Hampstead Abuse Allegations and Online Vigilantism: The Post Savile World

Hampstead Cult Believers: 6 Questions YOU Must Answer
Judge: Hampstead Children Were Abused By Mother And Partner, NOT Satanic Cult
Submissions For Judicial Review Of Hampstead Abuse Allegations Reveal Coaching Likely
Court Seeks Removal Of Videos As ‘Campaigner’ Flees

The sharing of a series of videos involving allegations of extreme sexual abuse of at least 2 children, has prompted a form of online vigilantism, the ramifications of which has yet to be fully understood.

The clips of a poor innocent boy and girl being encouraged to discuss so called “satanic ritual abuse” sessions that allegedly took place in Hampstead, London, are currently being paraded around blogs, forums, and social media accounts, by a wave of self-styled justice and truth seekers.

Are the “security services involved?” asks the Aanirfan Blog, which proceeds to list the allegations, before linking them to a string of historical cases that for the most part were shown to be baseless.

Absurd Allegations

Abuse is alleged to have taken place at locations as absurd as an “American fast-food restaurant,” which the children named as “McDonalds,” with UK chain “Pizza Express,” and “all the cafés” lumped in as well. That’s without mentioning “all the shopkeepers,” being involved.

The boss of the “fast food restaurant” allowed child sacrifices to take place in a “secret room”. Here “Babies were prepared and cooked.”

A school where the children attended is said to be a hub of activity. At the nearby church they were allegedly forced to partake in the murder of babies by their teachers and estranged father. They were abused, made to drink the blood of the dead, and danced on decomposed baby skulls.

The videos although shared recently, were taken some time ago and the children have since been taken off the mother, who helped record them with her male partner, who has since believed to have gone walkabouts.

A Change.org petition that seems to have taken the allegations at face value, calls for the children to be returned to the mother and their Russian family.

The Tap Blog agrees, and asserts that “anybody who watches these privately taken videos is convinced,” that a powerful paedophile ring is at work … I’m not!

Misguided Vigilantism

What I am convinced of is that in a post Jimmy Savile world – where justified distrust of state institutions reigns supreme – a void has opened up in to which vigilantism has filled.

Savile was a monster, as are the gambit of celebrities and other high profile people convicted of abuse in the past couple of years. The state and society as a whole, have a lot to answer for – how did they allow this to happen? It’s only natural that the average everyday citizen has less faith in the authorities than they’ve ever had. How are we supposed to feel when psychopaths, liars and spineless head turners, are exposed so overtly?

Congruently, the rise of social media, citizen journalism, or what we might call “alternative media,” has allowed everyone to have a voice. Individuals are more empowered now than they’ve ever been, in their ability to share ideas and information. This is extremely beneficial if one subscribes to concepts of freedom or democracy.

However with our new found power to have our voices heard also comes great responsibility. Comments we may have made flippantly down the pub to a handful of friends and acquaintances, can now be seen by thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

What’s concerning about this story is not that people wish to help two innocent children who may have been abused, but that they would so blindly believe and share anything and everything written about the case. That they would believe the videos completely and literally. That they would name names, single out locations, and plaster the videos themselves all over the web!

Although there is certainly a debate to be had about the secret family courts and some of the practises of social services in this country, there are legitimate reasons why cases involving children, especially abuse, are restricted from public perusal.

Whatever may have happened to these children, how are they going to feel when in a few years they Google their names and see their faces crudely cropped for dramatic effect on some paranoid and hysterical article? With hordes of people commenting with their armchair expertise?

Clouding Real Abuse

In the aforementioned Aanirfan blog post the author tenuously links to a “satanic ritual abuse” case from the 80s in the US state of Minnesota. Several children made allegations against an unrelated man and their parents. The man confessed and then identified a number of the children’s parents as perpetrators. Ultimately twenty-four adults were charged with child abuse though only three went to trial with two acquittals and one conviction.

What was a sickening but relatively straightforward abuse case, snowballed in to a hysteria about a giant satanic ring. The Attorney General’s Office concluded that the investigation by the local police was so poor and confused, that it had destroyed the opportunity to properly investigate. Judge Antonin Scalia said the coercive techniques used by the investigators damaged the credibility of the allegations and although “some sexual abuse took place … there is no reason to believe it was as widespread as charged.”

(In other words the hysteria clouded the real abuse that took place).

The infamous McMartin preschool case, which ran through the 80s was similarly ruined by the hysterical responses of both the social workers, investigators and the media. Suggestive interview techniques prompted the children to make up absurd stories like seeing witches fly, and accuse people nowhere near the scene of being involved, like celebrity Chuck Norris. Secret tunnels and other locations where the abuse was supposed to have taken place were all ruled out. After a record $15 million trial concluded in 1990, all charges were dropped and at least one victim admitted they made up their story.

