Who Are The English Defence League?

Tommy Robinson EDL

With the English Defence League’s leader Stephen Lennon languishing in a Norfolk prison, having been sentenced in January to 10 months (five in jail, five on license) for using a friend’s passport to enter the US, now is a very good time to ask: who exactly are the EDL? Where did they come from? Are they really an organic, grassroots street movement dedicated, as they continually claim, to peaceful opposition to extremist Islam in Britain? Is Lennon calling all the shots, or is he taking orders from elsewhere?

Lennon and the Zionists

The question of image and reality is especially relevant following information that came to light at the end of Lennon’s recent court case. During sentencing Judge Alastair McCreath intriguingly revealed that the name on Lennon’s passport is actually “Paul Harris” [1]. Lennon appears to be a man of many names – he is also known as “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon”, as well as using the pseudonym “Tommy Robinson”. If we cannot be sure of his real name, we do at least know that he has some very interesting connections.

Pamela Geller and Robert SpencerLennon’s arrest followed his illegal entry into the US last September to attend a conference organised by notorious Islam-hating Zionists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, whose “anti-Jihadist” organisation Stop Islamization of Our Nation –SION! – he is a board member.


Lennon’s attendance at a Zionist-organised conference should come as no surprise, because the English Defence League have openly pledged loyalty to Israel. In an article posted on the EDL website and published on Geller’s ‘Atlas Shrugs’ blog in June 2011 [2], Lennon made his devotion to the Jewish state perfectly clear:

“One of the fundamental beliefs that this movement was built on was its support for Israel’s right to defend itself. In our first demonstrations, we went to Birmingham, and we flew the flag of Israel, the Star of David. In the first public speech I ever gave, I wore the Star of David in Leeds. The reason for this is because Israel is a shining star of democracy. If Israel falls, we all fall.”

A ‘politically correct’ nationalist movement

EDL Israeli flagThe EDL coalesced out of small groups connected to Luton’s football gangs, and Lennon’s peculiar statement seemed highly incongruous. The ignorant football thugs amongst the EDL’s rank and file had quite likely never given Israel a second thought – defending England from “Muslamic” terrorists was their primary concern. Why was a foreign flag being flown alongside St. George’s cross at rallies?

Since when had defending England meant championing diversity and multiculturalism? The EDL website hosted images of a multiracial organisation, its leaders made a point of stressing the movement’s diversity and support for minorities who were not Muslim, and the group has at various times operated a Pakistani Christian Division, Jewish Division, Sikh Division, Disabled Division, and even a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Division [3]. This image of a liberal, open-minded EDL jarred with reality, as many of its members were actually hostile towards ethnic minorities.

It seemed almost as if the EDL had an astute public relations department, working hard to make the movement seem less offensive in the eyes of the public.

Alan Lake, wealthy mastermind behind the EDL

Alan Lake EDLThe man responsible for the direction of the EDL was “Alan Lake” – real name, Alan Ayling. Ayling, a wealthy businessman and rabid anti-Muslim with close links to SION’s Geller and Spencer, formed the EDL with the express intention of using them as a puppet army, to physically confront Muslims on the streets.

Ayling spelt out his agenda during a speech at a seminar on Islamisation in Malmö, Sweden, on September 6th 2009, where he openly admitted to using “the physical groups”, the football lads, to bulk up – in terms of both size and muscle – anti-Muslim protests [4].

He made his intentions equally clear in a Guardian article that same month:

“We are catching a baby at the start of gestation…We have a problem with numbers. We have an army of bloggers [in the far-right] but that’s not going to get things done…Football fans…are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches.”

The founding meeting of the EDL even took place in Ayling’s expensive London flat; he is accurately described when called the group’s financier and strategist.

Words of violence, and defence of terror

The EDL claim to support peaceful opposition to Islam, yet Ayling’s language has been anything but peaceful. Writing on his 4Freedoms website in May 2010, he casually talked about the torture and execution of alleged pro-Muslim British political and religious leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg. Referring to the Islamic enclaves that he believes will exist in Britain in 20 or 30 years time, Ayling wrote that by [5]:

“forcing these liberal twits into those enclaves, we will be sending them to their death at worst, and at best they and their families will be subjected to all the depredations, persecution and abuse that non-Muslims worldwide currently ‘enjoy’ in countries like Pakistan… It will be great to see them executed or tortured to death.”

Anders Breivik EDLAnders Behring Breivik, the nationalist terrorist who murdered 77 in Norway on July 22nd 2011, was a keen follower of the anti-Jihadist bloggers featured on Ayling’s website. Breivik praised the EDL in his manifesto and posted on forums linked to the group [6]. Following the Norwegian terror attack Ayling was actually questioned by police, keen to establish whether he might be the English mentor “Richard The Lionhearted” – of whom Breivik speaks admiringly in his sprawling manifesto.

