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Cameron Gets Pushed, Ghosts, Let’s Vote Via Reddit: WideShut on the Brocast

David Cameron getting pushed, ghosts and déjà-vu, UKIP being allowed on the TV debates, voting ages, childhood criminality and more.

Judy Wood And Why 9/11 Debates Still Rage On

I am perfectly content with telling the world that I don’t know what happened on 9/11, and I think claiming you do is an extremely arrogant and careless position to take.

Intelligence Expert: Scotland Vote NO Because TERRORISM

An absurd story doing the rounds today suggests that ISIS want to behead Scotsman David Haines to encourage Scots to vote Yes in the referendum.

Beheading Bullshit

Exploring people’s reactions to the recent ISIS beheading videos and murder in London.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Is Brainchild of Pentagon Adviser – The State Is Influencing Entertainment

From movies to games, state agencies have a large role in creating entertainment – the latest example is the new Call of Duty game.

ISIS and the James Foley Vice.com Contradiction

If Vice can embed a journalist for 3 weeks with ISIS, can they really be behind the Foley beheading? And what about original reports that said Assad’s forces were the ones that kidnapped him?

Why I Did The Ice Bucket Challenge

It might have came as a surprise to some of my WideShut Facebook followers that I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last week – what with being alternative and…

James Foely

Foley Beheading Video Likely Staged, But Still Filmed In Syria?

While experts are claiming the beheading video of journalist James Foley was staged to some degree, it’s still thought to have been filmed in Syria.

The Truth About The UK Fat Tax – An Austerity Measure?

Is there evidence that proves taxing food improves health? Is it about taking the burden off the NHS, or a more cynical austerity measure?

Satanic Panic In The Alternative Media

Exploring the Hollie Greig Hoax, Jimmy Savile, and the concept of Satanism as pushed by the alt media.

Four Year Old Syrian WASN’T Alone In Desert

Photographer says media took his photo out of context: Four year old Syrian boy was with a large group of refugees.

Called Off: Zimmerman vs DMX Boxing Match

Human decency prevails as George Zimmerman vs DMX boxing match is called off.

Should 16 Year Olds Get The Vote?

If 16 year olds are too dumb to vote, what about dumb adults? Is intellect even a fair measuring stick for democracy?

UKIP’s Foot In Mouth Problem

Godfrey Bloom’s latest faux pas shows that UKIP are just incapable of getting their PR in order. That or they really are just ignorant and out of touch.

Soviet Afghan War, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Rebel Formula

The Soviet Afghan War of the 80s was fomented by the CIA’s covert backing of Islamic Extremists. This formula continues today in Libya and Syria, with little thought of the consequences.

GTA, Gun Control and the Mainstream Media

Keelan and guest Liam Dunne discuss the release of GTA 5, gun control, and the mainstream media.

More Anjem Choudary Irony: Supports The Warmongers Against Assad

Anjem Choudary and his mob attack Hands Off Syria activists. Why does he always indirectly support the Western elite?

Zero Hours Contracts – A Recurring Theme Of Exploitation

The weavers, the chimney sweeps, and now the Zero Hours contract. It’s all just a recurring theme of worker exploitation by the ruling classes.

Exploring The Terror Drills Meme With Tom Secker

Since the 9/11 memes about the true nature of anti-terrorism exercises have become prevalent in the alternative media. Tom Secker is not so sure they all have merit.

IPCC Muddy Waters Before Mark Duggan Shooting Inquest

IPCC strategically find “No Evidence of Police Criminality” in Mark Duggan shooting just weeks BEFORE his death will be properly examined by coroner’s inquest.

Understanding Privatisation of the NHS through Foundation Trusts

Are Foundation hospitals in essence a cynical means to reduce costs for a bankrupt Government with no true motive to maintain high standards? Are they also a means of abdication of government responsibility, hence blaming the individual hospital and governing body, not the Government itself?

The Future of Health Care and Privatisation

The track record of private hospitals in Britain is not good, and plans to contract out aspects of the NHS couldn’t be further from the “free market”.

Re: Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theorist Dave McGowan

Carrying on the debate with Boston Bombing conspiracy theorist Dave McGowan, who claims Jeff Bauman is an actor.

English, British, Nationalist, Racist: what does it all mean?

Are you “English” or “British”? “Nationalist or “Racist”? And why are people so scared about using the “correct” terms? In today’s quick blog I recount a personal story that may put it in to perspective.

Review of Jeff Bauman (legless man) Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

A scathing analysis of Dave McGowan’s theory, that Jeff Bauman (the “legless man” at the Boston Bombings) is an actor.

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