Satanic Panic then jumped to the UK in 1990 when five families in Rochdale were wrongly torn apart when it was alleged children were being abused by a satanic ring. Paranoid social workers, in part working from NSCPCC guidelines on unfounded “satanic ritual abuse,” had convinced themselves that satanists were operating in Manchester. Video tapes of interviews that were eventually released showed how the social workers coerced the children to make up the stories, and even with no evidence they ran with the case.

Allegations ranged from the sacrifice of human babies and robed devil worship to locking the children in cages and caves. None of the claims were ever proven, and all of the children were eventually returned to their families, 10 years later in the worst case. Many of the alleged victims later spoke out in a documentary about the very real abuse they suffered when being forced to undergo “medical examinations” after being physically removed from their families by police.

In today’s online world of trutherism the Hollie Greig case is perhaps more well known. This was the story of a down syndrome girl who was allegedly abused for over a decade by a gang of paedophiles, reaching the top levels of the Scottish establishment. Well-meaning internet activists launched the “Google Hollie Greig” campaign and some even took to the streets to protest the stomach churning crimes of the elite.

Names and locations were named (even when they didn’t exist), as were other victims who vehemently denied being abused. The story quickly morphed in to whatever the current alternative media celebrity wanted it to be, including satanism, but ultimately no solid evidence ever emerged.

Some medical records could be interpreted as evidence of abuse in some form, but at this point the case is so clouded in unsubstantiated nonsense that nobody is ever going to take it seriously again.

Another Case Ruined?

We’re entering in to a new world, where cases like that of the two children are going to be blown up on the internet much more regularly, because it’s so easy to do so. Somebody claiming to be the father is posting on the videos to try and clear his name, and the videos themselves were likely put up with the mother’s permission to get people on her side.

Legal steps had already been taken before they were uploaded, suggesting the current hysteria is too late to impact the initial court action itself, as the children are already in care.

That fact alone should suggest that the authorities believe that yes, some form of abuse had taken place. Whether this was from the father, or the mother and her partner, or a combination of the them all – neither you or I are in a position to know or find out. Speculating or literally believing there are baby skulls stacked up in a church in the middle of North London, achieves absolutely nothing.

While on paper I am not opposed to vigilantism or independent research when there is solid grounds to believe the state has failed, this comes with the caveat that the vigilante or researcher has to demonstrate they can tackle the situation with impeccable standards. Shock and awe blog posts, or blindly sharing videos of the poor children on Facebook to spark discussions about how David Icke was right all along, is NOT how it’s done. In fact it’s the perfect excuse for tighter internet regulations and even more secretive court proceedings!

In many ways the internet has made us more free than we’ve ever been before, but are we mature enough to accept the responsibilities that go along with that?

This story suggests we’re not.


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  • Burton

    Real non-swayed, unbiased article you have here. You should just let the clips speak for themselves. As did the “self-styled justice and truth seekers” you mentioned. You know? The ones who are merely spreading it for awareness purposes? And as far as the justice theyre calling for? Regardless of this being true, lies or hoax, these kids are with going a form of abuse one way or another by even having these images suggested. this is what is being taken away at “face value”: That these kids are hearing or seeing things that no child their age should. But nah, paint it all as absurd so anybody who reads this is less inclined to take their time to go through all the videos themselves!

    • Keelan Balderson

      No Burton, many people posted the videos in a hysterical manner with no critical thought, immediately siding with the mother, and using them as evidence to fit their world view that there are mass underground networks of satanic ritual abusers. Blogs screencapped images of the kids faces for shock value and made all sorts of tenuous links and unsubstantiated claims. Some even gave the names of the children, lists of alleged abusers like a witch hunt. This is very reckless behaviour that can ruin lives if not handled carefully.

      They were not “merely spreading awareness,” unless the awareness was how to confuse and shock people.

      “Regardless of this being true, lies or hoax, these kids are with going a form of abuse one way or another by even having these images suggested.”

      Yeah exactly, so your answer is to plaster them all over the internet and speculate and theorize under the guise of helping?

      • Biff

        You a fool! Stop covering up for the Satanist Pedophile elite. Satanic ritual abuse is widespread, worldwide, and they are very good at keeping things hushed up.

        • Keelan Balderson


          • Steve Keys

            Well done mate. A voice of sanity at last!

          • anonymous

            you are in on it keelan ?seems as if your trying to misguide people. if it wasn’t true why has no one come forward ? why is it not in the Media? we know its a cover up . and we will NOT BE FOOLED!

          • Keelan Balderson

            Because they have no obligation to? Because they don’t want to fan the flames of hysteria?

            The real question is that why has nobody from the local community come forward as victims/concerned parents, if a widespread satanic cult is operating on their doorstep?

            Because there’s no credible evidence that there is.

            Sadly you HAVE been fooled.

