Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars Letter Hoax

If you are a frequent consumer of alternative media and history you’ve no doubt come across the infamous 3 World Wars letter allegedly sent by Confederate military officer Albert Pike to Italian Freemason and revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini in the late 1800s. This alleged letter is quoted ad-nauseam on websites, in forums, by conspiracy researchers like David Icke, in books aiming to expose Freemasonry, and by those with an interest in geopolitics and conspiracy theories.

It is commonly used as evidence to support the idea that major wars are simply a tool of a secret elite society called the Illuminati, who are out to destroy Christianity and usher in a Satanic New World Order. Not all proponents of the letter’s authenticity are Christian or adherents of the Satanic New World Order theory, but the common thread that unifies them is the belief that wars and events on the geopolitical chessboard are pre-planned in order to carry out secret agendas.

This article and video is not here to debunk that notion, in fact there is ample evidence to support the contrived and deceitful nature of warfare, but in the quest for truth every piece of evidence should be held up to scrutiny.

Below is the often cited text from the so called Three World Wars letter…

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion… We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Did Albert Pike Invent Nazism and Zionism?

Those with a critical eye will recognize that if this letter is true, Albert Pike had an uncanny ability to use phrases long before they ever made it in to the public vernacular. In fact he’s so prophetic, it immediately sheds doubt on the authenticity of the letter, which was supposed to have been written in 1871. Pike himself was born on December 29, 1809, and died on April 2, 1891. He was a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.

According to the text he claims that the first world war “must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism…”

While theoretically the term communism could have been used by Pike, as it was popularized by Marx and Engels in the 1840s ahead of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, the roots of the Russian Revolution did not form until the 1890s, some 20 years after the letter was allegedly written and when Pike was on his last legs. The reader must question whether he could have been privy to the outcome of the Russian workers’ movement before those workers themselves had ever heard of Marx or formed the movement to oppose their masters? And if he was, how could he have such foresight to suggest a World War could simply be brought about and that it could be controlled in such a manner to accomplish his goals? It’s not only highly unlikely but there is nothing of substance to suggest it actually happened. No testimony from anybody else associated with Pike, no other correspondence or writings from Pike himself – literally nothing other than this alleged letter.

It should also be noted that other than the general enlightenment movement the only “Illuminati” organization documented within decades of the time-frame of the letter was the “Bavarian Illuminati” which officially disbanded in 1785. Though conspiracy theories flourish to this day and the term is used in the abstract, serious accusations of the group’s secret continuation had died out at least 50 years before the letter was allegedly written. Out of all the verified Pike literature, only Morals & Dogma makes a fleeting and abstract use of the term Illuminati and this certainly ins’t in he context of some all powerful secret society. So if Pike believed a war must take place for the Illuminati, who are they and what evidence is there to support that they existed and he was a member? Of course some irrational proponents of the “letter” will say they’re a secret…but if they are such a well kept secret, how do YOU know they are/were real? It’s unfounded speculation at best.

The rest of the “letter” is also extremely dubious. Terms like Fascism, Nazism and Zionism were never used in Pike’s lifetime. Zionism as a word was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum and would not take root for several more years. There is no record of Pike knowing or meeting Birnbaum or having any connection to the Zionist movement. The ideological roots of Fascism were only in their infancy during Pike’s final years, and the term was not used publicly until Mussolini took his position in the 1920s. The term Nazism did not emerge until the 1930s with the rise of Germany’s National Socialist party.

Unless Albert Pike can predict the future or was the hidden hand of God himself, it would seem this “letter” is nothing more than a modern forgery.

Origins of the Letter

To get to the bottom of where the alleged 3 World Wars letter comes from we need to retrace the sources. is the originator of the text as printed above. This is the quote that circulates most prominently around the Internet. Although the website does actually state that “no conclusive proof exists to show that this letter was ever written,” it does suggest extracts are found in the book Satan: Prince of This World by William Guy Carr.

This simply isn’t the case. Only one section of the text appears in the book on page 29 and that is the final paragraph where it says:

“We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations (people of different nationalities), the effects of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil…” etc.

What we do find in Guy Carr’s other book Pawns In The Game from 1956, is a series of paragraphs that do for the most part mirror the often cited text from the website. This however isn’t a direct quote itself, rather Carr’s own interpretation of the “letter” which he gleaned from another source. Carr never actually claimed that what he wrote was an extract. Thus whenever somebody claims that the above text is what Albert Pike wrote in a letter, they are either mistaken or lying. It is what Carr wrote in a book in the 50s!

This is how Carr begins his paragraph on the first World War. “Pike’s plan was as simple as it has proved effective. He required that Communism, Naziism, Political Zionism, and other International movements be organized and used to foment the three global wars and three major revolutions. The first world war was to be fought to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia

This does not appear in quotations, it is not copied from the “letter”, it’s clearly Carr’s own interpretation.

Initially Carr had claimed the mythical letter was catalogued at the British Museum. He later backtracked writing in Satan: Prince of This World“The Keeper of Manuscripts recently informed the author that this letter is NOT catalogued in the British Museum Library. It seems strange that a man of Cardinal Rodriguez’s knowledge should have said that it WAS in 1925”.

What this tells us is that Carr had no first hand knowledge of the “letter” or its validity, and everything he writes about it is hearsay. Thus the often cited Three World Wars text is just hearsay!

How exactly can he describe or summarize it if he hasn’t seen it?

He shifts the blame on to Cardinal Rodriguez of Chile, whose The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled was published in 1925.

However like Carr this book also has no direct quotes from the alleged letter. Rodriguez writes on pages 115-6…

The other indication of the participation of Masonry in the Revolution and the present upheaval in Russia is a letter in Le Diable au XIXème Siècle (1896), attributed to Albert Pike, “Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Masonry”, assisted by ten Ancients of the Grand Lodge of the Supreme Orient of Charleston to the very illustrious Joseph Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. What I have said of the document previously mentioned, The Protocols, I say of this one: Authentic or not, the letter had been published long enough before the events, not to be an invention accommodated post factum. Its publication is catalogued in the British Museum of London and the plan attributed to Pike is also in part in Le Palladisme Of Margiotta, p. 186 published in 1895.

So Rodriguez also does not know if the “letter” is real… “Authentic or not”. He also clearly hasn’t seen it because like Carr he doesn’t actually quote from it.

Furthermore his claim that “its publication is catalogued in the British Museum,” is completely unsubstantiated. As mentioned, William Guy Carr admitted that it wasn’t there in his book. So where did Rodriguez get his information from? Let’s go to the books his cites.

Le Palladisme, Domenico Margiotta, 1895, p186 onwards.

If we scan this book for Albert Pike we come to a section from page 127 of the PDF that we can put through Google Translate. Here is Google’s rough translation, referring to a “pamphlet” allegedly written by Pike…

In a pamphlet designed with impeccable logic, Albert Pike clearly traces the outline of his dogmatic but above the general level of its sectarian politics. A masterful introduction, as through a portal strange the Luciferian Grand Pontiff led us within mysterious darkness of the Temple, the vision of the True Light, with meditate on terrifying predictions as oracles of ancient Pythia, and suggestions power hell and he loves it invokes. By sacrilegious mouth The Genius of Evil reveals his projects universal destruction and gives us the reason for the infernal sect.

Then, we are counting the followers of all religions of the world: he intentionally assigns to religion Catholic secondary rank, and book groups fanciful. For the purpose of the cause and treacherous deductions place it in the rays of the True Light all those who are not in the lap of Roman Church, He enlisted and mobilizes face to the enemy under the banner of God-Good. Here in the camp Lucifer deployed in line of battle Buddhists already enlightened by the True Light, the Mohammedans and Jews steeped in its dark huge, Protestants are marching boldly.

On the other side, here is, Dust men, these Catholic cursed, doomed to darkness. He also cites the hoi polloi 130 million idolaters, and fetish worshipers various idols, keeping to themselves, forming formidable challenge the two fighters, the price of victory, the anima vili about which hold the universal Masonic power!

Here again the outcasts, the damned, a few million freethinkers deists, and two million atheists, dedicated by Luciferian great Pontiff to the disapproval of the sect, threatened a complete extermination or conversion to mass the religion of the True Light. These are the two enemies present. I give you thanks, dear readers, the description he gives us the fray epic and universal ensuing, the prodigious impact of these various harsh elements against each other. The great Luciferian Pontiff predicted the defeat of Catholicism And continuing its dark prophecy, he describes wandering in search of a throne and altar Pope Adonai. But as it is written in the book of heaven, Orthodox and schismatics being prey promised to God-Bad is the among them the Pope wandering under the auspices of the autocrat of North to restore his power adonaïte worship until predicted its eventual collapse. The final destruction of the Papacy, lead inevitably a general stampede, and dissolution of its components: Clergy, deprived of its leader, happen gradually to the enemy, which would leave the field open to the infernal band. In anticipation of this event, the crafty Gossip provides advice and exhortations, he traces the ably its attack and defense politico-sectarian plan and the means to carry it out.

This is the pamphlet, by satire, mockery, that wants to demolish Catholicism, he ridicules more noble Christian sentiments, Charity, It blows doubt, suspicion and contempt on all actions inspired talk purest love of neighbor, and with evident bad faith, he attributed to the spirit of domination of the priest! Better than harpies the fable, it not only pollutes it touches, but it touches, and God knows he was embarrassed to be in the field inviolable conscience, faith and reason, incursions sacrilegious, reckless attacks. He launched his followers to attack the political powers and legislative, they stand in all avenues to Catholic; advises the insolent domination of instruction, on schools, to complete the corruption youth and deliver, helpless, the hands of sectarian,
which will be the instrument of their present size and future.

It banishes any scruple of conscience, if he is never existed in the soul of a sectarian; on how to implemented to achieve the desired goal, everything is good: the slander, lying, the flattery and proud contempt, hypocrisy, false, shameful capitulations, the insolent summons, poison, the dagger, the following cases or circumstances. He committed to the sectarian hatred missionaries
apostolic, these hardy pioneers of civilization, And generates for each propagandist follower of the devil, the blasphemer proselytizing. These valiant apostles, these cross modern faith are they, in fact, as the dam huge that opposes the corrupting tide of disbelief and impiety?

He cites the great blasphemer Voltaire, And place under the patronage of this dishonorable man for whom everything was a pretext to banter, to sarcasm, and that nothing was religious, nor religion, or family, nor the people, neither the king, or God, nothing Except his thin person and his genius overrated. But here the attack Holy emerges with rigor, and the idea, dominant, the principles that should govern the work of destruction are condensed into thirteen sections suggestive, in which the great mage has distilled all his venom, has put all his Luciferian science, and given the extent of its liberalism, tolerance, and noble sentiments that empirical reraient his actions, if the sect could legislate without control.

It is Italy after the breach of Porta Pia, that on instances of Mazzini, the Luciferian Pontiff, After a evil cabal which lasted seven days and which had taken from eleven of the highlights of the infernal sect had route that infamous indictment and bill aimed at for destroy Catholicism, Italy, and reduce the Pope and the Bishops provided to state employees. After this chimera, the Pontiff learned Lucifer pleased with himself, right in between considerations, while at least reckless in international politics, and the tone a false and pedantic doctrinaire, it gives the idea insidiously nationalize the clergy not only in Italy, but all Catholic countries, to remove any authority Pope and the clergy to deliver anarchy, which would allow him to annihilate in detail at his ease. But console ourselves, good Catholics, our enemies willing to give us a few centuries of existence, before devote ourselves to all the powers of Hell. They understand and admit, in spite of themselves, these unconscious barkers, the Papacy is not to thank you for fanatics that no other ambition to raise On the ruins of faith, the prostitute altar an infernal rite.

It is easy, therefore, to see what masterpiece aberration and pride is the contemporary Satanism, and it is astonishing to thought that the skeptic in worldly delights, and powerful minds, men of high intellectual consent has cover their name, to illustrate, so to speak these rantings infernal. The f… Ernest Renan, author of the infamous novel “Life of Jesus “is one of those who have their name dragged in the mud. It rehabilitates Satan, and report it to the adoration of the crowd dumbfounded, the Great Milton is his bond, and he invokes to take on anathema twenty centuries old protégé sad. By specious arguments we make it, it was black, white as snow. We represents a revolutionary wretched (Sic), which therefore deserves all the respect due by demagogues to illustrious ancestor. Renan who saw in him the? Divine sparks? Excuse to be exclusive stops and you know why? while simply fear? wrapped in his condemnation some subdued beauty. Poor Renan! it would have been so easy reduce quia asking him to tell us the hidden meaning of this beautiful sentence!

Eliphas Levi, us the secret of the magic in high prelude with an invocation or imprecation to shiver. It then explains the science and philosophy deny the existence the devil, and that the only religion says, for the religion devil is a fallen angel and occult philosophy accepts and explains this definition. It defines us as the devil “The Devil, by Black Magic, this is the great magical agent used for evil by a perverse desire.”

This definitiontion therefore seems to reprimand goètes, that is to say the followers of black magic. Constant for Kadosh is the astral light is the great magical agent, but a refinement of malice it suggesting that this agent may be invoked only by reason, in penalty only have disordered and monstrous results if was invoked by madness. One wonders, after that, by which unconsciousness or How can deception and prostitution human reason to ramblings so disconcerting…

Once again there are no direct quotes from the alleged pamphlet or “letter” but the gist of the text suggests that Pike wanted to destroy all religions, including Catholicism, and convert everyone over to Luciferianism. In that sense the theme of the books that followed were at least similar.

The other book cited by Cardinal Rodriguez was Le Diable au XIXème Siècle, 1986, by Docteur Bataille. Terry Melanson of tracked down the text to Volume 2, Chapter XXXV, pages 594-606.

“At the beginning of August 1871, that is to say less than a year after the establishment of Palladism (Supreme Rite), the “learned Luciferian Pontiff” Albert Pike received an important letter from Mazzini. The political action leader for Universal Freemasonry invited the supreme dogmatic leader of the sect to draw up a clear plan with a view toward the destruction of Roman Catholicism…” Full text @

Once again there are no grandiose predictions of 3 World Wars. The theme is the destruction of religions, with most focus on Catholicism, which was the power of the day.

At this point the trail of sources stop. In short there is no primary source for the “letter”. It does not exist and has not been directly quoted from or reproduced by any author. The earliest book that makes reference to a “letter” by Pike is Le Diable au XIXème Siècle by “Docteur Bataille”. This just so happens to be the pseudonym of self professed hoaxer from the 1890s called Léo Taxil. He feigned support for the Catholic church and wrote a series of outlandish anti-Freemasonry books to mock both the Church’s stance on Freemasonry and the Freemasons themselves. In many ways he was the Richard Dawkins of his time, a champion for scientific thinking over the irrationality and silliness of Catholicism and occult teachings.

Those peddling the 3 World Wars quote are literally falling for a hundred year old hoax. The concept that Freemasonry is Satanism, Luciferianism or Devil Worship, is the very kind of close-minded religious dogma that Taxil was mocking all those years ago, and ironically his self-professed hoaxes are fanning the flames to this very day.

“The public made me what I am; the arch-liar of the period,” confessed Taxil, “for when I first commenced to write against the Masons my object was amusement pure and simple. The crimes I laid at their door were so grotesque, so impossible, so widely exaggerated, I thought everybody would see the joke and give me credit for originating a new line of humor. But my readers wouldn’t have it so; they accepted my fables as gospel truth, and the more I lied for the purpose of showing that I lied, the more convinced became they that I was a paragon of veracity.

“Then it dawned upon me that there was lots of money in being a Munchausen of the right kind, and for twelve years I gave it to them hot and strong, but never too hot. When inditing such slush as the story of the devil snake who wrote prophecies on Diana’s back with the end of his tail, I sometimes said to myself: ‘Hold on, you are going too far,’ but I didn’t. My readers even took kindly to the yarn of the devil who, in order to marry a Mason, transformed himself into a crocodile, and, despite the masquerade, played the piano wonderfully well.

“One day when lecturing at Lille, I told my audience that I had just had an apparition of Nautilus, the most daring affront on human credulity I had so far risked. But my hearers never turned a hair. ‘Hear ye, the doctor has seen Nautulius,’ they said with admiring glances. Of course no one had a clear idea of who Nautilus was I didn’t myself but they assumed that he was a devil. Ah, the jolly evenings I spent with my fellow authors hatching out new plots, new, unheard of perversions of truth and logic, each trying to outdo the other in organized mystification. I thought I would kill myself laughing at some of the things proposed, but everything went; there is no limit to human stupidity.”

– Leo Taxil, National Magazine, 1906.


As useful as the Three World Wars letter is for those with a conspiratorial world view, it simply does not stand up to scrutiny and makes anyone who uses it with a straight face look foolish and careless in their research.

War is most certainly contrived, manipulated and exploited by those with secret agendas. Lies about Saddam’s WMD capabilities, the elements of prior knowledge and complicity by the US and other Governments surrounding 9/11, and even the corporate beneficiaries of the World Wars, prove that war is about a lot more than our officials and the media tell us. And yes the conflict between the Arab World and the nuclear armed Zionists is a very real threat. However if we are to challenge the status quo and scale back these threats we need to drop the fantasies. World leaders and those in positions of power that foment conflict have names, titles and chains of command. They don’t hide behind a non-secret secret society called the Illuminati, and they certainly aren’t working at the behest of some long dead Satanic Confederate General.

Those who were duped who want to claim “well it doesn’t matter if it was fake, because it has all come true,” must understand that the text as they know it was not written until the 50s. That was after the Russian revolution, World Wars, and the formation of Israel. Thus the only “prediction” made is that Zionists would war with Arabs. It has never taken a rocket scientist to work that one out!

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  • morten_h

    Thanks Keelan for presenting a lot of thoughtful ideas and for being non-dogmatic. For de-bunking without the positivist or propagandist approach.

    I stumbled on two thoughts. One being that Zionism was basically about the state of Israel. The other one being the standard use of the term ‘anti semitims’.

    To start with the latter. I think, we should be careful not to use the word in the standard way. Just think about it. What is a semite. The is a lot of disaggreement here, but it it would make any sense, it is a word for a whole bunch of languages / people that speak those languages. Semitic languages is not just hebrew, but also Arabic, Amharic, Tigrinya, and Aramaic. Semitic languages are spoken by appr. 240 million people. If you are the – in the litterate meaning og the word – anti-semitic, you will then hate 240 million people based on their way of speaking.

    I know of course, that this is not the way, the word is used. The word is a spinn-word used by zionist lobbyists like the Defamation League, as you also mention. Every time critisism is uttered against e.g. Israel, the spinndoctors shout about anti-semitism, thus creating and maintaining the victim-role to shut down critisism. My point is: by using the word, we use THEIR word. It is an absurd and treacherous word blurring certain facts.

    The other idea is about zionism. In my opinion it is about much more than the state of Israel. Zionism only has Israel as an instrument of a larger agenda. This is though a VERY long story, which would be much too heavy for a blog comment. My feeling is, that you probably know what i am referring to, since you are very well informed in those matters.

    One has to look into af very extensive area of Khazarian tradesmen, bankers and politicians. They are the dominating banking dynasties of Europe and USA. One also has to include the nazis, the catholic church and the free masons. As you say, it is extremely complex, and there are several factions fighting each other.

    One thing I find important. We should distinguish between Jews / judaism and zionism. An interesting angle on this is in fact the events taking place around the start of our timeline B.C and A.C. when the romans raped the jews not only of their land but more important: of their identity and collective soul. Just as they did with all other people in the empire: the etruscans, the celts, a.s.o. They stole their history and their Messiah-myth. And all the original scrolls from the temple. Then of course, as we know, Jerusalem was destroyed and other important places in Judea, the jews were sent in diaspora and judaism-light was created = christianity. Modern jew don’t even know, that they are descendants of Egyptians and that all the core stories of the 5 books of Moses are to be found in much earlier Sumerian texts written on clay tablets.

    We live – today – in weird times. You may call it ‘late roman-empirical times’. The empire never died, as Philip K. Dick states. Zionism is in a way a morph of the ideology that escaped the empire, when it fell apart. The essense of it is about world dominance. It is the wet dream about the World Empire, the EU, the 1000-year kingdom, the New World Order. It is the motif of Charlemagnes Empire, The Second Roman Empire, The Third Reich, The Napoleon Empire, The British Emire, The American Emire. Zionists dream about ‘The New Jerusualem’ and the rebuilding of the temple and Jerusalem of the center of the new empire.

    Big story. Very complex. Lots of work and study.
    Respect for those that dare and endure.


    • Keelan Balderson

      Thanks for the well thought out comment. I personally believe that those behind Zionism are more than happy to let the average Jewish personand even thestate of Israel crash and burn. I think it’s important to look past labels…the people at the top are not the same as everybody else, they see no borders or popular religion.

  • Allthatis

    i would like to make a few points concerning this to Keelan,

    Do you really BELIEVE the masonic website or as you call it the OFFICIAL LINE ??? they have been making there plans way in advance and to imply the letter is fake because it mentions zionism or nazism is ridiculous , i listened painfully to your webcast and i have to say i would question who it is you are speaking for from the very beginning , your research is half-baked and resting on the very people who are forwarding this agenda to tell you they didnt do anything !!!

    You have no clue as to what is really is going on and are clearly here to defend those doing dark deeds who are also masons and debunk anything said about them with weak arguments and poor research and understanding,
    Frankly i would be amazed if ANYONE with both sides of their brain working could fall for this tripe you are presenting as fact, and the letter to Mazzini who is also the man behind the Black hand [mafia] and was a fascist and high ranking mason himself , but clearly your thorough research missed that as you know as well as i do your not here to tell the truth just the mason’s version of the truth which basically is a lie, and you are being revealed by the true seekers who attach to now “truther ” or other staged groups , but move forward every moment of their lives to bring the change that will overcome all that has been hidden and this is your time to be revealed.

    All that is

    • Keelan Balderson

      There’s no letter, it’s that simple. There’s no evidence for a letter, there never was.
      “Oh but those behind the letter are so powerful they managed to tarnish all the evidence and make it look like it was fake”.

      Seriously, listen to yourself.

      As I make it clear in the video…I’m not giving the Masons or what you might call Luciferians a pass, and I DO think the 3rd world war is highly likely, BUT there was no letter, and if we continue to use it we just discredit ourselves. There are other sources that prove a lot of this stuff, the letter is a strawman red-herring.

      If we take all conspiracy material as gospel we discredit the wider movement.

  • Sir Keef

    The thing question that intrigues me is not who put this out there but when was it written? If it is a fraud the fact remains that whoever is responsible for this must have had incredibly precocious understanding of the geo-political landscape of the 20th/early 21st century. Whether it was a letter written in 1871 or a hoax perpetrated in 1891 it still seems remarkably accurate doesn’t it – or am I missing something?

    • Keelan Balderson

      The first time we see the 3 world war text is in the book Pawns in the Game 1958. So only the 3rd world war would be a prediction. If we follow the source material back, there is no letter. So basically William Guy Carr created the myth in 1958 based off hearsay of a source that didn’t exist and can be thinly traced back to some hoaxers. When people like Icke say “well some people say it was a forgery, but it’s very prophetic”, he fails to realize that nothing was actually written down until after world war 2, so it’s not prophetic at all.

      All that being said, I certainly do not support Masons nor Albert Pike, and I also don’t discount research that suggests they are Luciferian. But this particular meme appears to be false.

      • http://SHWNSCHNS SHAWN


  • JJ

    There is no proof for or against, so Mr. Keelan Balderson, neither do you have any proof than just “he said she said”. You’re trying to prove your opinion (conviction), which is more than obvious! Otherwise you wouldn’t reply to comments with such “conviction”.
    I stand neither for nor against the allegations that this “Albert Pike” letter is fake or not. Whether it’s authentic or fake doesn’t change a thing to what is happening in the world and that there are evil men plotting to control the world of which there is mountains of evidence. I suppose I’m just curious to figure out what your motivation is to your so called “debunking” of the Albert Pike letter. I agree that exaggerated claims of conspiracies should be squashed and routed out, and then that only facts remain.
    People, governments, corporations do conspire, and of which certain facts leak to the public, and out of these leaked facts conspiracy theories are constructed (some more elaborate than others). There are a lot of kooks about but also those who are being accused of being kooks but all they are doing is relaying cold hard facts. I just hope you are not one of those that will accuse the wrong people of being kooks! Not that you are doing that in this instance, but I just hope that you spend your energy in trying to uncover real facts about evil men that are plotting against mankind rather than trying to debunk “conspiracy theorists”.
    It’s the cry wolf story being played out in real life I suppose.


    • Keelan Balderson

      I find your tone quite offensive and insinuating.
      I went in to this episode believing the Pike quote to 100% true and I was going to comment on its implications, but upon following the source material back I discovered it was essentially made up and based off self-admitted hoaxes. Thus as a truth seeker I changed my opinion based on the available evidence.

      Whether it’s authentic or fake doesn’t change a thing to what is happening in the world and that there are evil men plotting to control the world of which there is mountains of evidence.

      There is NO evidence to support that the letter is authentic. But I do obviously agree that it doesn’t change the evidence that does exist about the world being manipulated by the elite. Which I cover every single day.

      I suppose I’m just curious to figure out what your motivation is to your so called “debunking” of the Albert Pike letter.

      Well isn’t it obvious? I found it to be false claim, why would I continue to support a false claim? I wanted to get this out there so people don’t get strawmanned in debates or made to look foolish.

      I agree that exaggerated claims of conspiracies should be squashed and routed out, and then that only facts remain.

      The please reassess your belief in the Albert Pike letter. Maybe I should be asking what your motives are?

      People, governments, corporations do conspire, and of which certain facts leak to the public, and out of these leaked facts conspiracy theories are constructed (some more elaborate than others). There are a lot of kooks about but also those who are being accused of being kooks but all they are doing is relaying cold hard facts. I just hope you are not one of those that will accuse the wrong people of being kooks! Not that you are doing that in this instance, but I just hope that you spend your energy in trying to uncover real facts about evil men that are plotting against mankind rather than trying to debunk “conspiracy theorists”.

      They go hand in hand. There’s a shed load of bullshit online that make us look stupid. If we don’t weed out the bullshit, then we’re just as guilty as the mainstream media in promoting propaganda.

      So to conclude, I don’t spend the majority of my time researching, writing articles, doing radio shows and making documentaries to be accused of having some ulterior motive. Money certainly isn’t a factor because I make pennies doing this.

      • http://SHWNSCHNS SHAWN


        • Tom

          Pow. Great reply, SHAWN.

  • Nick Nafsah

    Albert Pike didn’t write this document. It should be obvious to even a novice researcher that Pike wrote in a very different manner than is found in this forgery.

    Another problem with this document is that it can’t be located in any library of Pike’s writings. This is a problem for because ALL of Pike’s writings have long been public, most of them during his lifetime or shortly after his death.

    A further problem: One can find whatever one is looking for in Pike’s works. Like others in his day, Pike was working to break the tyranny of a highly repressive and oppressive system – namely the Catholic church and its Inquisition (still active even today). Pike wrote in poetic allusions and intended to push the superstitious buttons of those who run the repressive system. He did a splendid job of this.

    Having studied Pike’s writings for 40 years, and also having been involved (as an Executive and Officer) with Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite Freemasonry for 30 years, I’m aware of the real situation within both systems. I could easily “reveal” many sordid details about SR and may do so as I get closer to the end of my life. But even if I were to do this, the things I’d reveal are no different from what one will find in any group of human beings.

    As someone who’s been “inside” the highest levels of SR, the main problem I have with them concerns what they did to the Blue Lodge.

    Simply put, Scottish Rite usurped the authority of the Blue Lodge and, as was the fashion of the time, sought to incorporate everything they could from ancient rites and societies. SR is definitely a tool of what eventually came to be known as the New World Order.

    Those of us who’ve been through the SR rituals, attended their meetings, and served in various capacities in their “charity” organizations know that SR follows a Satanic-Luciferian ideology, meaning only that they believe power, control, and wealth are the ultimate goal of human life.

    But, as Eric Blair described in “Nineteen-Eighty-Four”, they (the ruling elite) don’t see all of humanity as being on their level. They want to establish a Platonic system, with a few at the top owning and running everything, a middle group managing their operations, and the low group (the vast majority) serving as Helots.

    Contrast this to the goals of Blue Lodge Freemasonry. In the Blue Lodge, the goal is education of the masses, establishing Constitutional Republics, providing opportunity to everyone, all based on moral and ethical principles that ensure true justice.

    Blue Lodge Freemasonry focuses exclusively on the building of King Solomon’s Temple. Scottish Rite focuses on the Tower of Babel. This is the best way I can describe why one should avoid SR and do whatever possible to help the Blue Lodge.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Very interesting insight, thanks for posting.

    • http://SHWNSCHNS SHAWN


    • Jimmy

      What a crock, they are both shabus goy organisations of complete and utter patsys for the Jews.
      Jewish control of Britain would be impossible without an army of 750 000 hidden mason goys, whose ceremonial head is the Jewish Queen of Britain.

      I recomend reading (The hidden power behind Freemasonry)by that great man of God Lt Gen Jack Mohr.
      You can find it for free in PDF on a number of websites just search Google.

    • Carter

      Is it true that Scottish Rite masonry isn’t actually Scottish? I read it’s an amalgamation of two redundant French lodges, one of which was named after St Andrew, hence ‘Scottish’ Rite. I do wonder why Scotland gets away with so much though, which makes me think the connection may be stronger than I suppose. Hardly any immigration in Scotland and the people live well at England’s expense. No coverage of Scotland’s all-white selection policy in sport, while Scottish politicians under [Scotsman] Blair organized the biggest influx of immigrants into England in history. The same people did nothing when Scottish asylum offices refused to process applications, sending newcomers to England instead. Today the non-white population of Scotland is still only around half of 1 per cent. Word is that Edinburgh’s Speculative Society exerts immense political influence at Westminster, but in any event there’s no doubt something stinks and that Scotland and Scottish masonry is active in aiding the EU to destroy England. That is my impression anyway.

    • Sean Torres

      Interesting post so it is the writing style essentially hmmm mayhaps he was only sending a message on behalf of another?

  • Jeremy

    They are Soros Jews! Betrayers.

    • Emil Gottfried

      These people are zionist nazis, khazars-gypsies. Israel was created for conquest by them and the real Jews were lured there for political purposes and their eventual, soon, destruction. The prophesy is 6 million will perish before the land is returned. They put forth this number 3 times with WW2 finally sticking even though the number killed was actually between 1 and 2 million. As of August of this year, there are 6 million Jews in Israel, 6 million in one place for the first time in history as I understand it. Their plans are to wipe them out and take as many Muslims out with them as possible. Expect a lot of overshoot/overkill from the stated targets as well.The elimination of all religions based on God is their goal and installing lucifer as the god of their NWO is their game. It has been as such since the war in heaven concluded. Troop and equipment are being amassed in and around Israel as I wright this, reports from civilians from the countryside. It all goes back to the queen/vatican/jesuits, the queen and her ilk believing they are the true inheritors of the throne of King David.

      • http://SHWNSCHNS SHAWN


        • Keelan Balderson

          Sure you are Shawn…what a load of unsourced crap.

          • Sean Torres

            In all caps as well lol. Poor guy If I were you I would have deleted this one. Kudos for not!

      • Joseph Northpal

        real Jews ???? Kennenites/Edomites, 6-Million” story nothing but a Cabbalistic prophecy. Isreal is a people not a place of rocks and sand. That was the purpose of the new covenant with the Israelites. Nothing to do with those bastardized tribes who now call themselves “jews” hoping illiterate dummies will transpose that in to Judah for them.

  • jesse

    And promoting Freemasonry now ?
    I understand that worshipers of Lucifer have to support each other.

    • jimmy

      This looks like another of those anyone but the Jews website. Complete baloney hilarious blaming “nazi catholics” ha ha ha. If you want real truth visit and

      David Icke, Alex Jones and all the other bull dusters are Israeli disinfo agents wake up people what part of it’s the Jews don’t you understand?

      • Keelan Balderson

        You look like one of those everything is the Jews people

        • Jimmy

          If the shoe fits….

          • Jimmy

            The Protocols of zion and Pikes letters are all true.

