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Coverage of state intrusion, surveillance and police conduct.

By Keelan Balderson | Feb 9, 2014

Human decency prevails as George Zimmerman vs DMX boxing match is called off.

By Raf | Jul 17, 2013

With growing use of DNA by the ‘authorities’ across the world, and the development of biometric databases for the claimed purposes of ‘identity proof’ and ‘law enforcement’, are we on the verge of a massive breach of privacy or worse?

By Keelan Balderson | Jul 15, 2013

Ignoring the race-baiters and irrelevancies to come to a rational conclusion about George Zimmerman’s acquital.

By Raf | Jun 15, 2013

Raf explores the concept of predictive programming in films and media, it’s purpose and possible effects, and some chilling possible examples in films such as Batman Rises.

By Keelan Balderson | Apr 24, 2012

Lincolnshire first to adopt G4S private police staff as cuts force privatization schemes across the country.

By Keelan Balderson | Apr 23, 2012

Forcing upstanding dog owners to microchip their pets will do nothing to prevent attacks by criminals and ignorant owners.

By Keelan Balderson | Feb 28, 2012

Children across the UK being subjected to fake alien invasions, shootings, teacher assaults and holocaust simulations, leaving them upset and traumatized.

By Keelan Balderson | Feb 1, 2012

UK citizen faces 10 years in US jail for hosting a website on British severs and linking to copyrighted material; a crime that is not recognised under UK law.

By Keelan Balderson | Jun 28, 2011

Private Security Guards given only one week of training to get police powers in controversial austerity scheme.

By David Bolwell | Nov 10, 2010

If Body Scanners cannot detect common forms of terrorism, and are dangerous to our health, what the hell are they being used for?

By David Bolwell | Oct 22, 2010

David Bolwell further exposes the cyber-terrorism myth and the push for internet censorship.

By Keelan Balderson | Oct 5, 2010

Proposed scheme will see UK prisoners work full-time jobs at a fraction of the minimum wage for private profiteering corporations.

By Keelan Balderson | Mar 16, 2010

Rothschild puppet Peter Mandelson is the man behind draconian Digital Economy Bill, that aims to censor the internet.