up in Pedophile rings child pornography/snuff movies if there is a Police Cover up this would be the logical thing to do so they were not harmed they held onto them since September and released out of desperation I feel… If someone can post a link to the Police interviews here that would shed more light onto this terrible situation..

          • Biased

            “I would say a sweet women, her husband on the other hand from his looks dodgy to say the least..”

            Well you would say that wouldn’t you. Biased much?

          • anon

            I go on energy and gut reaction and to me he is beyond unsavory to say the least I was hoping to find the opposite you can make up your own mind go watch his vids and then watch hers anyone is free to do this and form their own opinion on him and her and her then boyfriend who I also now think is innocent after watching him follow your own inner compass and gut and have discernment .. Also it is worth adding that a few very recent accounts on You tube and blogs etc have popped up very freshly opened accounts fighting his cause pretending to be normal folks make of that what you will … Also would like to add that other than one or two statements no one has really come forward to clear their name make a vid or offer to be examined to prove otherwise certainly the first thing i would have done .. The bottom line is the investigation was not thorough enough.. Even if we are not dealing with Satanic abuse they the authorities and people implicated seem to be doing a good job of making it look like a cover up … Blow the lid off this lets have a proper transparent investigation and court hearing …

          • Biased

            Nobody is stupid enough to come forward to clear their name and be exposed to idiots like you baying for blood.

            NOTHING the innocents say will be good enough for people like you so it’s pointless.

            NOTHING will convince you that this is simply a couple of children coerced into making these allegation by the the DOCUMENTED PHYSICAL ABUSER ABRAHAM.

            I’ve had enough of your pathetic conspiracy driven retarded logic. Enjoy having some sort of nerd rage response to this. I won’t read it.

          • anon

            I am merely laughing .. Documented physical abuser? why would you be party to such private information where is your proof of this please give links to documentation .. The Police just needed to do their job properly that’s all there was alot of information given that would prove if the alleged perpetrators were indeed guilty a physical examination would have knocked it all on the head job done I am curious as to why the Police didn’t investigate more thoroughly there were also assumptions and discrepancies in the original investigation seems to be very swift and swept under the carpet regardless of the statement retractions … I know of two ex police officers who feel this as well as the statement given by the DS who wrote the independent statement on the case ..

          • Kelly

            That’s because they are not innocent!! lets hope you don’t ever go through anything like what these kids have been through, there is proof to back up there allegations, why have the police done nothing?? why have the news papers been shut down from reporting this?? are you really that thick…I still can’t believe the people of Hampstead aren’t taking action gutless if this were in my country we would demand answers…in numbers

  • camdengirl

    Great piece of journalism. Due to privacy issues, mainstream media are shying away from the story. This has created a vacuum which is rapidly being filled by conspiracy theorists and the downright bonkers. None of whom give a fig about the children, but are using them to push their own agendas.
    This makes your work on this very valuable, dispelling insane stories whilst retaining respect and privacy for the children.

    • voiceofreason

      And then of course there is the mawkish outpouring of grief for the self styled campaigner for justice (I’ll refer to her SMN ) who has been forced to flee the country to avoid legal action for her part in ‘supporting’ the mothers efforts to get her children back. I made the terrible mistake of listening to an online interview with her; a cringeworthy tirade of tears, and cries of ” Cover up” and “I’ve done nothing wrong”. Oh dear, a little hard to accept that someone who alleges to know so much about the judicial system is not fully aware that it’s ILLEGAL to publicly promote information and videos of two children who have been made wards of court due to suspected abuse. I only hope she remains on the run and as far away from the Uk as is humanly possible because she is clearly off her rocker!

      • sunmoom

        Agreed. Sabine McNeill is a self-publicist who also uses the name Ursula Kurjo, Sabine Ursula Kurjo McNeill, Ursula McNeill and probably more variations. She has numerous websites and is a Director of a few companies in the UK. She obviously loves the attention she is receiving, but doesn’t care about the consequences of publishing videos of young children who in my view were drugged by “hemp” boyfriend. How much did she charge as a Mckenzie Friend for all of this?

