Another SEAL Team Six Member ‘Dead’

Seal Team 6Yet another member of the highly touted Navy SEAL Team Six, the group that allegedly carried out the raid on Bin Laden’s compound, has wound up dead according to today’s news cycles.

The death reportedly occurred during the rescue of an American doctor, Dr. Dilip Joseph over the weekend, who had been kidnapped five days prior outside of Kabul by the Taliban.

“This was a combined operation of U.S. and Afghan forces,” said 1st Lt. Joseph Alonso, a spokesman for U.S. forces. “Information was collected through multiple intelligence sources, which allowed Afghan and coalition forces to identify the location of Joseph and the criminals responsible for his captivity.”

“He gave his life for his fellow Americans, and he and his teammates remind us once more of the selfless service that allows our nation to stay strong, safe and free,” said President Obama in a statement.

The case of 28 year old SEAL Nicolas Checque, who died of a single gunshot wound to the head, joins a list of other stories that suggest SEAL Team Six are dropping like flies following their supposed involvement in the May, 2011, Bin Laden operation.

It was reported in August last year that 22 Navy SEALs, most of whom belonged to Team 6, died after their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan [1]. This was the largest loss of life in a single day since the 2001 invasion.

Seal Team 6 Bin Laden Raid Mystery

Although the film Zero Dark Thirty has been keeping the story fresh in everyone’s mind, exactly what happened and the evidence supporting it is a closely guarded secret. Versions of events that have made their way in to the public sphere seem to contradict each other.

The only alleged member of Team 6 to come forward with their own account of what happened is Mark Owen (a pseudonym), who some how managed to publish a book without it being vetted by the White House, Pentagon or the CIA, of which tells a totally different story than was first described to the public.

According to Owen, Bin Laden was not armed as first reported, did not pose a threat and did not use his wife or some other lady as a human shield [2].

This then begs the question, why did Team 6 assassinate him? (If they did at all). Bin Laden was supposed to be the leader of a global terrorist organization hell bent on destroying the Untied States. Surely the logical and ethical thing to do would be to capture and interrogate him and put him on trial for 9/11? After all that was the reason sold to the public to justify the invasion of Afghanistan.

Unlike Bradley Manning who is still rotting in a military cell somewhere for leaking classified military intel exposing America’s war crimes in Iraq, SEAL Team Six member “Owen” has in no way been punished for the tell all tale. Perhaps it’s a tall-tale used to legitimize a narrative that is full of holes. A classic limited hangout. Even the most gullible among us must have a hard time believing they actually murdered the world’s most notorious terrorist, buried him at sea without any sailors present [4], and without having the body independently verified – unless they were covering something up. They couldn’t make the whole story more suspicious if they tried.

Furthermore the idea that this would somehow prevent retaliation from Al Qaeda is absurd. If Bin Laden was supposed to have been killed in the compound, surely that’s all the information they’d need before taking revenge? And aren’t Al Qaeda supposed to be targeting America anyway? I didn’t think the needed an excuse? Then again the only attacks on US soil since 9/11 have either been “home-grown”, FBI entrapments or both. Other than the Fort Hood shooting, none of these have been a success. And far from seeking revenge, Al Qaeda are now working hand in glove with the United States in Libya and Syria. For an anti-western Islamic fundamentalist network, they don’t half flip flop.

Bin Laden situation room

Also lets not forget the “situation room” photo, purportedly showing Obama and co watching the raid live. CIA director Leon Panetta inadvertently revealed that there was actually no video of the raid recorded [5]. The photo, which had been digitally enhanced to emphasize the false shock and tension on the faces of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama [6], is nothing short of PR.

We may not ever know exactly what happened in Abbottabad, Pakistan, the US have been sure to get rid of any evidence they claimed to have, by sinking it to the bottom of the ocean. Empirically speaking that means there is no evidence. And with contradictory accounts of what did go down, and propaganda being used to try and support those contradictions, a rational person might determine there’s some level of cover-up. Locals either didn’t think it was Bin Laden, or as one man put it “that was my neighbor Akhbar Han.”

Who Are SEAL Team 6?

SEAL Team Six is the colloquial term for the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), or DEVGRU. They were created in the aftermath of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, in which Iranian revolutionaries were seeking payback for the CIA and MI6 coup of their democratically elected leader Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953.

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  • Jeff

    Got it! They were relieved from duty because they were a risk.

  • GlenF

    Im sure not going to believe in coincidence here.

    Somebody definitely is lying and trying to keep the real truth from getting out.