          • Keelan Balderson

            There is not one source to corroberate Pike’s letter; there is no letter, its just something somebody wrote in a book and others quoted as a letter.

        • Sean Torres

          Here we agree somewhat the conspiracy is actually Satanic and Judaism I feel is for the most part a very beautiful religion. I love the idea of Purim as a holiday! though that word Jew. Now that is interesting. It is fairly young word etymologically….wonder why…

    • Jimmy

      The Jews, Israelis are realising the game is up it is becoming clearer every day the Jewish house of cards (lies) is falling down and they are trying to fight back on the internet with an avalanche of phony “truth” sites that pump pure disinformation designed to steer people away from “Israel”

      Lets see if you allow all these Youtube and vimeo videos to be posted?

    • Jimmy

      Pikes letters are the truth and we can see zonist controlled countries of Britain, America, europe are ratcheting up the propaganda over the last decade.
      Anybody who believes 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings were done by Muslims is a complete and utter cretin

    • Jimmy

      Ha ha ha looks like truth eh? that is why you refuse to post my other comments?

  • Jimmy

    To your credit you did post all my comments, most impressed.

    As regards Pikes letters, what we know is this, there has been a constant and relentless stream of false flag events done by Israeli Mossad with the help of Freemason patsy’s of Israel western intelligence agencies like MI5 and CIA.

    The Jewish run western press is also in constant smear mode against muslims and Arabs. Israel by contrast is handled with kid gloves and only show critcism is allowed and then immediately followed up by Israels point of view.

    Israel has bombed slaughtered thousands of Palestinians and has ethnically cleansed large swathes of land for Jews who have no historic claim to Palestine whatsoever. Over 80% of people who call themselves Jews today are of Khazar tribes descent from the time of King Bulan in 740AD. Israels crimes against humanity completely ignored.

    All the leaders deposed in the Arab spring of 2011 were stable long term leaders who would not tolerate muslim radicals, Ghadaffi, Mubarak etc.
    Assad is stable leader like his father was, yet the zionist controlled governments in the west actively used their militarys to attack these governments why???
    In the years to come all these governments will become radical islamic countries with the help and funding of Mossand, CIA and MI5.
    The Hegelian table for war is set and the zionist bankers can use it to introduce more laws destroying the few scraps of freedom we have left.
    They will also use it to complete the jewish enslavement of the world and to load us up with more debt. Not to mention the complete detruction of the white Christian nation, which Jews hate.

    Israel attacked the USS Liberty to provoke US to attack Egypt in a false flag attack.

    Israeli Mossad did 9/11 to start this global war on Muslims.

    Israeli Mossad did 7/7 in London because growing protests against war in Iraq had to be silenced.
    It was actively covered up by the Freemason police and military structures who are under the control of Jews.

    I don’t need Pikes letters to tell me about a coming war with Islam and Arabs I can see it happening before my eyes. The zionist controlled west demands it wether muslims will want it or not they are getting it! The people are being played like fools.

    Thank you.

    • Jesse

      I like what you did here, Jimmy. I also don’t need those letters to tell me what is going on. Besides, if that letter is true, than that proves that some organisations work an agenda and not that Albert Pike had some foreknowledge. An interesting book to read is ‘Descend into Slavery’ by Des Griffin. Gives you a good insight of what is going on in our day. Also recommendable is ‘The Grand Chessboard’ by Zbigniew Brzezinski, but you might already have read that. Thanks for your reaction!

      • Sean Torres

        the grand chessboard is a must read i concur…

      • Sam Spade

        Brzezinski is a Marxist propagandist, anything that comes out of his mouth is the same.

    • Junis

      This comment of yours is one of the best and historically most informative I have ever read. Thank you.

  • David S

    (Readers who argue that the terms Nazism and Zionism were not known in 1871 should remember that the Illuminati invented both these movements. In addition, Communism as an ideology, and as a coined phrase, originates in France during the Revolution. In 1785, Restif coined the phrase four years before revolution broke out. Restif and Babeuf, in turn, were influenced by Rousseau – as was the most famous conspirator of them all, Adam Weishaupt.)

    • Sam Spade

      That’s another youtube/bloggy Alex Jones lie. Communism ideology came from Moses Hess, founding father of European Zionism. Nazism arose after the Bavarian Soviet Republic took control and Nationalist gangs fought back. It started with 7 guys in a pub, and starving dieing Germans embraced the first opposing ideology to Communism. The Thule was based of off popular esoteric writing in a magazine and was their version after they shut down all the Freemasons. The Illuminati were dedicated to the end of the Church (Catholic), the spreading of Christian morality, and the destruction of State power, which at the time was Monarchies. They were later made into a powerful secret world cabal by a JESUIT writer and anti-semite who feared Jacobites and Liberty from “Throne and Alter”. And again by American Federalists, and AGAIN by the John Birtch Society who were afraid to say “jews” while talking about American Communism (Progressive, Neo-Liberals, and Neo-Conservatives)


  • Terry Melanson

    “The second book cited by Cardinal Rodriguez was Le Diable au XIXème Siècle …”

    No, it’s the first book and *the* source of the “letter.” Rodriguez was wrong on the date. Taxil was 1894, while Margiotta was a year later and only briefly summarizes the “letter,” as the above-quoted, clunky, Google machine translation reveals. In fact, the whole premise of Margiotta’s book is the Taxil Hoax in toto. The latter made up that Palladism shtick as well as his so-called informant, Satanic harlot/whore Diana Vaughan. Margiotta was following his lead: Palladism *is* the hoax, with Pike as its linchpin.

    Since you’re not versed in French, in order to gain a handle on the scope of it, A. E. Waite’s debunking “Devil-Worship in France” is required reading.

  • Tony

    I find it funny that debunkers like to use little details to try and make you think its all false. The one thing that can’t be debunked is the time line of when this letter was first appeared which leaves the question of if it was written its time of disclosure with its accuracy to this point would make it the most comprehensive disclosure of future events to this time no matter who wrote it. Time is the keeper of the truth follow a time line and the truth that everyone is looking for will be presented.

    • Keelan Balderson

      @Tony the “letter” never was published before the events, other than the 3rd world war, and we’re still waiting for that one. You didn’t even read the article.

      • ash

        i mean the document is real, it was up in the museum before it was taken down.

        the sun, it ensures life on our planet, but i believe it is not real

        • Keelan Balderson

          Nope it never was.

  • Paul Gardner

    Good to see you approaching stories like this with your own mind, Keelan, and going where the evidence takes you.

    There are far too many who just uncritically accept all “alternative” stories simply because they are “alternative”. People like that are just changing one mind prison for another.

    If the evidence doesn’t stack up, we shouldn’t be afraid to say so.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I totally agree and appreciate the comment.

      • Daniel Ruggiero

        A war between the Jews and Muslims wouldn’t be a hard one to predict. Why we put them so close together is beyond me. You should never put your kids on the same naughty step :)

  • Andrew Helm

    I do suspect the letter as hoax but I will also mention that this page tries to suggest Illuminati may not exist. Illuminati is an Entity and consists of Rothschilds related to Brit Royalty through marriage, Rockefeller and many elite bloodlines around the world. Google – Why Illuminati created the Masonic state of Israel – And – U.S Congress report 1940 British Israel world Gov

    • turtle

      Yes. This is the subtlety of the takeaway from this.
      The authenticity of this one letter is in many ways irrelevant. Probably safer simply not to quote it as it becomes to easy to discredit the rest of the conspiracy revelation. There are more than enough proven facts.

  • Mick

    After having read your article and all the comments that followed, I just have one question: why do you think the big names in alternative media (i.e. Icke, Freeman, Weidner, Maxwell, etc) have overlooked this? Or if they know, then why do they continue to espouse it? I spend a great deal of time listening to these guys via podcasts and videos with high expectations that they have done their thorough research, but you present a very convincing side to this particular story. Thanks for your contribution in truth seeking, I’m glad I found this page.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I don’t think it’s a deliberate thing that they’re necessarily trying to deceive, it’s likely just confirmation bias. It fits their other research and world view so they don’t push too far in authenticating it. I think Icke eventually admitted it may be a fraud, but he hasn’t quite grasped that it was never written before the events even if it was a fraud.

      I guess this hammers home Icke’s caveat “don’t blindly believe what I’m saying, research it for yourself”.

      • Mick

        Thank you, I tend to agree. There is SO MUCH information to learn, it can really get overwhelming at times. I applaud you on everything you do.

  • Mary Geisler

    There is so much to say on this issue. Benjamin Freedman was first of all giving reference to a Third World War beginning, but he never stated that the United States could win it (the U.S.A. can’t) and he also never gave reference to the Middle East, for the exception of the Zionists.

    Albert Pike in my opinion is a drama queen (queen … yes … that is correct … not king). He helped instigate the American Civil War in which he was planning and hoping for the South to win. Even though the Civil War was unnecessary and what the South was having to go through, Albert Pike’s “dream” never came true. Therefore, he is incompetent to begin with and those predictions of his were within 8 years of Civil War beginning and he’s “supposedly” predicting this 100 years in advance. That is very hard to imagine to have come from someone that can’t even predict 8 years into the future, much less 100 years.

    “Conspiracy theorists” in my terminology are skeptical human beings with too much time on their hands. Zionism was not a word until the last 19th century and there is no proof the Zionists that came up with that word had any affiliation whatsoever with this nonsense. Nazism was also not a word until after the appalling first World War. There’s even “conspiracy theories” that Hitler was using Rothschild money to kill Jews … how insane is that? They also claim that Martin Luther and John Calvin were “their” men when both of these Protestant reformers were “not” for Zionists at all. In fact, Martin Luther stated that if they ever did get what they wanted, they would reject their “demonic Messiah” as well as our Messiah and it would be 7 times worse for them than their exile in 72 by Vespasian.

    This is politically incorrect and that’s fine. Before the Protestant Movement, there were some major conflicts going on and it had nothing to do with Zionism. What the reformers requests were: 1) homes were at that time in history not allowed to have Bibles and had to go directly to Church clergy members, in which anyone could learn Latin (that’s all a thing of the past), 2) people were wanting Bibles and also in their own language (Wycliffe was the first to translate into the English language), 3) people were majorly concerned about the selling of indulgences and papal infallacy. That’s all it was and then people make this big deal out of it because they’re ignorant, just as Albert Pike is/was.

    What I am about to say next is a simple guess because I was not alive in 1871 obviously. Pike did give a direct quote in 1871 to unleash the Atheists and Nihilists. He did say that, but the rest to me is hogwash. As far as I am concerned and when this hoax is over, they are going to be the ones that are going to be worshipping Barney, the talking dinosaur.

    People believe anything they hear, but they don’t accept truth when truth is actually given to them. So the “unleashing” has already occurred, thank you very much. People are so skeptical. People talk before they think and to my knowledge, I do not believe that people even engage in critical thinking anymore.

    While it is true that this world is going to see a Third World War and while it is true that there is a “conspiracy” of Freemasons that are not Christian at all against the Catholic Church, the Protestants stand just as firmly behind God (not the jealous one, but the true one) and Jesus Christ and the Protestants are probably going to be harder to deal with for these “conspirators” because they don’t need a pope to lead the Christian Church. That was “actually” the point of the Protestant Movement. The leader for the Protestants is only Christ.

    These “conspirators” think they have a chance against the Protestants as well? First of all, they can’t destroy the Catholic Church … if the Catholic Church does collapse, it will be an internal fall and the faith is very fixated and has been that way with minor adaptions to fit the time. As far as the Protestants go, the Protestants did have “to fight” to break away to practice Christianity without the noted things above that even the Catholic Church later adopted to. So the fight in the dog are the Protestants, while these “conspirators” actually think that they’re smart.

    If these “Luciferians” or whatever they are called or call themselves actually grew a pair, then they would have fought “Protestant-style.” But they didn’t and there is a reason for that. While it can go on for forever on this topic and it most certainly can, there is something to point out.

    Let’s say for the sake of the argument that these people do get what they want. Let’s for exactly one minute try to make an assertion that they could be correct (which they aren’t). Vampires do not prey on other vampires. They would not be able to eat or live, and the reason is because of the attributes for the standard of living for vampires. So if that ever were to happen, the vampires would be forced to fight other vampires and that doesn’t happen. Therefore, by that statement alone, it’s hog-wash and all of this is something to just get you stirred up.

    If the Catholic Church was going to be destroyed, it would have occurred in the 16th century, but the Protestants were not seeking to destroy Catholicism (otherwise it would be gone if anyone knows anything about the League of Cognac). It was only a reform that did go crazy there for awhile. There is no doubt in my mind that later people did become involved in this movement for their purposes that had absolutely nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever. However, the latter are in control and they don’t even know what it’s like to even fight. Now it is time to discuss the “Three World Wars.”

    The first World War actually began in the middle East (we are not referring to the envision of the third world war), which was provoked by the Young Turks that paid a Serbian to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand. Each group had to choose sides and the Russian Czars were actually overthrown before World War I was even over. The war was still going on. Therefore, that is complete hog-wash. And upon the completion of World War I, the Arabic lands were subdivided out into multiple nationalities.

    The second world war was to destroy Nazism (which wasn’t even a word until after the first World War was over). Nazism is a “movement against Zionism.” Unfortunately, it all came down to money. Everyone thinks that the Germans were “out to get the Jews.” Not a single hair was put on a Jewish head until 1938, which was 5 years after the Zionists, who are Jewish and also most notably called the Elite, declared war on Germany by means of a boycott because Germany was so upset over Germans Jews selling them out to England to lose World War I. This was not over religion; this was entirely political. Nazism is clearly not destroyed; they just don’t use that particular word anymore and all it means is to boycott Zionism; it’s terminology in today’s time is “anti-Zionists.” The only thing that happened was a “name change,” imagine that. In fact, anti-Zionism is even more world-wide spread than it was in the 1930s.

    Concerning the envision of World War III, it is so broad to where it could be considered equivalent to astrology. What should be meant by that is that it could give a very broad description and upon the person’s interpretation, it could mean anything. That doesn’t sound very descriptive. Now if it were to say something else, then it could sound more credible. If they were to destroy the Middle East, all of their “precious oil” is gone. Concerning Israel, Israel has gone under attack in both 72 AD by Vespasian and then 532 AD by Justinian I, who was furious with those that sought to destroy Rome and led the charge to the fall of Rome (476 AD). So Israel has already been sacked plenty of times in history and they don’t want you to know that.

    So if they are trying to destroy the Catholic Church (I am a Protestant), but I deeply respect the Catholic Church for giving Christianity the initial foundation of course. Any Christian should. They can’t destroy a person’s faith. They can break your bones; they can starve you to death; they can do a lot of things; but what they can’t do to a person is what is inside of that person. The only disillusion that I am seeing here are conspiracy theorists that are brainwashed, uneducated, misinformed, and those will actually be the ones to lead the revolt when the false becomes truth finally and what they claim to be truth will then be acknowledged to be false. People can believe whatever they want for all I am concerned.

    Concerning Lucifer, that is what the Romans believed in. Where was their Lucifer when they marched back into Rome in 455 and ended up killing each other off by 476? Where was their Lucifer that they depend so much on? They were actually, as every historian knows this, disillusioned themselves to where they wiped themselves out by 476 and the power was then given back to the European people under Odovacer.

    So while people are so concerned about this, think about what I just wrote. Think about it and use your brain instead of the words out of someone else’s mouth, including my own by the way. This includes me. The point is that while it is good to think about matters and to realize certain things, as people are hardly ever told every detail, people are so skeptical and people have this illusion that the world is out to get them. For these people, please find yourself.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Thanks you for a well thought out and lengthy comment. I won’t pretend to understand it all, but it’s of much more value than “no the letter was real” crap.

    • R.C. Christian

      This entire thread is very interesting and I find it difficult to come to my own conclusion about the matter for various reasons that I don’t feel like getting into here. However, I’d like to point out an enormous error that may be intentional or may not, that was stated by Mary in one of the first comments above. Nazism does not mean “a movement against Zionism.” It has nothing to do with the word “Zionism” so don’t let the “Z” in the word make that connection for you. The Nazi movement was the National Socialist Movement in Germany. The German word for it is Nationalsozialismus, which is where the term Nazi gets its name.

      Just thought I’d throw in my two cents. Thank you all for the read.

    • Allen Smith

      Oh my God, can anyone decrypt this mass of muddled, disconnected phrases and run-on sentences? I read her comment four times and still found nothing sensible. She likes to give the impression that she knows about history by dropping a lot of names but seems incapable of forming complete, sensible sentences. Mary, here’s a tip: Using an over-abundance of words and useless phrases as filler does not lend credence to your argument. Short, concise sentences get the job done.

    • Sam Spade

      1. Nazis (a Bolshivik slur) was not an anti-Zionist movement. They were called “National Socialists”, never NAZIS. And it was a movement against International Socialism, which rules the world today. In fact, the German Zionist Council did work with the National Socialist party to establish Israel but that doesn’t mean they wanted a genocide or world war. Hard-core Marxist Jews are still anti-Israel to this day in many ways, this should tell you something

      2. Lucifer was a star, venus in the morning. Romans did not worship gods the mindless way that Protesting Roman Christians or Catholic Christians worship “GD” or the deity of Christ. Roman gods were lessons in science, culture/morals, and yes starlight navigation.
      Both of these so called “Christian” groups started out of slave cults and became State-cults that destroyed the teachings of Jesus.

      3. It is not true that the world “has to see WW3”. All of these Egyptian cults from Judaism, to Muslims, to so called “Christians” want an apocalypse so they can have their utopia. It’s sickening and crazy

  • RothschildConspiracyNut

    It seems your article has neither proved nor disproved whether Pike’s letter is authentic. All you have used is strong-man arguments and “acceptable limits to logic” to attempt to disprove the plausibility of this letter.

    GO away and find some real evidence that he DIDNT write it…rather than “whats the chance” type arguments..

    • Johann

      How do you prove a negative, dimwit?

      • Helmuth the Elder

        Atheists seem to have no problem with this.

    • Roger Thecabinboy

      The most plausible evidence is thst of the French hoaxer who claimed to have invented it…his book is the earliest evidence of its alleged existence, written after Pike and Mazzini were dead.

  • Sean Torres

    I didnt read the entire article but I believe the answer to the original source for the text would ultimately be an esoteric version of morals and dogma which is not widely shared…

    sorry nice try…

    try harder…

    • Keelan Balderson

      “I didnt read the entire article” “try harder”

      No YOU try harder.

      If you get a copy of that fake book you just made up, send it my way.

      • Sean Torres

        Sir I wish I could I read the first few paragraphs and saw where it was leading…Basically the problem I am dealing with is similar to yours…this is hidden knowledge…so it isn’t easy to just share…Is it difficult…yes! I think you got offended which is sad. I was giving advice Mr. Balderson. Sincerely. Those esoteric versions are floating around. If I can find one I assure you I will share…Doc Marquis has one maybe request privilege to have him scan a pdf version for you?

        By the way lay off the caffeine you might be a nicer person that way!

        If you don’t see the signs all around you you frankly are blind at this point. Something is up. Whether you think Pike’s letter is a fraud or not. I had something similar happen to me when researching the protocols of zion. Either way you cut it those protocols are made by an evil mind. Whether it was zionists or russian forgers who knows Mr. Balderson who knows but one thing is for sure for either myself or yourself to figure it all out you would have to try harder…I know I am trying hard as I can…

        In your case if an article is not leading to a proper refutable conclusion well it isn’t finished I respectfully say to you…though I feel healthy debate and discussion is a good thing mind you…

        Also I gave you a lead…next time say thank you Mr. Torres…

        • Keelan Balderson

          Stop rambling

          “Whether you think Pike’s letter is a fraud or not.”

          This is the only issue we’re dealing with here.

          Prove it’s real. Find an original source. If not, you’re just spinning your wheels to protect your world view. Cognitive dissonance at its best.

          • Sean Torres

            I don’t think you understand the occult and esoteric nature of the societies Pike belonged to. I type this respectfully.

            If you find that succinct sentence a ramble I cannot help you and could never help you. No one can frankly…

          • Keelan Balderson

            You don’t type it respectfully, you type it from blind arrogance, and as a way to cloud the debate.

            And You’d be surprised how much I’ve read about such matters. However I know how to engage my critical thinking skills.

            Lets strip away the rhetoric. There’s no evidence Pike wrote the “letter”, so stop pretending there is.

            It’s not hidden away in some mystical alternate version of his book (which you can’t provide), it’s just a lie.

          • Sean Torres

            I try to find good in all people. What I will say is this you do allow people to post their comments without censoring them like many sites these days do which I find quite telling. I am not surprised you have read alot. The conspiracy is certainly vast.

            Though may I respectfully say you are not very pleasant. I feel bad for you on a personal level. Debates with people who cannot be respectful of opinions that are contrary to their own are not constructive.

          • snchs

            There is too evidence. It is documented to have been called a hoax when it was just 8 years old. It once hung in the British Museum. Reference Benjamin Freedman speech at the Willard Hotel and/or Myron Fagan’s, The CFR in America. The two best speeches of the 20th Century……A.D. You never leave up and good comments because your site would be packed…..just to catch how we’re destroying your lies. hahahahaha. Get used to it.

          • Sean Torres

            Actually I disagree he is fair. Only one I have encountered he is fair and though has a different opinion I respect that he allows open and honest debate.

      • saris1

        The letter was published by a man named William Guy Carr, if it was a complete hoax than this man was quite gifted with an uncanny sense for the geopolitical. He died in 1959 40 years before the events of September 11.

        • Keelan Balderson

          No, William Guy Carr paraphrased a letter he’d never seen, which he sourced from another book which made up that the letter was on show in a museum, a book which in turn traces back to a self professed hoax.

          And I’d argue that Jews vs Arabs was quite a common geopolitical issue in Carr’s lifetime, nothing uncanny about it.

          • Lou Diamond Haeick

            Kaleen, do you also believe that 2 planes imploding 3 buildings but leaving a paper trail to the perps as a coincidence also?

    • Sam Spade

      I’ve read Morals and Dogma as a historian with interest in this modern propaganda. It’s just a “new age” compilation book mixed with Freemason mythos; almost like a cheap Joseph Campbell. The New Age movement had just become popular in Pike’s time. It’s not even up to par with what early International Socialists base their real doctrine from like Hegel, Moses Hess, Marx or even what National Socialists were inspired by like Friedrich Nietzsche, and even Jack London (Henry Ford). You need to grow up a little and learn how to do academic-level research.

      • Sean Torres

        I think when people tell other people to “grow up” they may want to look inward a bit. With that said. Point of my post is that you may not have received the same copy a 33rd degree mason would. Which should cause you to start questioning your precious “Academia”. I gotta be honest as someone who was dean’s list and honor’s society at my uni I really really don’t have much respect for someone who is grounded in the mainstream. I just know about too many messy things (Waco, Ruby Ridge, Clinton/Minas connection etc). A certain Jefferson quote comes to mind about you…

        “The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.”

        I feel that while you might call yourself educated you might actually be indoctrinated. Into what? Mainstream or modern propaganda…

        So Marx was inspired? Or was he simply plagiarizing? Honestly Mr Spade (if that is even your real name) wouldn’t it be a bit embarrassing if I were to point out that the manifesto is actually plagiarized? Since I am so beneath you it couldn’t be possible that I know more than you? Gasp! Hegel dialectic is used yes yes. Though by whom? Is it the same cabal you dispute the existence of?? Honestly your comment is laughable. Though I will say this you know of some truth. I think where you fail is in abstract thought. Your knowledge is too wrote…

        Though they really don’t teach critical thinking in the American academia these days huh?

        Bah off to the camps with you I doubt you are a real person anyway just a bot or paid partisan trust me it will not buy you freedom or a future….

        • Sam Spade

          haha, Deans list? Seriously, that means something to your world view? It’s time you grow up, because you make accusations with NOTHING to back it up but more vague accusations. It’s in your words, “respect for the mainstream”, this is pop-culture talk. And this is pop-culture research because I’ve heard the Marx was a fraud and Hitler was a fraud planted by the alien wizards Satanists Illuminati theories before.
          Simple minded lazy people need all powerful unifying theory or life is no longer black and white but shades for grey. Hitler’s words are not that brilliant and not unrecognizable. His background of watching how the world works came after WW1, when Bavaria became a Soviet Republic and his and home were destroyed. Marx’s poetry, his personal letters to Engels, all point to a man attempting to establish an economic pyramid scheme to change what he hated about this world, to control it’s fate through pseudoscience and revelry, and Moses Hess (founder of European Zionism and Communism) came along with a great idea for him. It all ads up if you DO YOUR HOMEWORK because educations is NOT GIVEN, it is EARNED.

          National Socailism and Fascism too stood against everything the Freemasons and International Socialists stood for, it was a virus implanted in their society world views which they work VERY HARD to propagate and maintain. This is why every time you hear the word Fascism it’s referring to evil, Hitler as the great Satan. Freemasons (unlike Communists) are very open about their beliefs as that’s how they recruit. It’s a cult of ideas, not of brute force or charitable promises like Catholicism is. If there is an inner (Dan Brown inspired) sanctum with the “real books”
          it doesn’t matter because no one who says there is can be trusted,
          that’s not how you do research — or even detective work.

          But if you want to pretend it’s all conspiracy that only mentally disturbed people can understand like Bill Cooper or David Icke, or John Birtch propagandists like Alex Jones, then go ahead and play with the kids in the sand box.
          But if you want to learn, then go to the material sources and SEE IF THEY AD UP to HISTORY. This Pike letter does not. Even the bible can be translated using a massoratic scholarly work and an unrevised Strong’s Concordance. Maybe you’ll never get the true source but it’s closer than youtube videos and blogs, and gives you a better understanding when you do find the ‘light’ so to speak

          • Sean Torres

            Gee alot of sound and fury signifying again much truth but since it is not tempered…seriously sir you sound very intelligent but also pompous and arrogant as well, With that said. I merely brought up my academic past to say hey been there done that it just wasn’t education it was sorry mainstream propaganda or indoctrination. Honestly my true learning occurred once I left academia with that said….

            Ok you went all over the place here honestly and some stuff I won’t address (cause it simply should not have been brought up by you had nothing to do with original point agitator?) but I will address others. Look into stuff like Anthony C. Sutton or The Shadow of Hermes. Soviet Union was basically a creation of the secret societies (I would go further and add to this Hitler regime). Sad to say. In terms of the Marxist plagiarism uh no sir one as educated as you should realize plagiarism is plagiarism if we compare passages of different writers and they match nearly identically then it is a hack job and that is what the manifesto is. I am sure Marx believed in what he was writing but as you say “inspired” well uh no cause those ideas and in fact the very words predated his writing,

            I totally agree with you that one must do their homework and that knowledge (notice i corrected this) is earned and not given. It is time to practice what you are blindly preaching Mr. Spade. Also lay off the caffeine it’s making you a jerk boss. Respectfully.

          • Sam Spade

            See this is what I’m talking about. You’re being worked by aging New Left professors who attempt to explain away the failures of the past by blaming it all on the tyranny “corporatism”. It’s always going to be a narrative of Fascist (elite) with these people, so they can introduce more of the same International global Socialism. Case in point, Bush vs Obama: same monster different mask, false promises, false allegiances, but they are all from families and mentors that professionally promoted Leftist Socialism (see Bush family and their priesthood in Christian Marxism/Christian Socialism, see his grandfather vs McCarthy and the IRS, NWO). It’s game theory; and it’s classic Marxism — it’s called “controlling the opposition”.

            Anthony C. is creating a false narrative to say that the peoples revolution and the ‘beauties of Socialism’ never occurred because it was run by corporate elite… his reasons, because they sold them things. Yes, Jewish bankers financed revolutions, so what? That’s just called war profiteering, it doesn’t take a cabal Satanic wizards elite to do it. Read your history, it’s always done because “an army moves on its stomach” and someone has to pay.
            Anthony C. doesn’t admit to wanting International Socialism?? Noam Chomsky tells the same false corporate narrative and claims he wants a ‘nicer’ world government for the people, hahaha.

            Demonize the evil dead so you can move on with their Revolution. Like I said, you have to earn an education, not receive it from people who are by trade liars and professional propagandists. Maybe we can re-start Nazism by claiming Hitler was a homosexual drug addict and a corporate Jew?
            If it were all Skulls and Jesuits there wouldn’t be so many Hollywood produced movies about it with massive financial backing, I promise ;)

            Ever see a movie about other religious cabal groups like how Jews invented and ran the: African slave trade/diamond trade, international credit issuing organizations, creation of the American and Russian mob, Murder inc, Vegas/Atlantic city/Cuba casinos, the Communist revolutionary groups all over the world, Anarchist revolutions in Spain and Latin America, their dealings with Moa in China, J Edger Hoover’s real suspicions, their creation of Nukes/ nuclear arms race and MAD, JFK’s fight against Israel’s nuke programs, RFK’s fight with the original AIPAC and the CIA Dulles brothers (Surhan Surhan), the invention of Hollywood and personal monopoly over Russian/British/Canadian/Middle Eastern MEDIA, the invention of “propaganda” (Freud) and “media relations”?

            NO, you won’t ever see a movie on that. So just keep chasing men in dark cloaks.

            Maybe I have my information WRONG but Historical research and truth seeking is just like being a detective: you have to interview all the witnesses, all the points of view and material evidence, not just read it out of some guys books that his University helped get published over and over again… This is how information is controlled, lazy students. You can’t blame it all on pedophiles in the Catholic church. They can barely hold their organization together at this point. And as Voltaire once said, ““To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Freemasons and Christians and Nazis and Fascist are either really generous about allowing all of Hollywood and Alex Jones like conspiracy zealots to demonize them at every turn, on every media outlet, or they’re just in control of true power. Think about it.
            I know you’re tying to sound witty, but the over-written bourgeois insults just let me know you’ve been hanging out with too many hipsters. It’s time to grow up or shut up, because eventually you’re going to be another aging hippy who says things like “mainstream” “tune in and tune out”… The information is still free and out there, TAKE IT while you can.

          • Sean Torres

            Ok here is a news flash Mr. Spade if that is your real name. I agree with most of what you said here. Sadly it doesnt have much to do with my previous reply (stay on target). I completely agree with the whole leftist prof bit which is why I made my previous comments about academia, I think you are too quick to dismiss Sutton simply for his conclusion. He did alot of good legwork on the issues involved. Though I also disagree with his conclusions. I am well aware of sirhan sirhan and dulles. Though we are sooo far away from my original issue with you. If Marx was plagiarizing then he can’t be inspired ok. I also whole heartedly agree we don’t have much time to research such things and gasp I feel the historical record as is has been edited. Just like Blair describes in 1984

            I think they killed Turing and Patton and Washington for that matter..

            I am not a lazy thinker….

            Mr. Spade you have to stop judging all the other intellectuals by the ones you have met before…just saying. I can tell you are intelligent. Just take it down a notch…

            It is not all skull and jesuits (i said that???when did i say that???) buuuut those societies are a part of many involved as well as some notable Asian ones. Hollywood is totally controlled by them and as far as the references in film it is counting coup basically laughing at the sheeple who don’t get it but perhaps i reveal too much for you that is a big thing to deduce and takes time…

            I don’t like explaining the main narrative as mainstream but it is best i got it is certainly a filtered view most get can we agree there?

            So basically you blame the Jews for everything or is that just a simplistic take? I consider the puppet masters satanic honestly they are not following Judaism. Funny word that word Jew fairly young etymologically. Oh well Mr. Spade nice chatting really. Shame you ignore my points. I do address yours. Also tone down the tangents a tad though I do like them (I gave some of my own) but for simplicity sake..Ciao

          • Sam Spade

            The insanity of thinking Jesuit Catholic Satanists control Hollywood. I just don’t know what to say to that being someone who grew up in Hollywood. Hollywood is controlled by Marxist Jews, in ever aspect, with no need to become Illuminati wizards because they already have a great network that is loyal, wealthy, and strong. They are very proud of this and make documentaries and even jokes about it all the time on TV. And if they need to take care of someone, they finance and organize the Russian and American mob too. Once again, my opinion on that is from experience rather than having to google some conspiracy nuts NWO opinions. All these freemason conspiracies are frankly, out of date…

            The Freemason dream of liberal democracies have given way to International Socialism; a world without boarder and without National character which will soon become world totalitarianism. It needs no cabal, the majority cries out for it now. And the true religion of this age isn’t Christianity or Satanism, it is Cultural Marxism.