Whilst Ayling was released without charge by police, some continue to allege that he is indeed “Richard The Lionhearted”. Most prominent amongst them is Paul Ray, a disgruntled former EDL member who had been present at the group’s founding meeting in Ayling’s flat. Ray had the misfortune to blog using the name “Lionheart”, and so naturally became a person of interest to the authorities in the aftermath of Oslo and Utoya. He flew voluntarily to Norway from his home on Malta to be interviewed by police, and continues to claim that he was set up by Alan Ayling, who he believes to be the real “Richard” – though his evidence seems entirely circumstantial.

Ayling made sure to publically condemn Breivik’s attack but also described it as “chickens come home to roost” [7]. He wasn’t the only member of the EDL to exploit the Norwegian’s murderous attack.

Ayling’s associates

Roberta Moore edlAyling’s friend Roberta Moore headed the EDL’s Jewish Division, until she became a little too outspoken about her extremist anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist beliefs. A Brazilian-born Jew, Moore is believed to have been responsible for Stephen Lennon’s appearance at a September 2011 EDL demonstration, from which he’d been banned by police but which he managed to sneak into by absurdly disguising himself as a Rabbi.

Moore’s comments during Breivik’s trial were highly disturbing. In April 2012 she wrote an article published on the Jewish Defence League UK’s blog, in which she described Breivik’s trial as a “kangaroo court” and defended him against charges of child murder by repeating his defence that the victims had actually been young adults attending an “indoctrination camp”, who were “not innocent”. She then stated:

“I hold the same amount of sympathy for…those on Utoya as I would if somebody committed this act on a Hitler Youth camp in the 1940’s, or were they just ‘children’ as well?”

The EDL did not distance themselves from Moore’s outrageous comments, and for some time she continued to run their official Jewish Division Facebook page to spread anti-Muslim hate speech.

Lennon himself appeared on BBC2’s Newsnight to discuss Breivik’s attack, and at the end of the interview Jeremy Paxman did a startled double take when Lennon appeared to make a veiled threat about a similar future attack “on British soil” [8].

Rabbi Nachum Shifren

Rabbi Nachum ShifrenRabbi Nachum Shifren is another Zionist with connections to the EDL. Shifren has attended and given speeches at EDL demonstrations [9], once served in the Israeli Defence forces, fitness trained Israeli paratroopers, and was reportedly Rabbi Meir Kahane’s driver [10]. Kahane was the founder of the extremist US-based Jewish Defence League, and he was once described as preaching “a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism” – ironically by the notorious pro-Jewish pressure group the Anti-Defamation League!

The EDL’s puppetmasters and the Neocon agenda

Whilst this article can only scratch the surface of the EDL’s story, it should by now be apparent that the movement is not what it claims to be. Powerful and wealthy strategists, working to realise the goals of Zionist extremists in the US, were fundamental in the development of the organisation.

The rowdy working class men on the streets were brought together, funded and organised to add a physical street-level presence to a war that had previously only been fought by non-working class Zionist keyboard warriors in the anti-Muslim bloggersphere.

It was never an organic, grassroots movement – and it does not represent the best interests of the English or British people.

No doubt many who joined the EDL believed that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – but the people pulling the strings of the EDL are anything but friends of the British people. Ayling, Geller, Spencer and co. are responsible for enabling an utterly ruthless, immoral and destructive agenda for global domination – a Neocon plan to “secure the realm”, and the world’s resources, at the expense of whoever might be unfortunate enough to get in their way.


The warmongering American-Israeli Neocons and their associates and successors – the people behind the imperial Project For A New American Century – maintain a powerful influence on US and UK foreign policy. Motivated by the acquisition of even more wealth and power and an unwavering support for Israel, this powerful shadow elite, aided and abetted by their public puppets in government, has over the last decade waged a series of criminal and catastrophic wars.

The invasion of Afghanistan was launched on the premise that it would catch Bin Laden and stop “Al Qaeda” – despite the fact that the US had two decades earlier funded, trained, and armed the very militants that became Al Qaeda under Operation Cyclone.

al qaeda operation cycloneIt’s not within the scope of this article to detail the innumerable ways in which the Anglo-American-Israeli criminal elite has in recent years exploited the threat of Islamic extremism, to advance its imperial agenda. From supporting Jihadists and Osama Bin Laden in 1980s Afghanistan, through 9/11 and the questions of foreknowledge and stand-downs, to contrived underwear bomber patsies and provocateured dupes, to the backing of Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria; when it comes to Muslim extremists the US and British governments have a long history of manipulation and deceit. Radical Muslims are appointed the enemy so that foreign interventions and invasions can be justified. The EDL perpetuates the myth of the Islamic terrorist threat, without ever mentioning Western Governments’ own ties to those very terrorists. On another level they do not even consider how our aggressive foreign policy of invading Muslim lands and backing ruthless Israel helps feed the extremist mindset in the first place.