      • jackydoodoo

        These kids mentioned acts that I couldnt think up in the worst mood I have ever had, I have never seen a horroh movie that’s as bad as it sounds either, I believe them childeren 100%. If it is a group of people involved molesting kids they will have ways of worming their way out. Telling childeren that they will be killed, telling them that the people at mcdonalds are in on it, the people in starbucks too, it doesnt they seen a of this, they could have been lied to to make their stories seem more absurd and easy to discredit. The mothers advisor released the videos because no action was being taken by our ggovernment. People must see this, if it is true and bei g covered up tthis could have huge consequences. The way our country is run is clearly corrupt and befits the few at the top. People up there have little conscience. . These childeren have mentioned things in the videos that they could only k ow if it all was true. So why hasn’t any of the alleged been remanded and examined to see if birth marks are where they say they are? And tattoos? The 20 childeren could be examined to see if they hVe been raped. The police will have seen these videos before the public. They can’t not investigTe without being told not too. If this was poor people on a council estate it would be sorted and all over the news papers by now.

  • https://www.facebook.com/akanikita Miss M

    this is the first article about this horrifying case that sees sense. I went crazy when I saw these poor children all over the internet talking about this, those children are being abused whether its true or not what they say, its abuse to make them go through talking a out it like that and make it so public. Stupid stupid people joining in by posting over and over. At least I did right thing and passed my concerns onto a detective I trust who’s passed it onto one she trusts in met

    • Keelan Balderson

      Exactly and I can’t imagine how they’re going to get over this when they can relive the trauma just by Googling their own names! Some people have no common sense any more, just emotional knee-jerk reactions.

    • Jason M

      Wow. Way to dismiss all of the videos, medial eveidence, and weird legal procedings (and lack of ANY real investigation into this case). If there is even a 1% chance that what the kids say in the videos is true, there must be massive investigations, total transparency, public hearings, lie detector tests, etc… – Also, what the kids are saying seems to match up with many other cases across the world that have been spoken about by very reputable people.

      • Keelan Balderson

        What a ridiculous statement. By your logic anyone could accuse anyone else of anything. Chaos would ensure.

        And no, what the kids are saying does not match up to any modern cases across the world … ones that have real evidence anyway.

  • Jon

    Your pseudo-investigation and the misleading article you wrote about it are garbage. You obviously don’t know much about the case, besides the superficial information you were exposed, instead of doing actual research. Your article speaks of your ignorance and your prejudice.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I know everything there is to know about the case. There’s no need for me to reprint every allegation, and I’m not going to break the law by naming names.

  • ObjectivityIsLostOnMostPeople

    Good luck Keelan, you’re going to need it dealing with the tinfoilhat brigade.

    The comments on YouTube are bizarre. However the really scary part is that these idiots can vote and serve on a jury!

  • anon

    The real Evidence is the Children were “Anally raped ” They have scars on the inside of their Anus fact… The Children do not seem traumatized in the presence of the Mother or her Boyfriend fact deduced from watching the vids I have seen all of them.. I agree that these statements from the children are embellished but they were raped by whom?… The Mother and her boyfriend documented their stories that implicated the Authorities two police men and social services included… The mother thought she was doing the right thing as would anyone.. The Authorities reaction to this was to blame her even though the statements of the Children stated this abuse did not happen in her care … it happened at school Church and in the care of the Father “Allegedly” … So why have these very Authorities seen fit to take away these Children and throw them into care/foster this alerts me to something along the lines of Coverup you mess with Authorities Authorities mess with you… especially when the children implicated the father he seems to have more access allowed than their own mother. why? She alerted the Police in the first place it is like they are punishing the Children and the Mother .. We live in a Post Savile vigilante society because of the lies the cover ups the deaths of so many witnesses before trials .. Investigate this and tell me why this is why Westminster cannot find a Judge to take on the case of established child abuse .. There are sick people in this World who yes believe in child sacrifice and blieve the blood gives the power fact ..`It is also something they do to drug the babies before killing research this … In the World you and i live in this is absurd in their world it is nothing but a given right… It is because of our disbelief of our children tat these barbarians hide and laugh at us no one will believe them just like noone would believe Jimmy Saviles victims they were merely non credible witnesses .. The BBC knew of his antics I was young back then and even I was told of them.. We cannot let them cover up anymore even if only 10 percent of these childrens story is true it is still beyond comprehension but there are sick people out there and we cannot ignore out children especially when the evidence is have been raped …

    • Keelan Balderson

      Well if this medical evidence does indeed exist, then that would explain the care proceedings.

      It’s a complicated matter, you can’t just assume the mother is not responsible in some way.