        • Keelan Balderson

          What’s sad is these self styled experts surrounding the mother are ruining her chances of ever having a relationship with her kids again.

        • Kelly

          Sabine McNeil is certainly not what you claim, you obviously cannot tell a good person from a bad one, No women in her right mind would want this sort of attention, you must be a sicko if that’s your opinion, wouldn’t shock me if you are part of the pedo gang!

      • Wide open

        You are such an idiot.

        • BenjyBrum

          your’e the idiot. clearly. listen to the interview being discussed here.

  • anon

    After watching hours worth of these vids I do not believe that these children are lying.. I think their stories are embellished but there is way too much information of what really goes on in these rituals this has nothing to do with conspiracy theories these rituals of baby human and animal sacrifice take place.. Usually near churches and sacred places…
    The intelligent 9 to five know it all’s would not be aware of this you lead boring 9 to five average office lives believe what the governments and T.V feeds you are Hypnotized into eating your GMO by the Likes of Jamie Oliver and watching encrypted dodgy T V shows from your overpriced DFS couches.. While up the road in cofortable Regents Park /Hampstead they are secretly having an evening of conjuring entities and blood sacrifice… They could be M.Ps Judges Policemen Entertainment Moguls Writers Royalty, Vets , Members of MI5 Doctors usually Powerful upper echelons of society … Not your average Joe…

    These children do not look afraid in these videos at all… The guy filming the Vids is prompting them because he has heard their story before and does not want them to leave out the information he is going to give to the police … Hence why they are filmed in odd places like airport car parks… Really come on these children are not drugged on hemp as some idiot suggested …Hemp is a highly nutritious food and has been know to cure cancer .. The mother feeds her children a responsible healthy diet … The real father scares the be Jesus out of me I cannot bare to look at him … I think they are fabricating these charges against the boyfriend to take the heat off what is really going on… These children have witnessed satanic abuse regardless who was involved how do they know how thin baby skin would be and how it would be sticky on one side because of the blood he is only 8 they have seen things they should not have seen and I think they are “framing” the boyfriend to keep them in the Foster/ Care home loop and we all know what happens there don’t we children get abused ..

    • Voiceofreason

      This debate is not about whether satanic ritual abuse occurs per se, but whether it has occurred – or any sexual abuse for that matter – in the case of these particular children. For the children to be talking so graphically it is clear that they have been exposed to acts or information about adult sexual behaviour and violence. This of course could mean they’ve been sexually abused, but it could also feasibly be down to coaching, emotional abuse, exposure to pornography, movies or literature, and please lets not rule out the possibility that the hemp they have been fed in the form of the ‘green juice’ has triggered psychotic episodes. I understand that THC can have all the side effects of other psychotropic drugs including psychotic episodes, memory loss and brain damage. And also remember, we know that young children and teenagers do not have fully developed brains and therefore surely more likely to be susceptible to the negative effects of hemp, regardless in what form it comes. You need to apply a bit of critical thinking, if able to.

      • BenjyBrum

        Hemp food has NO THC in it you plank!

        • Voiceofreason

          Actually it does contain THC, albeit in small quantities.
          Medical cannabis contains higher quantities of THC. THC in such small quantities should not cause the ‘high’ you get from taking cannabis, or the psychotic episodes that some experience. However it does need to be properly administered – and given the overall weirdness of this case, the acts and attitudes of the mother and her rather dubious boyfriend, who knows what’s been going on in that household!

    • Keelan Balderson

      Meandering diatribes like this are not helping. Read back what you wrote … what are you talking about?

      It’s like you just vomited on to the keyboard.

      The only thing that really made any sense here is that yes Hemp is the non psychoactive food variant of the Marijuana plant.

      • anon

        Meandering diatribes 8 your reply 4 think that speaks for itself.. Seems others ae understanding what I am trying to get across pretty well …

        • GoAndLook

          No it simply shows that the majority of people visiting this page are conspiracy retards.