In addition to the untold numbers of innocent civilians killed in Afghanistan, many British soldiers have lost their lives. The cost to the British taxpayer, obliged to fund the immoral, baseless and frankly illegal war, has been huge.

The invasion of Iraq was based entirely on lies about weapons of mass destruction. As in Afghanistan strategic control of territory and resources was one of the imperialists’ primary goals, and the removal of strongman Saddam Hussein, a regional threat to Israel, another. The Iraq war has not only murdered countless numbers of innocent civilians, it has killed hundreds of British servicemen and women. And the British people have paid for it all through taxation, compounding the national debt crisis that was brewing and is now here in full force. Today public services are being slashed and the poor and vulnerable are cold and hungry, yet we still manage to find funds for bombing campaigns and covert operations in lands far away from our own.

Gaddafi deathThe attack on Libya and removal of Colonel Gaddafi was similarly manufactured, and entirely without justification. Yet another sovereign nation, once peaceful and stable lies in ruins after our “humanitarian intervention”. The imperial Neocon agenda marched on.

The criminals in power, and the criminals behind those in power, are currently attempting to overthrow the leader of yet another sovereign and formerly stable country – Syria, by hijacking a peaceful protest movement against the Assad regime by backing Islamic terrorists within their ranks and mercenaries from further afield, the kind of extremists we claim to be fighting elsewhere in the world. More taxes to fund more death, to make the already fantastically wealthy and powerful even wealthier and more powerful.

One of their ultimate goals is the removal of the Iranian leadership, and the installing of a pliant puppet government in a country which just happens to be hostile to Israel’s Zionist regime and allied with the former super power of Russia and emerging world power China; this without mentioning their massive reserves of oil and other natural resources.

How many British people will die in World War 3 against Iran’s nuclear-armed and vastly populated allies?

More war is exactly what those pulling the EDL’s strings are enabling – and there’s nothing remotely patriotic about supporting psychopathic imperialism!

Brit Dee MistrBritBrit Dee is a freelance political commentator from the UK, with an interest in the deeper causes of terrorism, and the danger of consolidation of power through globalization. He is now a regular contributor to WideShut.co.uk

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  • Fred

    There’s nothing British about the EDL. If they stand for Britain, then God help us all.

    Whats British about going round, causing mayhem and trouble, abusing people of different Faiths (especially Muslims) and supporting a state that butchers innocent people? Btw, Islam isn’t such a threat they make it out to be. They generalize Muslims too and give them all one big label.

    These EDL supporters don’t even know the truth of what they’re supporting. Tommy Robinson looks like a petty pub-goer who feeds off the tax-payers money. I wonder what GCSE’s he’s had. I watched an interview of him and he knew nothing of ‘Sharia Law’ he keeps going on about. This is a leader? Pfft.

    The EDL are causing more trouble than doing good!

    I’m British, but are the EDL? Their scum. Actions speaks louder than words. The EDL fail at words too.

    • allahwasapeado

      an what do u know then fred about muslim.what town do u lve in or what planet should i say.edl know more about muslims than u tommy robinson knows what he is on about islam is for the sick.u should convert

    • TOMMY


    • Bilbo Banks

      Funny really when you think about it as it took BNP and then later the EDL to get thousands of petitions of complaint against the face of Moslem grooming gang’s that went unheeded for decades only through these heroes constantly campaigning for justice have these pedo’s been brought to justice which has taken more than ten years to achieve the police have failed us the law courts have failed us and the children’s welfare groups have failed us !!! All because we do not want to offend Islam ???
      So our children have been made to suffer we have all failed our children by not acting on what is right and dealing with this evil menace of society .

  • sducain

    Nothing wrong with EDL, Robinson is an honest and good leader, I’m sure his brain is bigger than that of a GNAT [for the MORONS that can’t spell].With regard to Israel, you’ll find it’s necessary to either support it or
    oppose it.They are in a difficult situation and can’t afford to be soft.We in Britain should support them, if you like as the lesser of two evils.EDL now needs to transform itself from protest group into political party.The most
    immediate problem in UK is an evil cult called ISLAM.It has to be stopped from destroying the entire country

  • Sue

    Bunch of bloody thugs is all the EDL is! You reckon you will take on the bankers? You reckon you will get all the cctv camera’s removed? While at the same time you reckon to support Israel?! You bunch on lump heads need to wake up and realise that for one its the Zionists (Israelis) who own and run the banks.. and they are part of the illuminati who run and own everything.. including you EDL lot whoo are mere ‘pawns’ in the NWO game.. and the ‘pawns’ are always sacrificed first! It only proves that the ‘sheeple’ amonst us, the walking dead heads and lump heads, the dumbed down bozo’s of England are ALL members of the EDL!