      • anon

        I think we can assume that from the testimony of both the children and the fact that the Police were called out 5 times because the father was violent and abusive we can assume that he should have his visitation rights supervised yet he does not..He must have friends in high places.. I have just watched the most disturbing American news report on satanic Murder on you tube which showed the full contents of a snuff movie ironically there was a severed head found and lots of body parts they were caught n the act and there was also a cup of human blood ready to drink… Not dissimilar to what these children described… satanic sacrifice FBI 1997 or something like that in the title.. proves this stuff happens and ironically in the areas of the rich… I am at a loss as to why the children have been taken from the mother it is the most traumatic thing you can do do a child.. It really isn’t rocket science these people would not have gone viral with these vids unless they had too ..IT IS THEIR ONLY PROTECTION…because if it is as they say they probably would have been dead by now…

        • LikesToBeInformed

          You are throwing “facts” around. These “facts” are what you have read on a blog supporting the mother and her cronies.

          It does not make them “facts”. Learn the difference.

          • anon

            It doesn’t NOT make them FACTS either regardless it’s more than likely to be true than NOT true ..For me the Videos in themselves would be enough for an ongoing Police investigation no matter how absurd there is enough information to be investigated and legally you would think they could have easily disproved this by now ..

          • Keelan Balderson

            “Could have easily disproved this by now.”

            Hence why nobody from the school or McDonalds’ secret baby cooking room were charged.

            You do realise that in child abuse cases they don’t hold press conferences full of evidence for people like you to peruse at their own leisure right?

          • anon

            Well seeing as I come from a Police Family or three Generations and I have a Step brother who is a high ranking officer ..I do realize yes.. I have also read a six page court document/statement from an unbiased DI who states that in his opinion their was misconduct in the Police investigation the Children were scared and forced to retract their original statements and he is baffled as to why things were not investigated further… I also live in the area and am familiar with these places.Ritualistic abuse exists and can take place anywhere .. They did not investigate for a reason there are alot of abnormalities with the investigation it appears they made these children retract their statements mentioned a P G rated movie The Mask of Zorro as the culprit for fabricated stories which was also used as an excuse in an entirely different child abuse case “allegedly” bu the by there are no baby skulls or ritual abuse killings in the mask of Zorro … The investigating officer also made a non professional analysis of the Mother’s mental health which he is not qualified to do the whole thing stinks from the legal documentation I have read ..There should be and investigation into the investigation… But unless you move in the higher circles of society and are aware of these practices you will be blinkered and this is how they get away with it … Satanic Ritual abuse Child/Trafficking/Child Pornography and snuff Movies are a big Money spinner but you probably wouldn’t know that …

          • Keelan Balderson

            Your claimed expertise have no merit around here pal, and even if you do come from a “police family” the research shows that it is often ignorant paranoid police officers that have helped stoke the Satanic Panic that innocent people have been the victims of since the 80s. Just because somebody has a badge does not make them infallible. You have the poor McMartins as a testament to that.

            Satanic Ritual Abuse as an organized problem is a modern hysteria that mostly developed from Christian nut jobs in the United States who got scared of rock music and teenagers.

            People like you cloud real abuse in fanciful bullshit.

          • TrainedLiar

            I am directly involved in this case and am a child care professional of 20 years and know what you say to be false.*

            See how anybody can make such claims? It takes a liar to know a liar so GTFO.

            All you have done is read what we have all read on the Internet. You have ZERO involvement in this case.

            *This may be a lie.

          • Wide open

            Lol first time I’ve agreed with a cop, but clearly you’re one of the good ones

          • Wide open

            Are you a satanic paedo or a peado supporter? Because that’s how your coming across, too hot for you now the videos out there, it will take a bigger pea brain than yours to change my mind now that I’ve seen those children. Kids could not sustain a lie like that.

          • Keelan Balderson

            “Kids could not sustain a lie like that.”

            But it’s easier for you to believe a massive satanic ring of baby eaters are operating in Hampstead?

            Sure makes sense.

          • LikesToBeInformed

            “they could have easily disproved this by now ..”

            They already have. The blog you love to get “facts” from specifically states that the police investigated MONTHS AGO and there was no action taken.

            Of course now you will say it’s all a conspiracy and the police are in on it along with HUNDREDS of parents who’s children also attend the school.

            Why aren’t these hundreds of parents withdrawing their children from the school? Why aren’t they in the media shouting about all this? Where are all the local protests in Hampstead from THOUSANDS of horrified people demanding action?

          • Wide open

            These “FACTS” are what the children say in the videos, FACT

          • LikesToBeInformed

            So if a child said on video that you were a padeo it would be a FACT?

  • Keelan Balderson

    That’s a little too perfect for my liking. Are you sure it’s her legit page?

    No friends on show, one post oddly showing but no others, and just the one incriminating pic?

  • WhatAnIdiot

    What an idiot you are for being suckered into that.

  • LookForTheVideos

    Keelan, if you haven’t, you need to see the videos of the police interviews. It is pretty conclusive evidence to show that the Satanic stuff is nonsense.

  • GuardianFruitTree


  • GuardianFruitTree



      People posting in CAPITALS really convince me.

      • GuardianFruitTree

        Thanks MYKEYBOARDISBROKEN. It says a lot, that is where your focus is.