  • Leighton Nicholas

    There’s too many conspiracies going on, Seal Team six went in covertly without the permission of Pakistan to find, Capture and ASSASSINATE Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden lived just a mile or so away from the equilivant to our Sandhurst (British Army’s Officers Training Centre) I do not believe the Pakistanie’s was unaware of his presence in Pakistan. If the Pakistanie’s knew about this Osama would be gone and hidden somewhere by the foolish Pakistani Government.
    If Osama was Captured and held anywhere there would be huge attacks all over America trying to retrieve him so the safest option was to Assassinate him fly his body out of the country, do a quick DNA test and drop him off into the sea because no country would accept him. He was dropped off into the sea so no one could use it as a shrine.
    I do not believe it was staged however people in America love conspiracies however I think Obama is a Legend and don’t think he’d lie to his people as he’s a trustworthy leader as he’s proven in the past, definitely the best President in a long time.

    Accept it America has won in the end, no one can beat the American and British Special Forces, we will always win in the end

    • Keelan Balderson

      You’re just assuming because Obama told you so. It’s not about “conspiracies.” Rational and informed people want evidence. And don’t be absurd, if Bin Laden was so revered by his so called army of terrorists they would be attacking right now! Your logic is laughably flawed.

      “Accept it America has won in the end, no one can beat the American and British Special Forces, we will always win in the end”

      Who’s we?

      You’re being a fool, but I think you know that.

      • Deon van Zyl

        If you believe this crap: “If Osama was Captured and held anywhere there would be huge attacks all over America trying to retrieve him so the safest option was to Assassinate him fly his body out of the country, do a quick DNA test and drop him off into the sea because no country would accept him”, then you can also believe the Easter Bunny cures cancer! Empirical evidence! Ever heard of it?!

        • jc

          Agreed. They dumped his body because the worlds biggest superpower and their superpower allies were fearful of retaliation from a group of people who barely have a camel never mind a tank? its funny stuff…

    • Hayden

      Are you serious? Did you say Obama wouldn’t lie and decieve the American ppl? Wake up!

    • mark

      First of all Obama is a Muslim no matter how much christian the media says he is. And Leighton he is not our best president but our first anti american president.He doesnt run his office and campaigns against the very things he does. You are lucky if you are reading this but my aunt is seal team sixes travel agent. He was actually not killed but is still in hiding and promises not to attack america until obama is out of office so the next republican president will be blamed after all our economy is screwed up and i dont care what propaganda you read but obama is a terrible man. Hes a sillouette thats fake and i feel sorry for you gullable people who think hes so great.

      • Keelan Balderson

        “First of all Obama is a Muslim”

        People call me a conspiracy theorist, but that takes the biscuit.

  • James A

    Was Osama Bin Laden really killed by Seal Team 6 on the date the Obama administration claims ?

    The administration first announced they were going to release the video promptly, then decided they were going to wait a week , but finally decided they would not release it . Now it’s obvious there never was a video of the shooting .

    Why were there so many versions of how Osama died ? Because when people lie , their fictional stories tend to change . If they were telling the truth from actual testimony reported from the sniper , there wouldn’t be so many versions .

    Why the phony stories , fake expressions related to a non existing video ? Why shoot to kill an unarmed citizen and bury him at sea with no evidence ? It makes sense there was no video of the shooting , but why not at lease release a video of the alleged burial ?

    Either it didn’t happen or they intentionally wanted to create a conspiracy .

  • Leighton nicholas

    Yet again a bunch of Civilians believing conspiracies, why have America stopped all of their aid to Pakistan oh rite Yh to back up the conspiracies you people are so gullible fair play oh have you heard Elvis lives in Dubai with Michael Jackson lol

  • Udumbassamericans

    How dumb and brainwashed are u Americans. First of all, Osama Bin Laden was an operative for the CIA. Days/weeks leading up to 911, bin laden was visited in Pakistani Hospital by US diplomat. Common knowledge was that he suffered from a degenerative liver condition…it is also not too hard to find factual info that Bin Laden passed away in 2003/04…mainly due to this ailment/illness.
    First thing is first, the US have always had a threat or an enemy who they must defeat as anyone who is US enemy are forces of evil…who r supposedly trying to destroy the USA, it’s citizens, it’s democracy and freedom….lol…that is the fluff that u people are sold all ur lives…here are some of US past enemies:

    The Soviet Union – Communist Dictatorship…who supposedly was trying to destroy the US because they were jealous of ur Democracy and free way of life hahaaa
    Vietnam – Again Communists dictators were a threat somehow to the US, so invaded a sovereign country in contradiction to the UN human rights charter and many charges against Geneva Convention…Agent Orange just one of many