          • Sean Torres

            well Mr. Spade here we have some agreement and some matters of contention. I feel the way communism/socialism/marxism is used is damaging to humanity. I love a film called in the shadow of hermes. Do check it out. But I also feel that film points out an important point.


            It is everywhere sir at those levels. I am sorry. I am not blind to their symbology.


            You can see it in movies. In the layout of washington D.C. on the dollar bill itself and I could go on and on…

            So no I will not blame the JEW. He has suffered enough! Killed by his own people in many cases even. When it is men who were part of cabals and secret societies. I am sorry…It is self evident. In my view it is you who has the burden…the moment jackie jumped to the back of the limo after jack got his head blown off…just saying the proof that there are such cabal elements are there for all if they dig and recognize their symbology…masons were a society that was infiltrated and indoctrinated and is now merely a tool one of many similar societies throughtout the world…

          • Sam Spade

            Yeah because Freemason imagery is fun. It’s fun to use an all seeing eye for evil, like it was fun to use it for good in early America as the “eye of providence”.

            See Leon Trotsky’s opinion on Freemason in his book “My Life”. He makes fun of them, haha. It’s pretty good.

            Maybe you’re part of some church, I don’t know. But according to mass psychology you have to create a vague enemy to rally the common people around. But with educated people you need to create a sort of intellectual virus or they won’t buy into it. Illuminati, lizards, aliens or magic devils are for the stupid masses.

            The “Jew” is not a false thing. It’s just they protect their own mafias and murderous behaviors. It’s a fatal flaw and caused by insecurity within the religions of Judaism. I’m not saying they’re a bad people, I like Jewish people myself. I’m saying they murdered 10 times more ‘Aryans’ and Christians than the Nazis murdered ANYONE; long before Hitler was old enough to even hold a gun. I’m saying they spread anti-intellectualism because of certain insecure values (ie, Cultural Marxism and nepotism). Other than that, they’re a people to be respected.

            I’m saying Marxist Jews were smart and capable enough to cause M.A.D. and invent mass psychology and game theory and the term propaganda. Marxism is the real evil you people are all chasing and blaming for your troubles. The evil rich people are protected by what Marx called a “planned economy” not any kind of Fascism, not Albert Pike Satanism. Satanists are life long teenagers with an axe to bare. Like the “South Park” Goth kids, haha. They always have been, they always will be. Although the Church of Satan was started under a military intelligence program to see how many people like you they could excite ;)

          • Sean Torres

            I hear what you are saying i do. You seem to be a literalist. In the sense that you feel the international jew is to blame for all the worlds ills. While they are often scapegoated I feel this view of world oppression of humankind is not realistic. Are we to blame the jew for the man who starves in Asia? Africa? No no. While it is an international cabal it is not merely a jewish one. That is a bit simplistic. I do understand why you feel the way you do though. A spade. Have you ever seen the greatest story never told? 6hr good stuff…

            tell me?

            Do you believe in evolution? Do you not believe you have a soul or spirit?

            Of course what you are forgetting are things like the bohemian grove or the layout of Washington DC or imagery on the bill i could go on and on about signs that religions other than Judaism are at the very least at play

            fuck communism hopefully here we agree…

            discounting the existence of satanic forces is silly may i recommend reviewing some stuff like Al Neal or Ted Gunderson how about the mother of darkness castle… don’t have to dig too far spade…i tip my hat to ya…

          • Sam Spade

            I blame belief system for the worlds ills. Otherwise we would simply fix it. You do know that “scapegoat” is a biblical term right?
            You know like the Holocaust is yiddish for “the sacrifice”. Who was Ann Frank sacrificed for again?
            When you’re socially programmed, you use indoctrination terms like “scapegoating”. And you’re definitely programmed by some elements of mass psychology… something the Jewish community practically invented (see: Edward Bernays).
            Jews are not scapegoated. They are NOT sacrificial lambs. And they murdered so many more millions and millions before Stalin or Hitler…. the so called Holocaust was just a reaction to this behavior. Hitler was a reaction, not a planned event. Communists had taken over Bavaria (Soviet Bavaria Republic) and were planning on doing the same thing there. Him and 7 other soldiers decided to take a stand. Whatever happen afterwards, that’s how it went down to anyone willing to learn about historical data and not chase ghosts and propaganda.

            Social egalitarianism is responsible for massive starvation in Africa/Asia (a Jewish invention). We feed people, cure their natural diseases, and give them technology to keep up their populations. But these people are not ready for this responsibility. The proof is in their actions. They keep humping and not feeding their babies, while flies at eat them. You will never see this happen over and over for decades and decades in amongst an advance peoples. We messed with nature out of some romantic ideals, and now nature is overwhelmed. And nature will probably spawn more diseases out of this human incubator that will level things out, then you can blame it all on the Illuminati Aryan aliens… Even the Bible warns of this behavior.
            Jews run the diamond trade out of Africa, and were the biggest slave
            traders during the slave trade. And many African American historians
            aren’t afraid to say it. Nelson Madela’s Communist regime has killed 30 times more people now than ALL OF APARTHEID had. And guess who set that system up? Take a wild guess. Ill give you a hint, it wasn’t Lord Voldemort.

            Do you know what a Bohemian is? If you did, you would understand why these pre-hippies were playing at hedonism. Communism is behind most of these occult movements as Christianity is despised by the Jewish Zionist and the Jewish Marxist alike. No one else really cares about Jesus freaks… not even Muslims.
            These groups that came out after Albert Pike were just like any group of people who were not rich or important. All bored people play at titilation, and if you’re a Christian you get really excited and scared by it — all the more reason to do it. The wealthy are childish. Nixon had it right when he called them a bunch of homos running around naked and hugging trees. Alex Jone’s took a video which he staged of the giant Owl.
            People read Horoscopes and Monarchs had psychic readings, does that mean they are in service of the NWO? I guess if you think Christianity is in a fight against Satanism then yes. But I bet, if there is an anti-Christ to appear, Christians will be the first to line up and bow down. Satan isn’t a monster but comes as an angel of light. And who exactly were the synagog of Satan again?

          • Sean Torres

            Gosh Mr Spade you wrote me a wall ok from the top. Belief and faith are incredibly positive things for a human to have. Do not merely dismiss them as unnecessary. Faith can quite literally move mountains I feel. Also to hear scapegoat has biblical origins does not surprise me being well versed in etymology. Not sure of your point there other than to put down the scriptures of religion found in the torah and gospels…
            I have alot of issues with the holocaust and to be honest some would call me a denier. I am merely thorough and open minded. Since I was not there as a witness personally it is hard to say what truly happened though I will mention Hitler offered to deport Germany’s jews and the world turned them away notably usa…You are totally right about the mass programming but please do not be rude and assume I am. Gosh I would say I am one of the most original people you have probably ever had discourse with. Are you aware of the work of Al Neal? Good stuff indeed. Now where i have to take you to task is Hitler. While in many ways the Hitlers rise to power was a reaction in terms of how he achieved popularity with the German populace he was certainly funded and controlled by outside forces. He even attended tavistock and was friends with Crowley of all people so I think you are not really aware of this. Have you seen the painting of lenin and hitler playing chess in vienna? Where we completely agree is what has been done to Africa. My heart weeps for Africa. Such a rich continent in terms of resources but the Africans are made to suffer so. As for the grove i am sorry you need to read up on molech. Molech can be found in so many places. On the dollar bill the layout of dc etc. These are not just homos though sex magik plays a part. Are you aware of the mother of darkness castle and the dutroux affair? Seriously look into these things. Satanism is a bit more of an issue than you are aware of apparently. I have been conducting extensive research on this feel free to ask me for points of possible interest that might help you reassess this. All in all I think you are very intelligent fundamental problem i see is you think judiasm is an ethnicity (in some ways genetically it is but that gets complicated) Judaism is a religion. These humans who perform all these evils are not practicing Judaism which I think is a wonderful religion for the most part (i do have issues with some of their beliefs though). These men and women are actually satanists. Strange but true. Oh well take it easy Mr. spade. Oh btw you completely ignored my commentd about marx’s plagiarism you might be surprised to know it was a fellow by the name of Clinton Roosevelt who he plagiarized. Now wait a second havent I heard that name somewhere before? lol giggles walks away…

          • Sam Spade

            Freemasonry took the place of organized control when the Monarchy and Church fell apart. But as Trotsky said, it could not handle the changes that came in the Industrial Revolution… so “Socialism” and propaganda science took its place. Look at the first anti-Illuminati writer who was a Jesuit that feared they wanted to replace the “throne and alter” with REpublics. Later the Federalists would use it against Thomas Jefferson’s party saying Illuminati wanted to replace the Republic with Democracy. It’s a boogie man.

            Marx plagiarizing from a labor writer is useless information because the whole point of Marx was the Culture of Marxism and the pyramid scheme of Marxism itself. European Zionism wanted to centralize all the worlds economy under a usury based currency that Jews were in control of; and Marx offered a Utopia that created a world where you the “worker” is in debt to the state which in turn was in debt to the central banking economy. And that’s almost what we have today.
            The Illuminati boogie man does not factor in because even the Freemason lodges were losing power at the time.
            Marxism important lies in the Culture of Marxism as they were trying to create (multiculturalism = no culture outside of State/Media culture). Jews want open boarders and no religous or cultural identity inside of Europe or America; and despite what you say about good Torah loving Jews, they all support this global reality. They also mock Christians and attack any research involving “white” cultural or even genetic identity at EVERY chance.

            Hitler had barely discharged out of WW1 in 1920 Lenin was dead (or murdered) in 1924. This rabble rousing homeless German solider was not playing chess with the Jewish Queen of the Russian empire in a 4yr time span. This is what I mean about research vs. accusations. You can’t let people just tell you, “Joe Shmoe was related to Bill Clinton who was a member of the Knight of Malta and grandfather went to Satanic rituals with Mark Twain”.

            It’s not about linking names to names like celebrity gossip does; Historical research it’s about linking possible data with physical evidence. You’re not allowed to ‘write’ history, you’re supposed to be skeptical.

            That’s why good historical novels read like a detective’s report and not a bio-pic on Marylin Monroe.

            Even if every great dictator in history could be a square and compass party boy that still would not be evidence or a mass conspiracy inside of the Communist or Nazi parties. I’ll give you Albert Pike’s writings, but they all talked like that back then — everybody was talking about a One World ideas because it went back to Hellenistic Empire and Alexander the Great’s dream. Everyone in the 1700 and 1800s was waiting for the next Alexander to create a “brotherhood of men”.

          • Sean Torres

            Ah but as knowledgeable as you are you make some mistakes. It is important that Marx plagiarized. I am happy you admit this?? Cause in a previous comment you claimed he was inspired. Since he clearly was not “inspired” then I fear something more sinister is afloat. Aye as you yourself said many will think it is a Jew but it is the synagogue of Satan. Straight from revelation. As for research sadly alot of this has to be derived. It cannot simply be read in history books as I have found many are censored. Often I learn from deaths and events and symbolism honestly. That is just me. I noticed you conveniently left out tackling hitler’s training at tavistock. Do you know of tavistock? Are you speaking of things you know not about? Naughty boy. And of course you completely ignored the mother of darkness castle and the dutroux affair but that is normal. Most of the world does. I mean how many could possibly accept that these supposedly impotent monarchs and nobleman (at least according to you not to me) are simply purchasing young men and women to sacrifice them in satanic rituals. I mean why would you care about that? I think your problem honestly is you are a contradiction of hate. You want to blame the jews for all the worlds ills. When there truly is a group for you to hate you say they cannot exist simply because it would be too fantastic of a story. Have you lived life Mr. Spade? Life is at many times absurd and unreal seemingly. Life is truly stranger than fiction. In fact dare I say you accuse me of being programmed but it is you sir who is programmed. While I agree a good history novel is like a detective report you won’t acknowledge Sutton’s work? I mean cmon. It shows that Trotsky and Lenin were funded outside of Russia. Trotsky even had an apt in NYC you can still go there today! This shows there is an international cabal and sorry bloke there are a lot of Asians involved so there goes your international Jew theory. Seriously Spade I like you but stay on target stay on target. Freemasonry was merely infiltrated and co-opted for Illuminati purposes this is what Adam Weishaupt planned to do and what Washington warned of and it is what happened….ok crash course in sean research…so like i go by events and assassinations you know stuff like that…think about it this boogeyman you say doesn’t exist…it killed JFK hmmm ok who else. What what’s this Lincoln ok commonality? Both wanted greenbacks interesting hmm anyone else. McKinley oh forgot about him what did he do oh i see got in the way of the fed oh now I get it…oh wait what’s this Patton???!! You mean they killed Patton? Look into this was revealed in the memoirs of a retired special forces fellow. Point is Spade you keep telling yourself the cabal don’t exist and that it is all evil greedy Jews but I rather you not mumble that as they march you into a camp. I rather you wake up and use that intellect to go after the real culprits. Who i repeat might be of Jewish lineage but are certainly not practicing.

          • Sam Spade

            Marx didn’t palgerize. I explained this. Communism wasn’t his invention (moses hess) just the pyramid scheme and some of the basic pseudo-science commentary on society was Marx.
            You speak of me hating while you demonize all pagans and all alchemists and all freemasons and all Jesuits, just to avoid the Jewish banking cartels and their mafia because you are programmed to look any other group but your beloved oppressors.

            The synagog of Satan were not Satanists as Satan is a god from another religion, just like Lucifer, and Beelzebub. Satanism doesn’t exist, it’s a boogey man cult that teaches nature worship and Nietzsche–isms. Stop playing ghost busters. The Synagog are those who give you a celestial Pharaoh God that commands obedience; they are the ones who defined Christianity after Christ’s followers were forgotten. They are Pharisees which is modern Judaism — And Rome was infiltrated by them (see: Cicero on the Jews). it’s a criminal cult just like the Catholics, just like most religious groups, just like the state cult of Marxism.

            Both wanted greenbacks? Guess who wanted to established not only a central bank but credit based money back in Lincolns day? You guessed it, Jewish interests. It’s their mafia scheme.

            You just made me look up Tavistock. The dates are all wrong even if it started after WW1 (which is didn’t); and the internet if full of immature people making wild accusations with NO reasoning behind it. This is masturbation Christian zealots who worship the chosen people. I’m done with you. That’s enough of that Alex Jones historical celebrity gossip crap for me. You don’t can’t handled the truth. You want Satanic myths and Hollywood Illuminati stories. You don’t want to face the fact that maybe the good guys are bad and the bad guys are not all connected in a ring of fire.

          • Sean Torres

            you totally need to educate yourself on clinton. roosevelt total plagiarism….till then ur a bit of a waste babbling on….

            i demonized alchemists? there you go assuming again….

            seriously look into clinton roosevelt after taking the stick out of ur but that you could be wrong on something….sheesh

          • Randall Vance

            Funny how Alex Jones/Bill Cooper/David Icke/John Birch Society get lumped together. Alex Jones blames the “elite” and the British Monarchy for everything, downplays Jesuit and Jewish control. Bill Cooper accused Alex Jones of being a CIA shill and warned his audience not to trust him. He talked about the Illuminati as an umbrella for the various secret societies that are involved with various governments and military. David Icke blamed reptilians then later Rothschild Zionism for the world’s woes. Birch Society does focus on Illuminati as being mainly Satanist/Communist. None of them really agreed on much besides using the word Illuminati.

            The letter may be a hoax, but the world wars were definitely planned. I believe all world leaders, religious and governmental, are corrupt pedophile degenerates. We should concede that the Pharisees preserved Babylonian mysticism through Kabbalah, and the practice of pedophilia through the Talmud. The gnostics were inspired by Kabalists. When Christianity began to prevail, occultists went underground. When the Knights Templar formed, they were influenced by ALL of the above, in addition to the Assassin Cult whom they butted heads. The Papacy was corrupted in its inception, the council of Nicea, by several occultist/gnostic philosophies and traditions. After enjoying the Papacy’s protection and later persecution, the Templars were eventually replaced by the Jesuits. Most of the Knights went underground again with the Rosicrucian order already in existence. Then came marriage with the stone mason guilds, this was like the mob taking over legitimate businesses to operate as a front.

            The Illuminati was a joint venture between the Jesuits and Rothschilds, and the Illuminati succeeded in thoroughly infiltrating and realigning the Masonic Lodges. We use the word pretty loosely these days, referring to any organization or individual who seems to be in league with the complete re-engineering of humanity.

            Today, the Zionists are the Fascists are the fundamentalists. The Vatican is the world Jewry is the Roshinaya, who controls Christendom, Judaism, and Islam. All influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, and various ancient cults. There is no way to differentiate who is leading and who is towing the line. But we do know that they are all involved, it’s obvious. Whether they are torturing, raping and killing to gain power, or doing it because they love it, that’s satanism in my book.

          • Sam Spade

            Bill Cooper was actually retarded and insane, his research was really really bad. Jones is disinformation so his research is good but scare tactics. Icke tells everyone that Nordic Alien Nazis rule the world and has settled on Jesuit Nazis for a larger audience.

            Gnostics were hundreds of years before Kabala. Kabala is based off of them. It does not go back to the Babylonian captivity like the Talmud does.

            Satanism is an amoral Darwinian styled philosophy based off of opposing Christianity. It’s all theater and psychology to scare dumb people. There is no such thing as “Satan” outside of Zoroastrain myths. The word Satan is the actual word “adversary” in the Bible. The character was invented by Roman-Christian theologians. Roman-Christianity is the opposite of everything Christ stood for and is the real “antichrist”.

            There are no Fascists anymore or they wouldn’t be the “evil ring leaders” of this modern world and Europe wouldn’t be full of Africans/Muslims.

            Zionists are a code word for all Jews who people don’t like so they call them Zionists. Zionism is a real thing but it’s not Satanic; it fits with the “Chosen People” outlook.
            It’s all International Socialism.

          • Dark Age Fire

            Hey Sam, I have read all your comments on this thread and found them very valuable and they sync with what I have researched myself. Do you have a blog? What online sources/writers/ do you find most valuable? I wish you would write a series on the topics that you spoke of in these comments. thanks!

          • dale ruff

            Lots of hatred in your post……very sad.

          • dale ruff

            Snarky and no evidence. Sad.

          • Sean Torres

            Well you are succinct. What is your position Dale?

          • dale ruff

            I stated my position; neither you nor your nemisis, Sam Spade, presents any evidence and both of you make absurd claims and deal insults as a substitute for substance.

            I think the world is run by conspiracies but they are not esoteric or occult but just the ruling class, military, media, corporate, and political, making secret plans to carry out their agendas of war, privatization, and exploitation.

            The really lunatic conspiracy theories poison the well of credible conspiracy allegations, such as the murder of JFK (which Congress declared a conspiracy and most people accept as a conspiracy) and 9/11, where we know that the 9/’11 Commission itself has stated that the government lied, which means the govt is covering up the truth.

            If I were trying to hide my complicity in a real conspiracy, I would promote crazy conspiracy theories to poison the well.

          • Sean Torres

            I used to be like you. Now i trip over examples of the esoteric. They hide much in the very layout of D.C. and other important cities for example. But that is neither here nor there. Basically mr I know it all don’t just dismiss this element. It is a way of communicating between others who can read the signs essentially.

            As for the occult the word means hidden and yes much is truly hidden from most.

            Ok so you don’t buy jfk story cool cool neither do i it is interesting research. I would recommend Dr. Mary’s Monkey good book for you if you like that topic. Oswald gotta love it only commie defector get his ticket back paid for by state dept…

            911 is a mess and waaaaaay to much to deal with here. I would recommend September Clues and its addendum there. The water is totally poisoned.

            You never answered me. Pike letter a hoax or not? What is your position? You sound like a nice chap I will consider it a mere oversight.

            Us lunatics are meticulous.

            I tip my hat to ya…giggles walks away….

          • dale ruff

            I find your response snarky (Basically mr I know it all don’t just dismiss this element..” and lacking in evidence.

            You lunatics are useful idiots for those who want to smear all conspiracy theories by poisoning the well.

            I think you know what I think of the Pike letter. It is just another way to poison the well of credible conspiracy theories.

            I checked out September Clues: this is exactly the kind of whacko conspiracy theories (no one was killed in the collapse of the buildings?) Here is the kind of lunacy that makes the sound allegations and evidence looked tainted:

            “September Clues research has determined that the alleged victims were fictitious identities mostly/or entirely created within the digital realm.”

            That would be a good way to get people to dismiss the

            factual evidence about 9/11. It poisons the well.

            That seems to be your mission.

            I will stick with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

            In my opinion your approach and your ideas will only alienate people (as they have alienated me even tho I think JFK and 9/11 are based on govt lies) and give conspiracy theories a bad name. I don’t find that helpful, and no where did you provide an ounce of evidence. That means that rational people can dismiss you out of hand, as I do.

          • Sean Torres

            well if you dismiss the esoteric I am honestly in good company…

            ok so you are saying pike didn’t write the letter and that the forger was simply good at guessing future events…ooooookkkkkkk…..

            Telling you man September Clues is good stuff review objectively. So do the architects. There is also that one report from the fellow who worked for the company who gaurenteed the steel…

            All in all it is actually pilots for 911 truth who give the best smoking guns….but silly goose I told you it was a complicated issue…

            My mission is not to poison the well I merely stand up for myself. Honestly you come off as a prick.

          • dale ruff

            “Honestly you come off as a prick.”

            That is the kind of persuasive power that will win people to your side. Thanks for showing your true colors.

          • Sean Torres

            But thats the thing. You remind me of this monty python movie. I am not trying to “persuade” you. I rather you have your own opinion and individuality. Just discourse sir. Plain and simple. You went way off topic. I politely reminded you hey dude uh you didn’t answer the topic question. You still really haven’t but whatevers.

            In terms of like winning people I feel I already win. You are questioning 911 and JFK. that is good enough for me. You aren’t into studying the occult hey I will live. Alot of people don’t get that. Nothing new to see there. The fact that you are even questioning is good enough for me.

            True colors hell yeah. One of my favorite songs. Yes I will always be true and real and honest. Why should I or would I pull my punches? A prick you act like a prick you shall be called sir.

            Yeah I think September Clues is really heavy lifting. It requires a sharp wit to follow along with Simon’s analysis. Though it is spot on. I suppose the essential issues are 767 can’t reach that speed at that altitude otherwise it would break apart. It is nigh impossible to perform the 3 maneuvers 2 tower hits or pentagon. Give it a go in sim sometime. Then even if the 3 impacts don’t match the responding damage in terms of collision physics or the collapse in the case of the towers. The dust cloud physics don’t add up either. One of the more interesting things is FBI went on record during the Mousaii trial and said the phone call on the pentagon plane was technically impossible. That airphone is on display at the smithsonian. Ironically the united airlines says that plane did not have an airphone. 2 of the planes flew for years following 911. Only de-registered fairly recently. Clues points out the very damming BBC announcement of the tower 7 collapse 10 mins in advance…I could go on and on really…911 reminds me of what Pesci says in JFK “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”

            Gosh did I mention it was also Jesus’s bday and that it was mentioned as a possible event date waaaay back in a 1944 congressional briefing????

          • Big peter

            You mad brah.

  • Bea Harpy

    Even if the original document is essentially made up you have to accept that the WWIII described in Carr’s writings bears a great resemblance to what is happening in modern times.. when you consider he died in 1959.. don’t you think?

  • Kent

    If you’re an Orthodox Christian (who drinks blood of Jesus
    regularly, prays, wears a cross, fasts, rejects New World Order documents, and
    doesn’t sin), then demons have no effect on you. People who use drugs see
    demons who cleverly disguise themselves as aliens. God gave you like a shield
    so that demons don’t harm you, but when you sin or do something spiritually
    wrong, you open yourself up to demonic influence. For example, chanting mantras
    leads to demon possession. It’s not the words that get you possessed; it’s the
    rhythm. Buddhists worship fake mountain Kailash in Tibet inside which demons
    have a UFO base. Barcode is Druid black magic curse. Mediums are shown pictures
    and given thoughts by demons. Demons move the Ouija board. Demons=Ghosts=Spirit
    Guides=Aliens. Demons never do good. Demons fly in UFOs. Crystal balls, tarot
    cards, barcodes, tattoos, talismans, masks, skulls, amulets, etc. attract
    demons. Meditation, chanting mantras, hypnosis, and astral projection lead to
    demon possession. Casting spells is asking demons for help. Ask Greek Orthodox
    priest to help you out (blessing your house, etc.) Most dreams and thoughts are
    from demons. To break any curse, pray slowly the Psalm “the Lord is my
    light and my salvation” 40 times a day for 40 straight days. That’s 1600
    times in total. Also, if you’re in any trouble (like sleep paralysis), scream:
    JESUS! Pray the Jesus prayer all the time: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,
    have mercy on me a sinner.” Jesus will come back to end the flying
    antichrist’s rule when this antichrist conceives a thought in his evil mind
    that he 666-isotope-ray-lasered everyone. Antichrist’s minions came up with
    Dec. 21 in order to desensitize people to the real events predicted in the
    Bible. Antichrist is 0% God and 100% man. He’s possessed by Satan since he’s 12
    years old. He flies. He wears gloves to hide long nails. He’s pale with red
    eyes. He’s surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. 666ed people go
    to permanent hell. 666 is given by lasers (isotope rays) on wrist or forehead
    when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport).
    Reject 666. Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666
    will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell.
    Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes.
    To kill them, go for their nerves. Again, 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist
    or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world
    passport). Police will chip and isotope ray people on highways. Food stores
    will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark
    people. Reject 666 at all cost. If you’re about to be marked, scream:
    “Lord, have mercy!” three times. Go hide with Orthodox Christians to
    escape 666. After death, 3 days you here, then you’re shown hell and heaven
    from 3rd until 9th day after death, then from 9th until 40th day demons accuse
    you of sins; that was before, now people just straight out go to temporary hell
    because of Social Security; but 666ed people go to permanent hell right away;
    666 is given when people stretch hands to accept the evil plastic card. Before
    Jesus preached in hell, all people (except Enoch and Elijah) went to hell. Now,
    aborted kids go to hell for 33 and a half years. After crucifiction, Jesus
    preached in hell. Those who believed, got out of hell. Suicide leads to hell.
    Maximum torture is at the bottom (ice hell) for biggest sinners. Stalin is head
    in boiling water. When he tries to get out, demons push him back in. Others
    stand up to knees or up to chest in boiling water. There are different
    punishments in hell. If you didn’t do anything bad, you’re in a dark room.
    Also, hell is not permanent now. So, it’s possible to get out, especially if
    you’re prayed for and your relatives give to charity in the name of Archangel
    Michael. God is love. God has unlimited joy. God wants to share His joy with
    us. Point of this life is to get to heaven and spend eternity with God. God
    gives you a name during baptism. Devil gives you an anti-name during anti-baptism.
    Barcode is Druid black magic curse and a form of mark of the beast just like
    Social Security. People who took any number (which is an anti-name given during
    anti-baptism by the beast) on documents or in computer go to temporary hell;
    but those who receive green 666 (given with world passport with no name on it)
    on forehead or wrist go to permanent hell. How not to go to hell? Give back all
    these anti-name anti-baptism documents back to the beast by writing to
    appropriate authorities. If authorities refuse to cancel these anti-names, then
    write again (up to three times). If you wrote to the gov’t three times about
    it, but gov’t refused, then God will not send you to hell. Don’t go into UFO to
    be healed by demons.

    • Jesus Pleasus

      You’re fucking nutty…buddy.

  • kent

    God is love. God has unlimited joy. God wants to share His
    joy with us. Point of this life is to get to heaven and spend eternity with
    God. Name of the beast is the name that the beast gives you. God gives you a
    name during baptism. Devil gives you an anti-name during anti-baptism. Barcode
    is Druid black magic curse and a form of mark of the beast just like Social
    Security. People who took any number (which is an anti-name given during
    anti-baptism by the beast) on documents or in computer go to temporary hell;
    but those who receive green 666 (given with world passport with no name on it)
    on forehead or wrist go to permanent hell. How not to go to hell? Give back all
    these anti-name anti-baptism documents back to the beast by writing to
    appropriate authorities. If authorities refuse to cancel these anti-names, then
    write again (up to three times). If you wrote to the gov’t three times about
    it, but gov’t refused, then God will not send you to hell. Don’t go into UFO to
    be healed by demons.

  • themaskedmarvel

    Thank you for your research debunking yet another fabrication of paranoid minds. The process of stamping out these endless hallucinations, fabrications and bald lies is endless, as they are continually manufactured or recycled, but necessary. It’s easy to make up a lie, it takes a lof ot patience and research to debunk it before people believe it (which they will anyway, if they want to).
    Unfortunatley, it is a short series of steps from fantasy to lie to rumor to “suppressed truth” to “grand conspiracy” to accepted dogma, as Hitler, the Russian forgers of the phony “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and other cynical liars have proven throughout history.
    Thanks for your service in debunking yet another paranoid fabrication by an anonymous liar with an agenda.

  • Brian

    When you try to denounce the letter and mention of it the fact is this information may have been discussed after WW1 but certainly was out there prior to WW2 and as we look in the headlines we see WW3 out the window with the exact scenario described taking shape. There is another document that one can download called the protocols of the learned elders of zion. This title may sound anti semetic but in reality this is a bullet point document that demonstrates strategies for a small group to maintain control of the masses. When one reads this it fits the reality of how the world runs. If you have never heard of this it is a real eye opener and worth your time to invest. One parting thought is the scriptures tell a lot more detail of the end times than do the writings of the illuminati members. Zech speaks of this war in Israel too and it is found in chapter 12. Read psalm 2 psalm 110 Daniel 2 and mathew 24 for a beginner course on end times.

  • taomaster

    Hey Keelan, perhaps the original letter is in Warehouse 13. Thanks for a great article saving me from viewing the conspiracy videos propping up this scenario. However, I note that a couple of posters have raised the issue of the Protocols which is a much harder document to dismiss once read thoroughly. So, why have you not put the same energy into the Protocols? I know they have already been dismissed as a fake document way back when, but those discrediting it “officially” were probably its custodians. The Protocols is a very compelling document as far as a conspiracy for world domination goes.

    Afraid they might shut you down?

  • Ann Diener

    What I wonder about now, is could the Albert Pike letter be leading people to create a reality subconsciously. It almost seems like the three wars of “Pike’s vision” could be a plant written much later to guide people into believing faulty assumptions about the world they are living in and believe in a hopeless reality that is in actuality someone’s or a group’s fantasy, not really based on any Pike vision. Like if number one and number two are accurate, so must number 3 and so there is no way of anything being different. Pretty interesting when you look at how consciousness can be shaped with faulty assumptions and “conspiracy” thinking. No wonder this “secret” letter was so well publicized.

  • Logician

    Admirable effort but extremely misguided. The basis for this argument assumes that “public knowledge” is synonymous with “private knowledge”. Your write as a child using the events and publications GIVEN to you s a guide. You don’t realize that the dates, times, and events you use to guide your theory were developed and released by design. Until you accept how far this extends into our human history you will never begin to grasp the concepts you attempt to refute.

    • Sam Spade

      And once again an Alex Jones/Icke/Cooper pawn simply accuses others of ignorance. You people are sick with your lack of logic and material evidence. Read Mine Kampf and Hitler’s opinions on Freemasons. Watch his public speeches. Learn what these organizations say, instead of acting like another crazy bible thumper. History is a discipline, and you are terrible uneducated and indoctrinated — Research your claims and stop making wide accusations of membership!

      • Zac

        I tend to agree with the trajectory of the above article. I must however, acknowledge the remote, and I emphasize ‘remote’, possibility that what ‘Logician’ feebly describes is a possibility, if one would, for the sake of argument, adopt the presuppositions necessary for such claims to be.

        • Sam Spade

          It’s not possible even if you adopted the claims because Freemasonry took the place of organized control when the Monarchy and Church fell apart. But as Leon Trotsky said, it could not handle the changes
          that came in the Industrial Revolution… so different “Socialisms” and propaganda science took its place. Now the TV can control you.