    • allahwasapeado

      dumb bozo s an what are u doing to try stop young white girls from been raped by thses muslim gangs an i bet u dont live among them do ya u should convert.god bless the edl god bless tommy robinson god bless kevin carroll good men doing a good job

    • TOMMY


  • Hugh

    How strange that one of the fundamental principles of a group called the ENGLISH defence league would be to support a nation thousands of miles away from English shores. However if you peruse far-right forums you’ll find very little love for Israel amongst EDL foot soldiers. They don’t realize the tools of authority they’ve become.

    In a way they’re similar to Choudray and his small band of men, giving off the air that they speak for a majority when in reality they’re a minority who play right into the hands of the State who need a divided population in order to continue oppressing them with ever more draconian measures.

  • Muzi Joe

    The pictures of these idiots holding israeli flags are just as retarded as those idiots that hold the Quran next to their guns. Islam means peace. As long as a person is respectful, peaceful and friendly to their parents and neighbours of any religion or belief then whether there is a heaven or not, our world will improve and become a better place. By just picking a side i.e. Israel (A heavy outlaw of the international laws set by the U.N) or Saudi then you will be alienating people. don’t forget that these sides are not made of a single individual but are countries with millions of different kinds of people that live in them.

  • Sert

    EDL = getting the igrnorant Goyim to do Israel’s dirty work

  • Blake

    At the same time these fringe lunatics deny the Holocaust – most European fascists like Kaminski of Poland, Ziles of Latvia, Hans Christian Strache of Austria’s fascist Freedom Party do – but that does not seem to bother the usurping zionist entity occupying Palestine. I guess they need all the friends they can get like the Christian fundamentalists who believe that only a massacre of Jews at Armageddon will ensure the return of Jesus!

  • Eddie

    Interesting article. I notice the EDL get an almighty bug up their arses should a muslim get convicted of a sex crime. But if a ‘native’ gets convicted of the same crime, the EDL are ok with it. Yeah, lets get these clowns into politics.

    An another note. I think you’ll find the support for the EDL is more sinister than you think (as if being supported by Israel wasn’t sinister enough). I refer you to the well know interview with the BBC’s Paxman. You know the one where Paxman looked like he was in agony from what he was hearing from the clown in front of him (Lennon or whatever he calls himself).

    If you look closely you’ll find it’s actually a staged interview. Paxman keeps his trap shut for long pauses (how often does he do that?) looking like he’s really disturbed, meanwhile the clown from EDL is allowed free airtime to spew his ignorant nonsense. There were some obvious questions that Paxman could have asked but never does. For example.. “.. tell us Mr Lennon/Harris/f’kface I notice that sharia courts cause you a lot of grief, can you tell us when you were last forced to go to one??… what’s that?.. you’ve never met a muslim?.. oh for f’k sake!”

    • Jos

      Got a problem with the concept of belonging Eddie, or do the inverted commas apply only to white folks – more specifically English people? Cretins like you are more dangerous than shill organizations like the EDL, no doubt about that.

      • Alex

        I think the word native deserves inverted commas.

    • judaismislamunited1

      Good points

      Let not forget the bbc covered up for pedophiles for decades

    • allahwasapeado

      muslim men think they can rape white girls because they book of hate tells them its ok.god bless tommy robinson he knows what he s on about people like u cant stand the truth.muslim get killed by whiteman main headlines.if other way round doesnt make paper.god bless edl

      • Matt

        you need to read the bible and Tanakh then you will see what rape is all about however being from a christian nation i guess you prefer incest like the bible?

    • TOMMY


      • Matt

        lol mr maturity

  • JaDE

    ermgerd you mean Jews are funding groups that oppose Islam? What a revelation. Go read the Quran, every second verse is about killing jews. Fucking truth movement has turned into a bunch of Islam coddlers. Read the Quran and Hadiths.

    • JudaismIslamUnited1

      So jade do you think that Arabic poetry is more of a radicalising effect than say all the current wars we are involved in ?

      O please Jews have been living in Muslim lands when your ancestors were living in mud huts ,

    • Matt

      LOL read the Tanakh?

  • Tiger Eye

    To quote Michio Kaku talking about the future:
    “People will still be fundamentally the same, with all their intelligence and stupidity. There will still be cruel people who want to fight wars against other races and religions, people who don’t see that we have to look after our forests, our oceans,our atmosphere, people who think money is everything”.
    I believe he is talking about Muslims among others. If the EDL can do something about such people. Good luck to them!