          At least you’ve fixed your keyboard.

      • baki


  • sabretache

    Well, reading this and other articles on the subject here, I reckon that Wideshut, is an appropriate name for the site. Either Mr Balderson has his own eyes wide shut (and, as a keen young man clearly out to make a name for himself, that would certainly fit) or he is not what he claims to be.

    Either way, I’m afraid that he is an asset to an irredeemably corrupt establishment that it up-to-its-neck in this evil.

    • Keelan Balderson


      Go find a witch to burn who cares, you delusional cretin.

      • Wide open

        How thick are you. Go to hell and help save those children you sick badtsrd

      • Kimmy Cakes

        you are evil.

    • Susan

      I saw those videos and I saw the look on her face when she described how her father held his had on top of hers and cut the babies head off. The look of disgust that went across her face could not be acted. This is a disgusting protection of a sick culture. The children also looked to one another to affirm points in their story, not the adults around them. It is disgusting what money and power can buy.

    • Kimmy Cakes

      he is completely evil, an accomplice to murder and abuse. good point about the “WIDESHUT” observation — it is also the name of a movie that circulates around Satanic Ritual Abuse and Murder! Ironic, isn’t it? “Eyes Wide Shut” – 1993.

  • Laura Lamarca

    If you are so convinced that none of this is true, then you won’t mind backing the call for a full police-led criminal investigation. If what those children said was untrue, then the last thing they wouldve done is named all of those people in that video. I’d first find out about the “tattoos and piercings” of the headmistress…just that little bit of “evidence” alone is enough to decide whether or not those kids speak the truth. To sit here and write an article with such clarity would imply that either you talk out of your arse, or you’re privvy to information that even the media has no access to. For those kids, that treatment was considered “normal”…they’d been born into the hands of a perfect groomer – their father, a man they would never dream to question. Eventually, children talk and the truth comes out…kids can’t make that stuff up, they dont have that sort of knowledge base and if anyone had “planted” that “evidence” on them, they wouldnt have been so consistent during the many interviews they had to endure since. So instead of ridiculing the details and making a mockery of their mother and her situation, I suggest you do a full fact-finding mission through a full criminal investigation before dropping your fingers on keys and making a fool of yourself.
    There is definitely a major cover-up going on around this case, due to the amount of “official” people named by those kids. Police officers, Cafcass workers, social workers etc. – the very people we raise our kids to trust without question. For those of you who are happy to tag this as “untrue” in the absence of a full criminal police investigation, I wish you luck and pray it never happens to your kids. For when one does not help when it is needed, one cannot even ask for help in return.

    • WakeUp

      How do you know that the police have not done a “full criminal investigation”? Are you privy to the actions of the local force and the Met? Please do tell what inside information you have.

      A police investigation was carried out in September. There is a 77 page document of which 2 pages were made available on-line.

      The school issued a statement to the local press that the police investigated the claims.

      The police interviewed the children on video.

      There is an NHS medical report on-line.

      These are FACTS, they are not the utter nonsense and outright lies that you are reading elsewhere. You are being conned.

      • Kimmy Cakes

        The police constructed interview with the children raises more concerns then quiets/quells them. I have seen it. along with all 19 videos. stop protecting child torture, rape, murder. the medical report listed evidence of long-term sexual abuse. The police are protecting the officials mentioned in this case.

        • Keelan Balderson

          On the contrary, you can clearly see the children’s relief in the retraction videos when they finally name their true abuser, Abraham Christie.

          The boy is even happily smiling about the thought of not having to see him again, while the girl who is older is clearly ashamed she went along with it and accused all of these innocent people.

          And NO the medical reports do not back up “long-term sexual abuse” at all.

    • miraclelilies

      The police aren’t fit to investigate a thing, because they are partisan private corporations – with vested interests in illegally protecting crime and receiving backhanders for the same. That is why Theresa May exposed the endemic wide scale police corruption amongst the 46 forces in Britain – listen to her speech in Bournemouth to the Crime Agency in June 2014! The police need expurgating and investigating themselves. They are bought and sold off as often as the poor children

    • Sula

      The very fact that you say ‘kid’s can’t make stuff up’ exposes that you have no dealings with children in any capacity. Do you really believe that social services sell unwanted babies to headteachers for them to inject with a sedative and drain the blood which is then drunk and all this happens in broad daylight??? Are you deranged? This is exactly the stuff a child would go along with, it’s so easy to see this is a false fantasy, probably developed under coercion although children have particularly gory imaginations at times, but it does NOT indicate the abuse you are looking for. You are complicit in the actual abuse, done by the mother, with your credulous idiocy.

  • Kimmy Cakes

    Story is not being covered by MSM and otherwise covered-up by MSM.

    “authorities believe that yes, some form of abuse had taken place. …. Speculating or literally believing there are baby skulls stacked up in a church in the middle of North London, achieves absolutely nothing.”

    good writing. heh.

    this is a terrible and misinformation loaded article.