          1. Look at the first anti-Illuminati writer who was
          a Jesuit that feared they wanted to replace the “throne and alter” with

          2. Later the Federalists would use it against Thomas
          Jefferson’s party saying Illuminati wanted to replace the Republic with

          3. Then it became the John Birtch Society that used the Illuminati in place of the word “Jews” when it came to Communism and Marxism (liberals/Progressives) and Noe-Conservatism because the John Birtch society were Christian Zionists afraid to link Marxist movements back to the Jews.

          4, Now Alex Jones and Bill Cooper, two Christian Protestants (Alex married to a Jewish woman and sponsored by Jewish media) are telling everyone that Catholic Satanists are taking over the world (just like in Steven Spielberg’s movie) when we know the changes that are taking place come from a Banking Cartels and who issue our credit based currency and are own by Zionist investors; Marxist Jews also own the global media and global academic investments that are pushing for “Globalism” or “Cultural Marxism”. People in power are terrified to tell the truth about these wars and cultural shifts because they are demonized as “racists” and “nazis” if they speak out or disagree.

          The Illuminati are an all purpose boogie man.

    • Steven Smithe

      You’re no logician.

      How is it you have knowledge of this private knowledge?

      Maybe you are so desperate for answers you’re willing to believe without evidence?

  • solitairecat64

    I’m reading a book written in 1929 entitled Freemasonry and Judism. It is about the “secret powers behind revolution”. I haven’t read the whole book but judging from the parts I’ve read (I always start with the conclusion when reading a book) it does support the Illuminati conspiracy theory. Also, when we look at the actions of US Presidents it shows Satan’s handiwork because no God fearing leader would be making the decisions that are being made which are leading us into WW3.

    • SNCHS

      Illuminati is JEWISH. Adam Weishaupt was son of generational Rabbi sons. He tried to borrow 50 for an abortion way back then. hahahah A real class act huh? He was 29 and head of the org? hahahha EVER HEARD OF A FALL GUY? ahahahahaha The elders of zion (bankers) are in their 80’s and 90’s before they get the floor, so a 29 year old wouldn’t even know enough to get them refreshments during a meeting. Get real. 29 and running the world when 5 years before he was hitting up friends Dads for abortion money???? hahahhahahhaha That’s like…Rothschild being a poor but thrifty coin dealer and then within a year he has 300 mansions with virtually every masterpiece ever painted hanging in them all. They are the front family for the Jewish conspiracy. See, first the little boy OF 29, goes down. Then if over much battle and toil, the house of Rothschild is leveled, then later they come up with another moronic sham….. Only this time… will be put down very quickly. THEY CAUSE THE WORLD TO SUFFER FOR THEIR GREED. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE RAPIST HUMPING YOU AND YOURS.

      • solitairecat64

        When I started reading about the Illuminati and the extent of it, (there are entire organizational charts on the internet), I wasn’t sure about the “Jewish” involvement. Now, months later, I see all the arrogance, lies and violence spewing from those that claim to be “GOD’s chosen”.

        I wonder how close they are to implementing the NWO? What do you think it means that most of those living in Israel are Khazars (Turks) not Jews? I was wondering if the true Jews are going to sacrifice these “fake” Jews in WW3.

        • snchs

          no, you’re close though brother. It’s the opposite though according to Pikes 3rd WW letter the fake jews, the bankers will destroy Israel. They are JUDEAN. THE 10 N. TRIBES ARE CAST OUT SAYS THE JEWS. THEY HAVE NO INHERITANCE IN THE WORLD TO COME.

          • Liam H. Suh

            SNCHS, I have been searching these things based on biblical prophesy. I would love to find out more…from you, in particular. Is there anyway you would share more either here, by email or whatever would work for you? Thanks -Liam

      • icinevitableconsequence

        I would say the illuminati is actually Jesuit in nature and they are just as the Jesuit oath states and their symbol represents a wolf in sheeps clothing, they will do anything and pose as anyone to further their goal. Bringing the whole world into a one world catholic or in reality pagan or satanic government that governs with “reason” instead of faith, they will do anything and act as jews, protestants, muslims and whatever they need to be to infiltrate all of these groups and destroy them from the inside!

        • charnk

          Im more apt to believe Jews over the Jesuits being the illuminati. There are about 20 million jews WORLDWIDE, but everytime you turn on the news, theyre running the banks, corps and the news stations themselves.

          • snchs

            Thanks for shutting that shill down in his sleazy tracks. That’s how you defeat the boy rapers.

          • InevitableConsequence

            research Masonic Labor Zionists

        • SNCHS



          “Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on

          him, not this year, but soon.”

          – Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934

          (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).

          “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany.”

          – David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934

          We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.

          (The Jew, December 1925,Zinobit)

          The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.”

          – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919

          “Israel won the war [WW I]; we made it; we thrived on

          it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on

          Christianity.” (The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London,

          Count Mensdorf, 1918).

          • InevitableConsequence

            Well if u read what I posted, I stated they are pagan and luciferian under a catholic cloak. I never said there weren’t many Jewish families working for them or the other way around yet you know the Rothschild family controls all Vatican money holdings and through NM Rothschild & sons controls all media through reuters. I do my own reseach and see through the propaganda they spread, yet to say it is jewish is completely wrong as Isreal is controlled and funded by the Us and Britain, both backed by Vatican interests to start a war in the middle east through Jew and Arab tensions so they can bring their luciferian, Cabbalistic, paganism that they all worship regardless if they are a catholic or a Jew they are both Luciferian and should be seen as such. why are so many that have an opinion so hateful and ignorant open your eyes we are all being wiped out not just Christianity, Judaism or islam they are all threatened by the true controller of the satanic new world order the Black pope now true Pope Jorge Borgolio research who he actually is then tell me they are not luciferian. you know since the counter reformation the Jesuits goal is to wipe out Christianity in all forms but Catholicism read a history book and stop preaching internet conspiracies concocted by those who are truly manipulator and coadjutators. You know there is a whole movement titled traditional Rabbi’s oppose Zionism and they are widely accepted in Iran and many other places that are standing against this Jesuit – jewish New World Order of luciferian. Do you even know why they disbanded the Jesuit order? it is because they were becoming to powerful and the pope was unable to control them, so he disbanded them.

  • snchs

    No one is saying he predicted the future. It means they made this happen through their agentur. Read the letter goofus. It’s like saying the Protocols of Zion are a fraud. The fraudster predicted exactly what the bankers judeomasonics would do 150 years out to a T in every way. By the way, Albert Pikes was born to Benjamin and Sarah CHASE, not Pike. They lie to you. Freemasonry is 100% jewish. Google who said this. I didn’t dream it up. The head of Jewry in America, Rabbi Wise said this back a hundred years or so ago. Only an idiot couldn’t see it. Especially when they brag about controlling it in old books. Read what the Protocols say about the Freemasons they own. Read, The Nameless War. Ben Franklin and George Washington warned America not to let them into this country to stay. Research this. I’m sure you’ll call them frauds, because you’re just another black rimmed glasses bolshevik. hahahahah huH? ahahahahaha. Remember, because I do, that Trotksy was really Bronstein, Lenin was Unyalov, and Stalin was Djugashvhilli which means in eastern Turko-Georgian, son of jews. Marx real name was Moses Mordecai Levy. Dude, this isn’t Germany, Russia or Gaza. You will learn this. hhahahahhhahaha

  • snchs

    Look at you with your, “Should 16 year old’s get to vote?” That’s what Bolsheviks do. They want to wreck your country so they don’t have to work. Just sit at the microphone and lie to the people so their judeomasonic hero’s can keep up the raping of the kids you pretend to care about’s futures. You’re starting to look like a real nasty Talmudic freak. That being said, or typed rather, har har har yakity yakity, have a “good day”. Code typing now. hahahaha. lknq34e7243utbabq[j.
    Tell me what that means and I’ll know you are as smart as me…..because I broke the code……can YOU? I’m a pattern seeker….and finder….these days. I still love ya. I just don’t trust ya. huh? huh? hahahhahahaha

  • alsamtu

    Albert Pike is a good Freemason. He never wrote such a letter. History is full of fallacies and this is one of them. Zionists have always falsified history in order to achieve their own objectives. They still do, but are being exposed by the increased proliferation of modern communications technology and social media.

    • snchs

      hahaaha You’re an idiot. Albert Pike was a criminal. Every country in Europe was about to enter the war because of his massacres. Lincoln wanted a rope around this mans neck BIG TIME!!!!!! The leader of Bnai Brit’, and I don’t give two squats if I spelled it wrong ya know nothing prick, Simon Wolf, President of that lodge had breakfast/drinks with John W. Booth at the Willard Hotel.. BOOTH WAS MEMBER OF ALL HEBREW ACTING COMPANY. After Lincoln was killed… know they wouldn’t let his wife attend the funeral. She tried with many so called good lawyers to get her presidential spousal pension and was turned down 4 times. NEVER GOT IT. High Mason thug A. Johnson came in as President briefly and immediately pardoned PIKE who’s real name was Chase….born to Benjamin and Sarah CHASE…not Pike……got that sonny boy? YOU CAN’T PARDON SOMEONE FOR HIGH TREASON YOU FOOL. YET THEY DID…..You sound like you’re in a bubble world. ahahhaha You read their weasels books. You do understand that the bankers run and founded EVERY secret society. They’re the same bunch greatly that were running things in the ancient world. I’m not kidding. I’m the 13 g. grandson of Major General Israel Putnam. He said, “Don’t shoot ’til you see the whites of their eyes.” FREEMASONRY IS 1000000% JEWISH. Did you know a writer used Pikes 3 World War letter reference only 8 years after he wrote it and long before WW1 even…..they said it was a fake then tooooooo. hahahhaa Now you still do. THAT’S HOW BAD YOU PEOPLE ARE LIED TO. DID YOU KNOW THAT WILLIAM CASEY SAID TO REAGAN, HIS Cia dir. “We’ll be successful when what the media puts out and what the America people believe are 100% lies.” Voltaire said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the jews became deadly to humanity as a whole.” Top that Jr. J.P. Morgan said, “There is common greed, and there is jewish greed….common greed has limits.” Sonny, history is made up. I hate to bust your cherry today but you sound like you were long over due. Albert PIke’s job was to train up the southern people and keep them in fear. He started gun clubs and he even founded the KKK……That’s the Knights KuKlos. You got it from me. I AM the sheepdog and I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been around a family that knows and I was close to the family historians when I was growing up. It’s their job to keep real history. Kuklos is greek for GOLDEN CIRCLE….So when he invents the KKK he and another “jew” Bedford Forrest Nathan, and then today you guys don’t even realize that the KKK is Knights of the GOLDEN CIRCLE. He and Judah Benjamin were Rothschild agents, and so was Jefferson Davis. THEY’RE ALL BASICALLY ON THE SAME SIDE….IT’S WARS TO KEEP ANY BODY TOO WEAK TO DEFEND AGANST THE COUNTRIES THEY HAVE BOUGHT OFF. NOW THERE ARE 195 COUNTRIES AND ONLY 3 DON’T HAVE THE FORCED USURY..SYRIA, IRAN AND CUBA, BUT CUBA IS CASTRO JEWISH RUN. OBAMAS MOTHER IS JEWISH…SO IS HOLDERS…..SO WAS GADAFFIS, AHMADINEJADS, AND BIN LADENS. THAT MAKES THEM ALL JEWISH, DOESN’T IT. BUT SINCE THE NEWSPAPERS AND JON STEWART…REAL NAME LIEBAWITZ, DOESN’T TELL THEN IT’S NOT TRUE HUH? HAHAHA John Wayne, Clint Eastwood….Jewish…jewish. Any questions? THAT’S WHAT THE FREEMASONRY IS ALL ABOUT. HAHHAHA FORCED USURY AND YOUR ENSLAVEMENT. DID YOU KNOW THE JEWISH BANKERS THANK YOU FOR BUILDING YOUR OWN FAMILIES JAILS. HAHHAHA THEY LITERALLY SAID THAT BEFORE. I COULD FIND OUT WHO AND WHEN BUT YOU COULD TOO IF YOU JUST TRIED…YOU WON’T FIND IT ON THE FIRST PAGES OF GOOGLE EITHER. HAHHAHHHAA GOOD LUCK KID, YOU SOUND LIKE YOU’VE BOUGHT EVERYTHING THEY TOLD YOU. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN BETRAYING YOUR OWN COUNTRY. WW1 was King of England, Keiser in Germany, and Czar in Russia…DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT 3 FIRST COUSINS WHO GREW UP TOGETHER, ALL GRANDCHILDREN OF QUEEN VIC. HAHAHAH THE WARS ARE STAGED….THE BANKERS SAY WHEN AND WHERE IT STARTS AND THEY KNOW WHEN AND WHERE IT WILL END. THIS IS FACT AS SURE AS YOU’RE READING THIS TEXT. FRANKLY…I DON’T CARE IF YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT….BUT YOU’RE JUST FLAT OUT IN DENIAL AND YOU’LL GET OVER IT IF YOU A. Benjamin Freedman speech on youtube 2hrs. He was at the Treaty of Versailles. Read, THE NAMELESS WAR……read, The Hidden Hand, Secret World Gov. hhahaha THESE ARE SOME HEAVY HITTERS THAT WROTE THESE BOOKS TO WARN YOU! THEY WERE VERY VERY IMPORTANT MEN. HUNTED MEN, LATER IN LIFE. GUESS HOW MANY PRESIDENTS WERE POISONED?

    • icinevitableconsequence

      have u not read morals and dogma, or are you simply just an “innocent” freemason who has not been initiated in the true nature of his craft.

    • GR4474

      Not all Jews are real Jews. Rothschilds are fake Jews, and I believe all the fake Jews are the evil ones.

      “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

  • Tucker Robin

    The letter was in a museum in london for a short time before being removed, so you’re all wrong. He did not predict the future, he was told the plan.

    • rich echo

      Tucker my friend, you are absolutely right. This had nothing at all to do with predictions, its a plan, and very well orchestrated one.

      • icinevitableconsequence

        the reality is that, do you really think they would want you to know their plan, it is obvious pike was a luciferian anyone who was read his work and disagrees, has not read his work. Yet it is plausible to me that it was removed from the british museum because they knew it was too obvious for the world to just see their plan on display. this article gives no real proof that the letter does not exist it simply bashes everyone who has written about it as a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe false prophets like David Icke or Alex Jones, however they are simply telling half truths, yet to say it does not exist because these coadjutors have pushed it, is in my opinion exactly their goal to eliminate all truth by corrupting it and telling half truths with a bunch of lies and bigotry that only make people less likely to believe or even consider what their saying.

        • Mike Bowman

          Yes of course they want you to know their plan. They think people are stupid and play games with humanity. They really push the boundaries of what they can do to make people believe anything. Hell, they still have people thinking UFO’s are swamp gas and weather balloons in 2014!

        • Jeremiah Nabiy

          I agree with all here, of course with the exception of Cedar. There is something I noticed about this whole Masonic/Illuminati/NWO thing: They LOVE to put little tid bits out there for people to see, yet not see. They are like murders who like to tell you what they are about to do, and then laugh when you can’t stop them, even though you had veiled information about what is going to happen. They will point at those who can’t see and say “It’s your fault you did not know or believe. We put all of it out there for you to see..!”

    • Sean Torres

      Yeah I have brought this up as well. But that does not appear to mean anything to the writer of the article (and sir I understand why I have since finished your article and while we agree to disagree you make your case for why) nor to many posters….

      To me it is a classic example of counting coup. I would love to see pictures of the exhibit. I imagine it was plain jane. Not much. Just right there as you enter if I remember it’s placement correctly. As in if you don’t read then read between the lines and do some mental gymnastics it’s true meaning would be lost to the uninitiated. To those hot on the trail so to speak it is chilling.

      I really wonder about this plan and how old it is….I often think about the life spans described in the bible and the Egyptian list of kings and I wonder…

    • CedarRapids

      so this amazing one world all controlling government couldn’t stop this letter from being on display to the world in the museum? is that your claim?

      • Reality Check

        Cedar get a grip pal! Typical sheeple comment. The letter was there in the museum. That is a cold hard fact. Good bye baaaaa

  • Moonchild Hellbeast

    Many people are afraid to admit the world is manipulated by the secret societies and that they are the true decision makers of this world. The letter is authentic because for a while it was exposed in the british museum. It is not a hoax created online.

    • Keelan Balderson

      No it wasn’t, William Guy Carr admitted the information had been incorrect in his latter book. There is no evidence it was on display anywhere. And if if something was on display, it wasn’t the 3 world war text, because that was written by Carr himself, not quoted.

      • Element

        In such event, the WW3 is not a pretty good guess as you have implied. It is in a way true ever since Iraq. Call it whatever you want but if you could also check the Bible it would say Jesus would come back and fight non believers and Quran also stated the same way but in addition of an imam of the muslims come out to fight non believers and Jesus came back to fight along side with him. Given the fact it was written that Jesus would come back, and zionists wants to destroy religions, superstitions etc, i bet it would be a battle with modern warfare vs beliefs and miracle. WW3 is very creepy than the last 2 WW. With more technology given today, it could literally destroy the whole world with nuclear warfare hitting everywhere and thus the end of humanity with radioactive pollution’s swarming all over the world or if survived we would revert back to stone-age and barter system. Then, 100-200 years after that, humans would do the same mistake again as usual.

  • dale ruff

    I have had to wade through a lot of garbage and hatred in my life, but the commentary that follows takes the cake. Catholics, Jews, hippies……………..all are blamed for the evils of the world.

    A great stench arises from the posts below……

  • Tj Brown

    Mussolini and Hitler did not invent fascist ideology. Indeed, fascism was neither a 20th-century creation nor a peculiarly Italian or German one. Originating in the 19th century, fascist ideas appeared in the works of writers from France as well as Austria, Germany, and Italy, including political theorists such as Theodor Fritsch, Paul Anton de Lagarde, Julius Langbehn, Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, Joseph de Maistre, Charles Maurras, and Georges Sorel; scientists and philosophers such as Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Giovanni Gentile, Gustave Le Bon, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vilfredo Pareto, Karl Vogt, and Ernst Haeckel; historians and social thinkers such asJoseph-Arthur, comte de Gobineau, Hippolyte Taine, and Heinrich von Treitschke; artists, writers, and journalists such as Gabriele D’Annunzio, Richard Wagner, Édouard Drumont,Maurice Barrès, and Guido von List; and conservative politicians such as Otto Böckel and Adolf Stoecker.

    • charnk

      True but he did name the Nazi party. Hitler wasn’t alive when this letter was written so Nazism wasn’t a thing. Don’t be a dope.

      • Eli Eliazian

        This whole aspect, that Albert Pike named the German empire a 50 years prior to its official installation, has an improbable-not impossible-answer. If a secret oligarchy were engineering events, then naming and owning their products is not out of the question.

      • notasheep

        Nazi…from (national socialism)…first appeared officially in 1903 in Germany….you don’t think a powerful force of entities working behind the scenes and able to engineer 3 world wars would be able to plan a simple word to inject into popular culture through the media decades prior?….

        They do it all the time…phrases and words are planned a long time prior

  • Mike Bowman

    If one doesn’t believe that some elite powers are pulling strings of world leaders then you have become part of the problem. The Masons are real (proven) Illuminati are real (proven) and bringing in a New World Order is real (proven). We know wars are orchestrated so the few can profit from death. We know a depopulation agenda is at hand. This is nothing new. Regardless if you think the letter is real or not you shouldn’t be spreading lies that it isn’t true. Just because you don’t have the letter in your hand doesn’t make it false. For every conspiracy there is always someone there to debunk it somehow. There are many conspiracies that have been proven to be true like FEMA camps. One minute they tell you they don’t exist that you’re crazy for thinking so, the next minute Obama is telling you we have 800 and all for YOUR protection in the name of security. We know the government has been nothing but lying to us for generation after generation. Every war since the war of 1812 has been orchestrated by America. Even one of the Rockerfellers were caught on tape talking about how we will blow up the towers ourselves and then have our military going around in caves looking for someone they will never find. And…he was laughing about it. Think before you write everything off as being fake

    • CedarRapids

      ‘Illuminati are real (proven) and bringing in a New World Order is real (proven).’

      claiming proven doesn’t actually make it so.

      ‘Regardless if you think the letter is real or not you shouldn’t be spreading lies that it isn’t true. Just because you don’t have the letter in your hand doesn’t make it false’

      If you want to claim a letter exists then you had certainly better produce it somehow else expect no one to take you seriously.

      ‘There are many conspiracies that have been proven to be true like FEMA camps. One minute they tell you they don’t exist that you’re crazy for thinking so, the next minute Obama is telling you we have 800 and all for YOUR protection in the name of security.’

      When do you believe Obama said there were 800 FEMA camps? And the claim made by conspiracy nuts says they are concentration camps with guillotines installed (I do love those conspiracy nutters) Here is a helpful link for you, from fox in case you think its from a pro-Obama site….

      ‘Even one of the Rockerfellers were caught on tape talking about how we will blow up the towers ourselves and then have our military going around in caves looking for someone they will never find. And…he was laughing about it’

      You actually believe that nonsense don’t you? jeez.

      • Eli Eliazian

        What do you make of the recent Nuclear Summit? The esoteric symbolism that has been the keystone of secret society semiotics?

      • Eli Eliazian

        “Here is a helpful link for you, from fox in case you think its from a pro-Obama site”
        In other words, you can trust what fox puts out, unlike those lying pro-Obama sites…really?
        No, really?
        and you want us to take what you say as the voice of reason?
        “If you want to claim a letter exists then you had certainly better produce it somehow else expect no one to take you seriously.”
        Not true. There’s all kinds of claims made by reputable media sources like Fox that you believe without actually have evidence of it in your hands.
        You’re the dope, my friend.

      • peaknik

        ‘Even one of the Rockerfellers were caught on tape talking about how we will blow up the towers ourselves and then have our military going around in caves looking for someone they will never find. And…he was laughing about it’

        This probably contains an error. The Rockefellers didn’t get caught on tape saying this (whilst David Rockefeller did get caught on tape in Baden Baden thanking media for keeping secret for over 40 years their plans for world control). This was however paraphrased from an interview with late Aaron Russo discussing his earlier friendship with the Rockefellers and what he claimed had been told to him.

    • Roger Thecabinboy

      A lot of the alleged “proof” is circular in nature.’ And often based on secondsry sources or hearsay.. That is the case with the Pike letter. …. And remember, as Mark Twain said, “Do not believe everything you read on the internet”

  • Hamish_Hyde

    Seems Pike got it right about WW3. Isis have just declared a new Caliphate.Watch this space.

    • SNCHHS


    • Keelan Balderson

      No he didn’t because he never wrote a letter.

  • Victoria

    I want to know when the letters were supposed to be discovered or when

    it first started circulating. Because a third WW would not be hard to predict. Especially after world war 2. And the earlier it was the easier it would be to predict and therefore more likely it is to be a hoax.

    • SNCHS


    • The Ring Of Saturn

      Even if it was written yesterday by a zonked out gangsta its total logic and interpretation of World Wars make it highly relevant today. Anyway if it makes people think and research Albert Pike then its a good thing.



  • Eli Eliazian

    “…but the common thread that unifies them is the notion that wars and events on the geopolitical chessboard are long planned out agendas, and not spontaneous.”
    C’mon, guys…this guy is obviously someone who did too much investigating and his head got all messed up, and now, for the sake of his sanity, is trying debunk whats going on in HIS head via cognitive bias.
    After all is said and done, the improbable still does not make it impossible.



  • fi

    Thanks since this vocabulary as you say was not around, I should have been onto that faster. This is a modern interpretation or not much. Just words to manipulate. Thanks for your good work.

  • Reality Check

    Sorry buddy but that letter was in the British Museum and your article is no more than a cleverly thought out sheeple debunk for the sheeple. Don’t worry you are sadly the majority. Albert Pike was a 33rd degree mason and you clearly have no idea what that really means.

    You have NO idea what people of this level use as every day language nor does anyone except them. Just because a term becomes ‘public’ in a certain time doesn’t mean the people that may have conjured it up and planned it years before hadn’t already coined the phrase.

    The facts are simple: Albert Pike wrote a letter that was on public display for years. He got his predictions spot on correct and is on his way to completing his prophecy. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, Afghanistan.

    Wake up sheeple – Just because someone comes across as intellectual with their opinion doesn’t mean it’s not fresh from the bowel.

    • Keelan Balderson

      You’re just bold faced lying.

      • tony

        Well considering the document was in the museum that me and my mother visited many times i’m curios as to what your stating as the lie.

        • Keelan Balderson

          Oh come on Tony, don’t even bother saying stuff like that unless you’re prepared to back it up.

      • Tesla

        And you are a dumb loser with mental capacity of 0%. Better do some research before marking your bullshit as a fact! Letter was brought just after ww1 in public eye.

    • Check Check

      The author of article, you claim, has no idea of what a 33rd degree Mason really means, but then you do?! Riiiiiiight.

  • Reality Check

    In case my vids are not approved guys and girls check out Michael Tsarion, Robert Dean and Norman Bergrun. Fascinating whatever your opinion :)

  • Keelan Balderson

    Still kinda waiting for the part where you provide some evidence that the “letter” was on show at the “British Museum” … you know … so you argument has some validity.

    You wouldn’t be a “sheep” would you?

    • The Ring Of Saturn

      I read it was on display but then it got lost. British Intelligence is incredibly good at ‘losing’ incriminating evidence and lying to the public about it.

  • Jeremiah Nabiy

    ““One day when lecturing at Lille, I told my audience that I had just had an apparition of Nautilus, the most daring affront on human credulity I had so far risked. But my hearers never turned a hair. ‘Hear ye, the doctor has seen Nautulius,’ they said with admiring glances. Of course no one had a clear idea of who Nautilus was I didn’t myself but they assumed that he was a devil. Ah, the jolly evenings I spent with my fellow authors hatching out new plots, new, unheard of perversions of truth and logic, each trying to outdo the other in organized mystification. I thought I would kill myself laughing at some of the things proposed, but everything went; there is no limit to human stupidity.””

    So, how do you know WHICH one is true, what he said initially, or what he said later? Did you notice in your above quote, that he says that “no one had a CLEAR idea of who Nautilus was”. Why would he not say that they thought it was the devil, but in reality I just made him up? Why would he not come out and say their assumptions were wrong? I tell you I believe in God, but I can’t explain Him. You don’t have a clear understanding of Him, because you are going off of my experience and I DON”T have a clear understanding of Him. That is what the author of your quote is REALLY saying. Classic case of mis direction. If you couldn’t believe the first thing he said, what gives his latter statement any weight? His statement is not really saying that they were wrong. You can know the truth, and then start connecting dots where there are none to be connected, etc. I GIVE you the truth, but NOT the direction or how to interpret this truth. You would then be making “perversions of truth”. That in no way makes your starting point a lie, now does it? I give someone a thousand dollars, and tell them to do what they want with it. They tell me they want to buy a food chain. I laugh, not because I did not give them money (truth) but what they “PROPOSED” to do with it was hysterical. Still not a lie. Your youth shows in so much that you do not have the ability to read PLAUSIBLY and REASONABLY between the lines.

  • The Ring Of Saturn

    New to this site and pleasantly surprised. The letter is in most likelihood not genuine but the content, perhaps unintentionally if it is a mere hoax, is a viable statement of intent and IMHO a cornerstone of covert Foreign Policy. By understanding that statement there is Order from Chaos..

  • tony

    As you stated in you article the translation is not of the period such as the translation of the bible. But one just needs to look at the events of today and the time line to see an uncanny similarity. and with this in mind you may start to think of ways to change a very well planned and orchestrated set of circumstances that are leading the world to the points made in a letter you say is a hoax. If it is a hoax then please try to explain why these events are occurring with such increased vervoer.

  • Tesla

    “The rest of the “letter” is extremely dubious. Terms like Fascism, Nazism and Zionism were never really used in Pike’s lifetime” That has to be the most idiotic thing I have ever heard! Who is this dumb writer anyway? Illuminati always knew what are they going to do just like this world wars. They created Nazism and Zionism, so of course they knew what they were doing. They created Nazism way before world wars!

    • Keelan Balderson

      Were you there?

  • troy w

    If the origins of the letter were from 1925 then how did he so perfectly predict the second world war at least a decade ahead of time and before hitler was even close to power. More important how did he predict the current climate 75+ years ahead, where jews and their proxy are lining up for a major war with the Muslim world.
    Maybe it’s not “predicted”, but rather already knew there has been a plan in place and simply spoke of it out loud.

    • Roger Thecabinboy

      If you study the narrative carefully the predictions about ww2 were probably a 1950,s invention. The 1925 writings apparently only quote a small alleged part of the letter which contain no such predictions.

  • ralphthelonewolfdupree

    The illuminati and its Agenturs Are creationists, they make things.. Like Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy, the assassinations were planned as a ritual 100 years before Kennedy was in power, and it all layed out as theyed planned it. This debunk blog lacks the understanding of the illuminati, you cannot think practical with them, you have to think how they think. If you were in some form of power backed by something evil (IE Lucifer) then you likely already have the future planned out from the get go. These World Wars had to happen, the first was to get rid of Czars and Make Russia a Atheis country, Second was to make the Jews (money hungry bastards) the “Chosen People of God” (and if you think about it, they are the hosen people of the Devil, the Luciferian god [which explains why money and fame or outstanding wealth is Key to their lifestyle) and then the third would be to Get rid of God and the non belief of god, This means they will make Lucifer the new god to believers both old, new, and atheistic. Likely because this “god” will give you what you’ve been chasing after your whole life, Fortune fame and power.

    “You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’” Parts of Isaiah 14:12

    “But you are brought down to Sheol, to the far reaches of the pit.”
    He will fail

  • Eric Gonnason

    All I had to see was your own phrase “… the nuclear armed Zionists …” to know where you’re at. Sorry. Nice try.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Are you saying Israel doesn’t have any nukes?

      • Eric Gonnason

        No. They do, thankfully. Your phraseology seems to indicate and anti-Israel or anti-Jewish sentiment. If so,that’s where we part company.

  • Sane Man

    Interesting read, however this article seems to be as easily pulled apart as the author pulls apart the ‘3 world wars’ letter.

    For example the following statement:

    “It should also be noted that the only “Illuminati” documented within decades of the time-frame of the letter was the “Bavarian Illuminati” which officially disbanded in 1785. Though conspiracy theories flourish to this day and the term is used in the abstract, serious accusations of the group’s secret continuation had died out at least 50 years before the letter was allegedly written.”

    This just simply is not true, and would appear to be reliant on the author expecting the name ‘illuminati’ to be present on all movements from which this group sprang from, also the histories of the orders themselves appear to be completely ignored by the author. Most occult groups and mystical societies went through periods of transformation, regardless of their edict, due to a variety of reasons, usually surrounding unwanted exposure or pressure, or amalgamations with other groups.
    For example The Illuminati of Spain, named the ‘Alumbrados’ (illuminated) founded in 1520 was disbanded and sent underground due to the Spanish inquisition, the movement then reappeared in France under the name ‘Illumines’ in the sixteen hundreds. It was a Christian Mystical order.