  • SB

    These neo cons and far right zionists are utterly evil, it really is that simple.

    • TOMMY


  • SB

    Lennon and Carroll [EDL deputy fuhrer] = Irish names.
    Found someone weaker to pick on to compensate for being whipping boys and the butt of jokes for decades, gutless twerps. I look forward to them picketing Irish clubs when the Real IRA start murdering people again.

  • shahid

    Edl just do your home un educated

    • allahwasapeado

      u should learn to read first mate.edl till i die tommy robinsons a hero

      • Pinky Floyd

        wasn’t the EDL founded by someone later convicted of a child porn offence?

        • TOMMY


          • Matt

            I bet you have several copies of the Quran tommy since you know it inside out like this.

        • A by Muslims nosebroken Jew

          your “hero” roger waters is a hitler, a mf-ing massmurderer, roger waters said “israel is nazi”, and thus, waters reveals to evryone, that he himself is nazi. simply. and you, with your allegedly oh so “anti-pedo” stance, you don’t know the difference between real love and evil, force, disregard of will and disregard of extremely young age. For you, someone who likes 15 year olds is the same as someone who “likes” (to rape and abuse) FIVE year olds. The latter ones are MAD, people who touch five year olds can be killed with my blessing. Period.

          But people who don’t make a difference between the real extremists whereever, and not so bad ones, those undistinguishing people ARE actually the VERY ones who EMPOWERED: hitler, pinochet, mao. massmurderers.

          you, you “south park” and pinky floydy FULLY sudo-anti-pedo FULL idiot, are unworthy of even raising your very voice. You do not have an inner voice.

          Also, others here go right out and say, lie: ” JEWS own the world” and etc, “ZIONISTS control the world economy”.

          Sadly, 33 percent of the young people in Israe live below the poverty line, and 25 percent of elderly people.

          Also outside of Israel, some 85 and more (!) percent of Jews, we new ones, are poor, very much so. Also, the above author of the article mentions just so “by the way” the word “NON-WORKING”, just so by the way. In a condescending manner, as if WORKING would be the PRIMARY measurement scale for HUMAN beings.

          Actually, the above writer of the article does not work at all. He destroys, he doesn’t build.

          I saw, in a positive counter-hap to all this shyte here, at another place, a better place, an Irish Zionist. May he and Ye who art with us Jews, may Ye be praised, mine Queens and Lords.

          Do not listen to any people who speak antisemitic tongue.

          They are evil nazis. In the end, they MUST be killed, or they WILL kill us all. That’s not paranoia. Or you’d say, we’d be paranoid from hitler. who massmurdered eleven million people, six million of which were Jewish. The “rest” was Gay, Communist, Chinese, Jehova’s Witnesses, and actually some 5000 Freemasons murderered too by the nazis.

          The young docu-maker who first tried speaking against Freemasons, interviewed one of the Freemasons, who informs him, that the nazis murdered 5000 Freemasons. The young docu-maker adapts his docu accordingly and is less “fervent” concerning his intitial actual ZEAL which he first had in his docu, which started out anti-freemason-like.


          You see. So also Peter Sellers was a Freemason, as I heard. Cool.

          The “anti-NWO” bullshit brought on all this anti-freemason shit.

          Also LOTS of CLEAR and EXTREMEST antisemitism. Brought on by this “anti-NWO” so-called “movement”, which is, IS a joke. Sadly.

          “pink floyd” = sweet home alabama = unsweet home oh bama but anti-black racism ain’t better than obama —

          obama is doing anti-israel racism, clearly. So obama also bad. true. sadly.

          pink floyd is not anymore my idol, you dumb mid old fool you. go away. go to hell. Period. So.

          • A by Muslims nosebroken Jew

            (one small uppo for ye: Pinky and the Brain is a by Jews made, excellent cartoon series, which is TOP critical and clearly anti-maniacs… nappy only got mania when he tried conquering russia, which is impossible, haha … charashov? not so. Gulags, well pussy riot free and how many millions others not? hu? and putin lies, gays would be like PEDOS. putin is himself a pedo, not a gay, gay is “okay”, good, we here are tolerant. I heard in my hometown, in the 80ies, some haters, neonazis obviously, burned a gay’s head with oil and lit it. They have only been sentenced to probably five years or even less in prison. Now, in canada, a jugde says, someone who burned a JEwish Girl’s hair and screamed “burn da jew!” would NOT have committed a “hate-crime”.

            This judge is the primary hate-criminal. Hate-criminals must be fought by the rest of the criminals, even. Period. But sure, I don’t trust them. Period. Not a priori. I trust in Johnny Cash. Period. I don’t trust in alkaida and the kkk.

