Former Police Intelligence Analyst Sacked For Calling 7/7 A Monstrous Lie

UPDATE: I do not necessarily support all of the theories or conclusions made by Tony Farrell in this interview or in the months and years that followed. I advise readers and listeners to watch my film 7/7 What Did They Know and listen to my podcasts with Tom Secker to get a well informed perspective on the London Bombings case.


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A former police intelligence analyst has gone public with his views that the official story July 7 London Bombings is a “monstrous lie,” and the attacks were “perpetrated by our own intelligence agencies, with clear government complicity”, unsurprisingly causing his career to take a sudden downturn.

Tony Farrell used to be the Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police … that was until he stumbled upon online research that suggests we were lied to about 7/7 and the 9/11 attacks in the US.

“Last September I was dismissed after 17 years service because of my incompatible beliefs,” Mr. Farrell told WideShut.

In July 2010 Tony began to discover alternative information about the 9/11 attacks on the internet and came to the conclusion that there must have been government complicity. Not clear on how to move forward, he shared his conclusion with a Church minister, who prompted him to take a look in to the July 7, London Bombings as well. After analysing the official government narrative alongside other independent research he concluded that the official 7/7 story was also suspicious.

Because he no longer believed the official theory of the “war on terror”, when tasked with his yearly “strategic threat assessment” by South Yorkshire police he decided to do things a little differently.

“Basically because I did not believe the official versions of the attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, I refused to be perpetuate the lies in my assignment”, part of which included the threat of home grown Islamic extremists, those deemed solely responsible for the 7/7 attacks.

Instead on July 8th, 2010, Mr. Farrell handed in his assessment, this year claiming the biggest threat to society wasn’t Islamic terrorists, but “state sponsored terrorism.”

“This stance led to my dismissal,” he explained.

Farrell was dismissed without any allegations of misconduct, rather a statement that his views were incompatible with the rest of the team.

The Director of Finance said:
“It is a very sad occasion as you have done some excellent work for South Yorkshire Police and I have never been involved in a situation like today. Your beliefs are very sincere and you may be right, but it is I’m afraid incompatible at the moment with where we are.” [1]

Mr. Farrell has appealed the dismissal and the final hearings of the Tribunal will be heard in early September 2011.

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  • caz

    It is imperative that people recognise the game that is being played. It is worth reading the comments about Tony Farrell and his links to methodism at the following:

    Suggesting that the public may be outraged that the government has in some way covered up the July 7 bombings may encourage the idea that parliament should be dissolved. Having the queen and her colleagues within the John Adam St Gang (aka The Committee of 300) aquiring more control than they already have would be a disaster.

    The John Adam st Gang here:

    Their eugenics programmesin the schools here:

  • JM

    Brave man – we need more police to air their views, outrageous that he was sacked for doing this. As a Xtian, maybe he’s not ‘on the square’. Shame Richard Hall didn’t bring up the subject of the ‘funny handshake’ brigade possibly getting in the way of why more police aren’t going public with their views, in addition to the fear of losing their jobs for their convictions.

  • Dean Jackson

    Both attacks in America and London were a response to the fake collapse of the USSR in 1991, not to some vague idea about a ‘New World Order’. The ‘War on Terror’ is a cover for the Cold War the West is still fighting with the ‘former’ USSR.

    Tony Farrell should read ‘New Lies for Old’ by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn:

    Mark Riebling in his 1994 book ‘Wedge’ calculated that Golitsyn’s predictions on USSR/East Bloc behavior were 94% correct, which means that Golitsyn is a genuine defector. That is why Communists still run the government bureaucracies in the ‘former’ USSR and why the electorates of the ‘former’ USSR continue to elect Communists/’ex’ Communists to the presidencies of their respective ‘republics’.

    Of course, the mass murder of 3,000 in America and 52 in London was murder, and Tony Farrell should do his duty, but he must realize what he is really up against as he does his duty. If Tony wishes to talk about the ‘New World Order’ then it should be in the context of the ‘New World Order’ the Communists have in mind if their ‘Long-Range Policy’ should prove victorious over the West.

  • Big Al

    Fire this man? Outrageous!
    He did the right thing.

  • Carlos

    His bravery is commendable . The evidence suggests this was done from inside government and this is a very serious threat to humanity in general ! the ruling elite must be stopped ! all the problems we face today is solely because of these maniacs pushing their agenda for a new world order !

  • StefZ

    One thing that’s incompatible with my own personal beliefs is giving an ex-police employee the time of day without subjecting his narrative to at least some critical scrutiny

    Farrell was a police analyst in the same county that three of the four alleged bombers came from. If he didn’t encounter material that offers new insights into the Official 7/7 Narrative in the five years that followed the bombings I would consider that extremely peculiar

    Thus far he has simply recycled selected highlights of existing 7/7 lore and has brought nothing new to the table

  • Rubio4u

    Oath Keepers are proud men and women that are either served in the active or military, police, fire. EMS or any other actual branch of para-military service or who have retired that have re-taken their “oath” that they originally took when they were “sworn” onto the job they took. Perhaps those of you out there that swore your oath should reconsider your oaths that you took and ponder. Are you are following “unlawful” orders as well? Do you support tyranny or do you support the people whom you swore to protect and serve? Think about that! I retook my oath as I proudly reaffirm it. You should too!