    The Rite of Swedenborg or ‘Illuminati of Stockholm’ founded in 1721 by Emmanuel Swedberg (later changed to Swedenborg), a man initiated into the higher degrees of the Templars as practiced in Sweden, and a confirmed Mason. The order was later established in London under the name ‘Theosophical Society of the New Jerusalem’ and traveled to the America’s. The rite of Swedenborg, known as ‘illuminati of Stockholm’ was well known until the middle of the 18th century until is was amalgamated into a Rite by Count Von Zinnendorf, and continued on after his death when absorbed by ‘Martinism’, which is still active today. (Interesting to note the order’s seal is the 6 pointed star in a circle)

    The Illuminati of Avingon founded in 1760, having close ties to the Swedenborg Rite, went through various periods of disbandment/revival until most of it’s members became affiliated to Martinism. Franz Mesmer the famous authority on what was to be known at the time as ‘mesmerism’ (and is where we get the word mesmerize from) was a member of the Illuminati of Avignon, and it is noted that before the order was finally disbanded, the degree of ‘Knight of the Sun’ became amalgamated into the 27th and 28th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which obviously exists today. (Something I believe Albert Pike was extremely familiar with)

    These are fairly crude examples of how these orders morph over the years, with their philosophies and Rite’s passed on, as for the ‘Illuminati of Bavaria’ (different to the ‘illuminati’ sects previously mentioned), long since touted by people as ‘disbanded’ or ‘inactive’ many years ago, well unfortunately there is a huge and well documented body of work explaining where this order ‘disbanded’, and without wanting to type an essay on the subject I can tell you that it was already absorbed into Grand Orient Freemasonry in France as early as 1786. This was due to Adam Weishaupt, credited founder of the Illuminati of Bavaria, being exiled from Bavaria after he successfully managed to gain control of certain Masonic lodges with the help of Freemason Baron Adolph Von Knigge. Von Knigge did later try to revive the movement in Bavaria under the name ‘The Tugenbund’ or Union of Virtue, again concealing itself in Freemasonry, but had again failed again in this region by 1833.
    Notably, Bavarian Illuminism influence is directly credited with creating a group called ‘The Jacobins’ which came from the lodges of Grand Orient Freemasonry in France, and are in turn credited with using their resources to create the French Revolution through a propaganda machine that “triumphed atheism and promoted social upheaval”. Without going in to names and dates which would take an age, some of the conspirators of aspects of the Revolution were suppressed in later years but it is claimed the remnants of the movement survived having successfully penetrated an English Literary group known as the ‘Fabians’ where it’s predatory principles were passed as socialism.
    The Fabian Society, still active today, was one of the founding groups of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, one of the most dominant political parties at this time and throughout the 20th century.

    This has all been well documented in detail, and what I present is just a tiny portion, but it is important to note that these groups survived in one form or another, there is actually a great explanation of this concept in a work written by James Billington, the former librarian of U.S. Congress, called ‘Fire in the minds of men: the origins of the revolutionary faith’.
    Unfortunately peoples grasp of Occult Societies and Mystical Orders has become so degenerated, the ‘illuminati’ has now become synonymous with pop music videos, and news reader’s with digital artifacts in their eyes. Unless the word “ILLUMINATI” or a big eye in a pyramid comes up, people think there’s nothing there, despite the fact that the illimunati of bavaria has had a huge influence on the sociopolitical landscape for centuries and continues to do so to this day.
    So to my original point, saying that there was no reference to the illuminati in the time that Albert Pike supposedly wrote the letter, is unbelievably ignorant of the facts to the point that it casts doubt on everything else you say. In my opinion, the letter as it is presented today seems like a recreation, much like the protocols of the elders of zion. But I have little doubt that it’s sentiment is authentic having seen the works and letters of some of these groups and what their philosophies and goals are.

    • ton k pils

      Awesome reply and… a kick to the teeth of the ‘know f all’ debunk?? amateur clowns’ shit site. Very apt, EYES WIDESHUT INDEED… and head in the ground.

    • Junis

      You’re smart and this answer of yours in reply to the article is very informative and interesting.

  • Sane Man

    Also I just want to add to my previous comment, does it actually matter if Albert Pike wrote this letter or not, the fact is somebody wrote it, and it happened, and it is happening. I think people should focus on what we are going to do about it, because war may be some people’s answer for social upheaval and creating a ‘better’ world, but in the end humanity loses, except for an extremely privileged element. I think we need a new Bill of Rights that every human on the planet edheres to, which empowers people and their right to exist without imposing or subjugating others, or having others impose or subjugate themselves. What we have now is a form of organised and imposed barbaric chaos, held together in a pyramid scheme where energy in all it’s forms is extracted.

    • It’s almost over

      If our current Bill of Rights isn’t working what makes you think something else/new will? It’s not the people who are starting chaos it’s the people in charge. The Constitution is meant to keep the people in charge, in check! The whole system is corrupted..words on paper don’t seem to matter much these days.

  • Oakenbear

    Fake or real? It does not matter, what you all fail to understand is that we are all living in WW3 now, its happening all around us.

  • kim bossie

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    • Rick Smith

      You forgot to mention the part about selling your soul to the devil!
      That’s the show-stopper for me.

  • Elizabeth Rosas

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  • Wally Wanks

    Using the term debunk means you are an idiot….
    Start again and this time YOU PROVE YOU HAVE. Clue….so tired of lame idiots withe “debunk websites” and dont have the brains to do real research.
    Googling all your crap is NOT RESEARCH YOU WONK!

    Just a quick note to start you…term nazi was use long before hitler used it….

    • Keelan Balderson

      What a Wally Wanker ^^^

      • mattster

        You’re an idiot. They plan wars, not predict. Who pays you? The illuminatti? If you don’t know they are real and that the masons are satanic, you are dumb as a rock. You turned whether the letter is authentic or not into whether masonry is evil and if the illuminatti is real. Unbelivable

  • the one

    I guess you might as well say nostradamus didn’t predict the things that he did lol smh…

  • Gerard Bianco

    He couldn’t predict the confederates would lose the Civil War, but we are to believe he made specific predictions regarding 3 World Wars?

    • Lou Diamond Haeick

      are we supposed to deny what is happening in front of our faces?

  • Euro-BRICS

    Why don’t you explain the text attributed to Taxil (p270 of the National Magazine pdf file) was obviously written by J.M. Chapple, a pro-Mason, the editor of this pro-Masonic american journal ? Has Taxil ever said what Chapple has written ? How can you be sure ?

  • James

    Did the people who planned the Russian Revolution have it planned 20 years prior to it happening? Yes of course they did. All wars are contrived by the power whores as you say. And so yes of course Pike could have known what was going to happen in Russia (communism). If anything, you only prove the letter to be accurate here.

    • Keelan Balderson

      “Did the people who planned the Russian Revolution have it planned 20 years prior to it happening?”


  • Smarterthanu

    Hagbard Celine says: Keep digging, kids.

  • Mik

    See: “everything is a rich mans trick” and “secrets in plain sight” with these two very through vids connecting the dots , and A.pike does come up in them.
    pikes letter make too much sense, real or not 0_0

  • Lou Diamond Haeick

    So which part of this ‘hoax’ isn’t unfolding? smh…

    • Keelan Balderson

      All of the parts that weren’t written before the 50s.

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        What part of the 3rd World War (after the 50’s) has you in doubt?

  • Lou Diamond Haeick

    Remind’s me of the fool who says the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a hoax, but can’t address the precise accuracy of its’ predictions unfolding. Guess what, who gives a fuck about your ‘Hoax’ opinion when we clearly see these words happening in front of our face. #NoCommonSense

    • Keelan Balderson

      What predictions? William Guy Carr wrote this stuff in the mid to late 50s, following both wars, and after the formation of Israel.

      Jews and Arabs hate each other …. yeah no shit.

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        Read the 3rd World War again….and come on back and explain how wrong it is. Thanks!

    • mcwjimbo

      pfffft If all these supposed grand conspiracies are real then humanity wouldn’t be killing ourselves with all our industrial pollutants and dumping our shit {literally our toilet waste} into our oceans. If they are so smart then they would do something so they don’t inherit a dead world to rule over. LOL take a deep breath and understand that the incompetency, stupidity, and selfishness of men will always override/ end any supposed grand conspiracy.

      • mrsecret77

        The world is not dying you moron. All the stuff you mentioned isn’t affecting the world that drastically. Nature (ie, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc.) does more damage to the earth on its own then humans ever could

        • mcwjimbo

          HA HA HA! Go drink the run off from a factory and let us see how it affects you

          • mrsecret77

            What a stupid argument you just put forward, So because something is poisonous to a human mean it’s poisonous to the entire earth? You must have been sick the day they taught logic.

          • mcwjimbo

            LOL please turn on the news, use google, look around you at the animal die offs, desertification, etc. Are you blind and retarded? Read up on the rivers where all life is dead. Read up on the mass extinctions that are occurring right at this moment. Look at the pictures of life in the red sea and see turtles with HUGE tumor growths. Read up on the acidification of the oceans that is causing shellfish to be unable to form proper shells etc.

          • mrsecret77

            And yet, the earth is still alive and we’re all still here.

          • mcwjimbo

            Do you understand simple English? I originally stated that if any of the conspiracies of some all powerful group controlling the earth i.e. “The illuminati” were real then humanity would not be killing ourselves. Who wants to rule a dead world.

            OCCAm’s razor = the simplest answer is the probable answer. Humanity is a mess but is evolving/ advancing. There are no grand conspiracies. The idea of some group controlling everything is just a fantasy

          • Gabriel

            Explain Bilderberg.

          • Gabriel

            By your logic then, what happened to the dinosaurs?
            Did the earth ever recover from this ultimate mega death?
            Did humans cause this?

            The people that wish to run the earth jimbo are sick control freaks who see their goal as ridding the earth of humans whilst they create and store mountains of wealth which, if put to good ‘humanitarian use’ would have wiped out most pollution decades ago…

            Why don’t we have:

            – Solar power on all homes?
            – Ingenious power systems aka Nikola Tesla who PROVED you could provide free energy across the earth in the late 1800’s?
            – Cars that run on water or hydrogen?
            – Banking systems that benefit the people of the world?

            All these are UTTERLY achievable using current technologies, know-how and (in theory) governmental support, yet they DON’T happen.

            Why? Those who have all of the money and power don’t want to share it, and in fact want to see mankind’s demise after which they rise from the ashes like the phoenix.

            They STATE this themselves you dunce – you need to research more and stop making assumptions as a ‘speaker for all of humanity’.

            Maybe then you will realise that the ‘stupid stones with writing on them’ are a lot more than you, in your uneducated and egotistical state, realise…

            Next you’ll be saying the Great pyramid was built by Egyptians and 9-11 was performed by terrorists with bolt cutters and box knives…

      • Paul

        if you read the georgia guidestones.. they’re telling you the world is overpopulated by about 6.5 billion people… our death and demise is part of the plan. this is a eugenics based, satanic death cult that we’re dealing with here.

        • mcwjimbo

          LOL I can raise stones and carve all manner of nonsense on them. Such means nothing as far as some nefarious world group.

          • Gabriel

            You clearly don’t know what you are on about. You make suppositions based on your attitudes and beliefs which are clearly shaped by reading comics and watching CNN.
            Yes, you could ‘raise stones and carve all manner of nonsense on them’ but you haven’t, nor would you have ever had the desire to do so. That’s the entire point – these people DO and they HAVE.
            Go research Antony C Sutton on YouTube as a start, and then watch Endgame for free by Alex Jones. Video may be up your alley rather than challenging books like Tragedy and Hope.
            Maybe you can work your way up to that when you get over your ego…

      • Casey

        You don’t even realize you cracked the code, do you? Yes, humanity is arrogantly killing itself. Why do you think they are carrying out these wars in the first place?

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        Incompetent? They hold your money and own 30% of the world’s real estate. They’re betting you think that way….and winning!

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        So you want to take the road that they’re all just greedy idiots, and only an idiot would think incredibly accurate predictions 100 years later is merely a coincidence. Ahhh, the bliss of a coincidence theorist.

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        should read ‘isn’t’

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        Maybe because they have the technology to clean up the mess the make, or maybe they thrive better in a different climate. Maybe your bone marrow is a motive and money and power are tools.
        … Or are you one of those that thinks humans are the fittest species of life in the universe?

  • Michael

    WELL, THE LETTER ISN’T A HOAX, and what is unfolding in the World is plenty of proof it’s real. This article is a sad attempt to dismiss it.

    • mcwjimbo

      LOL “I refuse to look through your devil telescope.” {< itself not a real quote but the essence/ symbolism of the statement stands} LOL…. logic, rationality, knowledge, and evidence are your friends. Don't be afraid of Enlightenment

    • Keelan Balderson

      Yeah because nobody could predict Arabs hating Jews in the 50s.

  • mcwjimbo

    Thanx for posting this information

  • andy

    After reading this and looking at the comments, well I believe that the letter is real and just because you cant find the original source don’t back nothing up against it. Masons do revear Lucifer and Albert pike probably spoke or channelled a spirit guide. I find this more believable than it being a hoax but somehow being pretty spot on…it just don’t happen. How is it that people still don’t believe in a god an devil when we all accept there is good an evil, what do we say about the ancients, they were all on drugs and everything they built and did was just crazy shit that don’t mean nothing? I mean come on now

    • Carl Corey

      Why would you still believe the letter is real when the evidence proves otherwise? That’s the reason the term “conspiracy theorists” is still going strong, because foolish people keep propagating bad information to back up claims of a world conspiracy (which is an easily proven fact without using sensationally fake stories like the Pike and Mazzini letter).

      Instead of using a blatant lie why not use some concrete information like the statements Carrol Quigley made in his book “Tragedy and Hope”? Or the many statements made in the congressional record that proves plan for a one world government is totally true? I could give you dozens and dozens of factual statements that totally prove the case for a worldwide conspiracy.

      There’s no reason to use propaganda to strengthen our case.

      • rolley

        Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In fact the first word should be in quote.

        • Keelan Balderson

          It is when nobody who uses the quote can even source where it came from.

          • Gabriel

            Hi Keelan.
            I read a lot of the comments here and smile at statements that are passed off as ‘fact’.
            Let’s just remember that there are a lot of comments, assumptions, ‘truths’ and suppositions out there on planet Earth that people take for granted with zero actual ‘proof’.
            For example, “In the beginning God said “Let there be light””. Right. OK. Who heard that then? Yet this begins the most widely read and ‘believed’ book in the world today – the Bible.
            Or how about the Big Bang Theory? It is passed off as a fact when at best it is a loose assumption which fits our current level of understanding of how this universe works. It cannot be proven – in fact there are a lot of scientists that question the supposition, yet in absentia it is the prevailing model.
            I’m sure I could go on for hours with similar ‘facts’ (the existence of the moon alone is another great one!), but I still believe that the reason the letter from Pike to Mazzini has captured the hearts and minds of so many ‘conspiracy theorists’ is that it resonates with what has come to pass and is passing now, thus making the contents seem entirely plausible. The old adage of ‘There’s no smoke without fire” comes into play here…
            And again, remember that you cannot PROVE there was no letter. There actually may have been one. Sure, the language using Zionists and Fascists may seem a far stretch and lends credence to the hoax, but the words Fasces and Zion have been around since WAY before Pike – so who is to say that in a private letter he may not have used these ‘insider’ words that could not be revealed to those outside of Pike and Mazzini’s well known secret, esoteric circles of knowledge and influence?
            There are a lot of VERY secret things happening in the world today that you or I are not aware of Keelan; and in fact if we were to be ‘told’ some of the bigger secrets by an insider who has actually witnessed them for real and we were to pass on that information, WE’D be called liars…
            This is how church leaders, paedophiles like Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris, politicians like the Bushes and Clintons and all manner of ‘elites’ have gotten away with so many secrets for so long.
            I always look for patterns of information to base my beliefs on, not just ‘proven’ facts. Sure – call that shaky, shonky, ‘believer syndrome’ or whatever you want to label it as – but then isn’t that how The Big Bang Theory was arrived at?
            Think on that.

        • Dirty Dave

          That’s a pretty weak argument to prop up a letter no one has ever seen. Please, provide one piece of evidence of this letter existing pre-WWII? If you can do that then I’ll concede that there is a chance of it being legit. If you can’t do that then you must concede that the letter never mentions anything about three world wars, not to mention it not even existing in the first place.

          Remember, it was William Guy Carr who brought all this Three World Wars crap to the forefront. Before his book no one had even mentioned such a letter existing.

  • themaharajah

    The problem is that Pike and his masters invented all those terms communism, fascism, Zionism etc….so the timeline and usage of those words doesn’t matter. Marx’s work for instance was funded by bankers who were part of the same cabal as Pike.
    The New World Order/illuminati is an architecture of super-manipulation, in other words people who believe themselves to be part of or high up in the conspiracy are themselves being manipulated and/or set up. This includes(ed) the Marxists, fascists, Zionists etc. what it all comes back to is this secretive cabal who uses control of the monetary system(and through that everything) and large scale social and military conflict to change the world in their favour and towards a one world government. Just look at how they used the Marxists/communist to create a world that is easier to control with money/capital, even though that was supposedly the opposite of what Marxism set out to achieve. Religion, Family, Cultures, All forms of leadership aside from financial, nationalism and even the borders between countries. All has been destroyed. Money is now the reason for everything, all decisions and all control of resources. And puts these people firmly in the driver seat of civilization.

    • Paul

      glad someone out there is alive and breathing… thx

    • rolley

      The points that Pike ,and those behind him , created the terms allegedly created later are very plausible . No surprise somebody has mentioned it.

    • Keelan Balderson

      “The problem is that Pike and his masters invented all those terms communism, fascism, Zionism etc….so the timeline and usage of those words doesn’t matter. ”

      Prove it.

      • themaharajah

        Actually I don’t need to. The author has stated that the usage of these terms is definitive evidence that the letter is a fake, I’ve detailed a possible scenario in which that isn’t the case. Just the POSSIBILITY that what I have stated is true, debunks the Authors argument, he now has to prove that what I have stated isn’t the case. There is a myriad of evidence and conclusions that can be drawn from it, but I have fulfilled the goal of my post, which was questioning one of the authors particular line of argument. So I’m happy with things as they are. Prove me wrong.

        • Keelan Balderson

          haha well that was a long winded way of saying “nope I can’t prove it.”

          • themaharajah

            Even if you were right, by the same logic, the author has also proven nothing. Like I said, I believe I addressed one of the authors concerns about the letters. Given that we’re discussing a “conspiracy theory” and the “illuminati” or whatever, the author clearly is not demanding a high level of scientific or historical accuracy/evidence. If that is your interest you need to go and study a scientific or historically relevant subject at a university, do a PHD or something, but don’t pretend to be a scientist or historian while you discuss Albert Pike and the illuminati on Discus. Given that infact this is what you are doing then clearly you are open to debate or discussion, otherwise you should stick to mainline discussion with mainline historians at prestigious academic institutions. What a joke
            Next time I won’t waste so many words. Will merely respond with “prove it”, and have an equally valid argument as you. Stop pretending to be smart or an authority while you discuss conspiracy theories with speculators on the internet. You aren’t fooling anyone.

          • Keelan Balderson

            You boldly claimed … “the problem is that Pike and his masters invented all those terms,” with no basis in evidence and I called you on it.

            You then helplessly backtrack and suggest that you are merely speculating on a “possibility.”

            Ok, fine, you’re wildly speculating, but don’t try and pretend that your speculation has any validity.

            There is no evidence that this Albert Pike letter even existed to begin with. You are hypothesizing about something that you don’t even know to be true.

            There’s not much else to say.

          • themaharajah

            If there is no evidence the letter ever existed, why are there ANY arguments whatsoever that try to disprove something written in the letter?

            If that is the case, that there is no evidence that the letter even existed, the author literally should have written nothing but “prove it”. But would that not serve adequately as clickbait?

          • Keelan Balderson

            “If there is no evidence the letter ever existed, why are there ANY arguments whatsoever that refer to something supposedly written in the letter? ”

            Because charlatans likes to promote it as true, and people get duped. So it’s fairly logical to demonstrate not only that there is no evidence the letter exists, but that what is claimed to have been written is also highly unlikely.

            “this is not an academically or legally relevant discussion, it is CLICKBAIT, and nothing more.”

            Sorry buddy you don’t get to marginalize the medium because you can’t make a valid argument.

          • themaharajah

            like I said I responded to one of those arguments, one which implies what is claimed to have been written is very unlikely, and thus my argument is valid. I have my own theories, but there is not point calling me a charlatan, I’m not the one running a website like this trying to convince people one way or the other. I’m not sure you quite understand what a Charlatan is.
            My criticism is a valid one in response to the argument I was responding to. Like I said, If your only argument is “prove it”, then the author could have saved himself and everyone else some time and effort, and kept that as his only argument, Once you go beyond that, you are then “buying into” the whole conspiracy theory itself, and I clearly explained that within the paradigms and parameters of the conspiracy theory, the argument doesn’t hold up. If “prove it” is your go to, bottom line argument, that is all that should be stated in the original argument.

          • Keelan Balderson

            “Once you go beyond that, you are then “buying into” the whole conspiracy theory.”

            You realize that the article makes several points, like any good article should right? You can’t cherry pick one aspect of it to try and validate your baseless argument.

            I’ll repeat … It’s fairly logical to demonstrate not only that there is no evidence the letter exists, but that what is claimed to have been written is also highly unlikely.

            This in no way means I “buy in to the conspiracy” … in fact it means the complete opposite.

            What planet are you on exactly?

          • themaharajah

            You are trying to debunk a conspiracy theory, so at least get the conspiracy theory right. If you want proof the letter existed, demand to see the letter or “prove it” as you like to say. Otherwise accept that you are starting some kind of debate contingent upon the letter(or the conspiracy) being real. I have already pointed out that one of those particular arguments is meaningless to conspiracy theorists who believe that the “illuminati” or bankers or whatever you would like to call them invented various ideologies and terminology. Like I have already stated, if you want to take a literal, scientific, evidence based viewpoint, you needn’t state anything more than “prove it”, once you state more than that, you are opening up to a discussion that includes viewpoints like mine, and many more, more and less ridiculous. I don’t know what else there is to explain. If you want to see the original copy of the letter, say that. Otherwise you have wasted your time and others, stating anything else.

          • Keelan Balderson

            You can repeat yourself all you want, but you still fail to make any sense. Unless of course you’re suggesting it’s futile to try and reason with irrational conspiracy theorists, which you might be right … Self evidently you’re one of them, because this thread is ridiculous.

          • themaharajah

            Well that’s exactly the point. If this thread is ridiculous, and the conspiracy theorists irrational, then so are all and any of your arguments above and beyond “prove it”, this very webpage itself. Find something better to do with your time if you think that stuff is ridiculous. There are plenty of people who agree with you that the letter is hoax, but still believe in the illuminati, conspiracy theories of various flavours and all kinds of things that are provable and not.
            I’ve seen nothing convincing from you beyond “prove it”. Might as well shut down the site. You aren’t stating anything profound and You aren’t very convincing. You aren’t going to make it. You’ll be at it forever if you want to debunk anything that is hard to prove or requires some degree of faith/belief.

          • Keelan Balderson

            Let me clarify, this specific thread is ridiculous because you are ridiculous … The topic itself is very interesting and I enjoyed the process of writing about it.

          • themaharajah

            Has someone provided you with the original copy of the letter? Otherwise you achieved nothing and proved nothing either way. What exactly did you enjoy? and there was me thinking you wanted to see a copy of the letter or some kind of “proof” that the letter exists……you must have been being ridiculous, and being disingenuous about everything you have stated in this thread. How can something totally imaginary and irrational, according to you, be interesting?
            As it is, you simply enjoy writing…….well if that’s the case why are you demanding proof with regard to the letter? What is ridiculous is that you simply enjoy writing, whilst achieving nothing. Clearly that’s what I enjoy doing as well, given this thread, but as ridiculous as I may be your musings on the subject beyond “prove it” are quite ridiculous as well I assure you, no matter what you enjoyed or believe.

            Proven in this thread: You are as much of a F*GGOT as you look like

          • Keelan Balderson

            … Take a deep breath and count to 10, it’s all going to be ok mate.

          • Gabriel

            A bit harsh…

          • Tim Nous

            I think many people find in the conspiracy world on the internet a comfort zone and a certain fix. I have noticed that many don’t really care about facts, and whoever can provide them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is usually their victim… Conspiracy is big business. Bits of truth are often also sprinkled throughout the materials and fakery.

        • Gabriel

          Hi there Maharajah.
          Just to highlight the fact that in “Morals and Dogma”, a work that is 100% credited to Albert Pike from 1872, he uses the word “Illuminati” in the appropriate context SEVERAL times in ways that cannot be disputed he is referring to a religious order with a very prescribed political viewpoint. This cannot be disputed.
          So, when we are told there is no way he could have used the word ‘Illuminati”, it turns out he actually did.
          Fascism and Zionism were not used in his writings as best as I can find.

      • Gabriel

        I have.

        See my reply above Keelan where Pike does in fact use the term ‘Illuminati’ MULTIPLE times in his epic “Morals and Dogma”.

        Or is this also now a hoax?

  • B Alien

    some sects have been “corrupted.” put that quite mildly.

  • Carl Corey

    Well said, the letter is bullshit.

    • Gabriel

      Yet whoever ‘wrote it’ seems to have a very clear understanding of global politics, AND the ability to look into the future…

      Look at what is unravelling right before your very eyes in Europe alone. The Islamic invasion meets with the precepts of this letter.

      When the letter first came into existence (assuming it was never written by Pike) was a LONG time before any of the current events, 9-11 etc, and the world had never really heard much about Islam or Muslims – let alone IMAGINE they would be invading Europe and the world in 2015…

      • taisen43255

        THIS^^ SO MUCH THIS^^. These people have to think, if this letter is b.s. than everything that has happened and is happening is b.s. as well. They are looking at the terminology mostly and figure that communism, Zionism, etc. weren’t made and that the Illuminati was already defeated and that’s it. Whoever wrote this new what they were writing regardless if it was Pike or not, so it shouldn’t be dismissed just like that without seeing everything that’s happened so far. I guess these people won’t believe until they are affected by this war themselves, they see ISIS or soldiers right in front of their faces trying to kill them. They are being persecuted for believing in God and Jesus Christ, and are thrown into Fema camps and police officers and the military soldiers come to their houses for martial law.

        It was said that Albert Pike himself was able to summon the devil with a bracelet so who knows. People in this world already have been and are selling their souls to the devil and signing a luciferian contract already (sick, disgusting, and twisted, I’ll pray for them.) Once this happens to these people, they are affected by it, and they see this for themselves, then they’ll know that not only letter but this war, devil contract, and new world order is real. As the saying goes they’ll have to see it to believe it. The lord said he would send these people a strong illusion so they would believe in the lies, and as always he’s right. Gabriel may God bless you for seeing what’s going on in this world, and pray for all who don’t and can’t. Try to spread this information and the word of God as much as you can to save people from what’s to come as I am.

        Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless.

        • The Penitent Man

          You’re making a major mistake in your lack of reasoning. The Bible says to prove all things. If you simply believe what is written in a letter that you’ve never seen then you have a serious problem. There is plenty of solid research pertaining to this letter that proves it is a fake. The letter being a fake has literally nothing to do with our current reality, i.e., judging someone negatively based on their disbelief of the bogus Pike letter makes no sense at all, nor should it be used as a litmus test on where others stand.

          Why would you want people to spread false information? The scriptures teach the opposite.

          • Tim Nous

            Evangelical Christianity constantly arrogates onto itself. They pretend to be the only real Christians and exclude everyone else. Truth? Just a bunch of self-serving fundamentalists with self-serving theories and propaganda when asked me. They’ve swallowed all the propaganda and now live in a FEMA camp under martial law, yet have no idea of it because of their myopia….

        • Tim Nous

          Evangelical Christianity constantly arrogates onto itself. They pretend to be the only real Christians and exclude everyone else. Truth? Just a bunch of self-serving fundamentalists with self-serving theories and propaganda when asked me. They’ve swallowed all the propaganda and now live in a FEMA camp under martial law, yet have no idea of it because of their myopia..

      • Dirty Dave

        Sorry but you’re wrong because you’re making a false assumption that this supposed letter is real. Do me a favor and find me the earliest mention of this letter (and the mention of three world wars within the letter) in modern history.

        In order for the letter to hold any authority at all we have to establish when it first made its way onto the scene. And from everything I’ve read, and I have read a lot on this subject, the letter is only mentioned after the first two world wars, not before. No one has ever seen the letter for Pete’s sake!

        I think you’ll quickly realize that there’s no mention of the letter before William Guy Carr’s book “Pawns in the Game” which was published well after WWII.

        It’s pretty easy to predict the future after the future has become the past.

        • Lou Diamond Haeick

          WW3 has come to past? smh…

          • The Penitent Man

            Well, since we’ve had two world wars thus far it doesn’t take a genius to predict a third, now does it?

          • Lou Diamond Haeick

            Doesn’t take a genius to know that his prediction was about the rise of ww3, not that 3 comes after 2.
            Doesn’t take a genius to know that he was a leader in a secret society that still has a stranglehold on it’s global plan.
            Doesn’t take a genius to know that this secret society pays homage to the invisible hand of Lucifer.
            Doesn’t take a genius to know that in a vast universe, humans can be outsmarted by an invisible hand of secret illusionists.

          • The Penitent Man

            You’re missing the point. The letter was popularized by William Guy Carr’s book “Pawns In The Game”, which was published in the late sixties or early seventies ( I forget?). Then what was written in that book was pushed into conspiracy circles by the website “” and then everyone just ran with the Mazzini & Albert Pike letter like it was genuine. Problem is, the letter has never been seen.

            So if the source material came into being after both world wars then it is meaningless.

            Please, find me a source of the letter in existence BEFORE WWI. I bet you can’t do it.

          • Lou Diamond Haeick

            I really doesn’t matter how far it goes back or who wrote it if it’s unfolding as we speak. Common sense 101….Deal with the message, not the messenger.

          • The Penitent Man

            Are you for real or are you just dumber then a bag of shit roasting in the summer heat?

          • Lou Diamond Haeick

            Why would a bag of shit roasting in heat be dumber than a plain old bag of shit?

          • Lou Diamond Haeick

            Ho-hum another coincidence theorist….I’m real. Now can you show off you genius and explain how this was just a coincidence or a lucky guess?

  • Darko

    Yes this is obviously a hoax. Nothing to worry about. It’s totally impossible that war between Israel and Muslims breaks out. Off course that in that case USA&EU wouldn’t be in conflict with Russia&China. And if they would it couldn’t lead to total destruction. Social cataclysm….bitch please…. it’s totally impossible that several million Muslims come to Europe right now. Or… ups… we are roasted.

    • Keelan Balderson

      None of that has anything to do with a fake letter.

      • Ortaine Devian

        gotcha. :D

  • rolley

    So apparently the biggest argument in favor of the debunking of the Pike’s letter is the claim by the Masonic-run archive that the letter has never existed. Not very impressive . The judeo-masonic cabal is notorious for frauds and crimes of much greater scale than simple tampering with evidence.
    Also the author of this article mentiones 100 years old hoax as the source ,placing it around 1911 , which inevitably brings up the argument used by the author – there were no Nazis at that time to be mentioned by the hoaxster whose prophetic abilities , unlike those of Pike , the author strangely does not question .
    Eagerly , along with the rest of the inquiring world, awaiting further elucidation.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Leo Taxil never mentioned any of these terms in his hoax, they were simply added later. But you can clearly see that elements from his hoax were plagiarized and passed off as truth.

      “the biggest argument in favor of the debunking of the Pike’s letter” is that nobody has ever even produced it.

  • rolley

    While there are subtle suspicions about Putin , the answer to why he’d propose something involving the IMF may be because China-Russia-India mulling taking it over. Some even claim it’s virtiually inevidable and the 3 countries alliance is poised to take over the IMF and change its policies.

  • Gabriel

    Here’s the big one on this:
    “If this letter was never written by Pike and therefore simply ‘invented’ – then whoever invented it had a PERFECT understanding of the real reasons behind the two World Wars (go and watch Antony C. Sutton for an education if you disbelieve this), AND strangely enough what is in there seems to be coming TRUE!”
    One only has to look at the current global Islamic ‘invasion’ which is obviously being ALLOWED (at the very minimum!) by those in power, to see what train wreck is coming around the corner.
    I believe the letter 100%. Whoever wrote it is another thing entirely…

    • Keelan Balderson

      The text as you know it was not written until the 50s. That was after the Russian revolution, World Wars, and the formation of Israel. Thus the only “prediction” made is that Zionists would war with Arabs. It has never taken a rocket scientist to work that one out!

      • Gabriel

        Hi Keelen. Thank you for comment and the opening of the door for debate on this – much appreciated and good to communicate with someone who is interested in this convoluted field! Thank you for this opportunity.

        My general thoughts are as follows:

        I suppose this, in your mind, all comes down to a scientific analysis of the day and date the text was revealed and whether or not there is any foundation in what it supposes? If the ‘letter’ can’t be proven then it and everything it in must be a hoax.

        My intuition here is that it seems to me you may be throwing out the baby with the bath water. It also appears to me that in your pursuit of ‘truth’ you have made ‘matter-of-fact’ comments that in fact turn out to be not so ‘factual’ which dilutes your research methods and thus point of view – but I’ll get to that later…

        Before I go into more detail I have read the information about the purported hoax in this article and other places and it is indeed compelling. In all honesty I actually swing to the realm of doubt on the veracity of an actual ‘letter’, although the reference to one is a bizarre thing to entirely fabricate when one looks at the context of the letter and the prophecies it contains it seems to create more questions than it answers.