            “marlboro” reads upside down “orobl jew”, and thus incites to massmurder to all JEws again, and thus, marbloro must be burned, abolished, punished, highestly accused by law, which doesn’t happen in USA, funnily. I wonder, I ask myself, why and how marlboro can still exist, simply.

            Simply. I don’t just blog this and I am no “sofa-revolutionary”, as the very new york times called ME, actually, in one of their BIG articles. That times also condoned murder to Jews by “tit for tat”, which the ny times wrote about the Bulgaria bombing. In which five 16 year old Israeli Kids were bombed away, and 50 others mutilated, mamed, disfigured, burned severely. Done by hezbolla. In Bulgaria, Sept, 2012.

            Those people who don’t dislike Jews and who are for Jews, are good. Others not. Period. So. I think others should read my comment. I thank those, who read it with understanding, with love, with care about mine words.

            If thou does love me, then I love You, Ye, mine Lordess or Lord. Then, Ye hast Honour. Then, Ye art truly Dragon-Bourne. We good Ones know, that there are many evil “dragons” around. We who to the outside are not violent, we who keep our hatred inside ourselves, we who do not incite to VIOLENCE, WE solely ARE good, the GOOD ones, and THAT is hereby BURNED HERE at THIS place INTO this INTERNET.

            Shalom. Hecate. I hope Thee hast have had a most merry Yule, or Chanukka, or Christ Mass, or likewise a good Muslim New Year, if Ye are one of the (rather few, but existing!) Knights of Arabia, who ARE FOR Israel, FOR Jews, —

            also in KENIA, there have been BLACK entire BATTALIONS who fought under DAJAN in 67.

            ALSO, there were DRUZE Companies and even Battaliions in the IDF in around 1950. I WANT this TIME BACK please, and MAKE it so. I talk to ISRAEL now.

            Also, DEPOWER those FALSE sudo-leftists (!) Livni, Lapid, release NO more MURDERERS (called “prisoners” by the nazi world press and by cnn, even!) TERRORISTS, and NO MORE land-giving away to FANATICS among the ARABS — who RULE them, sadly.

            The good People are encouraged to go to Israelnationalnews Dot Com, and have a first-hand impression ON REALITY. Spies and neonazis must not even hope to ever be able to pose as a Jew. I myself can alone demask you easily. :) Anytime. So cheers then. Don’t feel personally attacked by my comments. What I say is only logical, and also, true, just so by the way, simply. I really really mostly laugh at the way others are approaching reality — but what I admire, is those, who talk against RADICAL muslims, and who put that in SO few VERY MARKANT, strong, and natural words, not AT ALL ANY racist ones, but REASONABLE, ethical words, them I admire. AND THOSE who speak against the radical muslims, ARE NOT coming FROM THE NEONAZI lager, (camp), because the neonazis are racists against BOTH: against JEWS AND, AND against muslims — but neonazis, who are intrinsically and BY FIRST PRIORITY (!!!) antisemite, of COURSE collaborate EVRYWHERE with the RADICAL MUSLIMS of OFFICIAL, terrorist-underground type. OF COURSE. I mean, who doesn’t see THAT, must have his EYES “WIDE SHUT”, how POLANSKI entitled a movie of his, when he was already REALLY old, and others made that movie kinda for him. Oy. Anyway. Ti later.

      • TOMMY

        TO RIGHT

        • KeepCalm

          “Too right”

      • KeepCalm

        “you should learn to read first, mate. EDL until i die, Tommy Robinson is a hero”

        school is free. use it

    • TOMMY


  • allahwasapeado

    how many of you cunts live in a town like bradford which is full of racist muslims they are more racist than whites.they should fuck off home back to shitystanlong live the edl.god bless tommy robinson an keviv carroll

  • Pinky Floyd

    Have you ever noticed how many Irish descent people have been prominent in British fascism? William Joyce, Michael McCloughlin of the British Movement, Kevin Quinn of the British Nazi Party and now Carroll and Lennon of the EDL

    I think Griffin and Tyndall are both celtic names too.

  • Bilbo Banks

    Never read so much bull sh** in all my life !!! leftist rubbish !!! If you truly valued your country you would write articles concerning its public wellbeing and the fact grooming gangs slave traffickers and so on go unheeded yet to you the EDL are the biggest threat to civilisation !!! get a life !!! and start living in the real world before the time comes when your not free to write your propaganda rubbish !!!

    No Surrender !!!
    And I`m Protestant !!!

    • Keelan Balderson

      I liked the part where you countered the article with reason and evidence … oh wait.

      • Bilbo Banks

        Moron !!!!