    • Keelan Balderson

      Nope, just standard reporting legislation. They’re reporting on it now because a judge has made a fact finding judgement, pretty much confirming everything I have written.

      Shame on you for protecting the abusive mother and partner!

      • miraclelilies

        You are acting on mere hearsay and have not a shred of proof, the false mis-named “judgment” has been obtained without due process of Law and without a fair trial and so is a nullity. Sorry! No dice.

        • Keelan Balderson

          Fact finding hearings are a regular part of the family courts. It might have been more fair if the abusers bothered to turn up, but that’s their problem.

          • miraclelilies

            none of the family courts ever find any REAL facts – strange, that! Maybe because they keep no records ?

          • Keelan Balderson

            That’s a sweeping generalisation. I have my opinions on the family courts, but this case is plain as day.

          • miraclelilies

            opinions are worthless. Opinions have never changed the world. Only Truth and Love can do that. You have giant size blinkers on, Keelan. You are young and inexperienced in such matters, clearly. Is your involvement here within one of the professions or are you does your work have any involvement in any of this by any chance? or are you truly independent?

          • Keelan Balderson

            And you are old and deluded.

          • miraclelilies

            your evident lack of respect for reason, logic, and intelligent exchange, demonstrates that you prefer to stick to your delusions and hide behind your purple spectacles… no point wasting time here, you don’t deserve any audience quite frankly.

          • Keelan Balderson

            In case you don’t work it out, you are the pot.

          • miraclelilies

            you have no audience – amoeba brain, that’s obviously why you have to keep deleting posts so you retain an air of being in “control” when you’re simply out of control and up the creek without a paddle!

          • Keelan Balderson

            If I was deleting posts there are some gems in here I’d have gotten rid of long ago. Posts with links are automatically filtered to stop spam. I will get to them eventually. Right now I’m having a beer on a Saturday night.

          • miraclelilies

            old? that’s a matter of perception. At least I’ve accomplished a great deal in helping and providing healing through support and love to many good people….and will continue to do so. time is a mortal concept. There is no greater delusion than ‘time’. All error is now being overturned, and clearly there are those who oppose this – but the Universe says “so what?”

          • Voiceofreason

            ‘I’ve accomplished a great deal in helping and providing healing through support and love to many good people’.

            You’re an interior designer. You may be changing rooms, but not the world.

          • miraclelilies

            very funny. I am the change I want to see. I am not of “the world”. I am a sovereign being and thank God every day that I no longer live in paedo Britain

      • miraclelilies

        You clearly know nothing, and are programmable, for hire!

      • Kimmy Cakes

        You are evil. Find the evil inyourself and let it be free. even evil wants to be turned into something GOOD. you are pedophile scum. you will not get away with this. good luck at your trial.

  • Angie

    I actually HOPE you are a hired gun paid to minimise / deny because the possibility of you being a sane human being making objective observations reduces my faith in humanity. Posts such as this perpetuate the wait two decades then say we have learned the lessons and structures will be put in place to ensure this never bla bla too late for another generation guff

    • Keelan Balderson

      There’s nothing to minimise or deny … where’s the evidence?

      • miraclelilies

        FYI, no evidence nor documentation or proof is ever examined in HMCTS! That is a fact… I said to everyone a few days ago “don’t hold your breath… what can one expect from a corrupt fraternity masquerading as a ‘court’ that is being aided and abetted by the Legal Profession to protect the jobs of Public workers who have been capitalising off child trafficking in all its forms, for at least 2 decades? By their fruits you shall know them – spreading misery, persecution, unhappiness, devastation, emotional wreckage, splitting up families, concealment of evidence, denial of due process of Law, falsification of “court orders” (alleged) using fake court seals, covertly robbing the Public purse via false financial instruments known as “care orders” – which are the exact opposite of what they say

        • Keelan Balderson

          Wow, you just like threw up on your keyboard there.

          • miraclelilies

            more than that – throwing up on a keyboard is harmless, but the Public will be throwing up on the whole stinking corrupted myopic System, you watch. They’ve had enough. Why should we take any more of this crap?

          • Keelan Balderson

            Sadly it’s just you and a few hundred other true believers. The system is not going to be changed. Especially not by a hysterical person like you.

          • Voiceofreason

            Miraclelilies is not only hysterical, but also a Sabine clone. This is her:

            EW purges contempt and is freed from Holloway

            Judgments in Haigh proceedings to be made available

            EW, who was last week sentenced to a nine month prison term for her part in the naming of parties in care proceedings, has been released after purging her contempt.

            Ms W had been imprisoned in Holloway Prison. She had assisted Victoria Haigh to breach court orders in care proceedings and to put into the public domain via email and the internet a series of unwarranted and scandalous allegations about the father in the proceedings and others. The President ordered that the parties to the proceedings should be named so that the father could be publicly absolved of the allegations made against him.