        I have several issues which compel me to suspend a definite answer to the Pike letter.

        1: I don’t think for a FACT one can state there was no letter, since it seems no-one really knows with 100% accuracy – only Pike, Mazzini and anyone who would be privy to their private correspondences…. On top of that it, in my opinion, bears the bizarre hallmarks of a ‘hoax document’ as other documents such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Report from Iron Mountain do. i.e. What they contain seems to stack-up yet people call them hoaxes; and the further one travels forward in time the more they prove to be apocryphal… In fact the cry of ‘hoax document’ could also be voiced with as much compelling support about various books from the Bible Mr. Balderson, whose genealogy is suspect… On top of that I suspect those who would NOT want the information to be released would cry ‘hoax’ as the best way of having people dismiss what is in there. This seems to be a modus operandi of the shadowmasters as I’m sure we can both agree upon?

        2: What the ‘letter’ contains, i.e. information that points to the creation of World Wars by hidden hands who have sinister political globalist objectives, seems to be spot on to me. Whoever wrote ‘it’ or the words it claims to represent – whether Pike, Rodriguez or your grandfather for that matter – seems to have a pulse on the hidden history of the World Wars and a claim to knowledge of the future and the reason behind certain wars and their eventual goal(s). If you link this to the incredibly well-researched information from Antony C Sutton – as I’m sure you will have – then this letter – whether written in the 1800’s or 1950s – seems to be well ahead of it’s time. My point? Someone, somewhere, knew their secret sh*t…

        3: You state categorically that Pike used names ahead of his time, including terms like ‘illuminati’ in the letter that he never used anywhere else. You give him the benefit of doubt on ‘communism’, but state that other terms ‘prove’ this was written later. From your article:

        “It should also be noted that the only “Illuminati” documented within decades of the time-frame of the letter was the “Bavarian Illuminati” which officially disbanded in 1785. Though conspiracy theories flourish to this day and the term is used in the abstract, serious accusations of the group’s secret continuation had died out at least 50 years before the letter was allegedly written. Out of all the verified Pike literature, not one mention is made of this Illuminati, not even in his often criticized book Morals & Dogma.”

        Well, call me old fashioned, but when I read my copy of Morals of Dogma there, on page 467 was the following quote, in Pike’s words:

        “In the school of Alexandria, Magic and Christianity almost take each other by the hand under the auspices of Ammonius Saccos and Plato. The dogma of Hermes is found almost entire in the writings attributed to Dionysius the Areopagite. Synesius traces the plan of a treatise on dreams, which was subsequently to be commented on by Cardan, and composes hymns which might serve for the liturgy of the Church of Swedenborg, if a church of illuminati could have a liturgy.

        To this epoch of ardent abstractions and impassioned ogomachies belongs the philosophical reign of Julian, an illuminatus and Initiate of the first order, who believed in the unity of God and the universal Dogma of the Trinity, and regretted the loss of nothing of the old world but its magnificent symbols and too graceful images. He was no Pagan, but a Gnostic, infected with the allegories of Grecian polytheism, and whose misfortune it was to find the name of Jesus Christ less sonorous than that of Orpheus.”

        Well, it seems to me that Pike DID then use the phrase Illuminati. Do you dispute this Keelan?

        In fact he uses it again just a few pages later, with a clear focus upon what he points to – i.e. he is not using Green Language:

        “All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols.”

        And on page 532:

        “This idea presided at the foundation of the great religious orders, so often at war with the secular authorities, ecclesiastical or civil. Its realization was also the dream of the dissident sects of Gnostics or Illuminati who pretended to connect their faith with the primitive tradition of the Christianity of Saint John. It at length became a menace for the Church and Society, when a rich and dissolute Order, initiated in the mysterious doctrines of the Kabalah, seemed disposed to turn against legitimate authority the conservative principle of Hierarchy, and threatened the entire
        world with an immense revolution.”
        Or are you now saying that Pike did not write Morals and Dogma?
        4: If one looks now at the chess moves being played out in the Middle East, with the sectarian wars being obviously (and admittedly) machined by Western powers with the Israelis, Saudis and Turkish military and intelligence forces, one can see the fingerprints of the globalists all over these actions and their outcomes. Al Qaeda, ISIS, al Nusra and all of these ‘rebels’ are simply mercenaries controlled and supplied by Western powers as they move to destabilise the Middle East and plunge the world into another World War to further their aims, as revealed by Werner von Braun amongst others. If we open our eyes and look at Europe alone, one can see that the ‘refugee crisis’ is anything other than what the propaganda machine tells us it is, and EU laws have allowed to happen. A grand chess move as the black Castle of Islam is moved to wreak havoc amongst the back line of the white chess side. Castle takes knight. Castle takes Bishop.
        My point? ‘Pike’s letter’ is bizarrely apocryphal, and whether from the 1870s or 1950s – whoever wrote it knew EXACTLY what was going to happen as Islam is being used as the Trojan Horse to wreck the Western way of life and cause the collapse of Western society, plunging the world into a chain reaction which will see Israel sacrificed on the altar of Lucifer to herald in the new Age of Aquarius.
        In summary Keelan, I hope my points will garnish your consideration. I don’t know to what extent your occult knowledge reaches but I do feel you are well researched, and to put your opinions out there is to be applauded – which I do.
        I do feel though you are throwing this letter out as a ‘hoax’, not opening your eyes to who wrote it and why…

        • Keelan Balderson

          While it is true that I have overlooked the handful of times Pike uses the term Illuminati in Morals and Dogma, and I appreciate that you’ve pointed this out, I think you’ll agree that context is integral to the discussion and it’s good that we can now clarify the matter.

          Pike clearly does not reference the Illuminati in the context of an all powerful secret society that controls the world, of which he himself is a leading member or even supporter. The same Illuminati that most proponents of the letter believe in and the type of Illuminati the letter describes. So I certainly stand by the crux of my statement that … “Out of all the verified Pike literature, not one mention is made of this Illuminati.” The keyword being THIS Illuminati.

          Illuminati is a term that can be used in a narrow sense “The Bavarian Illuminati” or a broad sense, such as the general enlightenment movement of the day, and other meanings.

          “Synesius traces the plan of a treatise on dreams, which was subsequently to be commented on by Cardan, and composes hymns which might serve for the liturgy of the Church of Swedenborg, if a church of illuminati could have a liturgy.”

          I would suggest that Pike was making a throwaway comment here about Swedenborgianism which was a new sect of Christianity at the time. Something along the lines of “can an enlightened religion express public worship?”


          “All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati, Jacob Boehme,
          Swedenborg, Saint- Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols.”

          This is fairly self-explanatory. I believe he’s saying that most of the new Christian religions and Masonry have drawn from the Kabalah. Looking at both quotes together it would seem his use of the term Illuminati could be interchanged with “new, modern, enlightened religions/orders.”

          The final quote is perhaps more in-line with the Bavarian Illuminati who were outlawed for posing a threat to the current church/state …

          “This idea presided at the foundation of the great religious orders, so often at war with the secular authorities, ecclesiastical or civil. Its realization was also the dream of the dissident sects of Gnostics or Illuminati who pretended to connect their faith with the primitive tradition of the Christianity of Saint John. It at length became a menace for the Church and Society.”

          It’s worth noting that Morals and Dogma is essentially an encyclopaedia of religious and philosophical systems that pre-date the Scottish Rite. Pike doesn’t necessarily endorse any of these and in fact much of what he has written, was simply lifted from other texts. This final quote reads like a criticism not an endorsement.

          As for the letter. Again, having been written in the 50s it is really not that significant. Zionists vs Islam was ALREADY a big issue.

          Now as I said in the article I don’t doubt the contrived nature of war and what is playing out in Afghan/Iraq/Libya/Syria … I spent the best part of my early 20s doing weekly podcasts on these very topics. BUT the Pike “letter” is just a pointless distraction.

          • Gabriel

            Hi Keelan. Thanks for the courteous response.

            Well, as you now appreciate the statement of, “he never used the word Illuminati anywhere else”, upon production of evidence to the contrary, has now changed the argument (after several hours of ‘deep’ research) to, “actually he did…. but it doesn’t matter.”

            This is a little blasé and I think this is more serious than you give it credit for.

            Your isolation of the sentences and attempt to interpret the actual meaning of a 33rd Degree Freemason and his esoteric writings on the Illuminati may, I’m sad to tell you, be off the mark.

            The actual meaning of the ‘Illuminati” has been bastardised over the last 50 years or so. Nowadays, with You Tube, Hollywood and all manner of books and internet articles, people think of the Illuminati as this evil group of occult power-fiends who foist their satanic impulses upon a sleeping world as they drive for power and control. They are almost like a hidden SPECTRE of James Bond fame, infiltrating all manner of organisations for their own ends.
            Obviously the Illuminati Pike refers to are very different from this SPECTRE-like group, but they were very real all the same, or he would have called them by any one of the hundreds of other names available to a Master Mason. He used these words deliberately and with intent.

            During the time Pike ‘allegedly’ wrote this letter, occult stirring, Freemasonry and secret orders were undergoing a significant change in power and structure across the world, and the ‘Illuminati’ was not physically then what it is now. So, yes, the context is very different. It’s like comparing al Qaeda of the Russian/Afghanistan era with the al Qaeda of today – they are very different – but the same…

            Drawing back in time to what was happening in the period of the alleged letter, if you investigate who Pike’s European confidants were and the focus of his actions, this sheds some light on meaning.

            Remember that Pike’s right-hand man was the Swiss powerhouse Phileas Walder, who amongst many things was a (former) Lutheran minister, a Masonic leader, occultist, and spiritualist. This was just the tip of his European connections.

            Pike has also been proven to have worked worked closely with the Italian Giusseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) who was a fellow 33rd degree Mason and was a furious political animal, calling for the unification of Italy (and remember that unifications have been a long-time goal of the secret societies and the power elite) and he was described by Metternich as “the most influential revolutionary in Europe.”

            No small feat!

            Mazzini became head of ‘Young Europe’ in 1934, a cover for the actions of the ‘Illuminati’ in this period, and if one looks at the stated goals of ‘Young Europe’ you will see that their goal was ‘a league or society of independent nations’ – sound familiar? After being ‘arrested’ he was exiled(!) to London in 1840, and he was in Naples being involved with the founding of the Mafia in 1860. Remember also Keelan that Mazzini’s legacy of socio-political thought has been called ‘Mazzinianism’ and his GLOBALIST view of the world as the Mazzinian Conception – terms which were later used by good old Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile to describe their political ideology and spiritual conception of life; i.e. Fascists and Fascism after the control of few over many symbolised by the Fasces.

            Along with Mazzini, Pike joined political and ideological forces Lord Henry Palmerston of England (also a 33rd degree Mason), and Otto von Bismarck from Germany (a 33rd degree Mason) – all sharing their secret society connections and wish to create umbrella groups that ruled from the shadows over a combined world. In fact Pike intended to use the Palladian Rite to create a Luciferian (Illuminated) umbrella group that would tie all Masonic groups together.

            So, with all of this in mind, a letter to Mazzini about global wars (Palmerston and Bismarck held sway with significant military and political clout at the time and we all know what Bismarck went on to be!) seems to fall in line with the stated objectives of these men and the secret societies who saw the advantage of a unified globe that they held sway over ‘from the shadows’.
            If we also look at the admissions from The Devil in the 19th-century, by Dr. Bataille, 1892, Volume 2, Chapter XXXV, pages 594-606:

            “Therefore, when the autocratic Empire of Russia will become the citadel of papist adonaism, we shall unleash the revolutionary nihilists and atheists, and provoke a formidable social cataclysm, which will demonstrate clearly to the nations, in all its horror, the effect of absolute unbelief, mother of savagery and of the bloodiest disorder. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the mad minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilization; and the countless disillusioned adonaites, whose deist soul have up until that time remained without a compass, thirsting for an ideal, but not knowing which God is worthy of tribute, will receive the True Light, by the universal manifestation of the pure Luciferian doctrine, at last made public, an event that will arise from a reactionary movement following the destruction of atheism and adonaism, together at the same time vanquished and exterminated.

            “The birth of the religion of the Good-God Lucifer, established and unrivalled on the earth, cannot be an instantaneous operation, neither in one year nor a century. A lasting achievement is that which is created by slow progression. The nineteenth century saw the conception of true and good Catholicism; the twentieth century will be the century of gestation, and climaxing with parturition at a fixed end in the Book of the Heavens (September 29th, 1996 AD when completed).

            “Written and delivered under the Solemn Arch, and signed at the foot of the Sacred Palladium, by the Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, and by the ten elders who comprise the Most Serene Grand College of Emerited Masons, at the Supreme Orient of Charleston, in the cherished valley of the Divine Master, the 29th and last day of the Moon Ab, year 000871 of the True Light (August 15th, 1871, era vulgaris [Vulgar Era])

            Ask yourself – WHO were these ten elders?

            The talk of the collapse of society and the ‘nihilists’ also stems form the 1920s and ‘The Cause’.

            Anyhow, in summary I will once again present information that sheds light on the fact that what was ‘written’ in the letter may not have been far off the mark. In fact substantial if circumstantial evidence exists that would support the writing of such a letter that, if ever ‘found’ would make sense and would stand up under scrutiny.

            Saying ALL of that, I still also believe it to be a hoax cooked-up by Carr and a lot of your research is well studied Keelan, although the exact reasoning behind why Carr would invent such a letter and how he joined such bold statements together and attributed them to Pike seems to, on investigation, actually stand up to being a real possibility – since it all makes sense with historical hindsight.

            Maybe there was a letter that was destroyed? Who knows.

            I suppose we’ll never know – but what we do know from various historians and texts is that YES, the World Wars were prodded into existence by the actions of secret societies who steered events from the shadows. These shadowy people are at the top levels agents of Lucifer, and are potentially in turn steered by Jewish forces and even forces outside of our material space/time reality. Recent actions across the globe support this when one looks at the puppetmasters.

            A VERY interesting and complex mystery in my eyes…

          • Mart

            Lucifer is another buzzword used by phony conspiracy theorists and self-styled ‘insiders’ with an agenda.
            The reality is that it is simply a Latin name for the Morning Star, meaning lightbearer. Simple basic fact. All the rest, all these imaginative stories, are stories made up by people. Nothing mysterious about it.

          • miss j

            you should write an article on pike and the letter to mazzini, you did an excellent job making a rebuttal in the comment section- it was practically an article all by itself. :)

          • jamshaman

            Great response. Keelan just got owned. If this document can’t be verified either way, then the question becomes, where DID it come from, and what was it’s origin? Furthermore, why is it in circulation and what was it’s intended purpose? To vilify Pike?

            What’s more important to me is that the predictions made are congruent with what we know about Pike from other sources, as you aptly pointed out. Also, whoever wrote it did a great job of matching the syntax and lexicon of Pike’s other writings – I’d like to see it analyzed on a purely linguistic level.

          • Tim Nous

            Where did it come from? What about people who like to play games and demonise freemasonry? There are quite a few of those. This tension between masonry, vatican and the protestant variety has been going on for a while.
            But, what is it that you factually know about Pike that makes him such a suspicious figure in your view? Albert Pike obviously had studied various ancient esoteric and philosophical traditions. People like Pike actually study things! He was a philosopher, and creator of Scottish Rite Masonry in America. He reformed much of Masonry to reflect the mysteries of Greece, Egypt and other ancient lands.
            His writings in morals and dogma mainly are his own views. Freemasonry is not a dogmatic order where everyone thinks and talks the same. Also, Pike makes somewhere a comment on “Lucifer” where he basically pokes fun at all these people who believe “Lucifer” is satan, and deluded people make of it that he is a satan worshipper! that’s about the type of reasoning of your average conspiracy theorist…

          • Keelan Balderson

            It didn’t come from anywhere, it’s a lie! The text as we know it didn’t emerge until the 50s when William Guy Carr wrote a nonsense book. Do some actual research and follow the sources.

          • tinfoilhatttt

            Weak-VERY weak…

      • taisen43255

        P.S. I think that you shouldn’t quickly dismiss what others have to say on this matter as well. If you want people to listen to what you have to say and provided your thesis, then you should listen to what they have to say and provide their thesis as well. There’s no need for arguments, or stubborness, and a feeling of I’m right and you’re wrong, and it doesn’t hurt to be open minded. I don’t know whether Albert Pike wrote this or not, but I don’t think it’s fake or a hoax as things have been happening from what the letter stated. That’s just my take on all of this.

      • jamshaman

        Source on the dating?

        • Keelan Balderson

          Errrr read the article, watch the video.

          How about source on letter being real?

          • jamshaman

            You said the text “was not written until the 50s” – what did you base that statement on?

    • mike360000

      The basis of the writing of the 3 WWs can be found scattered throughout Albert Pike’s Masonic Bible, “Morals and Dogma”.

      Because it is there and most Masonic brothers knows this or has been made aware of the article, they have little choice but to attack the validity of the article, and or the people who deliver that message. Therefore we can get a very good idea of who is here attacking that article and any of us messengers who tries to deliver it. I just got through addressing a person who was most likely a Freemason, who was personally attacking me in this thread. Now you know why such attacks takes place, or at least one reason of many.

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur
      Classical Historian Civilization

  • Jack Ewing

    Watch out for anyone using these key words: ‘paranoid’, ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘no evidence, ‘nut job’, ‘nonsense” or ‘tin foil’. They’re used by agents on YouTube, Yahoo, AOL etc. paid to discredit the truth. It’s our tax dollar being used by paid agents to keep us intimidated, ignorant and divided.

    Anyway, this letter from Pike to Mazzini being legit or not doesn’t matter, what
    matters is that Freemasonry and all secret societies (including our government at the top level) is what John F. Kennedy warned us against in one of his most famous speeches. Secrets societies contribute nothing to humanity, except suffering and death. Freemasons worship evil, selfishness and Lucifer. These delusional creeps seek mafia-like control over others, financial slavery of humanity and eternal life for
    themselves. They fool new members into joining the cult, they even display a bible in meetings to lure victims.

    • mike360000

      Absolutely Right!
      This should also be an excellent indicator of where the author of the article stands and who he works for. Actually the letter can’t be proven conclusively either way, but my bets are it is genuine. And I will tell you why. Albert Pike wrote the Masonic Bible, “Morals and Dogma”. That is their main book of worship though they deny this today because it has been exposed. I have a copy and I know what is in this DEMONIC SATANIC book, and it is not good at all! Anyone who can write such a book could EASILY the outline for the 3 World Wars…

      And I haven’t even got started yet. It is my business to know these things and many more, so I study relentless, FOREVER! I do have accredited degrees, and I am far beyond them now…

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur
      Classical Historian Western Civilization

      • Boris Ogon

        I do have accredited degrees, and I am far beyond them now…

        Aside from South Stokes High School? Why are you connected using somebody else’s FB account?

        • mike360000

          You read what you read in order that I weed out troublemakers and the opposition such as yourself. Such people as you are only looking to attack the messenger instead of the message. You look to marginalize the message by diverting attention to the person trying to attack their credibility in hopes the validity of message will be put into question, changing the whole topic.

          I am the same person as the account indicates. My specific studies and titles are purposely left out, because listing them would only have only gave you a different route of attacking me, though any accreditation being valid, you would simply attack it in other ways and means which are more asinine and time consuming than how I currently list myself. Therefore I use the quickest means possible to separate troublemakers like yourself.

          I do not judge a person nor give them credit for mere titles, but by their shown knowledge and merits of their message. I don’t care about their titles but rather their agenda, specifically concerning their messages. Ones knowledge and agenda, what they truly believe and are, are shown through their message and any title or account.

          Likewise I do not refer to people by accredited titles. Sorry to have disappointed and interrupted your attack upon me, but you told us a lot concerning you really are and your own agenda.

          Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

          • Boris Ogon

            Why are you connected using somebody else’s FB account? Is she aware of it?

            One’s knowledge and agenda, what they truly believe and are, are shown through their message and not by any title or account.

            Well, aside from using someone else’s credentials, sure. That’s why your invocation of “Morgenthau” (and the quotes are there for a reason), coupled with random spluttering, gave me quite a good idea of your “message,” although the Legionella entry was was pretty amusing.

            Hell, I forget which antivaccine crank even led to my noticing you in the first place. But look, anyway, were you all about teh Joos before the UC?

            PS I suggest anyone agreeing any at all with my post, that they give it a thumbs up asap. It is for a reason…..

          • mike360000

            U R funny…
            and pitiful…

          • Boris Ogon

            U R funny…
            and pitiful…

            Your turning into a gibbering puddle of goo upon being prodded with a stick is duly noted.

            Mirrors are your friends.

    • Mart

      Speculation and playing the blame-game. That’s pretty much all what people like you do, in my view.
      An intellectual study of matters like theology, philosophy, ancient and so called esoteric traditions like gnosticism and kabbalah, is what the vast majority of the conspiracy crowd will never do. They prefer to build a fantasy world and comfort zone for themselves based on (often) dubious materials and dubious conspiracy theory doctors and preachers who are often merely clever businessmen and rodeo clowns paraded on alternative media shows.

      • Scotoz

        You are indeed correct however while many conspiracy theorists are looking for a story to prove their unintelligible beliefs there are those who deliberately who spread misinformation, disinformation and some less than well thought out arguments. An example of this is the 9/11 theories of a)no planes hit the towers b) the hijackers were Al Qaeda c) energy weapons were used such as a mini nuke etc. The actual research with a scientific mind evolves a premise that can be tested and go where the science leads. The fact that we have the US NSA and the UK GCHQ and others, actively using attacks on social media to stifle free speech and obfuscate any points that could be open for discussion. These side tracks need more than one reputable source and as such things like this letter is relatively easy to debunk however the people promoting them have to be questioned for their motives.These sites are one source of research but only one of many and sometimes the source itself is a giveaway rather than the message.

        • Mart

          Propaganda comes from different sides, and various mind games are being played out by both mainstream sources and so called alternative sources. There are many con merchants within the alternative circuits, and a lot of info that is around there is simply bunk…
          I think most of the conspiracy biz, and the majority of groupies feeding it, actually thrive on a system of divide and rule. It literally wallows in egotistical guile, greed and trickery and, sadly, continuously regurgitates the same, which is obviously exactly like the system the conspiracy biz claims to expose.

          • jamshaman

            Yes, I think they knew this when they planned 911. They knew that it would actually further divide people in to those that know the truth and the “sheeple”. Pretty clever actually…

          • Mart

            Yes, there is a lot of division and self-serving interest in the conspiracy world. It’s in a way worse than mainstream, I think.
            These people don’t tell or know the truth, they tell or know that the government lies often and does horrible things, which is nothing new under the sun. Then they sell you all kinds of far fetched conspiracy theories and speculations.
            Knowing that for example 9-11 was some kind of staged event doesn’t reall make you awake, contrary to popular belief, nor knowing who exactly did it or how it exactly happened.
            The conspiracy world I’ve found is a very unhealthy place to be.

          • jamshaman

            That maybe throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We all do our best with the resources available. We’re all trying to piece together this puzzle from pieces we get here and there, it’s just part of the process. Until we have all the data on the table, all we can do is gather info and look for commonality.

            Personally I’ve found it very empowering. Learning about common law, for example, is very practical. I’ve been able to fight and win parking tickets because of this. Tied in with that is the “conspiracy” of how the system is fraudulent and the government is a corporation posing as a government.

            The point is that there are very useful, pragmatic applications of applying truth to things, but finding those truths often lead down the path of “conspiracy”. Perhaps you were just in a “phase” in your research – these things often come in layers…

          • Keelan Balderson

            Common law is the LEAST practical thing you can use when in legal issues. It is literally worthless. Why? Because those who enforce the law don’t believe in it. There is no magic letter or word trick you can play with the authorities.

          • jamshaman

            I’m 3-0 fighting parking tickets based on common law and not contracting, and I have the documentation to prove it. There are people who have been doing this for 30+ years and have documented proof of “fighting the system” so to speak.

            No offense, but you need to do some more research.

          • Keelan Balderson

            No I don’t, I’ve done plenty of research. Usually when a common law proponent claims they’ve had a victory, it has nothing to do with their warped concept of common law itself. For example people will say they’ve avoided the UK TV license because they return the letter saying “no contract return to sender.” When in reality they can’t do anything unless you let them in the house and admit your wrongdoing. The returned letter is irrelevant.

            You’re either lying, misrepresenting what happened, or you don’t understand the real reason you haven’t been made to pay the tickets. It won’t have anything to do with some magical phraseology you told the cops, used in a letter or told the judge in court.

            I call BS.

          • jamshaman

            Actually I think YOU don’t understand what common law or sui juris (sui generous) is. I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not, but like I said I have the documents to prove about the parking tickets, I keep them to teach other people so we can all avoid the fraud.

            Here in Los Angeles, the Parking Violations Bureau is privately owned by Zerox (kind of a microcosm of our government in a way). A lawyer actually started a class action lawsuit against them for fraud – it’s all documented, I’d be glad to send you links. They found that Zerox actually has great sway over city politics, and during the case Zerox and L.A. county butted heads. In the end a compromise was made. The lawyer was threatened by Zerox and their battery of retained lawyers and wound up dropping the case instead of pursuing it further.

            There’s no “magic phraseology” – you’re making all kinds of false assumptions. Parking tickets ARE invitations to contract – I simply send a template document I was given stating that I don’t contract, what my rights are, and what they are doing is fraudulent (in legalese). It’s worked every time (3 in a row so far).

            Prior to that I tried fighting parking tickets every way I could think of and always lost, because I was contracting with them without knowing it. Technically even when we engage them, it’s still fraudulent because they never disclose all the terms of the contract which makes it void.

            Again, I don’t know if you’re trolling, but I’m posting this so that others can see. Cheers.

          • Mart

            People are led to believe there is an explosion of very varied, truthful and very unique information being placed in the public domain. This was not ever true and still isn’t true.

            I don’t know what you are precisely following, but I’m somewhat familiar with the so called freeman movement and related ones in different countries, which I think doesn’t work and basically is a sham.
            You sound pretty naive. I would be careful with such ‘sovereign’ procedures. You will not be the first one who ends up in trouble by following such concepts, that I would call flights of fancy.

          • jamshaman

            Your first statement is a grossly over-generalized blanket statement – the truth is somewhere in the middle, which is to say there is info. available now via internet that was previously very hard to access and/or maybe not available at all to the common man. I can search “Operation Northwoods” and immediately find a copy of the actual document – try doing that back in the pre-internet days for example (just one of MANY).

            See, you assume I’m “following” someone. It’s not the case. As with any research, you collect as much data as possible and look for commonality or triangulation of information. You’re partly right about the so called freeman/sovereign movements in that many people have gotten themselves in to a lot of trouble because they tried things without fully knowing what they’re doing, and furthermore, the gov. and courts have the backing of armed enforcers and the monopoly on the initiation of force, which basically gives them carte blanche – nothing new in history.

            That does not mean that you don’t have inalienable rights that you are born with. Any power structure that doesn’t support those rights is, by definition, running a kind of slavery system (to varying degrees). Also, here in the U.S. there are documented court cases proving, without doubt. that the current system is by consent, and does not actually protect our natural rights – it protects the corporation. It doesn’t protect the people, it protects itself FROM the people (again, this is clearly documented).

            If you think standing up for your natural rights is a “flight of fancy” then that is your choice. You can live on your knees or die on your feet (sorry to be dramatic). Do a google search on “Sui Juris” – you’ll find all the proof you need.

          • Mart

            You are following certain concepts. This quote from The Exorcist comes to mind:
            “The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don’t listen to him. Remember that – do not listen.”

            This is the info that is around a lot – a mixture of truth with lies.

            Natural rights? Being born into a world like this means you’ll have to survive, otherwise you’ll die, and you’ll die anyway.
            I think you can’t fight ‘the system’ politically, you’ll have to do it spiritually. A true Sage detaches from the world and knows the whole thing is a farce.
            Another example; what does The Matrix say: “You are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.”

            .. which the vast majority of people would (wrongly) interpret politically, but I think it needs to be interpreted spiritually.

          • jamshaman

            To me it’s more about awareness. It’s not that people know the difference and are choosing the fucked up system by choice – they only know what they’ve been programmed to – myself included until I stopped following mainstream media.

            If enough people knew then I think a “fight” would be unnecessary – the parasite would die from lack of food/energy…

        • jamshaman

          Well unfortunately that’s just part of the human condition. Any subject will be muddied by a percentage of people, even if they may have good intentions, but it also doesn’t help that there are things like Project Mockingbird, and controlled opposition by those in power.

          As with ANY research, all we can do is gather ALL the data and look for commonality and triangulation of info. For example, the 911 issue – there is way more evidence for the use of thermate rather than nukes or energy weapons. Either way, what is absolutely provable no matter what, is that the official narrative is physically impossible. You cant get the “answer” from any one source.

          What’s more important is the psychology involved because most people won’t look at ANY alternative media sources, because it will conflict with their false sense of security, much like religion.

      • jamshaman

        I don’t know which conspiracy theorists (CTs?) you’re referring to, but I’ve seen many that actually have extensively studied the esoteric and occult, ESPECIALLY kabbalah. “Comfort zone”?? The last thing these so called conspiracy theories are is comforting.

        I know what you mean by blame game, and maybe some do use it as that, but really it’s about awareness and hope for a better reality other than the tyrannical oligarchy we have now. To have a solution we must first know the problem, no?

        • Mart

          To have a solution we must forst know the problem – that I agree with. I’d suggest you study so called Gnostic scriptures in particular to properly understand the problem. The “comfort zone” people find is in short that they are being told that they are “awake” by various clever businessmen and propagandists (too many to name), and that they are going to do something about it, somehow. (listening to the hyped gurus, typing on their keyboards, doping eachother with fodder stories and tripe etc.)
          For the most part I see parrots and sheep who promote shady merchants and then more parrots and sheep join in, thinking they are on to a good thing. This only leads to the propaganda and hype increasing to create the good thing feeling. Unfortunately, in reality, there is nothing very truthful going on. It’s just fakery and BS in most cases.. Others are caught up in debunking people and info, whilst still not knowing and understanding anything that is truly worth knowing and understanding. Human history is awash with pathetic truth and revolution movements.
          So, I think there is not much new under the sun as far as this is concerned.

  • Brian Janot

    These terms apply some cases, especially for those who become neurotic or obsessive about these theories. As I said in my original post, there are often elements of truth in conspiracy theories. (I tend to doubt the Pike letter). I’ve seen others that I believe wander off into pure fantasy and speculation. That is my opinion. Believe what you want, but I’ve decided to leave behind friends whose lives were overtaken by these conspiratorial beliefs. At the end of the day, what the hell are you gonna do about it anyway? Better to get on with life as far as I’m concerned. Or to use the old cliche, “Have a nice day”.

  • Scotoz

    Up to a point this letter is irrelevant as a source of a plan however it becomes an index through prompted discussion around the elements contained within the document. Some key points in the ephemeral world of discussion is the use of disinformation and misinformation however the key questions should always be firstly ‘Why?’. Now to simplify source and why against such a document or a conglomeration of events is a prompting element and this is demonstrated by the accusations against conspiracy theorists, nut jobs and so on. I have people who laugh at the term Illuminati and point them to the letter written by George Washington in 1798 and is in the Library of Congress for inspection using this specific term

    Mount Vernon, October 24, 1798.
    Revd Sir: I have your favor of the 17th. instant before me; and my only motive to trouble you with the receipt of this letter, is to explain, and correct a mistake which I perceive the hurry in which I am obliged, often, to write letters, have led you into.
    It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.”

    Each element that is discussed and disseminated should have a source and ideally multiple verifiable reputable sources for cross reference. It is clear that the core tenets of the Letter of Albert Pike has been supported through political and covert means and not presented in schools as historical fact. These facts are readily verifiable in multiple locations.