    • TOMMY


    • fred

      No mate you are a brain dead protestant

      • Bilbo Banks

        keep hiding from the truth and burying your head in the sand your one of these people that continued to deny grooming gangs ever existed its idiots like you that have made this country the place it is today by appeasing the monsters that committ these evil crimes and denying them

      • Bilbo Banks

        And your just a wally



  • bettytoo2

    Some interesting points ,I did wonder how a man(Tommy Robinson) with a frozen bank account for fours years ,manage to feed himself ,HE’S THREE KIDS and pay the mortgage or rent he has to have powerful people funding him.Its a pity the white working class who supported him don’t realise they being used

  • John

    You Brits ain’t too smart, clearly you think that because Muslims are such a problem in your nation that you should look past the EDL’s ties to Zionism. Some of you even think that Zionism is something to support, and you welcome ZOG? You must be joking. When Labour was importing Pakis and the like for votes and to realize their multiculti dream, REAL nationalist groups like BNP and NF were telling you exactly what was going on. And now when the NF is again trying to tell you what the truth is about the Zionist EDL, you again IGNORE them and give your support to these FAKE nationalists, these shabbos goyim. You’re so easily deceived, how sad.

    • KeepCalm

      yeah we’re not all like that are we? you from america? well put down your pie, take off your cowboy hat, set up your lynching station, get your arsenal of weapons out of your kids’ cradle, go shoot up a school, blah blah blah

      not all americans are like that. not all brits are like this, think it through ffs

  • A by Muslims nosebroken Jew

    This in fact too “brit” Brit Dee is not only mad, but an apparent and quite obvious antisemite. I salute the EDL and the US Jewish Defense League, that’s a period. Also I didn’t know that Breivik’s victims WERE in a ALKAIDA-similar or pro-islam “training camp”, when the media lied, it was a harmless (“pro-islamic”) summer camp holiday. Breivik’s deed is the same as what alkaida does: massmurder. But sorry, the radical muslims (hezbolla hamas alkaida alnusra isis chamenei bokoharam janjaweed jihad) murder others and also all tolerant Muslims are victims of murder by radical muslims, whom I don’t write upperscaly any big.

    This author here is revealed by me and by many others as antisemite, as racist him very self, which he might mask nor so much under “anti-globalism”, a joke. That, that is here. This whole place would normally be a gathering festering pond for actual neonazis. Sadly, the context here is, that radical muslims (“mussies”) kill us all, whether we are non-Muslims (“non-believers”, haha what a joke), or lenient, mild, non-violent Muslims. We both are opressed. So, I can not join up with racists. Also, the arrogance by this writer against “sofa-bloggers” is appalling, appalling, and disgusting. This Brit real m-f Dee is THE ONLY sofa-blogger.

    All others sit on da sofa, but are okay, just not he and vanessa redgrave and roger waters and mel gibson and pinochet and hitler and mao and jiang zemin, all of them evil, antisemite, dumb, really evil people. primitive, truly, truly primitive people. Period. That is objectively so, is truth. Not what others say, if they’d hail this author called “Dee” here. Which most people (“ppl”) do not even do.

    I salute all good People, who tell this Dee here, what the thing is. Who wash his ears. I’d like to literally see that happenin’ fellas. Yeas. So. Period.

    This Dee should be deported to iran, where he can then try to criticise tha system .-.. haha for two seconds or two days then he’s beheaded by the government.

    :) cheers !

  • Peace4UK

    need I say more??? Hate is spreading and there are much worse things happening so please grow up EDL and learn, instead of being pawns in the game. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, but not with anger otherwise it will cloud your vision. If you don’t learn now I guarantee you in yrs to come you will see that you were just used and abused. Peace!!!!

  • Don Dressel

    Everyone says peace and quit giving the muslims a hard time? What about all the bullshit the muslims are pushing in England! MUSLIMS GO LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST! I HAVE NEWS FOR THE MUSLIMS HERE IN THE UNITED STATES! ONE THING WE HAVE HERE THAT THE BRITISH DO NOT HAVE IS GUNS AND WILL NOT PUT UP WITH YOUR SHARIA BULLSHIT! GO EDL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don Dressel

    Why is everyone giving the EDL a hard time and painting them as the bad guys? I just watched nightline and it showed radical muslims marching through England and pushing sharia law and putting down England! They say they are coming to my country the United States! Well good luck because they are going to need it! Maybe somebody can enlighten me on this whole situation! I have nothing against muslims and their religion but do not push it on me!

  • Dark Age Fire

    They’re useful idiots charging after red flags like dumb animals. Go chase after the moooslims and ignore the traitors who let them and CONTINUE to allow them to stream into your formerly White nation. LOL!