      • Tim Veater

        Not everyone possesses your literary prowess Keelan. Your response is perhaps more instructive than theirs but no more valid. Anon’s principal point, that apparently you disagree with, is that the children’s accounts should be treated with respect, unless and until they have been positively disproved. That at least is what I had thought we had painfully learned to date?

        • anon

          Thank you yes exactly …

    • Tim Veater

      On your main point Anon that “I do not believe that these children are lying” I tend to agree with you. I have reservations with the form of questioning but what is the alternative: that they were coached to say the things they did or just a child’s over-active imagination? Neither of these can explain the features of the video that strongly support the conclusion that as regards the substantive allegations, they are retelling their experiences truthfully. In these circumstances, the later “retraction” is not only highly questionable but also deeply worrying about the police investigation.

  • Anonymous

    Haute de la Garenne bodies of murdered children found, tortured ,abused sadisticly killed Royalty MPs Celebrities implicated …bBig Police cover up no one questioned, put on the stand, or behind bars these were kids their little bones mean nothing same old same old,
    But wait its all just stupid conspiracy theories right? ..

    I for one would like to know where you get the evidence against this Abraham Guy? Is this factual or hearsay? If there is a Police cover up then it might all be bullshit too … We have evidence we have the children’s video statements and drawings and anal abuse scaring (don’t give me crap about constipation could work for one but not two kids who take hemp which is a virtual laxative) …

    Why were the implicated people not examined? simple would have drawn a line under everything… end off…

    • GoAndLook

      If you bothered to look for the documents and videos you will see for yourself where the allegations regarding Abraham come form.

      You just can’t be bothered looking, it’s much easier to snipe instead, expecting people to spoon feed you information.

      Get off your ar$e and look.

    • Voiceofreason

      …and breathe! Phew, I got there in the end but would have appreciated a little more attention to the use of punctuation.

      I’m afraid you make far too many assumptions.

      Do you know for a fact that the police have not examined the people who’ve been implicated?

      Do you know for a fact what investigations have, or have not been carried out by the police?

  • Tim Veater

    leading story on BBC news is MP’s arranging to be paid for
    “consultancy” and three London girls allegedly travelling
    to Syria, yet as far as I am aware, since September last year, no
    news about alleged organised child molestation in a London primary
    school, including incredible but convincing accounts of child
    sacrifice! Meanwhile it appears witnesses are excluded from family
    court proceedings; the children are forcibly removed from mother and
    wider family; the alleged abuser is not prevented from accessing the
    children, whilst the mother is forced to flee the country on threats
    of arrest; failure of the police to properly investigate to
    substantiate or disprove the serious allegations; after heavy police
    questioning the children retract their story without any explanation
    how such a convincing narrative could have been concocted without a
    basis in truth. Meanwhile presumably school and teachers continue
    unchallenged, potentially putting other children at risk? Yet no news
    outlet considers it news worthy? If true, this is a scandal capable
    of putting all others in the shade, not merely by virtue of the
    alleged deeds themselves, but by what appears to be a heavy handed
    and inappropriate response by both police and social services and by
    the legal process. This if true would amount to an official cover-up.
    Surely the issues raised are of the highest public importance and
    should be publicly disseminated and investigated? It is not historic
    cases that should be afforded primary attention but current ones, if
    and where they exist, if they do.

  • Miss M

    Exactly the things I’ve been saying all along. I knew the mum was lying covering up for her boyfriend and forcing the kids to say that vile shit cause they’re being rightly taken away and protected from the real abusers. I hope the fucking idiots who’ve posted and shared these kids of kids being forced to say such horrific things are arrested, its child porn, kids talking like that is child porn. Idiots

    • ShrillandProud

      Don’t you bring objective and critical opinion into this, it is clearly not wanted!

  • ThoughtThisMayInterestU

    From the Icke forum:

    Originally Posted by ninorc


    I’ve just been told about this grim business by A’s estranged wife. I
    haven’t read through the whole thread, which I’m told was pretty much
    resolved on page 157 by a post from silent revolution, which has it
    fairly straight, especially when he says, ‘I was left thinking how
    insane the mums boyfriend would have to be to concoct this whole thing,
    especially as it targeted not only the children’s father but many people
    in the local Hampstead community.’