    US ends the Civil War but no formal declaration of surrender is signed
    Act of 1871 is unlawfully enacted under martial law and creates Washington DC and creates ‘USA Corporation’
    Federal Reserve Act 1913 gives control of US money to banks unlawfully against the first organic US Constitution in 1776
    Act of 1933 Declares bankruptcy of the USA and the bankers accepted bonded slaves under the various Acts which is borne out in various ways.

    The above is the setup of the structure of the elite and then we have the perpetra(i)tors who funded the Russian Revolution from Wall Street. See Professor Anthony Sutton books or watch on YouTube for details.
    Prescott Bush funds the rise of the Nazis via Warburg banks

    There are far too many facts to post here but as I stated the reality of the Arthur Pike letter is debatable however its professed outcome is not.

  • yhwhzson

    You ask how he (Pike) had fore-sight. Easy! He was in on the fore-planning.
    When will you doubt filled clowns wake the hell up?!?
    Albert Pike was satanic free mason. A lucifer worshipper extraordinaire.
    One of the largest monuments in Washington D.C. is a shrine to this dirtbag. And you are asking how did he have fore knowledge???????

    And why is it that up until now has these writings bore out.
    Even if he did not write them. Whoever wrote them, when they wrote them still wrote about things in the future from the time they (the predictions, so called) were written.
    So let’s say the true author wrote them after WWII. How do you explain the prediction, more like plot, to start a third world’s war using Islam as a flash point???

    The sound that is made when one takes one’s head out of one’s ass!!!


    • Keelan Balderson

      “How do you explain the prediction, more like plot, to start a third world’s war using Islam as a flash point???”

      Because it’s obvious?

    • Mart

      The conspiracy world is so utterly full of bullsh*t artists and brainwashed groupies.
      These conspiracy punters have been brainwashed so much that they really believe they are awake, whilst in reality they are more asleep and deeper programmed than they have ever been before, I’m afraid.

      • jamshaman

        Besides name calling and blanket statements, did you actually have a rebuttal? (I’m NOT Christian, or even religious, just FYI)

        • Mart

          A rebuttal of what? I don’t think I am calling names, btw.
          Do I have to state for the umpteenth time that lucifer is merely a Latin name for the morning star and a common theme in Christian sermons? Anyway, just take a look at the conspiracy forums – it is utterly full of daily looping fodder, propaganda, self-important asses posing as intellectuals to boot, parrots and sheep. And it houses many many liars and con artists.
          Certainly not only evangelical Christians.

      • Richard Hicks

        You are the reason they get away with their wicked plans. Conspiracy theories are actually a bunch of facts put together. Usually the only thing missing is the government admitting to the conspiracy. I’m sure you are one of those sheep that believe 9/11 happen the way Bush and Cheney said it did.

        • Mart

          You are wrong, sir. I know, if you question the direction and authenticity of the truth movement(s) you will likely face mockery or even punishment. I don’t care, I have seen enough of it to know that it is a gigantic snake pit.
          You’d better wake up.

  • Max Procaccini

    Thank you Keelan, great article. While there may be a hint that Pike was up to something, I must agree with you that no one has been able to tell the future (not even Nostradamus). As with the Fabians, Mazzini, Marx and many others, Europe was very much making important geo-political changes. Worth considering that Pike might have heard a few “stories” and was influenced by such events. The masonic lodge are their own enemies as they are making a big secret out of nothing. As they are secret no one really knows what they do. However, it is enough to look at the “old farts” entering the Grand Lodge in London to simply feel sorry for them.

    • Tim Nous

      I would say Freemasonry is sort of an enigma, even though its philosophy and practices have become quite well known publicly in recent decades or so..
      However, I think there is no real evidence that freemasonry as a philosophy has to do with devil worship or conspiratoral efforts, even though many have speculated about it and obvious hoax materials like that of Leo Taxil and this World Wars Letter have been spread and believed far and wide. Many have used their own agenda’s and personal inclinations and have drawn wild conclusions regarding these issues.

      • Carole Hubbard

        Freemasons must swear allegance to it over any other loyalties – apparently. I don’t know much about freemasonry but there would be no doubt that it – like any other functional organisation – has been infiltrated by the illuminati who use it to further their agenda. Why not? They have infiltrated all government bodies and institutions that serve the public, they have infiltrated the education system to socially engineer young minds and steer them in the direction they want them to go, they have infiltrated government to get wars going and make legislation that enslaves the people, and so on. There is no avenue of influence they would not infiltrate to use it to their advantage. They don’t sleep, and are on the go 24-7 to enslave the world but in a very insidious way that isn’t so obvious until after the fact.

        • Tim Nous

          Freemasonry is an initiatory order, you are correct about that.
          For the rest you come up with speculative views and some mystery mongering that you seem to throw out as fact. I have noticed that people who walk that kind of path often develop fixed, invalid and unrealistic views on how this world works, usually heavily influenced by dubious people who pretend to be experts or insiders on the matter.

          • Carole Hubbard

            I get that all the time from people who have been indoctrinated by mainstream propaganda. Its not my fault if you believe all the corporate mainstream media offerings that are nothing more than cover stories invented to placate and lead the masses away from what is really going on. A person has to be a real sucker to fall for all the crap about wars being necessary for peace, and all the other things that don’t add up like all the inventions that are suppressed and information that is kept from the public to protect national or corporate interests.

          • Tim Nous

            Your reply is obviously biased. I’m not into mainstream, and also not into alternative propaganda either. I only want truth and facts. I think many people who are into conspiracies are heavily polarised in their thinking, often have a narrow and fixed view, often draw erroneous conclusions under the influence of dubious materials as well as their own bias and predilections, and so often lack proper discernment, balance and understanding.

          • Carole Hubbard

            “you only want facts”. Here’s a fact – the public are lied to about everythng, things are covered up, inventions that would help humanity are shelved, dangers and hazards of chemicals are minimised or ignored. But they won’t admit any of this. Does that mean it doesn’t happen? Of course not. A person needs to read between the lines and make up their own mind about the state of affairs.

          • Tim Nous

            A lot of things are wrong with the world – I certainly agree and recognise that myself.
            However, humanity has reached a stage in its consciousness where an idea can be dropped, just like that, into what was the spearhead of a truth movement, and minds can be completely controlled without a shred of discernment. The way many conspiracy movements have taken off in such a short time and the repeated mantras they all keep using, as well as the fact that many of their followers start from a premise of “believe nothing you have been told”,”everything is a lie” – they are perfect fodder for mind-control. They have already completely emptied their minds and are now ready to believe about anything, and to be programmed to believe anything.

            So I think it’s about time these truthers and conspiracy addicts start researching the human psyche, starting with themselves.

          • Carole Hubbard

            Yes, a lot of things are wrong with the world. We have governments that are supposed to fix these things, but they conspire to make them worse. They manipulate information to get the people onside for endless wars and lie about reasons for these wars. They could just be incompetent but OTOH they could be following a plan to enslave the world.

          • LW

            And when you realize who is the REAL ruler of the world – everything makes perfect sense.

          • Heren

            lol at the word “truther”. So basically you prefer to be a liar and support the liars? Much of what is happening in the world is already found in protocols of zion. One has to be completely blind or a basement dweller to disagree with whatever is written in that book. It pretty much details which Albert Pike didn’t mention in his letter. When a group of people always gets kicked out from way too many countries we need to start looking for its root cause. By the way, on the top of the protocols and letter of pike lies the Talmud.
            Have a nice day.

          • Tim Nous

            You are a good truther, I’m sure. A bleating truther parrot.
            Albert Pike’s 3 world wars letter is non-existent. Pike obviously didn’t write it. Protocols, Talmud… yep, you have it going. You are truly awake, boss…

  • Carole Hubbard

    The 3rd world war, antagonism between islam and christianity / zionism is currently happening. So while the original letter in the museum might not be true, what about WW3?

    • Keelan Balderson

      What about it? Islam vs Zionism has been going on for decaaaaaaades.

      • Ellie

        More like millennia, since Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, etc.

      • Lou Diamond Haeick

        So you’re saying something that has been going on for millennia in secrecy couldn’t have been a plan because you’re too smart for that?

  • Carole Hubbard

    What I have come to see about the illuminati / global elite is that they will do whatever it takes to destroy evidence, put out counter stories and debunk anything that shows them in a bad light. There are fake scientific studies to counter real ones, there are false stories put out about anybody they want to demonise for their own purposes, the news media is a contrived lot of manufactured propaganda and infotainment. I won’t be in too much of a hurry to say there is nothing in the 3 world wars theory. There are a hellova lot of real conspiracies that have been proven and are still in operation today which the general public don’t know about and which is kept out of their range – hence all the hiding of information on the pretext of “national security”. The public are kept in the dark and fed utter rubbish about everything from economics to health, need for war, the legal system etc. People who say that conspiracy theorists are wrong, are ill informed at best and disinformation agents at worst.

    • Keelan Balderson

      You’re speaking like you’re in a cult. Just read back what you wrote. You’re saying “I don’t need any evidence for anything, I just have blind faith, when somebody proves me wrong, well the Illuminati must have planted the debunking.” It’s like saying the Satan planted dinosaur bones.

  • Ray

    what a poor effort of debunking! Frankly, why do you even bother? 99% of the people haven’t even heard of this letter, so what are you wasting your time worrying about it? For those of us who are aware, our awareness cannot be stifled by such amateurish nonsense.

    Lets agree, for arguments sake that this letter was not written in the late 1800’s. You admit there are references to it in the 1950’s. If that be the case, how could anyone predict the third world war would be iso focused around Muslims? From the perspective of that timeframe, the worry was over the cold war between the west and the Soviet Union, and to an extent, Red China. The Muslims were not even a blip on the radar back then. It has only been over the past 20 years that this Muslim problem emerged.

    Sorry, but what ever you are being paid to spread this bovine excrement, your employers should receive a full refund.

    • Tim Nous

      It’s easy to smear Freemasonry and blame it for the woes of the world. The Vatican, nazi’s, protestant preachers, conspiracy theorists, and others, have found in Freemasonry an easy whipping boy. The fact that a lot of it is lies and provable propaganda doesn’t matter, of course…
      Most people have self-serving agenda’s.

    • Keelan Balderson

      Arabs vs Jews is not a modern conflict lol. In the 50s Israel was a huge political issue. It was founded in 1949!

      • Eric Veritas Blair

        Muslims vs. Zionists get your facts straight. Islam is made up of many races, not just A-RABS.

        • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

          Zionists are a sebsection,created by the Rothchilds to falsely represent to Jewish people and teh State of Israel.I agree on one thing and one thing onle we are all well and truly effed…unless we wake up.

          • Eric Veritas Blair

            I agree completely.

          • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

            whats your email address .I d love to keep in may all be in vain why the hell are we invading Iraq ? Saddam he’s been the dude for 30 years,keeps those sandniggas in order and did’nt we put him there in the first place?.Yeah but we need some yourself a Pirate.!!
            I know lets say he’s got this biggest effing gun in the World that can nuke anyone.Nahh that gun..the Crazy Canooks idea..crazy see the size of that thing,You cant even point it!.Good for launching satellites but nuking the US..please you on crack!!.Hang on a second launching satellitles that s Our/NASA’s job..that pointy sandal,curry eating prick.. can’t have this can we now.I know lets snuff out the inventor,been there asssinated that..and then use the SuperGlueGun to scare the shit outta the sheeple..No ones gonna fall for that ant with dementia can see it’s a smoke screen to kick the despost out and grab all his shit.But dude..your foget one thing fucking stupid the sheeple got me again your a fucking genuis..the best man ILY..lets go down the Pub for a nice Lutharian Libation.

    • Andy

      You’re wrong. Israel was a very hot political potato between the US and Soviet union. Legend has it that the only reason the US sponsored Israel is because the USSR was planning to. It could have easily been a trigger for conflict. Also, the problem with radical Islam is not new and goes back generations and growing up in the 70’s I remember it was a broadly held belief among politicians and the public that the Middle East would be a likely flashpoint for WWIII.

      • Eric Veritas Blair

        Need glasses there Andy? He never mentioned Israel once. The subject is Islam (Muslims). Play the ball.

        • Tim Nous

          Muslims/Islam have been a menacing problem for many centuries – to Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, Hindus for instance.
          This 3 World Wars Letter was quite obviously not written by Albert Pike, but most likely emerged only in the 1950’s.
          People who buy into propaganda pieces like the Taxil Hoax and this 3 World Wars Letter live in a cloud cuckoo land whilst thinking they are in on something or are absorbing high-level information.

          • Eric Veritas Blair

            So has bedbugs, you don’t see a world war against them. Since the letter once existed according to more than one witness what ‘obviously’ happened is that it was moved or destroyed.

          • Keelan Balderson

            Name the witnesses.

          • Eric Veritas Blair

            Read the book. Whenever people tell you things you don’t want to believe you assume they are liars. It’s just as easy to assume people are telling the truth than lying.

          • Tim Nous

            I’ve found that conspiracy theories are often façades to promote prejudice and slander, create specific propaganda, as well as covers for one’s criminal actions and agenda’s. There is also and I think unmistakably a lot of that in the modern day ‘truth’ movements with its gurus and ‘insiders’.

            This however is not a denial of real conspiracies.

          • Tim Nous

            I’ve found that conspiracy theories are often façades to promote prejudice and slander, specific propaganda, as well as covers for one’s criminal actions and agenda’s. There is also and I think unmistakably a lot of that in the modern day ‘truth’ movements and its hyped gurus and ‘insiders’.

            They claim to be exposing the lies and giving people the truth, but I think the vast majority of them are leading people in the wrong direction, if not into deeper darkness and deception.

          • happy riches

            ‘in fact from a lifetime of empirical experience I can say that people usually tell the truth.”

            Politicians always tell the truth. You are on to something there, Winston ol’ son. Just out by fifty years.

          • Eric Veritas Blair

            Politicians aren’t people.

          • Dave Roberts

            People usually tell the truth except under the following circumstances; when there’s money to be made as in selling a book.

          • Tim Nous

            We know what Albert Pike really wrote through his books.

            I’ve found that conspiracy theories are often façades to promote prejudice and slander, specific propaganda, as well as covers for one’s criminal actions and agenda’s. There is also and I think unmistakably a lot of that in the modern day ‘truth’ movements and its gurus and ‘insiders’.
            This type of spurious material suits certain agenda’s.

          • Eric Veritas Blair

            Hilarious watching you go through your various rewrites on this Tim trying to drag racism into the conversation. You have some serious issues. You are either a shill or an idiot.

          • Tim Nous

            Racism? You are a slandering, lying sack of sh*t like so many conspiracy fakers. Hypocrites like you expose themselves easily.

          • Eric Veritas Blair

            Looks like I struck a nerve LOL! You just hate being exposed for the shill you are, don’t ya? ;)

          • Tim Nous

            You can delude yourself all you want, buddy. ;-D

          • happy riches

            People who say that there are weapons of mass destruction to promote a war (when knowing that there were none) wouldn’t got to the trouble about lying about what they knew about 9/11.
            Politicians always tell the truth. And the gullible believe them.

          • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic
          • Roger Thecabinboy

            Which witnesses.? Not Carr. He admited in 1959 he had never seen the letter. The only primary reference to it is Taxil hoax book of 1894.

          • Dave Roberts

            There are no witnesses. Carr is the only person who ever claimed to have seen this letter. The other witness that Carr talks about is Cardinal Rodriguez of Chile. But when you read the Cardinal’s book, he also says that he’s never seen the letter.

            In fact, Carr states in a later book of his that it was never in the British Museum.

          • PropheticExplorer

            Erm, my dad saw it on display shortly before it was removed, and so did many of the other thousands of people who visited the British museum library.

          • PropheticExplorer

            You think reality bends to what you believe or don’t? You’re seriously delusional.

          • PropheticExplorer

            A relative of mine was a top Freemason in the New York City area. His name was Alfred Thompson, look him up.

          • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

            email me at tell you what I know and you can decided for yourself.GBY

          • PropheticExplorer

            Nothing obvious about it. The people who ‘predict’ world wars are those who start them.

            And you make yourself look like a complete idiot when on one hand you make it seem that it is obvious that Islam is a world problem, then without skipping a beat condemn those who believe Islam is a problem as living in a ‘cuckoo land’.

    • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

      email me please at I know and you can decided for yourself.GBY

    • Roger Thecabinboy

      Can you quote me the precisev texts refering to moslems?

  • Anita Rosey

    Awesome. It made the mainstream news here in Australia today. kind of freaking me out that i fell for this shit years ago.- but it did lead me to study eventually.

    • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

      email me please at tell you what I know and you can decided for yourself.GBY

  • Barters

    So it was first referenced in 1925 prior to world war 2 and predicts that. Then referenced in 1950’s predicting the Islamic State war 60 years later. The logic above is not sound, yet makes one out to be stupid for thinking that way. Hmm….

    • Keelan Balderson

      No no, the first time the actual text appears is the 50s. It was “referenced” before that, but when you trace the sources it makes no mention of these predictions.

    • Dave Roberts

      Nothing that was printed before 1956 references WWII. And in the 1950’s, the surrounding Arab nations had already fought one year long war against the Jews in Israel.

    • Dave Roberts

      The book was published in 1956 and written not long before that. WWI and WWII had already happened, and Israel became a state in 1948. The Arabs attacked Israel in a 1948-49 war that lasted a year.

    • PropheticExplorer

      They’re just shilling for the Zionists, either for shekel or because they’re useful idiots or both.

  • Roger Thecabinboy

    The Carr books were I think 1950’s vintage and possibly postdated the foundation of the State of Israel and the 1st Arab-Israel war so it was not even predicting that – however the earliest source of the WW3 seems to be a website – by which time Islamic extremism was rising and there was Iranian/Israeli tension

    • Keelan Balderson

      I think his books were just written very late in life.

    • Dave Roberts

      You’re absolutely correct, Roger. The book was published in 1956 and probably written relatively recently. The Arabs/Muslims had already attacked Israel in 1948-49 in a year long war. Plus the idea of a future WWIII was discussed prominently all the time in the newspapers and on the radio/TV. Russia had stolen some of the nuclear secrets in the late 40’s and already had tested their own bomb in the early 50’s. The Cold War was raging.

      You and I could have cooked his story up.

  • Keelan Balderson

    So the evidence was just disappeared by an all powerful group? Convenient.

    • @:-}>…MoMeetsAisha

      But was there evidence? where are the copies and transcripts? Where is the evidence it disappeared or was indeed there? Something so shockingly prophetic would surely have garnered more interest, and therefore more references to it.

      You cannot cite lack of evidence, AS evidence of a conspiracy…

      This article is pretty comprehensive:

      Don’t get me wrong Keelan i wanted to believe this too, its a wild story. I believe there is actually a New World Order conspiracy; in fact i think its pretty much undeniable.

      Even if this letter only appeared much later and wasn’t authored by Pike – it still is eerily predictive, from a time when Communism was the great fear, and Islamism was backward and nobody could predict its rise to what we have today.

      • Keelan Balderson

        Not really. The 50s saw the rise of Israel and the Arab response to that. It was a fairly obvious prediction IMO.

        • Lou Diamond Haeick

          So the protocol writers and secret society leaders that pay homage to an invisible hand while moving society towards their agenda all are just full of lucky guess? Cool story, bro.

  • Eric Veritas Blair

    To say the letter was a fake is ridiculous, it is like saying a 100% accurate weather report is a forgery. Assuming Carr wrote it how could he have foreseen that we would even now be on the precipice of the third world war which indeed involves Islam and Zionism. Lucky guess? And any serious study of this must take into account that Satan as the prince of this world not only has foreknowledge of the scheme, but indeed designed it centuries ago. Same goes for the ‘Protocols’ as Henry Ford put it “It fits what is going on”.

    • Keelan Balderson

      It’s not a lucky guess. The Zionist state of Israel and their conflict with Muslims was a huge political issue at the time.

      • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

        Isreal is not a Zionist state..its the home of the Jewish People.A Zionist by definition is a group ,mainly of the Jewish faith but not entirely,created by the Rothchilds to force their NWO agenda on the unsuspecting public.or sheeple if you prefer.They along with that other piece of devil worshipping ,lutharian piece of garbage the Bush dienasty..have stolen,raped, murdered, assisinated,fabricated,conspired,and utimatly hope to force WW3,,Chritsain V Muslim with the winner being..them as usual.WTFUP .

        • Jo

          You are confused….Israel calls itself a Zionist state..

        • LW

          It’s all about control and power

        • PropheticExplorer

          The country is run by Zionist Ashkenazi (fake) Jews.

        • Ellie

          Surely you know it’s bigger than that. It won’t be Israel vs. Muslim nations et al, it’s none other than the ruler of the kingdom of darkness vs. YHVH, the ruler of the kingdom of righteousness. YHVH vs. Ba’al, if you will.

    • Dave Roberts

      In the middle 1950’s, the Arabs had already jointly attacked Israel once in a futile attempt to drive it into the sea, and kill every Jew that they could. That happened in the so–called War of Independence from 1948-49. Even though the surrounding Arab states failed in their first attempt, it wouldn’t have taken a crystal ball to predict that perhaps they’d have another go sometime (see 1967 and 1973).

      Predicting a future World War III in the mid-1950’s didn’t take a second’s thought. In fact, it would have been the established opinion of most people that one would happen sooner or later. You have to put yourself mentally back in the 50’s …. Britain and the USA had recently developed and used the first and second atom bombs on Japan, just 10 years earlier. Russia stole most of the secrets involved in the late 40’s and had already tested their bomb too.The Cold War was at its height.

      It wasn’t difficult for Carr to invent the fake contents of the Pike letter, especially given the circumstances at the time that he wrote his book, and that’s the sole place that anyone has ever seen it – in his book. His motive for making it all up? The usual suspects … fame, money and self-importance.

      • PropheticExplorer

        Not at all. People don’t just put a ‘fake’ letter in the museum on display. Your perception abilities are very weak. It was there until 1977 for all to see. And again, his ‘prediction’ for WWIII is also right on target; just a coincidence? Just like the supposedly fake ‘Silent Weapons for a Quiet War’ and “The Protocols of Zion’ just happen to have so much truth in them that they read like yesterday’s weather reports?

        • Dave Roberts

          C’mon, you must be joking. ‘It was there until 1977″? I was in the Museum before then, and it wasn’t there on display. How come no-one, in all those years saw it? I doubt that you’ve been to the BM – it’s normally packed with visitors from around the world. The letters on display are in open reading cases with glass over them. They’re read by literally thousands of people per day. If had been on display for one solitary day, it would have been front page news.

          • PropheticExplorer

            You are the one making the bizarre claim that nobody saw it when people clearly did, why should I try to make sense of your tortured logic?

          • Dave Roberts

            Who claims to have seen it, other than Carr?

          • PropheticExplorer

            You don’t seem to understand the difference between seeing something and writing about something. A letter that was on display some 40 years ago there are not going to be a lot of living people that saw it. It is just like the lunacy of people who say Christ never existed because they have never seem Him.

            If a person wants to claim something doesn’t exist because they have never seen it, what they have to prove is that nobody saw it while it was on display. If Carr had been lying the time to challenge that fact was from 1955-1977 by simply going to the library during that time. Do you have any eyewitness accounts that state the letter wasn’t there during that time? Has anyone on the record during that time window claimed the letter didn’t exist? Even if they did, that is just their word against his. And it is also possible that the letter was at the library for a period of time while not actually on public display. The fact that nobody has claimed Carr was a liar until well after the letter was removed speaks volumes to anyone with an IQ over 70. You clearly have not thought this through logically.

          • Dave Roberts

            I was in the British Museum around 40 years ago, and I distinctly remember reading the letter that QEI signed ordering the death of her sister Mary.

            Conseuquently your comment is proved to be incorrect. Such a letter as the non-existant Pike opus, with a prediction pre-dating all 2 World Wars and the creation of the State of Israel would be remembered by many, and would be the subject of numerous media articles.

            You are avoiding the question … name one person, other than the fraud Carr, who has ever seen the letter?

          • Derp

            You think masons would be that open to others? Pike clearly existed since he was an inspiration for the KKK.

          • PropheticExplorer

            Who claims he didn’t other than you? People like to make all sorts of claims when someone is dead and cannot defend themselves. Want to confront him? Too late. The time to challenge Carr, Mazzini and Pike is past. It’s a cheap tactic. Either show me someone who claimed he was a liar when he was still actually alive or stop bloviating.

            And why is that particular letter so important to you? “The Protocols of Zion” and “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” both have much more factual information. Of course, you probably claim them to be forgeries, which is about as intelligent as claiming an accurate weather forecast a forgery.

          • Dave Roberts

            You’re still avoiding the question – please name one person who saw this supposed letter other than Carr.

          • PropheticExplorer

            You’re actually avoiding the question, which is: “Who said they didn’t see the letter and confronted Carr on it while he was still alive?”

          • PropheticExplorer

            You don’t seem to understand that the press is controlled by the government, that’s been known for centuries. You don’t seem to understand an awful lot about this world.

            Here, read some Thomas Jefferson quotes on the press:

            “The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.” ~Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807. ME 11:225

            “I deplore… the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them… These ordure’s are rapidly depraving the public taste and lessening its relish for sound food. As vehicles of information and a curb on our functionaries, they have rendered themselves useless by forfeiting all title to belief… This has, in a great degree, been produced by the violence and malignity of party spirit.”
            ~Thomas Jefferson to Walter Jones, 1814. ME 14:46

            “As for what is not true, you will always find abundance in the newspapers.”
            Thomas Jefferson to Barnabas Bidwell, 1806. ME 11:118

            “Advertisements… contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.”
            ~Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Macon, 1819. ME 15:179

            “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

          • Dave Roberts

            I agree that the media is controlled to a large extent. But not all of it is in these days of the internet. Not all was completely controlled in the 1970’s, or the 60’s, in Britain when I lived there. But that’s irrelevant, you’re still avoiding the question because you know the answer;

            Who, other than the man who profited from the sale of the book, has ever seen the letter? Name one person who claims to have seen it, that’s all. It’s a simple question …

  • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

    I’m facinated and also very scared about whats going on.My opinion,the letter, much like The Bible is not a “fake” but has been amended.Pike was a facist,lutharian,devil worshipping piece of crap…the father of Freemansonary.Freemasons built America so is it hard to envisage them controlling it still?.We all know that WW1 and 2 where “phoney” wars forced upon the masses for financial gain.Shit..sheeple are just waking up now! in the Millions due to our greatest weapon.The Internet.Just imagine the poor souls strewn across the battlefieds of time.190 MILLION of them forced into war by devil worshipping ,satanic or athiest leaders.25 Countires in the last 100 years and plenty still in power.We are being led ,like strung out sheep to the slaughterhouse.WW3 awaits.The NWO wants nothing more than to finance and arm the “Ulitimate Super Bowl of Souls.Christain V Muslim. and the winner always..athiest big business.Wake TF up!!False flags and Crisis actors all over the media..seriously peeps ,a Rubicks Cube this is not.Poisionous propaganda wrapped,in a flag and covered in bullshit.France last month Belgium this..the bogeyman? A bunch of whack job jihadis with a commodore 64 and a blackberry???..No what is happening nowg is the second biggest lie in human History,after 911 of course.Hate for 2.5 Billion people because of a bunch of nutters???.don’t you get it??.Thats exactly what this is ALL ABOUT..The Illuminatis 3 steps to oblivion..1.Create a bad guy, Hitler, Oswald, Gaddafi, Noreaga,Saddam, Bin Ladins(plural),2.Blow some shit up in order to scare the sheep.3.Force said sheep to kill each other and make a shit load of money.The true villians..Robber barrons..The Rothchilds..the Bushes..its a smoke screen for big business and we fall for it like a love struck teenager.GOD BLESS US ALL we are going to need it…email me

    • FiverPrometheus

      Pike was also a big shot in the KKK.

      • Tim Nous

        To implicate Albert Pike with the KKK is pretty much the same type of hearsay and biased speculation as is going on with this 3 world wars letter and Leo Taxil’s hoax.

    • no

      You’re a faggot

      • Mark Alexander (GodsDanceMusic

        If I was ,which Im not,I”d still not be offened.But anyways since you started it.
        I grew up in the UK. I enjoyed my time there but the country has literally been hijacked along with the USA and most of Europe.By whom…well lets start with the not so British Royal Family.Google search bar open?..House of Hanover and Saxe-Coburg Gotha…bet they did’nt teach you that in History class.My point is simple we were brainwashed.Its only because of SM that people are being awakened.You can choose to live in your sheeptopia bubble but don’t blame me when when it all turns to crap..which is exactly where its heading.

        • LW

          You speak truth.

  • VickieJ

    Thank you for your video, here. I was freaking out a little bit after watching a video predicting WWIII and going back to the Albert Pike letter. Something in me just said, “no, you better check this thing out.” Your information seems much more believable. I love to study history and look up old information, but this one was out of my realm of information. Thanks again for being on top of it. :)

  • Tovia Behanu

    “Zionism” is a strange term as it’s been used of late to represent some evil scheme. (Apparently related to Israel’s lust for more territory even though they gave back the Sinai with its resources to Egypt, Gaza to the Arabs and keep trying to hand Judea-Samaria back as well.)

    Here’s the correct definition of zionism – The desire of the Jewish people to return to their homeland of Israel. If you want to learn more, I recommend a Zionist book you might even have in your home now – it’s called the Bible, as is full of chapters and verses related to this.

    • Jo

      Wrong….. Jews against Zionism . org
      Educated yourself.

      • Leilah

        No. You need to educate YOURSELF! Zionism is consistent with Judaism. Stop falling for distractions.

        • Jo

          Liar, liar pants on fire…

    • Yara

      When exactly did they give gaza back to the arabs?

      • Dave Roberts

        2005 – they gave it back to the Arabs.

        • Control Shift Enter

          Dave Roberts Still today Gaza is a Jewish Nazi Death Camp controlled by Jews.

          • Dave Roberts

            Did you ever hear of Hamas? I guess not ….

  • steve button

    Makes the point very well…as far as the letter goes. But thsts the kind of underhsnded tactics I’ve come to expect from freemasons. They ARE Luciferian organized crime led by jewish cousins…thats not debateable, imho…

    • Tim Nous

      Your baseless remark here is typical for the profane masses in the conspiracy subculture. Jews, masons, illuminati, luciferians…; it’s always the same silly repetitive memes you hear from the conspiracy herd and their hypocritical leaders who are almost without exception totally hooked on ego, fame and cash.
      There truly is little truth in the truth movements.

      I’ll mention you a fact: Lucifer is Latin for the Morningstar (from the latin lucem+ferre). It’s an innocent metaphor and it’s also used in Christianity.

  • Paul Glenn Cawley

    This whole article’s stand is weak and pathetic. Why? It ASSUMES the British Museum is telling the truth! Wow. How naive. Well they said they didn’t have Albert Pike’s letter on display, so there you have it! Oh yes, that is very powerful evidence that it wasn’t displayed there, gosh thanks for clearing that up for us. You’re right, the Zionist movement would NEVER had paid someone off to dismiss this historical data about Albert Pike because of its devestating consequences. No…it wasn’t published there and Albert Pike was never part of the Freemason’s Illuminati shadow government. Nah…. Gee, thanks for clearing that up, I feel so much better now. What a bunch of idiots trying to protect the shadow government. Tell me, how much did they have to pay you to post this propaganda?

    • Tim Nous

      You are clearly one of those many hypocritical conspiracy fakers who are not interested in facts and truth at all, only in their tiny little ego and self-centered comfort zone.

    • Tim Nous

      The people who buy into propaganda pieces such as Leo Taxil’s material and this 3 World Wars letter base their beliefs entirely on hearsay and speculation, whilst the verifiable facts say different things.
      You come up with typical conspiracy mongering, saying that they are all in on it, and they hide it, or they try to keep it all a secret etc.
      If that’s what ‘truth’ means for people, then thank you very much.
      That type of speculation in the conspiracy world in general is much more the rule than the exception.

      • Not So Profane

        Bringing up Leo Taxil just proves you are a shill who’s most likely a Freemason because that’s what Masons are brainwashed to say to defend themselves. Conspiracy researchers actually read material like Albert Pike’s Morals & Dogma, Manly P. Hall’s the Secret Teachings of All Ages, William Morgan’s Illustration’s of Freemasonry, etc… because they themselves were influential Freemasons to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth and those books do not deny that Freemasonry is about worshiping Lucifer who they depict as the goat headed baphomet which is obviously why Freemasons are obsessed with goats.