  • varun

    i support idl and edl….they are true nationalists…god bless them

  • Cosimo Jackson

    All your article did was further promote and support courageous groups and citizens standing up to Radical Islam. Thank-you for all the helpful information.


  • Bob

    I think it is now obvious that the EDL was designed by Jews, and that by calling it the “English Defence League” they could psychologically manipulate English people to fight their battles, while also making sure the English take the blame for any backlash. Someone needs to start the “Proper English Defence League”, where genuine Gentiles defend themselves from all religious lunatics and internationalists.

  • William

    Superb article,confirming the dodgy Zionist roots of the EDL !

  • fred

    A brilliant article, I’ve been wondering why the edl has been supporting the Jews,
    When the Jews have destroyed all the Muslims they will be coming for the Goyim, edl = suckers

  • stephenokechukwukeshi

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  • Mungo Jerry

    It’s the Zionist’s who are the driving force behind multiculturalism and mass Islamic immigration into the West, so any apparent anti-Muslim group like the EDL or person like Geert Wilders who both support Israel, are no more than Zionist antagonists even though I suspect that most ELD members are not even aware of it such is the lack of grey matter among them. The Zionists don’t just want mass Islamic immigration for the West (although not for racial supremist Israel), they want all out war and that’s where folk like the EDL and Geert Wilders come into play. They are the Zionist stooges who are all too ready to light the touch-paper and give their masters what they want, i.e. conflict. That’s what they need in order to divide and conquer, which has been the plan all along.

    • uni_soulja

      “I suspect that most ELD members are not even aware of it such is the lack of grey matter among them” says the guy who can’t even get the acronym right!! lol.. It’s not so much that they’re lacking ‘grey matter’, it’s that they’re naive, gullible and make a lot of subjective assumptions – like yourself! All my Uni prof’s would undoubtedly concur, I’m not lacking any ‘grey matter’ at all – far from it my friend; yet that didnt prevent me from slowly being indoctrinated by the EDL hierarchy..

      I was an area co-ordinator under Tommy Robinson, (who I used to know personally), for a couple years; I left when he did.. I can assure you that many of the top tier, of the EDL as well as the majority of the foot soldiers, are far from retarded.. If you believe everything you see/hear in the media, then you’re the one sadly lacking ‘grey matter’!! In my time, there were are all manner of races, religions, classes and professions amongst the EDL ranks with genuine concerns and fears about the state of the nation they and their kids were living in, who, for the large part, are being totally ignored.. They feel they have no choice but to link up with the EDL, as they’re the only protest group that acknowledge and raise the same/similar concerns; therefore the only way they have of their voices being heard..

      These genuine fears and concerns is what the EDL hierarchy play on and exploit.. They exacerbate such emotions by way of their carefully constructed propoganda and emotive rhetoric.. They whip people up into a frenzy with their ideological bs, which is gradually metered in a measured and discreet lock-step manner.. The longer that people are involved, and mind-kontrolled, the more closed-minded they become and they start adopting a victim-complex, (not unlike Talmudic-indoctrinated jews), it really is very sad to see.. I’m fortunate to be able to look from the outside-in now because I certainly couldn’t see it when I was in the thick of it..

      The drunken, loutish element oft-paraded in the mainstream media amounts to no more than 10% in my experienced estimation and they’re the types that travel anywhere for a ruck.. If you removed that reprehensible element, you’d be left with a very different picture indeed!! It’s easy to cast aspersions and look down on the masses with scornful judgement and righteous indignation when one hasn’t walked in their shoes..

      The reason I was given for flying the Israeli flag at rallies was that it was the Jewish divisions choice and it was allowed in order to show solidarity to the Israeli ‘fight for survival’.. You have to remember, the masses are all dumbed-down and believe all the mainstream bs they’re spoon-fed.. Even Tommy Robinson believes that Israel are being unfairly persecuted in the middle-East, from all sides, by people who hate them.. As far as he is concerned, he believes the for-public-consumption definition of Zionism perpetuated by the Zio-owned msm..

      Fortunately I was saved from all that as I got red-pilled and became a born-again Christian.. I’m under no disillusion about the real, evil nature of the fundamentalist Zionists at all any more..

  • Gaston D’Orleans

    “How many British people will die in World War 3 against Iran’s nuclear-armed and vastly populated allies?”

    Just speaking for us members of the sinister Zionist cabal… We’re figuring about sixty percent of the population. Then we’ll just make you an American territory, beginning your transition from a nation called Britain to your future as Airstrip One; an island that frequent polls will show most US citizens to be totally unaware is actually, technically part of their country.

    I now feel the need to make it clear that I’m joking. I thought it would be obvious…
    But Jesus. I’d heard Britain was getting more and more anti-semitic. I didn’t realize you’d started teaching “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in grammar school.