    Go to Oath Keeper’s website for more information.

  • Sam Blackwood

    This happens all the time. I just read this; a guy who saved 50 lives was sold out by our Government, MI5 and Northumbria Police, they almost got Martin McGartland killed in 1991 and again in 1999. The British Government, Mi5, Northumbria Police and also the Police Service of Northern Ireland are all now covering up his kidnapping and his 1999 attempted murder cases. Here are more pages; and . Marty McGarty McGartland has written two books;​Dead-Men-Walking-ebook/dp/B004​FN1U9I/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-te​xt&ie=UTF8&qid=1308412818&sr=1​-1 there has also been a film of his life;

  • Mark Golding

    Rubio4 hits the nail on the head, also as far as the Official Secrets Act is concerned. For centuries noblemen and their vassals have bludgeoned their way to occupy land and then rent it out to City States and later to National Governments and in the process of industrialisation assimilate their merchant and property owning tenants into a new ruling class. (Read ‘Who Owns Britain’ by Kevin Cagill)
    The connections between the old order of Elitism and the new are kept secret by those who share the biggest chunk of ‘National’ Treasures and this is done through oaths of honour and fidelity, usually mixed with obscure religious rituals involving blood, which surfaces as an Act of Parliament bleating on about State Security.
    If history is anything to go by, especially the recent history of the social movement in the 19c, we are dealing with a class of people who are inherently devious and well organised when it comes to hoarding wealth and obstructing the due process of law. Now they have inveigled their way into the bureaucratic jungle of the EU and at a Federal level of legislation they are going to roll out a system of monitoring that will usher in a type of police state that rank and file policemen will unwittingly support because they too have been deeply re-programmed at a bureaucratic level to develop and extend operations in the interests of Big Corp and the Big Banks and a Duchy serving Government. – all in the name of the bogus ‘National Security’.
    I don’t know what level of security clearance is still available to Tony but my hunch is it’ll be withdrawn before he can investigate further.
    So, go for it, Mr Farrell and be quick about it

  • Alex

    What a fantastic interview, frank and honest and potentially very important for the truth movement as a whole. Thank you Tony for coming forward with your story, I wish you all the best, there are a lot of good people behind you. I will do everything I can to spread the word :)

  • Kristian Coyle

    I belive certian Conspiricys, JFK, Roswell….. Iraq, to have true fact, definite physical evidence which no longer, to me at least, makes it a conspiracy THEORY, it makes it FACT. The reasons for no Formal Prosecution is a matter, Tangeled in the Loop holes of Democracy. I consider myself independent, rightly non Judgementel and always follow fact, and when nessesery, a Honest Man. So with that said, Mr Farrell, 7/7 Was NOT a Domestic Attack by the british goverment. I am not saying that it wasn’t a CIA thing but my conclusion is…. WE Sided with America in 9/11 and 7/7, we illegally Invaded a Country that posed no threat, we should have at least expected half a dosen Pissed of islamsics that want to gain some redemption for the genocide we are responcible for Worldwide. I cannot say that about 9/11, but one conclusion i have made is that its a Lil Hazey, some things do not make sence, why did ignore the Inteligence reported handed to him that summer, if Al gore had won the presidential election 2000 (which he did, the votes were counted again and again) would he have ignored the report?? Why did he take 8 months off less than a year into office, did someone, maybe daddy, tell him to take some rest, get ready, your going to need your energy?? The flight schools, Defence deals, free masonry is what westen people use to congrigate but is not a worldwide power, they have no true influence in china, the far east or most middle east, they dont belive in the crap some of our leaders have come to choose, new world order is in the free mason intreast but to think the actual world will bow to the big Bohmet, new world order… No way. I could ramble and preach all day but its no longer the time for a michael moore film, we must go to theb next level, direct action only my generation can grasp, the new up coming generation, i dont have to explain if your your still reading this. Post me Back

    were not fighting the taliban or al queda, were fighting islam, a religon, in that right, arnt we fighting a loosing battle.


    • Keelan Balderson

      So was it just a giant cockup?
      You’re dismissing a lot of dubious connections.

  • Robert Locke

    From Sactamento CA–So glad to know that there are people out there so articulate who question the obvious lies we have been told by our governments. I often feel so alone among all this apathy and unthinking acceptance of horrible immorality and hypocrisy.

  • Pete Lewis

    Sue Sim and her Northumbria Police force have a lot to answer for with regard to the Martin McGartland case. This guy McGartland was shot by the IRA after Northumbria Police exposed him in court and that resulted in him being shot 7 times by IRA terrorists. 14 years on and Sue Sim and Northumbria POlice are still protecting IRA terrorists and also covering up Martin McGartland’s attempted murder. It is a State cover-up involving MI5, Northumbria Police, the Home Office and the British Government.