        • Tim Nous

          @Not So Profane
          You are another typical accuser and mindless conspiracy parrot.
          I think the real ‘shills’ are those who spread such phony conspiracy theories and propaganda. You obviously don’t care about facts. Not a surprise to me, because I rarely come across conspiracy sheep who do care.

        • Leilah

          Stop being gullible. You’re falling for distractions, which are used to divert attention. Taxil did make up a hoax, and he has a huge record of doing so.

        • 4DMessiah

          The Baphomet – the precursor to the laundromet – later respelled laundromAt, first controlled by Norge & the Mob for $$ laundering, but nearly destroyed by GM (Frigidaire) & Whirlpool and other manufacturing companies just to foil their union’s ability to open laundromets and baphomets – and put one in everyone’s HOME!

    • Dave Roberts

      Show us the letter. If it’s true, surely someon else besides Carr would have seen it.

  • Christopher C

    lol, who cares? this is America – where we all came together from around the globe to say FUCK YOU – to all the assholes and whores out there, lol… didja forget that? hahaha, ‘ketchup’… r/e:memb:e/r?

  • FartMaster69

    And yet the trains all still run on time. I wouldn’t trust anyone who refers to the holodomor as “The Russian Revolution” anyway.

  • Rixon Stewart

    Something tells me this site is run by Masons.

    • Hermes Tresmigistus

      LOL, nothing is ‘run’ by masons anymore. The craft was infiltrated long ago by the jesuits, who now, like with all institutions, are in full control. There are still holdout lodges and chapters, ones with strong familial involvement that didn’t succumb to the infiltrations, but they’re in the minority…just as the templars have lost their control to the jesuits in London. Even the flat lie royal queen is a ‘subject’ of the pope. You have weasels like tony blair, who run for office as ‘British’ only to tell people afterwards that he’s ‘converted’ to catholicism, which is a crock, he was a KofM jesuit infiltrator all along serving the globalist NWO jesuit pope.

  • Reb

    What about a letter being hidden away in the Vatican Papers? Might this not be a good hiding spot?

    • ShermanLogan

      Or, under my bed. Nobody will look there.

    • Hermes Tresmigistus

      the information ‘hidden away’ by the vatican fills miles of underground facilities.

  • Ray Songtree

    Hold on, Nathan Rothschild cursed the Czar after Russia’s boycott of the Congress of Vienna, the first attempt of Rothschilds for a League of “United Nations”. That was 1815. So Pike was just announcing the plan, carried out by Jacob Schiff a century later, to destroy the Czar. Schiff funded Bolsheviks right out of NYC. Pike’s letter also dovetails with Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion. This article show’s its extreme lack of study by stating “It is commonly used as evidence to support the idea that major wars are
    simply a tool of a secret elite society called the Illuminati, who are
    out to destroy Christianity and usher in a Satanic New World Order.” An idea? What? Do a search for Illuminati Music Industry symbols on youtube or web images and see the Freemasonry symbols everywhere. This article is like Snopes, prejudiced, to steer people from the obvious. I agree with Paul Gleen Cawley comment below. This is a disinfo article.

    • Tim Nous

      Disinfo roughly means half true-half false. What you think is true and what is false?
      I think all of the claims you postulate here are speculative – not based in facts.

    • Ray

      The Protocols are a Tsarist hoax.

      • Control Shift Enter

        Ray – 95% of the Protocols of Sion have happened already so obviously they are not a hoax. Are you a Jew?

        • Jake Darwin

          The Protocols look to me like a report from a Russian spy or secret policeman (or possibly just a concerned Russian) quoting a bunch of Jews and their plans. The only discordant part is that they would have spoken in Yiddish, so the reporter would have had to know that language.

      • Hermes Tresmigistus

        the ‘protocols’ are merely a ‘rehash’ of old jesuit doctrine and their agenda for their new world order with their pope as ‘ceo’ over various ‘board’ members such as the black nobility.

    • ShermanLogan

      “Russia’s boycott of the Congress of Vienna”

      The C of V was a fairly informal discussion among ambassadors of the winning powers of the Napoleonic Wars. Their goal was to prevent future imperialism and revolutions. It was not actually a formal meeting and was not even vaguely something like an attempt to set up a

      The Tsar of the time was a major supporter of the goals of the Congress, and indeed successive Tsars mostly continued this support up to WWI.

      You may be thinking of the Concert of Europe, which grew out of the Congress of Vienna, but again was a pretty informal affair.

    • Leilah

      They hijacked esoteric symbols and use them a distraction. Stop being so gullible.

    • Hermes Tresmigistus

      you’re partially correct. In 1815, the rothschilds took control of the bank of england after the defeat of napoleon. they also took control of the british monarchy as a result. the rothschilds are agents of the jesuit vatican, always have been.the ‘jews’ have been the scapegoats of the actions of the jesuit vatican. convenient as the rothschilds are khazars, not jews(they are supposed ‘converts’, the khazars) and although they have attempted to say they are benjamites, there is no evidence of this. there are very few true jews left in the world that can trace their heritage to the Israelite tribes( only 12% of modern Israel can). As was mentioned in my post above, the freemasons have been infiltrated by the jesuit illuminati for a long time now, al pike and herbert kitchener are responsible for the ‘modern’ versions of freemasonry, as their doctrine involved the changing of rituals, philosophy and recruitment from the ranks of the freemasons to the jesuit illuminati. the jesuits modis operandi is that of inversion of the truth, false identities and disinformation designed to discredit. for example, they have their own version of the illuminati, they also have their own version of the sons of liberty, both designed to confuse the public. George Washington was aware of this infiltration and alluded to it in his reply to G.W. Snyder. so, regarding disinformation, the above article is fraught with it, is it accidental, due to naivite and ignorance of the history, hidden, but in the public realm at this time, or is it purposeful disinformation? I cannot tell you this.

      • Omega

        there are very few true jews left in the world that can trace their heritage to the Israelite tribes( only 12% of modern Israel can).

        Please note that the Israelites did not practice Pharisaism (known today as Judaism [1]) – meaning: they were not Jewish. They worshiped Canaanite deities [2]. Pharisaism came to be while the Tribe of Judah/Benjamin were in captivity in Babylon. Worth noting that the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah were at war [3]. The Tribe of Judah bribed the Assyrian King, Tiglath-Pileser III, to have the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel destroyed [4] – that was the end of ancient Israel and the Israelites. God is angry and proclaims the Kingdom of Judah will go to the Babylonian King. Nebuchadnezzar captures the Kingdom of Judah and send them to Babylon [5]. In captivity, the collective essays known as the Babylonian Talmud are written and the pharisaic vision of Judaism is born.

        All of this is, of course, according to religious texts. Reality (based on forensic archeology) depicts a completely different story. Israel Finkelstein, for instance, shreds the Bible/Torah stories apart in his book The Bible unearthed: the powerful and wealthy Northern and Southern Kingdoms were in fact insignificant, towns with little to no armies, the Exodus never happened, no trace of Saul, David or Solomon, etc. No neighbouring culture ever mentions trading or diplomacy with any Hebrew kingdom or empire of any kind although they all mention each other. Hebrews seem to have expropriated the stories and successes of the Canaanites, the Omrides, etc.

        [1] Among the innumerable misfortunes which have befallen… the most fatal in its consequences is the name Judaism… neither in biblical nor post-biblical, neither in Talmudic nor in much later times, is the term Judaism ever heard. – Rabbi Adolph Moses, Rabbi H.G. Enlow in “Yahvism and Other Discourses”

        Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. – Rabbi Louis Finkelstein in “The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith”

        [2] Judges 8:33 — Later on, as soon as Gideon was dead, the Israelis again committed spiritual adultery with various Canaanite deities and appointed Baal-berith to be their god.

        Judges 2:11 — So the Israelis practiced what the LORD considered to be evil by worshiping Canaanite deities.

        [3] Isaiah 7:1 — When Ahaz son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, was king of Judah, King Rezin of Aram and Pekah son of Remaliah king of Israel marched up to fight against Jerusalem, but they could not overpower it.

        Isaiah 7:6 — “Let’s go attack Judah, let’s terrorize it, and let’s conquer it for ourselves. Then we’ll install Tabeel’s son as king!”‘

        [4] 2 Kings 16:7 — So Ahaz [King of Judah] sent envoys to Tiglath-Pileser, king of Assyria, to tell him, “I am your servant and son. Save me from the king of Aram and the king of Israel, who are attacking me.

        2 Kings 16:8 — Then Ahaz took the silver and gold that was in the LORD’s Temple and in the palace treasuries and sent them as a gift to the king of Assyria,

        2 Kings 16:9 — The king of Assyria complied by attacking Damascus and capturing it. He deported its inhabitants to Kir and put Rezin to death.

        [5] Jeremiah 38:3 — And this is what the LORD says: ‘This city will certainly be given into the hands of the army of the king of Babylon, who will capture it.'”

        Daniel 1:1 — In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it.

        • Hermes Tresmigistus

          It is that 12% that I am referring to as being descendant of the ‘Jewish’ Israelite tribes judah, benjamin, etc. As for the bible? It is the creation of the ‘church of rome’ and the equivalent of a TV series that is re-broadcast where the episodes are run in the wrong order, and the dialogue is substituted for foreign language throughout. The result is a timeline that makes no sense and translations that are totally inaccurate…so, how much clarity can someone obtain from this?

  • christo666

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    puede estar en mi carril también en busca de ayuda aquí es el correo se puede obtener
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    número +2347067181473

  • Ray

    Saddam Hussein had millions of pounds of active chemical weapons material, found and verified by troops yet some just refuse to acknowledge this still. And there was no complicity in the 9/11 attacks. To believe otherwise is nonsenical.

    • Awake

      Fucking BULLSHIT. Saddam Hussein was connected and an actor. Grow a brain idiot.

  • Teresa

    The whole point is that it was a plan yes he would have known in advance if he was one of the authors of the plan, dumb ass. Even if it is not true it certainly is true that the elitists do have a plan and that plan is being carried out now in the EU and in our current government. Get a clue and stop thinking nothing will ever happen. One day you will wake up and everything America used to stand for will be gone because of people like you. there is a plan, they are trying to usher in a one world government and money. They have been saying it for years. You are just too stupid to hear it.

    • Tim Nous

      Have you even read the article? It’s rather easy to speak of a plan in retrospect.
      There is no proof that Albert Pike or Freemasonry make such plans. If you say so you are just spreading propaganda.
      Same with tons of other spurious and falsified stuff clever conspiracy merchants peddle.

  • Ben William

    What tipped me off that Keelan Balderson is spinning his own BS (if he is in fact the author of the video in the article) is his poo-pooing the fact of Free Mason satanism.

    I know for a fact that the very top of Scottish Rite Free Masons (Albert Pike’s old group of masons) do indeed worship Satan. I know this because I got to see the actual ‘star chamber’ at the Scottish Rite mason building in Rochester, NY before it was converted into a children’s theater. (A donation from the wonderful Scottish Rite masons.)

    Construction crews were literally ripping up the wooden pentagram floorboard left behind. The organizers of the children’s theater were completely freaked out, not just because of the pentagram but, because a bunch of mason goons were removing their Satanic paraphernalia from the creepy star chamber the day the organizers took over the building.

    • Tim Nous

      And that should prove that Freemasons worship some satan? A couple pentagrams on the ceiling and some paraphernalia that is not any kind of secret anyway?
      There is no satan in Freemasonry.

    • corby

      Seems real

      • 4DMessiah


    • Dave Roberts

      The way I read the post was as a critique of the non-existant Albert Pike letter. In that regard, Keelan seems absolutely correct. No-one has ever seen the original letter becuase it never existed.

      • Ben William

        Sure that was the crux of it but his added commentary (in the video) on the masons was clearly bias.

        As far as the infamous letter… There most likely was a letter written but, what it really said is anyones guess.

        • Dave Roberts

          It definitely didn’t have a prophecy about 3 World Wars, and that’s the important aspect. That Pike nonsense draws in untold numbers of gullible folk who will believe anything that appears to be authorative.

          • Ben William

            I couldn’t tell you one way or another what that letter said, because I, nor anyone else has seen it who is alive today.

          • Dave Roberts

            Carr is the only person who ever claimed to have seen it. No-one else but him.

            If it was actually on display in the British Museum, isn’t it likely that someone else might have noted seeing such an interesting letter? On any given day, the Museum has thousands of visitors. But no-one ever came forward and said they did.

            I remember visiting the Museum some 20 years ago or so. I can distinctly recall reading the letter where Queen Elizabeth I ordered the death of Queen Mary. But the supposed letter from Pike had already successfully predicted WWI in the 1920’s when Carr claimed to have seen it displayed in a case. I think that it’s impossible that no-one else recalls seeing it if it was actually there.

          • Ben William

            Scottish Rite Masonry is behind close doors to begin with. I serious doubt THEY would ever allow such a letter to be placed on public display to begin with.

            That doesn’t mean correspondence between mason alumni detailing plans never existed.

          • Roger Thecabinboy

            Carr admitted he had never seen the letter. It was Taxil’s hoax book he likely saw.

      • Rex Radd

        Keelan is making a few leap in logic himself. To say it never existed without proof is one such leap.

        • Roger Thecabinboy

          The letter appears to be the invention of a certain French hoaxter by nsme of Taxil who made a living out of spinning yarns badmouthing Free Masonary at Public lectures and in books in late 19th Century France. It was Taxil’s book which was in the British Museum library, not the letter. Taxil’s book was written after pike died. All anybody has ever quoted is the Taxil book, written by as an admitted hoax, which is still catching the gullible.

  • Tim Tomato

    In Germany we have something called “Vorsorgeprinzip” in the Constitution, which is more than often ignored these days, but it exists. It means that we have a responsability to proof that something is safe before it becomes legal instead of asking the critics to proof that it is not safe. Shouldn’t we just do the same with the POSSIBILITY, that secret societies like the illuminati CAN exist in our society and CAN have such impact, no matter if they do or not, and take out the Basis for such injustice from society: Money. We should not wait for the states to do so, but just start not using it anymore whereever and whenever we can. Go on welfare, you will get payed from the state to have enought time to start creating a society that works without money. How cool is that? The longer you will do so, the less money you will need. And that possibility is there already for everybody! Use that time to help mother earth heal. Instead of money, use TRUST. Build it by being aware that the other is only a part of yourself. And believe that you live forever. Even if you can’t, act as if you would. Nothing bad can be created from that thought, not even from egoists, it would be unselfish. And if one thinks: Well, cool, than I can suppress people even for forever?! It will be harder for him to do so without the tool “money” and especially “interest”. Have fun! “As long as there is violence in love, love is not the solution.”

    • 4DMessiah

      There is great love in violence! It is the reason for my desire to spank the gorgeous a$$ of all beautiful women, and with a little encouragement from my Poppy farm, they will all love me and beg for more “violent love!”

      It is why I will finally shave my head, regrow my goatee and change my name to Lucifer (my friends will call me Luke… until I order them boiled in fully saturated lard (pig fat) so that they have heart disease in the After Life, and as the Grand Pontiff Lucifer, the Vatican will finally show that it is little boys they burn that is the wrong color… and the abortions of nuns, forced to miscarry after their virginity is sacrificed to a Goat (or whoever among the old men can still get it up) and at 12 weeks begins the daily 12 Gut Punches offering, to keep Lucifer & the Serpent at bay – but it is not enough!

      When I, Lucifer, take over, this nonsense will cease! I will institute the use of Plan B instead of all this nonsense of old men punching nuns to miscarry – and instead, have the new IUD as an upside-down crucifix, imprinted with the Mark of the Beast (line art of Kojack, with a lollypop, and he says “Who Loves Ya, Baby!” & the vertical shall read Luke Does! He’s Bangin’ You, Ain’t He, BITCH!? Shake your A$$! Beg for a CornHolin’!”)

      All the male followers of me shall shave their heads and be given BLUE lollypops! Sugar Free, to keep them healthy… but plenty of Sorbitol and Mannitol so they forever have The Runs, and don’t know why!! With added Sildenafil, they will always be hard, without the mood, the estrogens will help them grow bitch tits, and the lollypops? Shiiting their pants with every cough!!

      The women, the get pink lollypops, a touch of sildenafil to swell their clits, a magic drug that changes mRNA to favor fat burning, that will also cause permanent clit enlargement – and access to the Poppy, direct from me! I shall breed with an army of nuns that join just to have my seed, and guards who must wear diapers and can never revolt!

      Anyone deemed a threat shall wear the .4KT micro-nuke, that detonates during removal attempts, randomly and at my order! Especially in crowds were decay particles are sensed by the devices, indicating a MEETING – and they shall self detonate, to eliminate them en masse!

      All books on this topic shall not be burned – simply re-dated for 1670… making Pike the prophet, and me the PROFIT!

      SEALS, now Spec-Ops, and all such forces, regardless of flags, shall be honored with the rare Violet/ultra-violet LollyPop, and encouraged to my modified grooming standard! They shall be granted all the women they want – and since it will seek them out, there will be no force. No rape – or loss of stick & balls result!

      That Brotherhood will train the enforcers who snuff false prophets, politicians, dirty cops, and all the priests of all religions except Buddhists! They are for peace, concentration, meditation, and God-Like behavior without delusions of grandeur. The Dalai Llama shall be granted special privs, and full access to the latest hGH, other life extending biologicals and bionic parts to live until 200!

      He will guide the methodology of worship, but I, Lucifer, God of 4 Dimensions – and the Messiah, will be who he seeks advice from, as well as maps to the best babes with natural tits!

      He will be devoted to me, after is surgery to possess 12 inches is complete, in multicolor 1″ segments! The women will all wish to service him, night and day! None of this “Gandhi sleeping with young virgins and drinking their piss every morning” – such lunacy! He will sleep when he sleeps, but whoever enters the bed does not leave a virgin! And the rich, older, fat & ignored women of the world, will be permitted to keep some of their riches only to spend to get laid and serve as night bedpans for those so granted the Stainless & Porcelain Star!

      He merely need point, those few I have granted such an award, and they will gladly drink the piss to quench their thirsts of anyone wearing the Stainless Steel & Porcelain Star!

      Others will wear the Plastic Replica of a Urinal or Toilet. Those low-lifes must yield to ANYONE who points. They are called “The Craptastics” – and the simpletons, the chicken hawks, the loudmouths with no guts of their own, shall consume, CONTINUOUSLY, the product of the guts of everyone!

      Deferments for heel spurs? For undeserved academics? For anything at 18-20, that has never been addressed surgically to this day? Limbaugh, Cheney, Hannity, Gingrich, Quayle, and all like you – shall be the first designees! W? Reserves, AWOL, and graduation from an MBA that fails the bottom 10%, even if they all have 96% GPAs, but there are 100% and 99% above you? Your C averages – which graduate NO graduate schools, get you the second round of “Craptastic Medals of Dishonor” – all of which, in any class, shall be taught their new role in society by the current warriors in global Spec-War.

      Each disgusting recipient of that award shall be celebrities as they once were, on broadcast 24 hours a day, with endless new installments of their daily feedings donated first by the warrior, then the veteran, then military K9s.


      • Bryan Blackburn

        Jacob Frank reversed the truth. “Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.”

        “To ascend one must first descend. No man can climb a mountain until he has first descended to its foot. Therefore we must descend and be cast down to the bottom rung, for only then can we climb to the infinite. No region of the human soul can remain untouched by this struggle.”

        “I did not come into this world to lift you up but rather to cast you down to the bottom of the abyss…The descent into the abyss requires not only the rejection of all religions and conventions, but also the commission of ‘strange acts,’ and this in turn demands the voluntary abasement (degradation) of one’s own sense of self, so that libertinism (no morality) and the achievement of that state of utter shamelessness which leads to a tikkun of the soul are one and the same thing.”

        Inspired by Satan, he wrote the doctrine of the Antichrist which permitted orgiastic, sexually promiscuous rites – incest, rape and sexual intercourse with children, including sodomy on young boys. Lucifer was declared the “true god”. Witchcraft and satanic rituals were introduced with animal and human sacrifices.

  • Kraid

    Fuck this lying ass site.

    • Hermes Tresmigistus

      the TRUTH is stranger than fiction. :)

  • Anonymous

    Try googling Obama and the cult of Subud
    Subud are in GB now
    Funny how the mainstream news hasn’t investigated them. It’s more then just a Dangerous pyramid scheme

  • Wre anonymous

    Google. ISIS HQ Ronald Reagan building Washington, D.C. &
    2012 NDAA Propaganda news

  • Ryan

    Nicely Done, it’s so funny how much everyone relies on Google. Imagine if you could control what the world sees when they search the web! Now that’s power

    • Jonathan Seidman

      lol. Kinda like how you relied on Google to get to this article. I read a few paragraphs and they presented ZERO evidence, just a bunch of baseless and factless conjecture.

      Maybe they shoved their “evidence” deep down in the article somewhere, but this has no more credence than the other side.

      • Ryan

        Lmao- it’s all conjecture.. and using google to amuse myself with an “article” and using it as a singular point of reference for facts in a debate are two very different things. So, no not kinda like that at all. I should have known better, so that’s my fault.

  • coolsmoothla

    Those who were duped who want to claim “well it doesn’t matter if it was fake, because it has all come true,”

    I am one of them .. It isn’t important to me if Pike wrote it .. what’s important is that it came and IS coming into fruition .. personally, I believe Pike wrote it and this is a shill site to help keep Freemasons’ satanic secrets .. notice that this piece never deny that Pike was a luciferian .. that alone makes this site a government agent.

    • Amanda Ochoa

      Did you not read any of this article? It isn’t important to you if the letter is simply an internet hoax? God save us all on this flat earth…

      • coolsmoothla

        Question: was Pike a satanist on this flat earth?

  • Jason Drew

    This is kinda stupid if you consider that Pike claimed to have a bracelet that allowed him to communicate with satan. If satan is the god of this world, and he holds the reins on the worlds powers that be, why is it hard to think that not only Pike could have recieved this information(perhaps in a way to drive the earth towards these ends), but also that things could have started appearing 20 years after he wrote it? If you don’t think that there is a group running things for 1000’s of years now then you are duped.

  • Andrew Kinsella

    Nice review of the letter- clearly this is a hoax- so many of the words were virtually not in usage at the time. Also a nice catch on David Icke for using it- he is quite indiscriminate in what he says and clearly does not check his facts before opening his mouth- which is a pity as he does say some helpful things from time to time- but it all gets tarred with the one brush.

  • Jake Darwin

    On the British Museum issue, there was in the 1970s a letter on display from the Amsterdam synagogue, to Cromwell, saying they would fund Cromwell, and that Charles was to be executed, though they’d play no part in the plans. I’m pretty sure the letter isn’t on display now.
    There may be confusion here with the real or supposed Albert Pike letter(s) – which, if it/they existed, would of course not have contained expressions like ‘Fascist’ and ‘Nazi’. Though it might have predicted wars, and the reasons for them.

    • Hermes Tresmigistus

      Oliver Cromwell was a Templar. It is forbidden for Templars to engage in regicide against their monarchs. Charles 1 was removed from the throne for failing to execute the duties of the throne, he was exiled and the ‘execution’ was a staged event. The height of the gallows and limited view of those that supposedly witnessed the ‘event’ are dead giveaways, no pun intended. Cromwell, being the prankster he was, loved this.

      • Maggie Coles

        You should do a little more research: Charles I wasn’t hanged, he was publicly beheaded in Whitehall on a scaffold, his head was held up to the crowd and there are contemporaneous accounts of people running forward to catch his blood on handkerchiefs. Rather more difficult to fake, and having studied the history of that period it’s the first I’ve heard that Cromwell was fond of a joke. .

        • Hermes Tresmigistus

          I left you a list of links, it appears they’ve been removed. Suffice to say regarding the the ‘scaffold’ platform or scaffold is interchangeable. As was mentioned , the height from the crowd, refers to a beheading situation, for if it was a hanging, it would be clearly seen via the height of the hanging post.

  • carltjohnson

    Yet still, the retraction was written in 1906…and it would seem, someone, has followed that plan as written in 1890.
    If I were to put it on anyone…it would be progressives…starting with woodie wilson and the like to take up such a cause.

  • John Woodhead

    Good article but those in positions of a lot of power (heads of the major banks) may not hide but very rarely get the glare of publicity that the politicians get paid to receive,deals go on in secret (Jekyll island and recently TPP) bildaberg is not a figment of someone’s imagination,there is a lot of evidence out there and some of it not to my liking but it has to be pointed out this is a very tiny minority and certainly not representative of the people as a whole

  • Hermes Tresmigistus

    Carr, intercepted the Morse code transmission of these pike to mazzini. There was NO letter. al pike was contracted by the rothschilds to infiltrate the Scottish Rite lodges of America. herbert kitchener had the same mission for the rothschilds regarding the York Rite lodges in England. pike and mazzini were high level jesuit illuminati(A) members, not to be confused with the illuminati(B) or Bees which are a much older group and had members such as Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon.

  • OurGov IsCorrupt

    if it’s “fake”.. why is it all coming true?

    • Maggie Coles

      Because it’s very easy to have 20:20 vision when you’re looking back It was written in the late 19650s, after the Russian revolution and the 2 World wars, and it didn’t take a genius at that time to work out that there was a lot of tension in the Middle East (the Suez crisis was in 1957) . With the current posturing between North Korea and the US, that’s in fact a more likely flashpoint these days

    • Peter Grafström

      That is a relevant question, but evil is sometimes very intelligent and foresees such a conclusion. In this particular case, the British had ever since 1840 been seriously acting to prevent jews from getting good relations with Britains continental competitors. And Britain was aiming to create Israel as a bridgehead in the ME. This gave Britain a strong motive for making life difficult for the jews on the continent.
      Not because of any real hatred. It was all about Britains interests which among other things demand a monopoly over money.
      Genuine competition between currencies removes the advantage of monetized debt or money out of nothing, and banking then becomes more like a service and not so much an end in itself.
      I have left out most of the interesting stuff here so I dont blame you if you hesitate to try this approach. But if you learn more about true 19th century history and on to the days of Houston Chamberlain you may begin to have some doubt about the usual conspiracy theory.

    • Hermes Tresmigistus

      Because it’s not fake, it’s the jesuit agenda.

  • Simon Never Stops Learning

    Explain “The Protocols of The Learned elders of Zion” ;)

    • Peter Grafström

      Those who wrote it knew what was being planned and attributed it to the jews. Hint
      Who was striving for a world empire more than any other Nation in the world in the considered era?
      And who employed jewish networks as proxies more than any other Nation.?
      Consequently, who had an interest in preventing those jews to have any other close alliance?
      How do you make sure such a proxy doesnt try to change partners?

  • Sitav Bhadra

    The only thing that comes to mind is that Leo Taxil could’ve been threatened and strong-armed by the Zionists/Imperialists to make a false confession that he was lying.

  • Matty Mattelyn

    The article is falsely contrived by design most likely.

  • ED John

    He sources Cardinal Rodriguez 1971 reprint. According to S Brent Morris who is at the top of Freemason research the 3 world wars were described in Rodriguez’s original 1925 version. Also the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgan were behind Zionism and financed the nazis, they are all at the heart of the Bank for International settlements.

    • aubreyfarmer

      And the Zionist Milner Group financed Hitler’s rise to power as is proven in the book by Edmund Black, The Transfer Agreement. Zionists had to persecute European Jews so they would be forced to immigrate to that piece of dirt they had just stolen from the Arabs. What good is it to steal a piece of land if you are unable to keep it? Muslim immigration caused by the Zionist wars in the Mideast are also resulting in more Jews moving to Israel. The Zionist plan is to steal all of the land between the two rivers as is stated in the book, A Strategy For Israel in the 1980’s by Oded Yinon. Once Israel controls the land they will then have a strangle hold on the world’s oil. And with enough nuclear bombs to intimidate the rest of the planet,( Cy Hersh “The Samson Option”) none of the Zionist controlled governments will do anything to stop Israel.

  • ED John

    See S Brent Morris’s an idiots guide to Freemasonry – he clearly says that letter was in a book in 1925, therefore it did predict ww2 with perfect accuracy.

    • Nicko777

      Clearly many of you who think this article is BS didn’t read the whole article.

  • Peacecelebrate Wäponytail

    this article suggests that nazism, fascism and zionism are “new” terms, so pike shouldn´t know about them back then.. what a load of crap.. author should do his homework..

    • Nicko777

      You shouldn’t mouth off without some references.

  • aubreyfarmer

    Naziism and Zionism are the evil twin philosophies that sprang from the mind of Benjamin Disraeli, a Jew and Prime Minister to Queen Victoria.

  • MetFan

    You have to be a grade A moron not to figure out that his predictions had to be a hoax as he is talking about Fascism decades before it was invented. Another clue is the fact that in his prediction about WW3 the destruction of the Zionist is considered to be a good thing by him. This is idiotic because Masonry are the servants of the Zionist elite. They are their puppets while the Zionist Jews are their Masters. They would never want the Zionist or Israel to be defeated or destroyed.

    • Damian Graves

      lolz @ decades before they were “invented”, who do think does the inventing? you got no idea how the deep the deception goes

  • Joe Gazali

    The most telling portion of the words of Carr quoted above regarding the location of the letter itself, and the subtle mention of the “Protocols” which is, at least in the case of the Protocols, true as forgery or legitimate or a little bit of both, most of the things mentioned came to fruition anyway.

    The existence of such a letter by Pike is not ever going to be proven, if it ever existed no one is going to announce they have it, it is however obvious that the first 2 World Wars were the plan of some powerful and extremely evil people, as the 20th century was probably the bloodiest, the first 50 years especially, and though more Europeans died in WW1 and WW2, the most remembered deaths are of the Jews in the Holocaust (Burnt Offering) and not by accident, it’s an industry today, promoting the remembrance of one specific people while the other deaths not really of seeming interest. The Communist creation by “Atheist-ic Jews” was announced by Churchill, bluntly. The now Zionist Frankist-Sabbateans had a beef with the Czar of Russia for support of Lincoln and got revenge by having his family killed, much like the Masons and France’s King Louis, and America with it’s revolution of independence from the crown, revolution and chaos has been planned and accomplished successfully before, during and after the first World War.

    It seems the 3rd is being planned and involves Islam against western Imperialism, in their own lands against European arms, whoever is backed by the West wins until they are not of use and taken out via coup.

    Unless a different super power is willing to back the civilian population of the Middle East with the necessary weapons to defeat America and forcefully evict the various puppet governments backed by it nothing is going to change, Afghanistan will be the center of opium cultivation for eternity and the Middle East a haven for Masonic Lodges where these things are planned out by people who have sold their soul to the sons of Antichrist. The one eye cult of the dajjal, as the Prophet Mohammed (saw), “The dajjal (Antichrist) has one eye, God does not.”

    And what is a Masonic symbol also on every dollar bill in circulation and seen as logos for corporations of all types, tv especially and worldwide?

    One eye.

    If anything we don’t need alleged letters and possible forgeries, we have the Prophet (saw) and the Quran to explain what is happening and why, and in many cases in Ahadith Prophecy of the Last Days, even who and how many.

    Nobody doubts it’s existence and the amount of predictions that have come true are quite amazing, as if used as a blueprint itself, what is said about the fall of Constantinople and the recapture by false converts (Ataturk, Donmeh Young Turks), by “sons of Isaac” as in Jacob (as) and Esau/Edom, which is what Jews called Byzantine Rome, modern Turkey, also what people call the Ashkenazi Khazars today.

  • Curious about Satanism

    The Fed met over 100 years ago in Jeckyll Island and what they had planned then has come true, so…making disparaging remarks about it being written “200 years ago..wahaha” is nonsense. You lost credibility.

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      The Fed didn’t exist when the meeting took place at Jeckyll (sic) Island. It was created by an act of Congress in 1913.

  • Dash Cracker

    This article was written nearly 7 years ago to debunk,yet here we are in 2018 with the “plan” well and truly coming to fruition.Trump, whether he is being directed by the hand of man,or the hand of God has stirred things up in the Muslim world by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and kicking the Iran nuke deal down the road.Prophecy has also foretold a third world war numerous times,and the way Trump and North Korea (allied to Iran) are going at it,it will be sooner rather than later.