            According to the Press Association, the High Court was told: “[Ms W] is locked in her cell for 15 hours a day. She has had clearly a very long time to reflect on the circumstances in which she finds herself.”

          • Keelan Balderson

            How did you put two and two together?

          • Voiceofreason

            She seemed to be making just too much noise on here to be a bog standard disgruntled ‘truth’ seeker. Her Disqus profile links to FB page, name and location. Searches brought this up; her involvement in yet another baseless sexual abuse case, also linked to Sabine McNutter.

          • Keelan Balderson

            Ahhh I see, good catch.

          • Snake Logan

            Ha–I like the cut of your jib.

          • miraclelilies

            fascist pigs

            Bollocks to all those lies! NO valid court ‘order’ was ever issued. Do you want hard facts? Not that I believe you’ll even take any of it in…
            Vicky Haigh’s child was stolen from her and given to the abuser who covered up his tracks aided and abetted by the Council who profited from doing so.
            He underwent NO TRIAL so nothing was ever tried and no facts ever found!
            The evidence is stacked high against him but was never examined – not even by Theresa May who refused to open the envelope!
            Before the course of justice was successfully perverted, David Tune had initially been arrested at the child’s school and was being prosecuted when his bent police-officer brother came to his rescue and turned the tables on Vicky by laying off all her witnesses and supporters – that is how desperate these evil-doers get.
            THANK YOU for raising this – you’ve done me a great favour actually – because soon this will all be publicly corrected on an international basis. Things are NOT what they appear to you and none of you know the FACTS which will soon emerge, you wait and see. As it happens, I’ve had umpteen offers from leading criminal solicitors to vindicate and clear my good name, also from kind people and even from international film-makers….its only a question of time then it will all be coming out. Rest assured!
            Not everyone jumps to untested foregone conclusions fed to them by the controlled Press, thankfully. I have remained 100% innocent of the lies published to serve the agendas of the same manipulators involved in covering up the crimes going on under our noses, now. Far from defeating me or shutting me down, they’ve made me stronger than before and I’m so grateful to have had my eyes OPENED WIDE well before the secret courts starting being condemned & exposed, and the huge cracks started appearing which underline the current paedo Britain image…I saw with my own eyes what they are capable of and a higher purpose is being served from it all. I saw in 2011 what many of you still don’t see even now
            So I’m glad you mentioned it in fact! I am really proud of the fact that I survived the illegal incarceration by criminals of the Stasi-State that Britain has become, and wear my stripes with honour for having survived the inhumanities of being turned into a political prisoner by those with blood-stained hands masquerading as officials….
            It is miraculous that I came out stronger and more powerful than ever, having transcended the dastardly experience of squalid Holloway which is one huge eye-opener – FYI it’s a very badly run squalid place that is filled with innocent mothers who’ve been banged up despite committing NO CRIME – so that the abusers can continue what they are doing to the poor children – this is why the typical scenario keeps repeating itself where custody of the child is granted to the abuser and the mothers are illegally imprisoned, persecuted and tortured by the satanist cult that is governing the entire putrid mis-named “Child care system”. Disgusting goings-on.
            There were also people there who were imprisoned from the riots, for stealing a £68 pair of boots whilst the Judges who sent them there are buggering young children and rent boys claim immunity in the filth-ridden System which is riddled with hypocrisy and the stench of deception is legion… and in the exact same way, meanwhile the criminal fraternity of banksters who are robbing honest civilians of collective billions of pounds, escape unscathed, without even arrest! Ask yourself – does British ‘Justice” work? Criminals in power – yet Britain’s prisons are full – of those who threaten to expose those in the Political system for what it is: a pile of leaves harbouring corruption and a private club where depravity rules.
            Many of you will be astonished to hear that I was never a party to the Vicky Haigh case, and was not even joined as a party – nor could I have been joined because the Courts held no records of the case and the whole thing was rigged by the Rothschild satanists who control Britain’s monetary system, Judiciary, parliament, collapsing Judiciary and corrupt Court system, Masonic-infiltrated police forces, and complicit county councils…all snouts in the same trough, courtesy of the CROWN CORPORATION. Beware of anything to do with the ‘Crown’ – by their fruits you know them.
            Not only this, I was never served any Summons! And had no Trial! And no opportunity to defend myself! It was a full set up with them all being caught with their pants down so they made me their sacrificial lamb, despite not being a party on the case – nor could I have been joined as one as the courts HELD NO RECORD!
            Those in Holloway were all bewildered as to how I came to be in there – so by Divine Grace, I surrendered to the experience and became instrumental in exposing the corruption of the whole child-trafficking system, ever since! There’s always something useful from injustice – they can imprison one’s body but can never imprison one’s mind, which is what they want to be able to do – mind-control.
            The reporting done about me is all false, by the way, it was all made up by the criminals involved, protecting their own backs from Public exposure.. but all they’ve done is delayed that process, not prevented it. Check out Nickel-arse’s “judgment” of 6 October 2011 made after his original bullshit….what they are not happy about is that I am now informed and a much more effective campaigner who speaks from first-hand experience – which most of you do not have the benefit of.
            I SPENT ONLY 10 DAYS IN THERE – and after giving out an illegal suspended sentence the Judge retracted his stupid ‘order’ and admitted he’d made it with no jurisdiction and so gave an unconditional discharge….but I should have had the whole matter quashed. They snatched thousands of pounds off me to try to save face for their evil acts – that’s right, It literally COSTS MONEY to “BUY BACK YOUR LIBERTY FROM CRIMINALS!
            It would be interesting to see how many of you would have survived such a circumstance as this? Keelan would have keeled over no doubt & fallen apart. None of you have the right to judge what you know nothing about. At least I now understand It all occurred because I uncovered the Truth about the goings-on in these citadels of satan – for example, councils issuing fake “court orders” with rubber stamps in their top drawer and no records held at the Principal Registry (I even have letters confirming this from the Court Manager! ha), and false “judgments” being bought and sold like the children, and these criminals refusing to examine any evidence and conducting 100% rigged non-‘hearings’…..their terror of being exposed for the charlatans that they are led them to resorting to seize control using illegal force and denying all human rights in the process
            If they had not felt so fearful then they would not have stooped so low as to bang me up illegally without due process of Law, then the Truth would have come out there and then… but these dark forces operating in HMCTS are still in full evidence now – and the likes of Keelan are paid protectorates of this Serious Organise Crime, thankfully the more awake amongst us are not being fooled – already several salient postings have been deleted by Keelan who controls this pathetic blog –
            in the same way there can be no fair hearing and no fair trial in HMCTS, there can be no free speech or Truth being voiced where despots and tinpot dictators have built their livelihood on the back of these depraved crimes.