    I must be careful of what I say in public about AC, because I am very
    fond of his ex and their four kids, plus others from both sides of the
    family, all of whom have been affected by this, so I don’t want to
    publicly identify them. Suffice it to say, he is *quite* insane. A is a
    heavy cannabis user who doesn’t smoke since he got TB in a Spanish jail,
    years ago, but ingests it orally. He was an early and passionate
    advocate of hemp nutrition and a raw foodie, interested in urology. A
    insisted that the cannabinoids in one’s urine after ingesting cannabis
    were intensified, so if one drank one’s wee… This is nonsense, but a
    pretext for A to whip out his big cock, piss in a pint glass and drink
    it warm. That was his outrageous party piece!

    I’m not saying cannabis made A mad; perish the thought. Indeed, for
    years I thought A was brilliant; he had some profound insights and
    amazing ideas. However, there was another AC, a hardened criminal,
    expert in intimidation. “I’ve never been to prison and I’m not going
    back,” was one of his catch phrases. I never saw nasty A until I went
    round to see him one day in 2008, after he’d watched the Guy Ritchie
    film, Rock’n’Rolla, which is apparently about violent, epigrammatic
    gangsters. Anyway, it seemed to strike a chord with A because he was
    confrontational and insulting (we were supposed to be celebrating our
    shared birthdays, since we’re within days of each other). I refused to
    tolerate his abuse, left, and haven’t spoken to him since.

    A was a voracious reader and theoriser. His favourite book is, ‘Dune,’
    which he sees as an allegory. In the video interview with Kid A, you can
    hear him reminding her that, “fear is the mind killer,” (a quotation
    from that book). In fact, fear will shut down a kids thinking and terror
    is an essential tool in compartmentalising kid’s minds. A knows that
    because he has read all the same stuff and has seen all the same videos
    as you lot have. That’s why, in order to start an internet meme about
    Satanic Ritual Abuse, he knew just what to make the kids say.

    A had some very far out ideas about 2012 and what might happen. But in
    dull reality, he was a hustler with a violent past that was not
    integrated into his personality as ******’. I think that’s key to A’s
    fractured personality and his cannabis use. At one level, he’s
    self-medicating the trauma of his past and, on another, he inhabits a
    self-created world in which he is a spiritual savant. A guru, that is,
    who is also extremely avaricious and will readily resort to violence.
    Two things tilted him over the edge: first, his oldest son died of
    addiction; then he lost the family home in an ill-judged business

    A blamed his wife for his son’s death, although it was non of her
    business, as she was not the man’s mother. Clearly, growing up with an
    absentee father who was involved with drugs did the young man no
    favours, but A blamed his wife for not being sufficiently sympathetic,
    or whatever. AC beat the living shit out of his wife and put her in the
    hospital. There were remonstrations and crocodile tears, but eventually
    he moved out and took up with a pole dancer, to the chagrin of his ex. A
    believed he could make a killing as a gold trader and sold their house
    in North London to finance his new business, but he bought his gold at
    the top of the market and it lost a third of its value over the
    following year! A left the wife he’d assaulted and walked out on and
    their four children with nowhere to live!

    AC is highly manipulative and he plays his children expertly, so that
    their mum has to be very careful not to say anything that might alienate
    them, or oblige them to take sides. His abuse of his own kids and wife
    is emotional and enforced with violence, or threats. He used to hit his
    wife with the back of a spoon (reduces bruising) and has evidently done
    the same to the girl in the videos (as she mentions). I wouldn’t be
    surprised if he’s clipped little Kid G round the ear and damaged his
    hearing. I don’t know when he took up with the Russian woman, but
    clearly she is totally under his thumb and has signally failed to
    protect her kids from him.

