7/7 What Did They Know? – London Bombings Documentary

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“7/7 What Did They Know?” is a new documentary from WideShut.co.uk, exploring the intelligence that was available to the police and security services prior to the July 7, 2005, London Bombings.

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Officials claim they had no inkling of what was to befall London – but using newspaper reports, testimony and evidence from the inquest, this film reveals that Britain was warned continuously about threats to the Underground, actively planned to prevent them and had specific knowledge that two of the alleged bombers were involved in terrorist related activities.

More shocking is the evidence that during the 90s there was a semi-secret Government policy to allow extremists to operate in Britain and even send young men to terror training camps in Pakistan, when it suited Blair’s foreign policy in the Balkans. Furthermore there’s a possibility that extremists who surrounded the alleged bombers before the attacks had all at some point worked for British or allied intelligence agencies.

With the limited scope of the inquest, family members are still calling for an independent public inquiry to get to the bottom of this devastating event.

Extras and Podcasts

REBUKED: 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip

A critique of the BBC’s 7/7 Conspiracy Road trip, pointing out the factual errors and red herrings from both the BBC and the “conspiracy theorists”, and offering additional information that proves the official story of the London Bombings to be incorrect.

Predictive Programming and 7/7 (June 02, 2013)

WideShut talks with Tom Secker about how in the years prior to 7/7, the BBC broadcast episodes of Spooks that not only hyped the threat of Muslim terrorism, but predicted the attacks and people’s eventual reactions to them. Was this deliberate Predictive Programming?

Breaking Down BBC’s 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip (October 21, 2012)

WideShut talks with Tom Secker about the deceptive tactics Renegade Pictures used to try and get both of them involved with the BBC’s 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip show, why the theories about Peter Power’s exercise on the morning of the London Bombings don’t hold up to the evidence, and the general direction of the 7/7 case.

7/7 Crime and Prejudice (October 17, 2011)

Tom Secker discusses his latest documentary 7/7 Crime and Prejudice.

7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction (July 26, 2011)

Keelan talks with Tom Secker about his 7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction film, the state of the 7/7 truth movement and the wider context within which the war on terror falls.

The Tony Farrell Interview (July 19, 2011)

Former South Yorkshire Police Principal intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell talks with WideShut about his belief that 7/7 was an Inside job.

Note: I do not necessarily endorse Tony Farrell, his truthfulness, or the theories he has since promoted. Real 7/7 research stands on its own merit.

The Corbett Report Interview (March 05, 2011)

Keelan talks with James Corbett about his original documentary 7/7 The Big Picture, the early draft of 7/7 What Did They Know?

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  • Adam


    A song, written by a Dublin Hip Hop artist, Inspired by the events in London, England 7 / 7 / 2005. R.I.P to those who have lost their lives on that day, and the familys who have to live with such a tragedy, a tragedy that has permiated itself onto the conscience of all peopes from all around the world. The truth will see you through !

  • Tim Baber

    Well, the 7/7 bus in Tavistock Square happened to be outside (and splattered the name plaque) the Tavistock Institute. They have had a bad press you might say on the web, just google Tavistock Institute with the words Fritz SPRINGMEIER or or better still and Monarch programming. The rest, I leave up to you, but I will say I researched this for an article, Alice in Wonderland in 2002 and I am still paying out in the hope of keeping away from such. I nearly got included in sibling trials and other research before 2002 and had forgotten that. My advice if you are riding a bus to the Tavistock Institute, or worse still pushing one, you abandon the idea and disappear somewhere neutral. The motivation of this bomber or his controller needs assessing not as a random early detonation, but with the Tavistock Institute as the “reason” for that demotive spot.
    Others have noticed this, this is just to see it where it should be…on your site.Tim Baber