          • Voiceofreason

            Whilst I find your hysteria and paranoia profoundly irritating, not to mention dangerous, I am suddenly struck
            with a modicum of pity for you and the other ‘truth’ campaigners like Sabine.

            Like addicts, you just can’t help yourselves.

            You become seduced by the story, the drama and the opportunity it presents for you to make your mark on a
            world that has failed to take little notice of you.

            Oh you believe in your cause wholeheartedly. You are unfaltering in your belief. You store it in a hermetically sealed, impenetrable bubble. God help anyone who tries to break your resolve.

            You are now pumped full of adrenalin.You are a warrior, prepared to fight to the death. Nothing and no one will
            stand in your way. Victory, plaudits… fame even, is within sight.

            The problem is you have fallen prey to the effects of ‘love at first sight’, and in doing so are blinded. You fail to carry out a fact find, examine the hard evidence, or even
            pause for a moment to use critical thinking to determine the plausibility of the story you have fallen for. Even when
            you are proven to be wrong, you still cling, desperately to the story you’ve invested in and which is now part of you. And then you become ‘stuck’.

            Sadly, you never really get to make your mark, not in a positive way. Nor do you ever get close to helping real victims, and in truth are unlikely to cope if faced with one.

            Experiencing, first hand, a child’s (proven) account of sexual abuse is harrowing. You witness a host of gut
            wrenching emotion/behaviour (tears, shame, guilt, hurt, anger, depression,withdrawal, to name but a few) and it takes many years of sensitive, pragmatic management to help them overcome this trauma, not the hysteria that people like you would employ.

            To coin a phrase “you just can’t handle the truth!”

          • Capricorn 1

            I agree 100% with you. Why all this people screamimg and shouting, when they don’t even know the persons involved or anything… It’s just repressed violence, they want someone to lapidate…

          • SennaStar .

            swordsoftruth please message me privately

          • miraclelilies

            which is more honesty than can be said for you – hiding like a snake in a pit of venom, guile, malice, bullying and Public deception!

          • miraclelilies

            This is proof positive how gullible some people like you are – believing what is force-fed to them by criminals and the controlled Press! I pity you all – the Truth remains a constant factor in all of this. None of what you have read is true. GUARANTEED. Wait and see when it all goes Public, internationally!

          • SennaStar .

            swordsoftruth you speak the real stuff. Keelan Balderson is one of 3 things.
            Actively working on behalf of the SS and sent in to infiltrate, a publicly educated individual with his his head buried in the sand or both.

          • miraclelilies

            You’re the clone, duckie – a mind-controlled dick-head without any power to think for himself
            yea right…

    • Kimmy Cakes

      he is most defiantly a shill. his arguments are horrible. they include almost every logical fallacy i can think of. he’s hired to promote this narrative, this agenda. he is an accomplice to the crime. just like the courts and the police.

  • Kimmy Cakes

    garbage, waste of an “article” (holes in the facts, biased, not enough research, opinion-based mantra and not an article) author will defend to his grave because he has sold his SOUL.