    In the police interviews, you’ll notice that both children say that the
    physical abuse took place in Morocco. A owns a riyadh in Marrakech,
    where the laws regarding the treatment of children are a lot more lax.
    Maybe he thought he could get away with indoctrinating them there. Who
    knows what goes on in that sick fucker’s head. The children have been in
    care since September and that’s got to be better than being around Papa
    Hemp. His own kids are bewildered and angry and his ex-wife is
    distraught, but holding it together. They saw AC last week, but ignored
    him. Since then, he’s been raided by the police, who took computers and
    phones, and has disappeared again, no doubt to Morocco or Spain.

    His fantasy world is crashing in on AC. He has made seriously defamatory
    accusations and wasted much time and resources. He has evidently
    traumatised those two children, even if he was careful not to physically
    abuse them on UK soil. Nobody in their right mind wants anything to do
    with him, even if his associates are not ready to give him up to the
    law. I agree with silent revolution when he says, ‘I think papa hemp
    needs to be found and made to answer for all this.’

    • Keelan Balderson

      Well obviously I can only vouch for what’s in the police records of him being violent, which alone should sound alarm bells for all the true believers, but it’s an interesting post nonetheless. Something to set aside.

      Do you have any more info on him being raided?

      I heard he left the country, but then he would up outside the court the other week “campaigning.”

  • Voiceofreason

    Another very important point for all to consider – especially the conspiracy theorists – is that in the videos shot by the mother and her boyfriend, the children claim that people from CAFCAS (The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) were amongst the abusers.

    I refer in particular to the video that was shot on immediate return from the holiday in Morocco where the children first made the claims of abuse, and was therefore PRIOR to the mother taking the children to the police, and their subsequent placement into the care system.

    My point is how did the children even know of the existence of CAFCAS at this stage? It is hardly a name commonly bandied around by young children, or many adults for that matter. And even if people from CAFCAS had been part of the alleged abuse, it seems unlikely that they would have identified themselves as such.

    Given that there is a documented claim of neglect on the mothers part, prior to these claims of ritual abuse, it seems likely that the children were already on the CAFCAS radar ( i.e on the ‘at risk register’). Hence the children were familiar with the name CAFCAS. Is it therefore a possibility that these claims have been fabricated (by the children) and/or coerced (by the mother and boyfriend) to deflect attention from abuse/neglect going on within the home?

    • IlIlIl

      “it seems likely that the children were already on the CAFCAS radar”

      It seems likely? So you are unsure yourself? So you are really subjectifying to the notion of being a conspiracy theorist yourself. So by theorising on what you consider a conspiracy of a lie really defaults it to truth, therefore giving the article credibility to the notion of truth & yourself conspiracy theoring it to be a lie when it’s not.

      You’re are contradicting yourself. The blame game of conspiracy theory is so 1940’s.

      It’s 2015.

      • Voiceofreason

        Of course I am ‘unsure’ whether the children were already on the CAFCASS radar, because I do not have the FACTS. I am merely presenting this as a theory. I thought that was obvious.

        As for the rest of your post, all I see is gibberish! Please be clear next time.

    • Polly Sawyer

      I think there’s some confusion here about what CAFCASS actually does. CAFCASS is there to ensure the best interests of the children in the Family Courts. They also do mediation work. Seeing as this family had already been through the Family Courts (there were Court Order issued so dad could have access) it’s likely that this family would have been well aware of CAFCASS. However, to my mind it makes no difference to the case whether they were or weren’t aware of CAFCASS. It’s not really relevant is it?

  • Keelan Balderson

    I guess it got closed down?

  • John


  • Polly Sawyer

    It’s disturbing that videos of these children are still being uploaded to You Tube and elsewhere and that some people think this is a good thing. I think this is another kind of child abuse. I’m glad the police are beginning to take note of these videos and have been intervening when they originate in the UK. About time but doesn’t go far enough – the videos uploaded in other parts of the work need to be taken down too. I’ve nothing against people discussing the case but I don’t see why the kids faces and names have to be put out there for the world to see. These are real children who will soon want to use the internet and they deserve a chance to recover from all this nonsense.