Boston Bombings: 10 Things Conspiracy Theorists Should Consider

Keelan BaldersonApril 16th, 2013Boston Marathon Bombing    4 Comments »

1: You don’t know who did it or why they did it yet, there is not enough evidence to come to a solid conclusion, almost everything at this point is speculation.

2: A Facebook image of a man with his limbs missing in Boston, next to an army veteran with his limbs missing from Afghanistan, does not prove they’re the same person, or that he’s faking being hurt in Boston, or that he’s pretending his legs were blown off in Boston and not Afghanistan…or that he was part of a drill. For all you know you could be accusing a poor legless veteran caught up in the bombings, of faking it…or worse, accusing a poor man who had his legs blown off in the bombings, of being a legless army veteran who’s pretending his legs were blown off in the bombings….that’s disgusting!

3: The Boston Globe Tweeting that there was a controlled explosion just before 3pm, only proves that the Boston Globe Tweeted about a controlled explosion just before 3pm. This does not prove that the Government carried out the attacks, and this does not prove that it was part of a drill (this is not mentioned in the Tweet)…It could simply have been a controlled explosion on secondary devices or for example suspicious rucksacks etc left behind by fleeing citizens.

4: Just because an eye witness says police with bomb sniffing dogs told him not worry in the morning and that they were part of a drill, doesn’t mean there was a drill, or that if there was a drill, it had any bearing on the bombings. Saying there was a drill could have been a way to stop people worrying about their presence.

5: The presence of various types of security at a high profile event like the Boston Marathon is not peculiar…in fact many of the alternative news outlets that are insinuating that it’s odd to have bomb sniffer dogs and security dotted around, are the same outlets that scream about the police state getting out of control. So which is it? Is the police and security state out of control or is it an anomaly to have them at the Boston Marathon?

6: If there was a drill or series of drills taking place that day it does not prove the Government did the bombings. Unlike the 9/11 attacks which were directly affected by drills that diverted the Government’s ability to respond, there is no logical reason why a drill would be used in the Boston bombings if this was a secret false flag attack. If you were staging a false flag attack would you bring in bomb sniffer dogs to potentially find the bombs you were going to set off? Would you run a drill that could A) end up uncovering the real attack or B) Alert people that something fishy was going on because the drills were running parallel?

7: Just because a random Facebook page about the bombings appears to have been created before the event, doesn’t prove that it was. Anyone can edit their page title and theme after the fact. It most certainly doesn’t prove the Government carried out the attack…Why on earth would they need to create a Facebook page, especially before the incident?

8: Keyboard warriors claiming that the reactions and movements of people on the ground were odd or not reminiscent of what people would do in an explosion, thus insinuating it was fake or staged, are mentally ill. Unless you’ve been in a bombing don’t try and pretend you know how people should act in the fallout of one. Is there really a logical way to react to a bombing.

9: Alex Jones and infowars.com are being just as speculative and exploitative as any mainstream media outlet. They ARE a mainstream media outlet and they have their own agenda. Just like some outlets have blamed Muslims or right wingers, Alex Jones blames the Government.

10: To repeat point 1, You don’t know who did it yet, so don’t pretend that you do. It could have been rogue elements of the Government and intelligence agencies, it could have been crazy right wingers, it could have been crazy left wingers, it could have been extremist Muslims, it could have had multiple different intertwining causes and perpetrators. Right now nobody knows and there isn’t enough evidence to make a judgment.

From The Editor: This article is not an attack on genuine alternative media proponents or those with a healthy distrust of the establishment, it is to remind people that critical thinking goes both ways. Yes there are real conspiracies and Government cover-ups, but they were only exposed through fact based and logical exploration, over many months and years. The answer to whether the Boston Bombings were a false flag or cover-up cannot possibly be answered in 24 hours, and anyone claiming to have done so have betrayed what it means to be a critical thinker. Because X is X does not prove Y is X; each terror attack must be treated on its own merits.


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