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News and historical analysis of the European Union and the Superstate dream.

By Chris Morris | Sep 28, 2012

Chris Morris analyzes the 1955 Bilderberg attendees, the year the EU Superstate plan was born.

By Keelan Balderson | Sep 18, 2012

Looking at the Bilderberg roots of the EU, its real agenda, and how the global financial system is controlled by a few private hands.

By Keelan Balderson | Jun 20, 2012

Activists file lawsuit against Bankia for fraud, the institution responsible for forcing Spain to seek a crippling EU bailout.

By Keelan Balderson | Jun 18, 2010

How can David Cameron, who attended the secret group that created the EU and EURO, who’s party took Britain in to the EEC and who won’t give a referendum, be called Eurosceptic?