Free Will Doesn’t Exist, Determinism & Justice: September 02, 2012, WideShut Webcast

This week Keelan looks at the concept of Determinism, which states that all actions are the cause of all the other actions that came before it. Therefore Free Will may not exist. If that’s the case what does this say about our Justice Systems? A deterministic outlook is often bleak, but it can also empower us to do good if you play the illusion!


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  • Armand

    This is bullshit. Make an example of one so that the other will learn. Beat the hell out of the boy so that he and the others ofter him will never do that thing again. Now you come and and try and explain the sin of the world away, and they like it, so that they can continue to do this stuff and hide behind a poor childhood or a bad experience when they were little. Bullshit….. The body of a person want to sin, if you can show the body it is wrong to sin then he wont sin. Why dont you put your hand on a hot stove? Because you know you will burn. oh but its fine to put another persons hand there over and over because you dont get hurt. Why is a rich child and a poor child heroin addicts. because they choose. why does a rich man shoot his wife and a poor man shoot his child. you are talking bullshit. Its only Jesus that can change a person. we all are living and loving sin, some can only handle it better then others. but all with be destroyed if not saved. Get freed from sin, problem solved. how? by Following and Loving HIM!

    • Will

      Being rich is itself a sin.

  • Spiritus De Veritas

    Gods will is that you do not impose your will upon others.

  • Spiritus De Veritas

    Gods Will is that you do not impose your Will upon another… If you are determined to go against Gods Will, God will be determined to kick your ass.

    Determinism is blown out of the water.

    • Will

      God knows everything that will ever happen. Therefore all events are pre-written, therefore determinism exists.

  • Keelan Balderson

    If you go back to any “decision” you have made in your life and all of the factors at play are exactly the same. How can you make any other decision than the one you made?

    Today I chose to eat a banana. I chose the banana because there was only a certain amount of food in the house, I didn’t want a big lunch, I’m trying to be a bit more healthy, there were lots of bananas so I wouldn’t be hogging it from somebody else, it was nice and ripe (not green or brown), I had just jogged so wanted to get some sugars back in my system.

    You may say, well you could have chosen the biscuits. But I couldn’t, because that was not the mindset I was in, based on all of the factors at play at that time. Replay it a billion times, and I will choose the banana.

    In truth I didn’t choose the banana at all.

    So then you have to expand that further. Why didn’t I want a big lunch, why am I trying to be more healthy, why why why … there are causes to all of these factors. And those factors have causes before them. It’s a giant chain reaction.

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